Lights Out (2016)



When Rebecca left home, she thought she left her childhood fears behind. Growing up, she was never really sure of what was and wasn’t real when the lights went out…and now her little brother, Martin, is experiencing the same unexplained and terrifying events that had once tested her sanity and threatened her safety. A frightening entity with a mysterious attachment to their mother, Sophie, has reemerged.

one day a demon or some other entity is going to come to collect w/ how many times i’ve said + regularly say “i’d sell my soul for ___” like it’s only a matter of time & quite frankly i’m banking on that

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I'm quite ?? though not really surprised based on what we've shadily seen that Niall stayed with both SJ and MM! This launch was a mess, unsurprisingly. Also, so happy he changed labels but it does feel like these two other entities are so up in SC's pit that I wouldn't trust them, based on what's happened for the before AND considering the silly girl stunts Niall has been involved in this year. Like his public image this year has been messier than before. Just feels like a step back.

Okay, several things.

As of now, there’s no confirmation of Niall staying with Modest. Modest Golf =/= Modest Music. But, considering he stayed with Simon Jones, I don’t see why he wouldn’t just go ahead and stay with Modest too.

TBH, he was mostly unscathed by Modest and Simon Jones’s shenanigans. Yes, some stunts with girls, of course. But it was honestly harmless and most artists go through things like those (even Ed Sheeran). The biggest issue was Syco. Modest and Simon Jones were obeying Syco’s orders. The problem is that management and PR companies are supposed to look out for the interests of their client, not their label. The other four were seriously screwed over by Modest and Simon Jones NOT doing their job. Niall was only seriously screwed over by Syco (his knee, overworking him, the single choices, etc.)

Perhaps my view as a fan is what makes me want him to ditch all three companies out of respect for the other four and idk, a sense of companionship? I guess it’s possible that the guys didn’t mind and it was the easiest business decision, but I can’t get behind it. Not only because of like, a loyalty thing (which, as I mentioned, that too), but because Simon Jones and Modest are mediocre.

He could have top notch companies working for him, and I don’t understand why he settles. I mean, he’s in a completely different position than he was before. Modest and Simon Jones (if he’s actually with Modest) WILL HAVE TO DEFEND HIS INTERESTS. There’s no evil Simon Cowell behind the curtain now. Niall owns his record label. I just think that he could do better.



GAYA (aka Kaya or Karak) was a confederation which ruled central-southern Korea during the Three Kingdoms period from the 1st to 6th century CE. The peninsula was dominated by Gaya’s more powerful neighbouring kingdoms of Goguryeo (Koguryo), Baekje (Paekche), and Silla, but Gaya, often the forgotten entity in this period, was nevertheless rich in iron ore and their craftsmen became highly skilled at fashioning iron objects such as armour and weapons. 

The high level of culture achieved by the Gaya states would influence Japan, their most important trading partner. The confederation came to a definitive end when it was fully conquered by the Silla kingdom in 562 CE.

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Article by Mark Cartwright with thanks to the British Korean Society. Photos by Pressapochista on AHE

I was Attacked by Three Lower Vibrational Entities...

