entitled to my own opinion

me: it’s okay if people dislike my favorite character. everyone is entitled to their own opinion

person: *dislikes my favorite character*


Things that have better chemistry than Steve and Sharon:

•Bucky and those plums
•Tony and General Ross
•Coffee grounds and the garbage disposal
•Tony and that walnut date loaf
•Bucky and that motorcycle (and the guy he knocked off the motorcycle)
•Natasha and Redwing
•Zemo and the Hydra guy that he kills
•Mission Report and December 16, 1991
•Stan Lee and “Tony Stank”

•Bucky and Howard Stark

Lance has shown traits of Slytherin. Cunning, resourcefulness, ambition. Lance can exhibit aspects of Gryffindor, but I think that’s more Keith’s area: charging headlong into battle and such. At one point Lance had to hold him back from doing so, and inform him of a better plan, so as not to hurt the Balmera. We see Keith do this again in the last episode where he took on Zarkon even though Coran warned him not to, going so far as to switch off his comm so he couldn’t hear him. 

I think Keith is more a Gryffindor as he is very brave, courageous, daring and is known to be reckless.

We know that Lance is schemer, and I don’t mean that in a bad sort of way. Only that he tries to think things through before actually diving into the thick of things. We see examples of this also in the Balmera episode. He’s tactical, whereas Keith would prefer to charge in swinging his sword. 

NOT that you can’t exhibit more than one house traits. 

I’m not trying to shit on Keith, I love Keith almost as much as I love Lance. I’m not saying that these character traits make him a bad person or a bad character. Not in the slightest. I’m just saying. Lance is a Slytherin and Keith is a Gryffindor. 

yes, i ship historia with armin.

no, that does not mean i hate ymir.

yes, i ship ymir with bertolt.

no, that does not make me a homophobe.

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May I Request Symmetra, Hanzo and D.VA reacting to being told their s/o died when their last interaction was a fight that ended badly? I need the angst


She follows you out of the kitchen and down to the landing pad, refusing to end this conversation before she has said her piece.
“You always take their side-”
“I don’t - what? You know that’s not true.” You pinch the bridge of your nose, wishing you could just make up and part in peace.

“Do I? Because whenever we discuss something I am alone and you … you gang up on me.”

Fareeha meets you at the landing pad, throwing a glance to Satya and back to you, asking without words if you have a handle on this. You nod and wave her away, turning around to face your girlfriend in the same motion.

“We’re not ganging up on you, but I’m entitled to my own opinions and in this case I think you are wrong about yours.” The aircraft’s engines roar, a not so subtle cue for you to get a move on and leave the relationship troubles at home. She opens her mouth but you cut her off before she can say another word. “We can discuss this after I return. Okay? I still love you.”
Satya doesn’t say it back. She crosses her arms over her chest and turns away, stubbornly refusing to meet your eyes until your shoulders drop and you leave.

Twelve hours later she gets told you won’t return.

She listens to Fareeha’s report, filled with static and barely comprehensible, talking about complications, superior force, bad luck. She requests backup and Lúcio and Mei are out of the door the second Winston gives the order. For you every help comes too late. Winston offers her time off work, counseling, a shoulder to cry on. She declines all three, finds herself thinking of the argument, hanging in the air like a noose, unfinished business that makes her skin itch and her eyes burn.

If you hadn’t gone away like that this wouldn’t have happened. Fareeha spoke of you being distracted, didn’t want to pass blame to the dead and it wasn’t your fault that you died, she never said that, but Satya knows she thought it and everyone else in the room did as well.

She can’t shake the irrational thought you did it on purpose, died to get out of an argument because you knew you were wrong. You left her hanging, a dozen arguments on her tongue she’ll never get to say.

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Hello! I really love your headcanons. If possible, could I get some headcanons for Jefferson and a musical S/O (maybe they also play the violin)?

boss’ memo : thank you !! here comes the first actual set of jefferson headcanons ! thank you @alexander-hamilcanons for helpin’ me with thomas !! he’s tricky for me !

