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I'm a medium and I can assure you that saying that demon's name (wont mention it so people aren't uncomf) will not summon it or do anything besides bring very slight negative energy. Honestly I think that entire belief just came from a rumor. There ARE demons and entities which will manifest in a way from saying its name, but this particular demon is very low-bar so there's not much need to worry. I'm glad people are actually being careful, though,

if anyone needs more reassurance^

PSA: Phishing Scams

Just a reminder that it is the prime season for phishing scams, ID theft, and other nefarious activity.

For example, if you receive an email from ‘PayPal’ about your password having been changed or accessed from an unknown device, check the email sender information. Even if the email looks legitimate, never click any links the email provides. Hop into a freshly opened browser and go directly to the trusted site and investigate the relevant section once you’re safely logged in.

While the suspicious email’s sender may be presented as ‘service @ intl.paypal. com’ (spaces added to prevent links) the actual sender’s email is gibberish and linked to a foreign entity upon further inspection.

On mobile, you can verify the validity of an email by clicking on the sender’s name. This will open up the contact detail screen where you can double check for inconsistencies. This morning I received an email as detailed in this post and discovered its true nature in this way. Forwarded to the proper agencies and washed my hands of it.

Be vigilant, everybirdy!

“Quite the bite, aren’t I ?”

Will this be in the comic? Will it not? Haha, who knows!

Tbh, I really want to draw something DBD related right now but I don’t know what exactly. I also think about streaming next Saturday. Maybe some DBD illustrations, stuff for my comic and doodle requests if anyone visits and has a suggestion.

When I look at you, I always pray, and wish my hardest that I’ll never lose you. I blink slowly, afraid that maybe after each one, in the midst of it all I’ll be alone again. When I found you, I think I found everything fall into its place. I understood what love was, and it was still difficult, sometimes it still makes me want to let go, but the trick is you make holding on so easy. Your mindset is completely different from a coward like mine. Honestly, it’s so tiring to search for a person who finds somebody and does everything for it to work instead of just letting them go easily. I thought it was going to be like that every single time somebody says the three words that was synonymous to goodbye for me now. In this world, I was only a replaceable entity. But for you, I wasn’t, and sometimes I still often ask why.
—  s.c

Ask Ethan: How Do Gravitational Waves Escape From A Black Hole?

“This question has puzzled me for a long time. Articles about LIGO discovery state that some percentage of black hole merger mass was radiated away, leaving [a] resulting black hole smaller than [the] sum of [the] original mergers. Yet it is accepted that nothing escapes black holes […] So my question is: how was energy radiated from black hole mergers?”

Black holes are remarkable entities that have puzzled and fascinated us since they were first postulated long before Einstein developed his theory of relativity. One of their fundamental but bizarre properties is the fact that once something crosses or winds up inside the event horizon, it can not only never escape, it heads inevitably towards the central singularity. At that point, the only “information” about the singularity is its mass, charge (of various types), and spin. Yet when two merging black holes coalesced together, as seen multiple times by LIGO, the mass of the final black hole was approximately 5% less than the sum of the masses of the two black hole progenitors. If nothing massive or massless can escape through the event horizon, how did this energy get out?

Our intuitions might lead us astray, but the mathematics provides a straightforward explanation that’s not so different from other physics you might be used to. Come find out on this edition of Ask Ethan!

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the boys react to eating a string bean

Ian: “What ees thees sorcehry?! eet is the moast beyutiful thing edupes has ever tasted… i moust show this to the oters!! they moust know!”

Joji: He observes it carefully, testing its molecular structural integrity before elevating it above the ground. He whispers to himself, “It can’t be…” hesitantly, he nibbles off of one end. Immediately, power courses through his body. He falls to his knees from the sheer force of it. Gasping, he drops the bean onto the ground. “No…” he breathes. The power contained in this object is enough to wreck his celestial body - what could it do to mortals? He furrows his brow and clenches the string bean, his arm trembling with the effort of containing such a powerful entity. He must destroy it. In one swift move he eats the entire thing, immediately vaporing and then condensing into a white orb. Of course, Joji cannot be destroyed, but here he will remain for many chromosomes, building up strength. With the great threat gone, climate change begins to reverse. The unemployment rate drops to 0. All animal shelters and orphanages go out of business because there is no need for them. The forests grow back to their full potential. The Earth is saved.

Max: the fook es this shite?? shrek lookin arse, crikey m8 the fook are ya tryna pull mate?? u think yer tough?? try againe mate ill show ya a fookin arse beatin shrimp on the barbie oi crikey fook off with yer vegetarian lookin arse

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I'm surprised StarFan13 said "at the end of season 1". So she knows this is just a TV show.

She’ll be revealed as some kind of cosmic Bill Cipher-ish (but not villainous) entity that watched over Star and Marco the whole time, because prophecies-stuff sometimes need a little push.

Witch Moon

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2fWZuik

by CurlyLahey

The Teen Wolf and Twitches AU that nobody asked for.

It’s the day of Stiles’ eighteenth birthday and you can call it intuition or say that he’s just on edge, but he knew something was going to happen. Not only does he find out he has a twin but he also finds out he’s a witch and then he and said twin have to stop this evil entity before it devours all of humanity.

But hey, no pressure right?

On the bright side, his best friend and his sister have the hots for each other.

Words: 69, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2fWZuik

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If some sort of evil happened in which some horrible entity decided that every female/girl/woman over the age of 10 was to be murdered or enslaved, I wonder how many of these genderfucks would be so quick to proclaim "trans women are women"?

Are you kidding? Some of them are so deranged they’d be the first to martyr themselves and would be crowing about it on the chopping block. 

“This proves I’m a real woman! They chose me first! I’m the most womanly of womans!” 

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Actually, in all seriousness, why is Yuya Zarc's favorite? Because of his family? His entertainment style? I am curious to your thoughts.

Oh, I thought it would be a little obvious haha. But in all seriousness it’s because I’m sure Yuya was like the “chosen one” or something. If you remember back in season one where Yuya went all berserk and Meiru peered into his mind (or was it heart?), she said she saw two souls (Yuya’s and Yuto’s) and a dark entity overwhelming the both of them. IDK about you but thinking back on it now I’m pretty much convinced that it was Zarc who was that entity. 

Plus, during Leo’s story about Zarc and the original dimension, it looked to me that Yuya was the most affected by it. Heck his two magicians combined look like Zarc’s magician. It also explains why whenever Yuya goes into berserk mode he looks much different from his other counterparts. His glowing red eyes are identical to the red eyes Zarc had when he destroyed the dimension. 

But then again those are just my lame thoughts lol. I’m sure someone else could give you a better explanation. 

Here comes trouble.

[Left - Topaz, an extremely high maintenance and mischievous anthroid. Middle - Grigori, a reprobate possessed by an infectious godlike entity known as Vespid. Right - Vespid’s other current host and Queen, Gwynett. Her planet is populates by one of the Aesthete’s projects, made to resemble gazelles and survive arid climates.]

They made a movie version of that scary short “lights out” but they tried to explain with logic and medicine how the creature exists and it just makes the whole thing silly.

I’m totally ok with a supernatural entity haunting someone, bc supernatural beings don’t follow the same rules as the rest of the natural world, but I’m not ok with a little girl who was allergic to light? receiving an experimental treatment at a psych facility and now she is somehow a supernatural being living in the shadows and killing people.

Don’t make no sense brah.