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Oh gosh what if one day Chase and Bing have a date and Bing notices Chase is acting distant and stressed so he treats him gently and just talks about meaningless things cause he knows he isn't paying attention and after a while he notices Chase looking up at him with tears in his eyes and he whispers 'can I have a hug?' And Bing's worried but he nods and opens his arms and Chase just clings to him and whimpers 'what if- what if she takes them away?' And Bing just holds him and says 'it's okay'

OUCH?! And Bing just gently strokes his hair and rocks him, not really even caring if they’re in the middle of a meal, like all he cares about is making sure that Chase is calming down. Plus, you know hearing that has his own heart beating harshly in his chest because he’s come to love him so much, and Chase’s kids so much, and to think of them being taken away hurts him as well. Plus there’s that nagging feeling that Chase would be even more depressed, and he can’t have him being like that after finally getting him to be happy. His fingers would work their way through his hair lightly, gently tugging at green locks before murmuring, ‘She can’t take them away. You’re a loving and capable father, and you pay support.’ But you know that if she evens tries to, Bing offers to be a witness to how much love and support Chase actually gives his children. 

👻 Spirits and Entities 👻

The existence of paranormal entities is widely debated. Some people have direct experience with non-human and non-living beings, while some dismiss the idea as ridiculous. No matter what you believe, you have probably heard the following terms in reference to supernatural entities and while some terms seem interchangeable, these refer to specific presence.

Spirit - General term for any non-physical entity.

Ghost - The most common term used to refer to a spirit is “ghost”, but “ghost” refers only to spirits of once-living things, like humans and animals.

Poltergeist - The term  “poltergeist” refers to two kinds of supernatural activity. One involves spirits, human or otherwise, that cause havoc or chaos. These spirits often manipulate electronics and objects to elicit a reaction from the living. The second form of poltergeist haunting has to do with energies emitted from children or adolescents that manifest physically and cause chaos.

Thoughtforms - Thoughtforms are entities created by thought energy. Though they are usually created for a certain purpose, they can often develop a mind of their own and their own agendas.

Residual Hauntings - Residual hauntings are caused by leftover energy or emotions from a specific event that leaves an imprint in the physical world. These hauntings may manifest as a recurring physical events, such as a certain object being moved over and over again or a specific sound being heard with no source.

Shadow People - Shadow People are figures seen on the edge of one’s vision. They are considered to be bad omens

Parasitic Entities (Demons) - Parasitic entities (including what some refer to as Demons) are supernatural beings that feed off of the energy of a living host or victim.

Doppelgangers - Doppelgangers are spirits that appear in the form of a living person. They are known to appear to a person as themselves to warn them of their imminent death.

Guides - These spirits could have once been human, but do that is not always the case. They linger close to certain people in order to watch over them. These spirits are known to communicate with mediums.

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Oh my gosh the image of Bing gently cleaning the ice cream off the kids' faces and he's nodding seriously to what they're saying and smiling and asking questions that the kids are so happy to answer and Chase is just leaning in the background, so happy he's almost crying as he watches them because 'he makes them happy too and I couldn't ask for more'

Omg YES. And you know Chase is really worried, like he KNOWS there’s more to Bing than everyone says there is, but these are his kids and he has a right to be worried as he barely gets a chance to see them now as it is. And the divorce has left him a bit rocky and disheveled, and he doesn’t really know where to actually GO from here. So when Bing smiles at him above his kids head and deposits the napkin in the trash bin, Chase just feels his face soften and there’s this look of absolute wonder that crosses over him because he absolutely can’t believe that he managed to get this lucky on something as lame and stupid as a dating site. 

Death is not an Escape

Dead by Daylight fanart of my ever favourite killer, the Wraith (Ding Dong) because I just adore his aesthetic and appearance. It was fun to experiment with it and I think I drawn more then enough cornfield for my entire life. 

This game has such an amazing lore behind and concept. 


I’m so sorry for this the idea was just funny to me


Some people find horror movies enough to give them sleepless nights, but what about films shrouded in real paranormal activity? One such movie is the black and white horror, Return to Babylon. This movie has a hoard of legends circulating around it and it’s evident as to why. The director, Alex Monty Canawati, and a number of cast members said that bizarre happenings frequently occurred on set. They reported feeling otherworldly and even evil entities lurking around and felt unseen hands grabbing at them. While this alone is extremely creepy, it was what was going on behind the scenes that proved to be terrifying. The director and editor of the film began to notice odd things inside the editing room. Mysterious figures began to appear in the negatives of the film and the faces of the actors began to distort, seemingly in fear or agony.

  • Quentin: wow the stars are beautiful tonight
  • Eliot: yeah they are
  • Quentin: you know who else is beautiful though?
  • Eliot: *blushes* who
  • Quentin: Fillory.