Originally posted by alexander-hamiltunes

  • thomas can sing. yes. but, should he sing? actually, that’s also a yes!!
    • will he sing with you ? um, maybe !! he’s actually pretty self-conscious of how his voice sounds. though, he’s the type to definitely sing in the shower.
    • he’s more comfortable with rapping, actually ! even though he’s better at singing–mostly because he finds it easier to recover if he messes up while rapping !
    • if he sings along with you, don’t make fun of his voice !! it takes a lot for him to work up the courage to sing alongside you!
      • if he hits a wrong note while singing, he is Gone, as in–finger guns, backing out of the room kind of Gone.
      • i mean, if he’s with others, he might laugh along, but…
      • (he’s the embodiment of “haha [knife emoji]”.)
  • everyone now knows how amazing you are with the violin, because you bet thomas is going to brag about your talents! !
    • you’ve never seen him be so quiet for so long when he’s listening to you practice. if you’re okay with it, he might give you some feedback?
    • he hesitantly asks, one day, if, maybe–“and if not, just pretend i never asked, okay”–the two of you could do a duet? maybe he can play the piano while you play the violin?
    • despite how much he brags about your musical prowess, he won’t let anyone put you on the spot to perform, don’t worry ! he’s very protective, in that way!! plus, he doesn’t like when others do that to him, too ! so you bet he’ll return the favor !
  • (modern au) he has this almost uncanny ability to pull up songs on youtube that he wants to hear you sing or play–and they always manage to showcase your talent really well ! it’s incredible, really !!
  • he’s a very fickle kind of guy, and i wouldn’t put it past him suddenly trying to learn how to play the violin, too !! 
    • (he’s always doing about fifty-one projects at once.)
  • he will Fight anyone who doesn’t think you’re incredible !!
    • ”everyone is entitled to their own opinion, thomas.”
      “okay. their opinion is trash. that’s my opinion.”
      “thomas, no.”

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Why do you hate the hawks so much? it can't be because of Kane because dont your team still employ Riberio or whatever his name is yikes

i hate the hawks because they are division rivals, use a racist logo and employ k*ne. the difference with the predators employing ribeiro (who now btw is with our AHL team…) and the hawks employing k*ne is that preds fans don’t go around defending ribeiro’s disgusting ass!!! we don’t go on tumblr and post shit like “uwu my lil peekaboo who did nothing wrong why are you so mad at him youre just jealous” or fucking glorify his past with sexual assaults. i’ve never in my life met a preds fan who’d say shit like that about ribeiro, instead everyone has been upset with the organisation’s decision to employ him. and even if the hawks had never done anything wrong i’d still be allowed to hate them because i’m entitled to my own personal opinions and it’s none of anyone’s business

The Imperfections of human beings.

I wanted to write some formal stuff about T6T now that I’m on a real keyboard. I spent the entire night just sifting through people’s very angry, upset, hurt posts about John, Sherlock, Mary, and even Molly.  I think people need to step back and realize what this show is actually about: human beings.

I grew up in a hugely broken home.  My mother’s 6 year relationship with the man of her dreams was shattered when he cheated on her after 6 months of being married.  Our lives effectively ended as she spiraled into alcoholism and a massive depression which eventually killed her.  I’ve grown up literally thinking that cheating on your spouse is how Satan prepares you for your eternity in the boiling shit cauldron of Hell.  In short: I. Hate. Cheaters.

Naturally, when I saw what John was engaging in, my anger shot up like a piss volcano.  My instant reaction was fury, to drop the man and his character like a hot dog patty.  But then, I remembered, that this show has one true characteristic above all others: human beings are not just one thing. People, are flawed.  People, are never ever perfect, no matter how much they try to be.

Listen to what Mary said to John.  She said it was so hard to try and live up to the perfection that she thought John was.  That perfection is (and ALWAYS has been, y’all) a facade.  I never did understand why people thought John was an angel when it’s demonstrated in the very first episode that he is NOT.  I was able to see that, but I was able to see his goodness too.  Same with Sherlock.

Ironically, both of these idiots have spent the better half of 3 seasons trying to BE perfect.  It’s a lie. It can never be.  The irony of Sherlock calling out Mary’s “facade” in HLV just…I sat there grinning from ear to ear because honey you are ALL operating behind a facade.  Every single one of you.  John thinks he wants a quiet life but in actuality he is drawn to catastrophic danger. Copy that verbatim for Mary.  Sherlock thinks he’s a perfect thinking machine without emotion, yet he sits and bawls over his childhood pet. Molly thinks she wants a normal dude who goes to pubs but instead she really wants “a high functioning sociopath”. For God’s sake Mrs. Hudson used to help run a drug ring. Mycroft is perfectly fine covering up murders, sending out assassins, whatever it takes to keep his interests intact.  Ha ha ha these people are aaaaall fuuuuuucked.

