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god i wanted a damien redemption so bad fuck!!!! my hopes slipping i want to believe but i cant! hes just a dickbag

honestly i feel it i wanted one too like i want to believe that he could learn to use his power without always being a manipulative asshole (like chloe, for example, who sometimes slips up or goes too far but who is still doing her best and is a good person) but like… he’s Awful

i also think that this, esp the new ep, really is the point of no return for a damien redemption arc (also i think we all kind of know that, in our hearts, even damien stans). like there is… no way an apology would ever be genuine now, there is no way anyone would trust him (excluding mark, but stockholm syndrome doesn’t count thx), there’s no way anyone would like him or want to spend time with him… the damage is irreversibly done. and he isn’t sorry! he was put on the opposite end of his own power imbalance and it didn’t make him feel any remorse at all. if anything, he was sorry he wasn’t able to be a manipulative asshole. and his reaction when he found out mark cares about him was not a reaction of a man who cared back, it was the reaction of someone who sees people as tools and toys, and interpersonal relationships as prizes to be won. damien likes it because he wants to be liked, without having to like anyone, he wants unconditional forgiveness… he’s power hungry and he genuinely believes he’s entitled to that power. that he’s entitled to control people and he’s entitled to positive attention from people without ever having done anything to earn that besides lie and manipulate.

and that’s… not a man with a redemption story. or at least, that’s not a man i want to see redeemed. it’s clear he has no good intentions now. he’s selfish, manipulative, and abusive, and uses his power and his past as a front and an excuse (as opposed to an explanation, which is what they are). 

like. is he a nuanced character with layer and explanations who i actually find very interesting? hell yeah. earlier in the show before his personal motivations and intentions were this clear, did i and probably lots of other people hope for a redemption arc? hell yeah. do i want to see a man who doesn’t take no for an answer and abuses people get redeemed especially now that we know his intentions are and always have been wholly selfish and in pursuit of his own power? i sure the fuck do not

tl;dr same but i’m two steps ahead and i already gave up on the damien redemption arc and my new hope is to hear the sweet sweet sound of damien getting his ass kicked again

I remember last night when Dillon told Ika she was ghetto and Ika was like “I’m not ghetto” and clearly trying not to get mad and Dillon was like “Ika…” like about to try to convince her that she is and I’m like you’ve known her for less than two months??? Why do these ugly entitled trash straight boys pretend to know everything? Why are they so fragile?

The Boyfriend Experiment (EXPOSED!!)

How dare she reject you? How dare she not want to give you her number? So you can study ‘Alone. Together.’ How dare she nicely reject you by saying she has a boyfriend so you don’t feel bad about yourself? You’re ‘fucking sick and tired’ of women saying that they have a boyfriend so you’ll leave them alone? Maybe women are ‘fucking sick and tired’ of most men thinking that they are entitled to a woman. Maybe women are ‘fucking sick and tired’ of having to claim they have a boyfriend as it’s the only way most men will leave them alone. This video was put up to ‘expose’ the girl but in reality it actually exposed OckTV for being self-entitled trash.


even so, they STILL sent it at least 36 hours after monday/i closed matchups. its in the DESCRIPTION that matchups are mondays. ive stated time and time again to not send in special requests (matchups, ficlets) UNLESS i specify in a post that they are open. 

they have literally….zero excuse for sending it in two days AFTER monday. like, i can understand if theyre new here, but again: its in the description box. not to mention they must’ve known that i DO close them, since “i sent it in before you said you weren’t doing anymore”, which means they know how shit works

so again. zero excuse

お姉さまと僕 ~約束のジュリエット~ (Onee-sama to Boku ~Yakusoku no Juliet~)

Mitsuhana has announced another volume for the お姉さまと僕 (Onee-sama to Boku) series! This volume will feature your younger childhood friend, 真尋(Masahiro*).

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

“Won’t you give me a reward, onee-sama…?”

Masahiro, your younger childhood friend, is the youngest sibling among four brothers—and was raised almost as if he were a daughter by a mother who longed for a female child.

Protected by you each time he was told that was not masculine and teased by others around him, Masahiro longs for you and fondly addresses you as “onee-sama.”

“Once I become an adult, I’ll definitely become a worthy man able to protect you.”

Masahiro grew up with that goal in mind.

Then one spring, Masahiro is admitted to the school you attend. He also offers to volunteer as help for the drama club you are in, with an unexpected event resulting in him substituting as the heroine in a production put forth by your club.

