Dating Darkiplier

A big, bubbling boisterous thank you for 1,400 lovelies! I’m so glad despite the slight difficulty keeping up. Again, I am grand that you are all so patient with the fact that questions are turned off until I catch up. I’m almost there, I do so pinky promise.

In response to your patience and good word, I decided to give a little treat. There’s quite a stir going around on what would occur should myself and Anti and whatnot be in a relationship with a human. I thought it would be nice to supply a few fantasies here and there, so wanted to create a rendition of my own. I will put “WARNING” signs next to anything that may possibly detail a NSFW environment for anyone still innocently minded.

Keep in mind, this simulation is based off the idea that I’m in a physical entity form and is able to express any emotion I desire. HOWEVER, being more familiar with darker emotions, I tend to act like a jerk despite being capable of happiness.

Dating Darkiplier

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- Gifts are never random for someone like Dark. Each gift is purposeful and drowning with intent, always given at the right moment and exactly when you need it the most. 

- Each gift is tailored specifically to your taste. If you mention one day that your favorite color is purple, your next gift received will be with purple flowers and your favorite candies.

- However, said gifts are not acts of kindness. These gifts are given for some form of benefit for Dark himself, whether that be for his own pride, or for a reaction in you that he had wanted to obtain. He will never give a gift simply because you want one.

- In fact, the more obvious you make it that you’re expecting something from him, the less likely you’ll get anything.


- Dark is a naturally traditional and old-fashioned type man. His dates are classical and remind you of older, simpler times that your grandparents used to talk about.

- It begins at a dinner, every time, but almost never in the same location.

- At each date, you are lavished, Dark never seems to have an issue regarding money, or if he does, he doesn’t seem to care. At each show, you are given front row seats. At each diner, you are fed food until your belly is sore. At each concert, you are there in the crowd dancing, while he watches on the side.

- Dark will never take you anywhere night-clubbish or dancing oriented unless it’s what you truly want. He doesn’t like dancing foolishly. He’s more of a ball type of man.

- Each date generally ends in conversation. Simmering down from activity, you can normally be found outside under starlight. Dark seems to have some sort of attraction to the shadows and nightfall.

Jealousy(mild warning)

- Dark becomes jealous rather easily. Almost agonizingly easy.

- Even the slightest hint that you are enjoying yourself with another man will set him off into a certain possessive mode, but it won’t be shown in public.

- Even when he is enraged, he remains stunningly calm while in public. But there are certain ticks that you learn to notice when he gets angry. He falls eerily quiet. Parts of him will randomly twitch, a finger or a brow. He’s stand aside from the conversation, almost avoiding the confrontation.

- But when you two are alone, you had best be prepared for when he unleashes his frustrations on you. How DARE you allow him to look at you that way. How DARE you smile at him as you did. Those smiles are reserved for DARK ONLY.

- He will proceed to remind you just who it is you belong to.


- When Dark is deep in thought, which is typically almost all the time, you will see him biting onto his bottom lip. He’ll frown as if he’s puzzled, but if you attempt to snap him back out of his daze, the frown will disappear and he’ll look at you confused.

- Dark runs his hands through his hair all. The. Time. The expert, sensual way he does it sometimes drives you wild without explanation. He will always keep it parted to the left.

- Dark has a habit of coming up behind you completely silent. He doesn’t do it intentionally to scare you, he simply tends to forget that he is hard to hear when he approaches and simply enjoys watching you.


- The second you give any indication that you are ticklish, may the odds be ever in your favor. 

- For some reason, Dark finds it absolutely hilarious to see you blush. He gets a real thrill from the red tones climbing up your cheeks.

- Because of this, he’ll do everything he can to blatantly tease you in public. He’ll force you to refer to him as “Daddy” or “Sir” while in a shopping mart or in a restaurant. He’ll touch your thigh or your waist as you pass just enough so you know it was intentional.

- Don’t ever attempt to play wrestle with him unless you anticipate horribly losing and “paying the price” for your attack.

- He hates getting dirty, so if you dare make a mess on him, he’ll double the amount on you. No, triple.

