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Aw man I’m so excited for Halloween and to see all the people dressed up as Harley Quinn and not make them feel bad about their costume cause I’m not a dick :)

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I agree finding that balance is key. God i hope his team is working on that.

i mean i would think they would?? but at the same time, who fucking knows.

i’m also expecting a solo stan to chime in any minute now with another round of “HE DOESN’T OWE YOU ANYTHING YOU ENTITLED PIECE OF TRASH” because yes, that was totally my point right? 

personally, i think he will stay relatively distanced from social media kinda like he was in 2015. but he was also still engaged with the fans even then. he still made sure we knew that he was excited about the music and that he was excited for us to hear it. so i think as long as that part of the fan service comes back, everything will be all good. and that’s kinda the balance i’m thinking of. not in our face fame whore like /some/ people want, but also not totally mute and disconnected. 

the real reason it’s called 1:35am is because it’s the time jb decided to declare his love to youngjae, his gift being the song and duet. 

and yet-

jb: i made this ballad for us. i made sure it suited your voice. youngjae i love you. you’re amazing. you’re so handsome. do you love me?

yj: hAH. thanks bro. i l-lov-loooo-looook forward to singing this song with you bro.


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Abigail Fischer got a 1180 on her SAT's y'all

I refuse to believe that she stood in front of the Supreme Court and blamed poc for destroying her hopes and dreams and her family legacy with a 1180. There’s clearly nothing wrong with an 1180 SAT score but she knew DAMN WELL that UT is selective af and still had the nerve to cry her white tears and complain about reverse racism on national television with her less than extraordinary numbers :’)

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I found your other blog, got curious and browsed through it. Why do you use such sexist language? Calling everyone who disagrees with you a "cunt?" There's better, less misogynistic insults that could suffice.

I don’t call everyone who disagrees with me a cunt. Just the ones that are cunts, and I do it because I can and I will not let people limit my language. I’ll call people what I like, and I don’t see the word cunt as a sexist or misogynistic one.

People like you, who try to police language down to the fucking insults people use against each other, are the most entitled, annoying pieces of trash on this entire planet. Don’t come to my inbox again.

I came to the consensus that between dark skin niggas and light skin niggas when it comes to who is more in style, both black men on either sides of the spectrum are nothing but entitled, pieces of shit. Most of their issues and woes surround on whether black women are into them or not. Many light-skinned men feel “emasculated” by darker skinned men and wish they were “back in style.” Many dark-skinned men are just hypocrites who hate a standard that they place onto us backfiring against them. There are no lesser of two evils. Both black men are one in the same, one just so happens to be lighter than the other. Congratulations, you’re both misogynoiristic and entitled trash! It’s a tie! =D

As for dark-skinned men and the colorism they face, unless it’s about how they’re vilified for simply having dark skin, how they are more likely to go to jail over light-skinned men, how they were made to feel ugly and “stupid” for their features and how more anti-black violence is thrown against them because of their dark skin, I do not care about their plights. Their little sob stories on how “pretty” black girls don’t want them does not phase me. They often take out their frustration on dark-skinned black girls who may reject them but have their own plights to deal with, and some of them have been the biggest perpetrators of colorism + misogyny. So puh-leez.

  And I’m sick of hearing, “Oh, man! She left me for/chose a light skin nigga!” ‘Cuz ya startin’ to sound like you have a Nice Guy Complex. It goes beyond, “She’s colorist and just doesn’t like me because I’m dark skinned,” to just, “Why does she like him and not me?” And even if the latter was the case, not saying it’s right, but why are black men allowed to have “preferences” but we’re not given the same agency? I don’t care for preferences but the violence towards black women who “prefer” white and lighter skinned black/moc is astounding. Many dark-skinned black men like to talk about their issues of finding women to like, and I’m just amazed at hearing that. Most dark-skinned black men have been colorist and degrading towards dark-skinned black women, so I just stopped caring. You know, I stopped caring about what they thought of me and other black women. I’m not moved by stories on their curving experiences with light-skinned black women or just any black woman in general. I could say I feel sorry for them, but then I’d be lying.

My fellow gays and lesbian sisters, please do not mistake a person’s objection to you touching them as homophobia. Some people just don’t want to be touched. 

At all. 

Don’t be an entitled piece of trash. Respect the boundaries of both friend and stranger. You can’t just go around touching people all willy-nilly and pull out the “It’s okay, I’m gay” card.
You know what makes touching people okay? Consent.