“If this production is successful, give me a reward please…”—with this promise exchanged, the outcome of this love between you and Masahiro becomes…♥

(They put a heart at the end, I’ll put a heart at the end. ^ - ^ )

*Mahiro could also be a possible name.

CV: あさぎ夕 (Suzuki Yuuto)

Release Date: April 8th, 2016.

I used to think I was non confrontational

But now every time I walk into a store I promise myself that if I see an employee getting yelled at by a customer and the employee looks like they can’t handle it then I’m getting in between them and in that customers face and tell them off.
I will NOT allow someone to berate someone unnecessarily. I know that some store employees aren’t helpful, I’ve experienced that recently and I was miffed about it, but yelling and shouting would not have been the appropriate response.
I will protect store employees from entitled trash every day of the week. I’ll return every bit of nastiness that they are giving the employees.

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I don't ship Romione. For me, it's the worst ship in the whole series. I mean, they were really cute and had a very interesting relationship development, but they just don't have THAT chemistry. Like, I see Hermione rather with one of the twins or with Harry, even tho they are more like Brotp. But I just can't see Hermione and Ron making such a good couple. They have so many dissimilarities, without being opposites, because you could say opposites attract each other. Just my opinion, honestly.

Abigail Fischer got a 1180 on her SAT's y'all

I refuse to believe that she stood in front of the Supreme Court and blamed poc for destroying her hopes and dreams and her family legacy with a 1180. There’s clearly nothing wrong with an 1180 SAT score but she knew DAMN WELL that UT is selective af and still had the nerve to cry her white tears and complain about reverse racism on national television with her less than extraordinary numbers :’)

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Why do you watch House of Cards? Isn't it kinda gross in the way that there are like no POC beyond boring side characters and isn't it really sexist and ableist? Granted, I've never seen it and this is only what I've heard but you always seem to have such good opinions on shows so I'd love to hear your take.

I mean like, bro first of all I am the easiest for the marvel films and also a bunch of other shit I can’t remember off the top of my head (like kings! Kings! Goddamn) that tick all the boxes when it comes to Problematic Material. I watched thor 2 FOUR TIMES even though I fucking hated it!! So that’s about the time when you realize I have awful taste, and will willingly subject myself to shit I know is bad because i like, don’t respect myself.

But that said, because of the genres that I like - history and politics - if I only watched or read shows and books that weren’t racist or sexist or ableist, I would pretty much have nothing to consume. Now, that’s not to say that socially conscious political and historical texts don’t exist - I am trying so hard to make Social Justice Classics a thing - but that for the most part a lot of the works in these two particular genres are overwhelmingly white and overwhelmingly male just because they are made by the overwhelmingly white and male. Some people are sick of it, and I get it, and I respect their right to opt out of texts that obviously do not see them as people or as worthy of representation, but I’m kind of clinical enough about my media consumption that I can separate texts that I consume because I admire what they are doing in terms of representation (how to get away with murder, scandal, marco polo, 12 years, elementary, and agent carter to a very very lesser extent) and texts I consume because I admire what they do with style and narrative (this is where house of cards goes, along with kings and rome and s1 of the borgias, the secret history, etc etc). This is not to say, however that they are separate realms - bc storytelling wise most of the first set is ABSOLUTELY on par with the second, they are not separate circles in the Venn diagram.

However. Just because I’m clinical doesn’t mean somehow this is a better form of television watching - it’s just to say that I acknowledge that a stylistically or narratively superior show is not necessarily better in terms of social analysis, and vice versa. I think some of the current trends in this ‘your fave is problematic’ attitude is that you know, it’s kind of too black and white for my tastes - acknowledging that a show has very obvious faults and perpetuates a very obvious form of hierarchical attitude does not mean that it is automatically garbage and no one should watch it ever. For someone who actually, you know, does this shit at school and is hoping to go into it professionally, I really do think we should give credit where credit is due. I don’t mean that if, like you’re triggered by sexual violence you STILL ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO WATCH GAME OF THRONES AND ACKNOWLEDGE THE LEVEL OF PRODUCTION. I mean that we are entitled to watching trash, so long as we acknowledge that it is trashy. Not everyone watches television to see accurate representation - that doesn’t mean that representation isn’t important, but it does mean that not everyone who like, watches supernatural is automatically a misogynistic queerbaiting asshole.