Not so playful

- Dark is surprisingly a naturally patient man. It takes quite a bit to set him off in actual anger, but very little to get him mildly frustrated.

- When he does get set off, little can be done to stop him.

- He’s a violent sort of angry, he’ll bash into walls with his fists, leaving horribly large holes. He’s smash plates against tables and bloody his hands from doing so. He’ll break everything within the house, but he refuses to touch you.

- He’ll leave the mangled disaster behind and run somewhere in seclusion to calm down to make sure nothing happens to you during his rage.

- If for some reason you refuse to allow him to leave, be prepared for mental torment. Spitting words of his spiteful anger will fall upon you. He’ll insult everything he knows about you. He’ll leave you a jumbled, pitiful mess of emotions until he’s okay enough to apologize.

- He’s not afraid, however, of hurting others. If confrontation does happen to find him, usually over you, he’ll be the first to finish it. As a Figment, he’s rather unnaturally strong.


- Sickness is inevitable, and Dark knows this. When you become sick, he’s not one to baby you over it.

- He’ll offer soups and other nutritious foods to keep you healthy during your healing, but he will not prune you or whimper at the loss of a few days together. His focus will be on regaining your strength.

- Sometimes, if you are stuck in one place, he will bring in his cello and play a few soothing renditions to help you get to sleep if you’re too ill to do so on your own.

- However, he’s also conscious of his own health. He will sleep in a separate room until you are for certain better.


-  Pet names: lovely, honey, darling

- Words of farewell: Until we cross again, tootles, sleep with nightmares of me

- “Set off” Words: Excuse me?… Mind repeating that? …What did you say to        me?…   Come here. Now.  

- Favorite swear word: Dammit


- Dark is a kinky bastard. His Persuasion Room is used for far more than he ever lets on. The tools within can be used both for pain and for pleasure, and he can’t seem to get enough of either.

- Dark is a good looking Figment, and he seems to very well know that. He likes to use his body again you and weaken your fighting spirit. Slowly stripping, allowing you to see the defined slopes of his abdomen, the bulges of his arms, and his bulges somewhere else,  but never allowing you to join, is a favorite torture of his.

- He has a strict no touching policy. On no account are you ever allowed to touch his bare skin. You’re not sure you even know what it feels like. To ensure that such a policy is enforced, your wrists are normally bound behind your back the moment you enter said room.

- He knows his voice does things to you that you cannot describe. Leaning over your shoulder to let his hot breath whisper dirty things into your ear is also a tranquilizer to your meaningless struggles.

- In bed, or Persuasion Room, Dark is stunningly patient. Despite being a predatory and savage animal, he will allow his prey to take their time adjusting and preparing themselves physically and mentally.

- He’s called sadistic for a reason. Enough said.

- Even though in physical form he can feel pleasure and pain, he prefers dealing it out.

- He has a 7 time policy. You are not allowed to leave the room until you have reached ecstasy 7 times.

What To do if you wake up with Scratches and Bruises.

Hello! So I’m really interested in the Paranormal, and I realized that some people don’t know what to do if a demon is near them. Although many witches do, here’s a post about it anyways;

First, Ask yourself these Questions:

1.Have you done anything Different?

-For example, have you moved to a new place? Did a spell go haywire? Did you buy something that feels negative? Did a Ouija board session go wrong (Even though I don’t believe that the boards open portals or are evil, I still believe that you can get demons, or if you don’t use it right something bad can happen.)? Did someone evil you knew in real life die ? Did you make enemies with a witch that does curses ? These can all lead up to a possible demon/negative entity.

2.When do  these occurrences happen?

-If you know the old folklore belief, then you know that 3 a.m. to 4 a.m. is called “The Witching Hour”. It goes that “ witches, demons, and ghosts are thought to appear and to be at their most powerful. “ Do you often wake up at this time? Although it could just be a coincidence, it never hurts to have some old wives tales.

And if this is all happening during night, just be aware that sometimes we can give ourselves bruises in our sleep, if our body is restless or you’re prone to kicking, thrashing or falling off the bed. Animals and pets can also play a role in bruises, bumps and scratches.

