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i saw we were talking abt frank iero so please consider. frank iero as a shy forensic entomologist who always shows up late to places with goggle marks around his eyes because he lost track of time in the lab again

THIS IS GOOD!!!!!!! & he always talks abt bugs an animals & everyone is always like “dude just shut up” and he’ll like keep talking abt bee stripes n shit aaaaA

How to Choose the Pet Bug That's Right for You
Consider the millipede.

When I was interviewed for this article they just told me they had a few questions about raising insects. By the end, they told me they wanted to feature me in it! I’m really excited about how the whole thing turned out! I hope this is the first thing that comes up when people google my name ^____^

The Beginner Entomologist Coloring & Activity Book (PDF)
Like insects? Afraid of them? Ever wanted to learn a little more about them? This charming 64-page coloring book by entomologist and cartoonist Magdalen "Esabelle Ryngin" Cattle is an all-ages, information-packed look into basic concepts of entomology. Only in print for the last two years, the adorable and completely color-able work is now available in PDF form to print and use as many times as you want! Use the coloring pages and activities to teach in your classroom, practice your own coloring skills, and learn new things about insects! Knowledge is power!

Hey guys! I put up my book in PDF form! This should be a better solution for those who can’t be shipped to!

Guess Who's Back!

I missed you guys while I was studying for my qualifying exams! Sorry to be gone for so long but last year was a year full of changes! It was my first year teaching (which I LOVED), my last semester of coursework, and my first year as a researcher with the Smithsonian!  

Now that I’m back, there’s gonna be some changes around here! It’s so exciting to me that an educational blog like this has accumulated soooo many active followers (u guys number in the thousands)! If you know anything about my story, you know I LOVE hearing people say that they were terrified of insects until they met my pets or saw my blog.

So I’m hoping all of this interest will transfer over because I’m planning to start a web series! I’m starting a YouTube channel like Vsauce or the Vlog brothers but of course it will be entirely entomology themed with me answering youse guyses questions, dispelling insect myths and misconceptions, and profiling my pets like Harold and Shane!

I’m working on the theme music right now and I’m hoping to have the first episode posted this month!

But until then, check out my new pet: Attacus


My girl mantis eating some banana.


The Meaning Behind the Insect Wallpaper!

Huge news guys! With my current funding, I’m able to quit my second job! That means I’ll have a lot more time to do my Doctor Buggs thing on the regular! I’m super excited! I’ve got plans, boy do I have plans! But thanks so much for your patience and all of the encouragement you guys have sent my way! Here’s the next episode: filmed on location at the Renwick National Museum of Art!  I hope you guys enjoy it! I had a lot of fun with this one ^___^