Hey :) List 5 things that make you happy? And tag the last ten people who reblogged you? :) 

i was tagged by chennaa <3

1. baking cookies early in the morning on weekends so people can wander out of their dorms to a nice smell and something warm and sweet 

2. feeling yesterday’s workout when I’m walking to my early class (which also is usually around the time a prof walks her dog, so I get to say hello! another good thing!)

3. bananas cut into little circles drizzled with honey and peanut butter 

4. my plants- molly, sam, and emmanuel

5. when a honey bee lands on me while i’m working on a hive just to say hello and take a break and then flies away for home <3

if you guys want to!- hey-zero preserumstve petrushkabucky

My mom was tellin me the tomato plants every year get squiggly white lines on the leaves and she thought it was a virus but I looked it up and it’s actually a pest called a leaf miner

they’re tiny larvae that live inside of leaves and eat tunnels through them and the tunnels look like someone doodled white lines all over the leaf

They are mostly harmless to crops too, though they can weaken the plant if the infestation gets too out of control

its kinda cute imo

fast flying insects tick me off. like. it would be easier to just squash you but there’s no way i’m ever gonna do that. i want to pick you up and put you back outside you little shit. but i can’t because you keep flying the frick away from me. stop that!!