3.Have you been getting Sleep Paralysis?

-Demons are often associated with sleep paralysis. Though, if you’re prone to it and get it often, even before you’ve started getting bruises/scratches, it might not mean anything.

4.What do the Bruises and Scratches look like?

-Demons are often associated with the number “3″, and sometimes “6″. Most people who deal with demons often get scratched with three claw marks. Demons and negative spirits are strong, and can and will do some serious damage. How big are the bruises? How many are there?

5.Do you smell Horrid Scents?

-Demons and negative spirits can give off bad scents, such as sulfur, rotten eggs or rotten/burned flesh. Although, they seem that they can give off bad scents as well. For example, in my Freshman year of public high school, I had smelled a horrible poop smell, after angering a witch I used to be friends with. She had always told me that she and her friend would send ghosts to each other. But, anyways.

6.Do you feel a Presence?

-Ghosts and demons will often make you feel a presence. It’s a little different for everyone, but it is normally a feeling of dread and fear.

7.Do you see Shadows or hear Sounds?

-If a demon or spirit is strong enough, it can manifest and show itself to you, or can talk or, if very strong, can move objects around.

What to Do if you answered ‘Yes’ to some of these Questions:

1.Cleanse, cleanse and cleanse some more

-Cleanse this thing. Cleanse yourself, cleanse everyone that lives in the home, cleanse the home itself, and cleanse the whole property, if you can.


-Banish the thing. Make sure to protect yourself and others, so to make sure it doesn’t possess anyone.

3.Set up wards, immediately after banishing.

-There’s many different kinds and types of wards, but make sure they’re charged and will work, once you set them in place. Wards will help keep the thing out.

4.Cleanse again.

-I personally like to cleanse a couple of times every time something like this would happen, To cleanse again right after is optional, though.

5.Line the windows and doors with Salt, Holy water or Rose water.

-Although I don’t know much about holy water and rose water, salt is a good form of protection. Simply line the doors and windows with salt. Or for extra protection, mix salt and garlic together and leave under the moonlight, then put on doors and windowsills (this was my very first thing I did as a witch)

6.Fill the space with Good Energy.

-Live plants, flowers, Himalayan salt lamps, or even herbal pouches and poppets made to bring good energy can work.

7.Continue to be Careful.

-These beings are far different from us. Be careful.

Note; Scratches, bruises and panic attacks can also be traced to health problems. Go to your doctor as well to make sure you’re in good health. Also, if you make yourself paranoid enough, you will put yourself on edge, which can make you see/hear things.


The coolest spirit communication experience I have ever had was walking next to a lake at college and talking to wildflowers.

The wildflowers each individually had something to say, and it was usually repetitive and meaningless. Some were screaming “yellow!” and some were just saying “hmm”. The variances were endless. 

The coolest part was opening up my vision to the millions of wildflowers in the area around the lake, hearing all of them at once, and then hearing all their voices come together to form a story and a single entity.

This spirit, that was made up of all the individual wildflowers, gave me the happiest feeling that continued for days. And for a second, I knew everything about what they have heard, what they had learned, and what they know. And then it was gone because, that is not the spirits priority! It is Wildflowers. 

Tenchi kane no kami

Tenchi kane no Kami is often mixed up as a monotheistic god - or a singular entity. But actually Konkokyo is pantheistic, panentheistic, and henotheistic. Even syncretic in some aspects. I dont see Kamisama as a single God that created everything…but is the Universe in everything, including us..(pantheism). As well, we may worship Kamisama primarily, but its not to deny other gods (henotheistic). It makes me personally sad when people equate Kamisama to the God in Monotheism or say Konkokyo is strictly monotheist, because thats extremely limiting and incorrect. I know some ministers and believers may he monotheist-pantheist, but ultimately by the teachings of Konko Daijin is pantheistic and henotheistic.