Just a little reminder to cleanse your home after you bring negative working oils and powders into your work space (or home in general). Things for negative workings do attract darker, more mischievous entities that you need to protect yourself against. Simply bringing these things into your home will attract them and if you and your home are not protected they will bother you. I recently bought things such as a black image break up/ separation candle and a few coinciding oils to do work for a good friend. Keep in mind I just set up my new voodoo altar to really get down and get things done. That afternoon, I received my ordered goods in the mail and placed everything on the selves underneath my altar. I went to bed tossing and turning all damn night having the most horrific dream ever. I woke up to see three long, tall shadow entities all over me holding me down. I was fighting to move and speak, desperately trying to call out to my partner laying next to me, but my words only came out as a muffled name. After a while of that going on my boyfriend (who sleeps like a goddamned rock, mind you.) finally woke up to find me struggling and pulled me straight up and out of the entities grasp. I got my children out of their room following that, placed them in our bed and began to cleanse. I washed down my altar and things with Florida water, emptied the glass of water sitting in front of the skull on my altar and smudge my home with white sage and ‘Go away evil’ incense. Its a good idea to also protect and cleanse your aura after something like that happens. (also as a preventative measure. Please do not wait until something happens.) To do that all I did was anoint my temples and third eye with uncrossing oil. I did the same thing with my young children and partner. I slept like a baby after that. No more dark entities. Simple right? I know. Now this wasn’t a bad case. I’ve been through worse spiritual experiences before but let’s be real here…I wasn’t afraid. Frankly, I was pissed off at the entities because we all like our precious rest and I have been having a tough time getting to sleep as it is before this incident. Moral of the story, cleanse often, even the new things you bring into your home. Spirits can either attach to things or attract to things. Regardless, you want to be protected in any case. (Especially if others live in the home with you.) CLEANSE! CLEANSE! CLEANSE!   -

Shadow Witch Seductress here…..aaaaand signing out.

Some days I struggle with my spirituality

To simplify, I struggle with atheism vs agnosticism. They seem like two halves of my soul, debating over what’s concrete and what could be. I never feel troubled whether I’m thinking logically or abstractly, but it’s a struggle.

While I’m not a person of ‘faith’ by any means, there’s so much more to this earth than meets the eye. I know that. Deep down, I know that. I can feel it, if I really pay attention.

But so many days, I just feel like we’re, of course, evolved bipedal ape creatures surviving upon a rock floating through space for no reason other than the pure luck of the right mix of circumstances that allowed it to happen.

And I forget about all of the energies, the vibrations, the auras and chakras. The good and bad flowing around us, the spirits and entities we can’t explain that are oversimplified by the texts of religion. That everything in this universe is made from stardust, from an energy that was set in motion by a supernova, that continues that motion for all eternity.

I deny the notion of a Divine Creator, even if it is a slim possibility. We are here by chance, religion was created by man to control a society, and there are other places like ours out there. But there is so much else that exists beyond this material word, that we have to get in tune with. Perhaps the idea of God was never a being, nor an entity like it is always written about. Perhaps it is a feeling, a connectivity to that which is around us and the atoms in our body. Perhaps, if we were all created in ‘gods image,’ and everything is made of stardust, we are all this abstract notion of 'God.’ In our own way.

It’s reasons like this that I don’t believe you can ever reach enlightenment through organized religion. Real religion is personal. It’s you; its you and your mind and your aura and the energies around you coming in tune with one another and living in harmony. Your path is your own, no one else’s.

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Can you tell me more about spirit companions,familiars and how can I have one and to take care of it,please?

On spirit companionship, please check out my FAQ 1 & FAQ 2. Familiars can be either spirits, entities or physical beings. Not everyone has one, nor does everyone need one. But familiars help with a witch’s magical endeavors, whatever that may be. And just because I sensed a bit of possessiveness in your message, I just feel like I need to say: you can’t own a spirit. Spirit companions are friends, guides, family members, lovers, etc but you do not own them in the same way you don’t own your friends. You have their phone number, which is the same as having the spirit’s vessel, in a way. I don’t mean that in a mean way and that may not be how you meant it that way, but I feel like it needed to be said. As far as ‘taking care’ of your spirit friend, just talk to them, communicate with them, be there for them as they are for you. Leave them offerings, charge the vessel in moonlight every so often to give them extra energy. Include them in your life and enjoy their company, and never take them for granted, because they are all their own being with their own personalities and feelings! Best of luck!

A Carnivorous Plant and its Bug
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Carnivory and symbiosis are two topics within the field of botany that are endlessly fascinating. Because they are static entities, plant evolution has gone through some very interesting pathways for survival. Recently, a group of plants found only on the southern tip of Africa have shone a light on yet another interesting plant/insect relationship that is unlike any other yet known to science.