 Now, I am still furious with John.  John was ultimately responsible for his family’s destruction.  It was inevitable.  His undying love for danger, despite having a newborn baby in his life, put him and his family on a collision course with tragedy.  Sherlock added to this, but he did not cause it directly.  If John had truly been a responsible dad he’d have picked up and moved his family to the damned suburbs or something and quit solving cases with Sherlock…but he didn’t.  Now, he’ll have to deal with that guilt.  The guilt of being a major reason why his baby girl will now grow up motherless. Sherlock was responsible for the final straw, but John was responsible for the haystack.

And that’s the point of Sherlock.  These people are all terribly, helplessly broken.  I think the most pure person in this show is Molly Hooper, and she’s not perfect either.  There’s only ever been one perfect human being and they nailed Him to a cross.

Having said all of this, and while John’s actions in T6T I found to be absolutely unlikable, reprehensible, and gross…I know he is just a man.  His life was changing at an alarming pace.  A new baby, from what I have heard, throws couples into turmoil all the time.  The man still suffers from mental illness.  He is now a single father, hates his best friend (he’ll get over it, y’all, the writing will make sure of that), and his wife went to her grave believing he was a perfect person when he knows in his heart he is anything but. John Watson made his bed, and he’ll lie in it forever now.  It will now be his personal journey to redeem himself for what has happened.  Sherlock has been on his own personal journey for, well, ever. Now it’s John’s turn.  I’m willing to give him the same chance I’ve given to his stupid friend.  

No one is perfect in Sherlock.  No one is perfect in life.  That’s the point.  We can sit and hate the people who’ve wronged us, and believe me, I still hold a lot of hate in my heart for my stepdad for turning my mother into a pile of rubbish and causing me to grow up a mess of a person.  But in the end, it makes zero positive difference in my life.  That hate is an anchor on me, a weight I don’t want and am still filing at it’s chain to free myself from. 

We forgive or we don’t, but we move on regardless of what choice we make.  We’ll have to see if John Watson makes better choices in the future.  For that little baby girl…he’d better.  I’m willing to wait and see.

Sacrifices of Love (Words of Love Pt. 4)

Warnings: angst and sadness. I’m not sorry

WC: 2889

AU: Hamiltime

1 2 3 5 Masterlist

 Your father took a deep breath before looking into your eyes. For a split second, you saw sympathy and guilt in his eyes before they hardened, “I’m sorry (Y/N) but you may never see that young man again.”  

The words rang in your ears as the world seemed to stop turning. You look at your father in shock.

You may never see that young man again.”, his words echo in your head.

You shake your head slowly, and back away, “N-No, you can’t. Father, you can’t.”, you say while tears begin to glisten in your eyes.

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Please stop trying to act noble. You're just a person in front of screen like everyone else here. Funny thing is, you reblog from me, too and I'm quite sure you reblog from me more than your roleplay buddies. It's so sad how you guys can't even handle criticism over the internet.

??? That was never my intention??

I am just a person in front of a screen just like everyone else. I am also entitled to my own opinion, just like YOU are. I just don’t understand what was so wrong in having @fureiaa post what she wanted to post? Many people enjoyed hearing the voice clips and I’m sorry that you just weren’t one of them.

I’m normally not one to intervene in matters but seeing a bunch of anon hate being directed toward her on my dash, it’s not like I could just sit around and just continuously stay silent about it.

Though I don’t know who you are, yes, I probably do reblog a lot from you, I like and reblog from a lot of people. That is simply because I enjoy what you guys reblog/post, and I will probably continue to do so in the future. 

I just don’t understand what you’re so against that you have to seek 3 other people (that I’ve seen) just to continue this so called “criticism”. I have no problem with criticism but when you start spouting irrelevant things such as “being racist for posting voice clips” because of what? because she’s not Japanese? You expect us to sit around and be like, “oh, that’s true”?

These things are things that you can easily ignore if you wish to, so why has this been continuing for the last four hours? I have nothing against you honestly speaking, I just want you to understand that the content that you see on your dash, or from the tags— they are all things that you can choose to do something about. 

I sincerely apologize to my followers who will have to see this but I really just wanted to get this out there. 