Just had to get it off my mind because its upsetting to me when people thinks so. Konkokyo is one of the few faiths that explicity states to respect all religions and peoples faiths. Nothing happened in particular for me to write this, just it had been on my mind as a whole ;

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If Tywin dies while Robert is alive and Tyrion inherits, is everything solved and we have no plot? How Varys and/or Littlefinger start the war?

Oh, there’s still a plot. Cersei is still plotting and Varys and Littlefinger are both very aware of it. The incest is still being investigated by Jon Arryn, and Littlefinger still has access to Lysa. Tywin himself is very much a non-entity in the actual plotting of the War of the Five Kings or in the Lannister intrigues at the capital. His only instigating action in that respect is unleashing the Mountain on the Riverlands. Varys and Littlefinger trusted Tywin’s predictability in pursuing Lannister objectives to include war with the Starks.

So, I’d imagine the war still starts as normal. Littlefinger poisons Jon Arryn, Eddard investigates the bastardry, Cersei plots to murder Robert, and Littlefinger ensures Eddard remains in the capital to be arrested, then instigates Joffrey to cut off his head to guarantee the war.

What changes instead is how the war is carried out. Tyrion is not as forceful or as intimidating a commander as Tywin, and while Kevan can help, the threat of the Rains of Castamere isn’t as strong without Tywin around, which means Westermen might start deserting the Lannister host once Robb starts whipping them left and right.

There’s also a political element to it. Tyrion isn’t becoming Hand in his own right because there’s no way Cersei would allow the suspected-valonqar political power or Joffrey to permit the uncle who frequently belittles him to be his Hand, so it’s probably going to Kevan. Perhaps Kevan sends Tyrion as acting Hand while he prosecutes the war in the Riverlands, but Kevan is not as forceful as Tywin. He likely would pursue Robb west and not make the deal with the Tyrells, or bloody himself against Edmure and give him the victory he so desperately craves.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King

Mmm i was just asked how i feel about dragon ango theory and I couldn’t process why I dislike it until just now but a lot of the evidence for it is stuff that could also be explained with ‘he’s autistic’ so I think I’d just prefer if those traits weren’t dehumanized once again.

like there’s a huge difference between autistic people identifying with nonhuman entities bc they feel so far outside of humanity due to the way allistics treat us (like there’s a LOT of autistic ppl that are k*n with aliens and robots and stuff and really identify with that otherness, myself included) and an allistic dude inventing a character that acts strangely/talks strangely and then the big twist being that he’s not an Actual Human :/

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25) For disturbed characters, does your muse have any redeeming qualities?

Well, Thor’s situation is a little unique. You could say he’s disturbed since Fractus (@fractum-umbra ) is a separate personality inside him, and alternate personalities are generally indicative of a not-quite-healthy mind.

Fractus represents Thor’s Shadow and was born from extensive childhood trauma/torture. For a long time, the two were one and the same, but when Thor first met his husband, he started…getting better, you could say. Outwardly, at least. He found the Light again, and gradually softened into the person he is today.

The trade-off, however, was that he denied the darkness in him so vehemently for so long that he convinced himself it was a separate entity entirely. Like the Shadow had sentience and would control him to make him do–and enjoy–the awful things he did. Eventually, that split became so extreme that it did become a separate entity. And Fractus is everything you would expect a living Shadow to be. It craves violence and revels in both giving and receiving pain. Likes to play with peoples’ minds and watch them dance around the issue of its existence. It sees itself as removed from mortals, so it does not abide by any sort of societal norms or expectations.

So I suppose the specifics of the answer really come from a matter of perspective; who is the one considered disturbed?

If it’s Thorideon, then yes, he certainly has a great number of redeeming qualities. Altruism, incredible empathy, a willingness to go above and beyond to heal people with both the Light and his words. Thor will give far more than he should to a complete stranger just because he feels he must save everyone he can. If Fractus is Shadow, Thorideon is Light.

If we’re assuming that Fractus is the disturbed one…the answer is still yes, though its redeeming qualities are more of a grey area. It will kill and maim and torture for selfish reasons, but if it encounters someone that it likes, a curious soul that captures its attention and/or earns its respect, the Shadow will fight tooth and nail to protect that person–including killing and maiming and torturing on their behalf. Its affections can be misguided, but they come from the right place. Usually.