External image

The genus Roridula contains two species that, for all intents and purposes, look like carnivorous plants. They closely resemble sundews in having leaves packed full of sticky hairs that ensnare hapless insects. However, they are neither closely related to sundews nor do they have any sort of digestive enzyme for breaking down their insect victims. Why then would these plants go through the trouble of producing glandular traps? There must be some adaptive benefit to make up for the cost of production. A closer look at these plants revealed that indeed there is.

External image

Living on Roridula plants are tiny capsid bugs that are covered in a special waxy substance that keeps them from getting stuck in the sticky traps. The bugs move about the sticky leaves, looking for trapped insects. When the insects are found, the capsid bugs impale them with their proboscis and suck them dry. As the capsid bugs feed, their droppings end up littering the Roridula leaves. This is how Roridula gets the added nutrients it needs to survive. Although the plants are not capable of actively digesting the full insects, they are capable of absorbing the components of the capsid bug feces. They are literally getting a little bit of fertilizer every time a capsid bug goes to the bathroom. By offering the capsid bugs a place to live and plenty of free, immobilized prey, the plant is able to get nitrogen-rich meals in return!

Photo Credit: Alex Lomas, CARNIVORASLAND, and Darwiniana

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The Truth About Femmephobia
"I’ve come to realize something: there is intense femmephobia within queer communities.."

July Westhale, femme lesbian,  argues eloquently for the right of anyone to express their “femme” side:

“Fierce femme identity, to me, is a purposefully blurry entity unto itself, and I think there is something gorgeously radical in that ambiguity. I can tell you what femme does not mean with a bit more ease: femme identity is not especially rooted in physical appearance—to qualify as a glorious femme, you do not need to wear heels, glittery eye shadow, garters, or stockings, nor do you need to date butches or masculine-of-center folks, or any other such limiting nonsense. Though glitter, dresses, makeup, bowties, and thigh-high cheetah print boots are my current fierce femme M.O., one of the wonderful aspects of femme identity is that it is inclusive and embracing of femmes with all kinds of styles, abilities, desires, tastes, backgrounds, and preferences.”

I would add that you will find femmes among straight cis women as well, among cis men, and – of course – among trans women. I have even been in touch with femme trans men.  It is time for us all to open our minds to the diversity of gender expressions.

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Would you like for the writers to split Killian and Captain Hook into two?

Here’s my dream scenario if they ever tried the serum split on Killian - it wouldn’t work. Somebody (Hyde, EQ Regina, Rumple) would attempt it and… nothing would happen. They’d wait and Killian would just be there, likely laughing or smirking in that way of his, and they’d be all WTF?!?! and Killian would say something like ‘Hard to separate a part of yourself when you’ve always accepted it.’ Because Killian has never denied he’s had darkness within himself. He’s never tried to pass off his terrible misdeeds and evilness onto another person or claim it was just a matter of circumstance. He’s never consider it a separate, removable entity. He is more than aware of his darkness and how it lives within him. 

SO yeah, ideally, I would want it not to work. Of course the dark side of Killian is something Colin plays really well and I think a lot of us enjoy on some level, so the writers probably wouldn’t do the ‘wouldn’t work’ angle. I think my favorite interpretation of a Killian/Hook split was @alexandralyman‘s ficlet ‘At My Worst, You Are My Best’. Seriously go read that if you haven’t. Because that’s probably my second ideal scenario right there.

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What's the difference between spirit animal,spirit guide and familiar? Thank you!

Hey there! A spirit animal/animal totem is a practice of some Native American cultures. Due to that fact, I am not suited to answer the first part of your question, as I am not of Native descent. As far as spirit guides and familiars go, I can answer those two.

A spirit guide is a spirit or entity that acts as a gentle guide in our lives at times. Most people have them, but they typically take the back burner. They often don’t act as like companions do, although sometimes they will. You can contact them about issues in your life or for insight on things, but they often wont be the ones that are like “hey lets stay around and chat and have a laugh”.

Familiars are beings (astral, spirit or physical) that help a witch with their magical practices and sometimes act as a magical aide or guide.