Okay y'all listen up

Okay, because of the new Ch 2 of bendy and the ink machine I know people are going to start shipping angel and bendy,.
But if people think I do

I believe angel is a completely differed thing from batim because her voice actor wanted to make her own thing out of her character..also I just would like to clarify that this is my opinion and I am completely entitled to my own opinions..I don’t hate angel, I actually love her concept and I love her as her own thing, and the same thing with bendy and boris..

I’m sorry...

To all my followers, my fellow Sunshiners and IGOT7,

I know I’m not in position to say this but I think I have to say something about Youngjae, his tattoo and everything. I know by now most of you have heard about his tattoo and I think I played a part in that. I felt really guilty for posting several posts about Youngjae and his tattoo. I’m sure that Youngjae wanted that tattoo to be a secret until he is ready to reveal it to the fans but somehow I felt like I didn’t make a good job in covering up for him. As you know, Youngjae has that tattoo for more than a year now and had been working so hard in covering it as I’m sure not all fans and general public would accept an idol has a tattoo. So, I am really sorry from the bottom of my heart to all of you for sensationalize the news though there were other people who were mentioning about his tattoo but I  felt guilty. After reading some of the reactions from fans the enjoyment that I felt about him getting a tattoo suddenly made me emotional. I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I feel sad for my Youngjae. Since debut I’ve seen the treatment and comments towards Youngjae but just like Youngjae I just silently hope that things will get better. Yes it did get better after that but still the treatment and bad comments about him were there. My only hope every time I saw those comments was for Youngjae not to read all that because I don’t know whether he’ll be strong enough to take all those. But when Youngjae mentioned in a radio that he knew he was ‘ugly’ I knew he must’ve read those comments. It was so hurtful to me when your bias was admitting in a national radio that he was ugly because everyone thought so. Even until now the issue of him being picked as the visual by Nichkhun, still he felt like a dream that he didn’t even dare to talk about or be proud. Over the past two years, he’s being picked on for so many things from his lack of dancing skill, his weight, his appearance and even his voice. It was so hurtful when fans started to compare him with other members. I still remembered reading someone wrote, Jinyoung is…. but Youngjae can only sings. It hurts you know. When sunshine mentioned him being not satisfied with his body and appearance and keep on dieting so that he would look slimmer and beautiful like Mark & BamBam, you know instantly where he got the idea from.  Choi Youngjae is only 20 years old. He’s still practically a young boy who doesn’t need to be burdened by these thoughts. Also, during his birthday posts on instagram there was a caption under his photo where he wrote ‘someone like me’ it got me sad thinking that he didn’t see himself as someone who is worthy enough to receive all the love we give to him. I know Choi Youngjae is not your bias and you can say anything you want but if you called yourself as a fan of GOT7 you shouldn’t be doing this. No matter who is your bias in the group you shouldn’t criticize the other members to make your bias look good. It’s just wrong. I saw some fans were talking bad about him getting a tattoo which I don’t like at all but before you do anything, before you say something, before you criticize him, before you decide to leave him please think about Youngjae and his feeling. Think about what he did for GOT7, his hard work and sacrifice he did to be accepted, the moments he made you laugh, the moment he made you smile, the moment when he apologize for being sick, the moment he keep smiling despite the bad words about him and the moments he said he loves ahgase so much. I’m not forcing you to stan him but just a respect for him as a member of GOT7, as a brother to GOT7, as an artist, as an idol and as a human being.

I’m sorry that I had to let it out because it’s been over two years and I just can’t keep quiet anymore. I’m sorry if my words are hurtful or offended you. I’m really sorry particularly to all Youngjae’s fans or as I like to call you as Sunshiners if I ever let you down and unable to protect our sunshine from hurting and for did badly to spread love for Youngjae.

Lastly, thank you for all your unfailing support to me and my blog though I never say it enough to you but I’m thankful because you are my source of strength to keep going. I love you.

Spread love not hate.


Shafiekah (fuckyeahchoiyoungjae)

p/s: I won’t be answering any question about Youngjae’s tattoo not until Youngjae decides to reveal it to the fans or comfortably talk about it. I should respect his decision to keep it as a secret. 