(Thanks for the ask, @unabashedrebel; I hope this answer wasn’t too long-winded/overloaded with information!)

So it’s really obvious I like Inanimate Insanity! But I haven’t really watched a bunch of other object shows.

I’d like to change that! So I’ve compiled a list of object shows to watch. (Or, rewatch, in BFDI’s case)

  • Battle for Dream Island
  • Object Overload
  • Extraordinary Excellent Entities
  • Object Universe
  • Object Show 87
  • Object Illusion
  • Object Lockdown
  • Inanimate Fight-Out
  • Object Havoc

If I missed any important ones, or a personal favorite of yours, let me know! Because I wanna get in way too deep! 

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Do you ever think you will do art of a Disney princess with a service CAT? I know they are not as common, but sometimes cats are a good replacement for people with dog allergies

Cats can be great emotional support animals (ESAs), but they don’t actually qualify as service animals with public access rights (at least not here in the US). 

Here’s a little excerpt from the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act): 

“A service animal is any dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability. Other species of animals, whether wild or domestic, trained or untrained, are not considered service animals.”

The only exception are trained miniature horses, which are often used for people allergies or religious concerns about dogs :D 

“A public entity or private business must allow a person with a disability to bring a miniature horse on the premises as long as it has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of the individual with a disability, as long as the facility can accommodate the miniature horse’s type, size, and weight.  The rules that apply to service dogs, outlined below, also apply to miniature horses.”

Since I’m not focusing on ESAs for this project, I won’t be doing a cat, but cats are definitely cute and I wholly support them becoming ESAs for people with psychiatric disabilities! 

I still can’t stop laughing at Dagoth Ur’s voice. He doesn’t sound like some twisted entity. He sounds like a nice guy in a pricey suit, but from a rival company. He doesn’t have anything against you, if he had a coffee he’d offer you some. But alas Nerevarine’s presence is kinda against his plans. What a shame. Off you go fella.

hc ; when gabriel & reaper talk about the split between them

Gabriel and Reaper are both two separate entities; Reaper is the only one who will remotely speak on it, often quoting Gabriel as ‘dead’ or ‘far out of reach’ or even ‘locked away where he’ll be safe’. All of these are vague and up to interpretation of whoever Reaper is talking to. Gabriel will never admit or hint to it out loud normally; he holds the fear if he does so it will make it solidified. He doesn’t like the idea of permanence for it, even if it’s far beyond his control already.

Both of them do not freely talk about the differences between them to anyone; it’s guarded behind closed doors. Even if Reaper gives the hint, he’ll neither confirm or deny it if questioned. The only time it gets discussed is when both sides are comfortable with the person they are with. An example would be Angela; if she gets close enough to Reaper and offers him her hand and makes him trust her, he’s more than willing to explain what is going on with him and Gabriel, as it’s also something Gabriel would trust her with. It’s all a matter of how close both of them feel towards the person in question, and how much they feel the other person needs to know. 

Most of the time, if someone was close to Gabriel, there is never hesitation on his part if it comes down to ‘they should know, even if it breaches my comfort zone’. The harder one to get to divulge in it is Reaper, despite the hints he makes. He protects his and Gabriel’s life vehemently; and divulging the split is something he has a high distaste for, especially with the knowledge that he keeps strictly to himself that most of what he is might actually just be the nanites; he doesn’t want anyone else catching onto that and possibly attempting to separate him. 

It does tend to be a large show of trust when they both have the unspoken internal agreement to tell the truth about the two of them, but it will also keep Reaper on high alert for a while after the fact in the case of a betrayal that he expects to come his way.

There are also very rare cases where the truth comes out because of anger; Reaper can be pushed far enough with someone trying to call out to Gabriel that he’ll spill it on accident, in an attempt to get it to stop. This takes a lot of goading, but is possible as well. In which case, Reaper will ruthlessly hunt down the person he accidentally let it slip to until they’re dead ( usually ).