So personally, I don’t watch house of cards because it like, idk highlights the systematic marginalization of women and poc from positions of power. I do watch house of cards because I like the directorial and stylistic choices, because I think the writing is sophisticated, because I like what they do with the breaking of the fourth wall, because I think Kevin spacey and robin wright give amazing performances. Similarly, I started watching Marco Polo because it had a poc to white man ratio of like 13:1 and I’m glad I did, because it developed good story lines and gorgeous cinematography and a group of nuanced characters and a sensitivity to historical subtleties. Do well represented shows have a better chance of developing narrative and stylistic sophistication than the latter does of developing the former? Yeah it does. But I do think you can watch different shows to enjoy different elements of it, and that appreciation - whether it be technical appreciation - and appreciation borne out of identification are not mutually exclusive.

Also like, bro I have the shittiest taste. The SHITTIEST taste. I am not Roger Egbert. I liked the 2004 Troy.

Aw man I’m so excited for Halloween and to see all the people dressed up as Harley Quinn and not make them feel bad about their costume cause I’m not a dick :)

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Hello, can I request the "We live in the same building and you’re locked out of your place in your underwear because you were doing laundry and forgot your key" AU with ennotana? ((I hope your day goes well!! ((I love your writing so much btw!! (⌒▽⌒ )ノ

thank you so much nonnie!! for your prompt and your wonderful words, please enjoy the fill and have a spectaculariffic day yourself <3

So there’s embarrassment, then there’s ‘I’m going to have to change my name and move to Siberia’ and then there’s ‘I am literally so far past mortified I might die on the spot just to get out of this situation’. It’s about two in the morning and Chikara has lapped all three of those and swung right back around to ‘this day needs to just end ‘cause I am so done.’

He lets out a gusty sigh and drops his forehead to his now locked apartment door and thinks something vague along the lines of well at least there’s no one around to witness this.

Of course, given the kind of day it’s been, that’s when the universe decides to throw his neighbour from down the hall—the one he’s had a crush on since he knocked on his door actually needing to borrow a cup of sugar.

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“It’s a good opportunity to scare Amber back to her place” what the fuck is her place, Caleb?

you piece of misogynist shit.. i’m so disgusted. everything that comes out of his mouth makes me want to vomit.

he thinks she fucking belongs to him, he thinks she has to be his little bitch because he decided BY HIMSELF that he wanted to play the role of her savior.. when SHE DIDN’T NEED HIM TO! She doesn’t owe him CRAP.

I hate everything he represents. That entitled piece of trash.

I came to the consensus that between dark skin niggas and light skin niggas when it comes to who is more in style, both black men on either sides of the spectrum are nothing but entitled, pieces of shit. Most of their issues and woes surround on whether black women are into them or not. Many light-skinned men feel “emasculated” by darker skinned men and wish they were “back in style.” Many dark-skinned men are just hypocrites who hate a standard that they place onto us backfiring against them. There are no lesser of two evils. Both black men are one in the same, one just so happens to be lighter than the other. Congratulations, you’re both misogynoiristic and entitled trash! It’s a tie! =D

As for dark-skinned men and the colorism they face, unless it’s about how they’re vilified for simply having dark skin, how they are more likely to go to jail over light-skinned men, how they were made to feel ugly and “stupid” for their features and how more anti-black violence is thrown against them because of their dark skin, I do not care about their plights. Their little sob stories on how “pretty” black girls don’t want them does not phase me. They often take out their frustration on dark-skinned black girls who may reject them but have their own plights to deal with, and some of them have been the biggest perpetrators of colorism + misogyny. So puh-leez.

  And I’m sick of hearing, “Oh, man! She left me for/chose a light skin nigga!” ‘Cuz ya startin’ to sound like you have a Nice Guy Complex. It goes beyond, “She’s colorist and just doesn’t like me because I’m dark skinned,” to just, “Why does she like him and not me?” And even if the latter was the case, not saying it’s right, but why are black men allowed to have “preferences” but we’re not given the same agency? I don’t care for preferences but the violence towards black women who “prefer” white and lighter skinned black/moc is astounding. Many dark-skinned black men like to talk about their issues of finding women to like, and I’m just amazed at hearing that. Most dark-skinned black men have been colorist and degrading towards dark-skinned black women, so I just stopped caring. You know, I stopped caring about what they thought of me and other black women. I’m not moved by stories on their curving experiences with light-skinned black women or just any black woman in general. I could say I feel sorry for them, but then I’d be lying.

My fellow gays and lesbian sisters, please do not mistake a person’s objection to you touching them as homophobia. Some people just don’t want to be touched. 

At all. 

Don’t be an entitled piece of trash. Respect the boundaries of both friend and stranger. You can’t just go around touching people all willy-nilly and pull out the “It’s okay, I’m gay” card.
You know what makes touching people okay? Consent.