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I think wlw are really happy that they get a… How about you don’t be outraged and accept their opinion eh?

i mean i’m entitled to my own outrage?? especially when f/f romances have consistently been shafted and ignored in video games in favor of catering to the m/f options soooooooo i am going to stay pissed that anyone is going to say vetra PREFERS one sex or romance over the other when she’s written as bi because a) i have waited long enough to smooch a female turian and b) bi erasure is gross 


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ur headcanons about the kind of person iwatobi would fall for? like "oh that million dollar smile and those penetrating eyes omfg" or something like that???

i’ve done something vaguely similar before, but whatever, these are fun ^^” as per usual, these are my opinions and my opinions only, we are all entitled to our own beliefs, don’t burn me i’m not a witch

Haruka would definitely fall for someone bright. I know, ‘bright’ doesn’t make much sense, but someone who has a sense of life about them; someone who’s optimistic and energetic; someone who has a purpose in life and is determined to reach their goals. He needs someone around him who can ground him, bring him back to reality, so this person would have to be similarly down-to-earth and sensible. Someone who can put up with his shit would be preferable, too. He’d also definitely need someone patient - someone who’s not going to push him to tell them something when he wishes to keep it to himself. But equally, Haru absolutely needs someone who knows what he’s trying to say when he can’t find the words to say it himself. Honestly, you all know I don’t ship, but I could see Haruka finding someone vaguely reminiscent of Makoto.

Makoto would, oddly enough, probably need someone similar to Haruka. I have an idea that, as he gets older, Makoto involves himself in working more and more, and he needs a partner to drag him out of that and have some fun. Someone lively, with a good sense of humour; being good with kids is a massive plus for Makoto, too. He’d provide a shoulder to cry on in a relationship, but similarly, he’d need someone to support him, too. Even Makoto has his flaws, and he would likely want someone who saw that in him - someone whose flaws balanced his own, someone who was willing to spend their future working with him to iron out those kinks. Overall, I would say someone who’s willing to really work at at a relationship would be his type.

Nagisa would need someone realistic. It’s all fun and games for him, sure, but everyone knows that he has an entirely different side underneath all of that. He would need someone to remind him that, sometimes, life just has to be dealt with by knuckling down and pushing through, rather than merely laughing it all off. Simultaneously, Nagisa wouldn’t be able to stand being around someone who’s serious all the time, and I think he’d definitely appreciate having someone who he could laugh with. Someone who wouldn’t snap at him for making a joke out of a grim situation, someone who would appreciate that, most of the time, it’s just his coping mechanism.

Rei’s partner would definitely have to be someone tolerant. We all know that Rei loves his little drama displays, and I think having someone there to remind him to calm the hell down every once in a while would do him the world of good. Rei is, I think, influenced by those around him. Having someone who’s flexible, free, spontaneous - someone who’s less reliant on theory as he is, would be a good thing for Rei. Equally, he would require someone who has an appreciation for life, and seeks out what they desire in life; someone who has ambitions and goals, and someone who’s willing to learn and put effort in to realise those goals.

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god who do you think you are to say that you have 'proof' and that it's 'undeniable'? stop forcing a sexuality on them I'm so sick of het teenage girls fetishizing being gay

Oooops, of course I couldn’t make ONE post without getting an anon like this.

First of all, I apologize for not adding that it’s undeniable proof in my opinion. I made the mistake of thinking that was obvious since you’re on my blog.

Second of all, it clearly says on the main paige of said blog (that is mine) that I am 24 years old, actually almost 25 if age is that important to you. However, even if I was a “teenage girl”, I would still be entitled to my own opinions and completely free to publish them on a blog which I have created therefore it is mine and I can do whatever the fuck I want with it. What I don’t recall doing is forcing you to read it.

And lastly, please kindly point to any post in which I have identified myself as “het”. If you can’t find it (which you can’t because it doesn’t exist), then you are forcing a sexuality on me. Why is it okay to assume that someone is heterosexual but believing that someone is not is somehow so offensive to you? That doesn’t paint you in the best light, my friend. Have a nice day now.

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It's funny you think that it doesn't glorify suicide, where nearly every psychologist and actual trained professional said it's not an accurate depiction at all.

It’s also a tv show and the basis of the show is to raise suicide awareness, obviously it’s not going to be 110% accurate, but I don’t believe it depicts suicide by any means beautiful. I’m entitled to my own opinion.

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I don't understnd why everyone is sucking up to you because of your fic. Your wirting is ok, but your fic is hella boring, and there are many other fic much better than yours.

I don’t think anyone is “sucking up to me” in any way. People like what they like. Some people like the things I do, others don’t. But you are entitled to your own opinions, and not liking my fic is ok.