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The Block List

Just a disclaimer: the person who made this seemed not to understand how this could be used against anyone as she was sending this privately to blogs she deemed ‘unabusive, who were just trying to get away from the bullying.’ She seemed to me most of the time to honestly see us as “entitled teenagers” However, I made it glaringly obvious that I was starting fights, that I was borderline homophobic, I basically acted like the shittiest person I could, and I got the damn list. Whilst getting the list, we had some interesting conversations, some notable moments would be:

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honestly tho like….the sheer entitlement some teenage boys feel towards girls and the way that they look is fucking astounding…. i witness it literally every day, these kids genuinely think that they have the right to ridicule and to mock and to terrorize girls for no reason at all. like half of the time it’s for totally normal, human things (esp when going through puberty) like having acne or carrying extra weight  or because they don’t look like the 20-something year old actresses that are meant to be playing the role of 14 yr olds on TV.

and it’s like wtf? where is your common courtesy? it’s literally so embarrassing, where is your respect? no shade but when i was in school there was literally numerous girls in my year who were honestly too scared or too ashamed to even set foot in the classroom bc of these relentless idiots. and i know boys get bullied too, which is just as fkn terrible, but there seems to be a common theme of not letting young girls just fucking live and i’m so tired of it. 

When a useless skill becomes useful.

This happened a few years ago but is honestly a very proud moment for me.

So I’m driving home from my parents house and it’s about 530-6 oclock in the evening on a beautiful summer night. They live in a small quiet suburb and I’m only a few towns over so the drive is usually pretty nice and peaceful.

However these towns tend to breed entitled pricks and bored teenagers. I must have ran into the hybrid of the two. As I was making my way down a 25mph (I was going about 30) road toward the center of my parents town, I see one of those small Honda hatchbacks in my rear view that is really low to ground and decked out with all kinds of stupid shit. He’s comin in hot and I’m thinking he’s going to blow by me or something. Nope, just gets right on my ass and at one point I’m pretty sure he even tapped my bumper. I can see the stupid smirks on the faces of the driver and passenger.

We come to a stop sign and I do my best to do a FULL. COMPLETE. STOP. I reach over, pull out a cigarette, light it, and enjoy a drag before I start to move again. Must have taken at least 10 seconds. May not seem like a lot but next time you’re at a stop sign, wait ten seconds and you’ll see how long that is. Anyway, this aggravates him as he barely stops when he comes up to it and continues to very dangerously tailgate me.

So now I try the brake tap. I pull up a little to give my self some room and hit the brakes forcing him to slam on his. I found it funny cause he had to swerve to avoid collision. He still does not heed his aggressive driving.


Now we get to the big 4 way intersection in the middle of town. 2-3 lanes at each stop. He pulls up beside me. I must have really scared him with the brake tap because he looked very flustered and wanted to say something to me. He rolls down his window (all my windows and sunroof were all ready open seeing as it was so nice that day) and looks at me. I look at him. I was expecting some sort of verbal insult so I made myself ready.

“Hey you faggot piece a….”

Before he could even get that well thought out statement out of his mouth, he was already choking on the lit cigarette butt I flicked directly into his mouth.

When some of my friends and I were younger and would just be hanging out, we made flicking cigarettes a game. We would set up little cans or targets near one of our habitual smoking places and we all became very good at it. Now, I knew I could hit him in the face, but I did not expect to get it into his mouth. But I don’t feel bad in the slightest.


So while he is dealing with his new ashy dinner, I turned left (left turn lane). He must have missed his turn to go while dealing with the cig so other cars started crossing the intersection. I’m sure he was fuming mad so he peels out, cuts across to make a left and almost hit 2 cars in the process (at least it looked like that through my mirrors).

I see him make his way onto the street I was on. But right behind him was a cop who must have seen him commit about 12 moving violations as he cross that intersection. I see him pull over and I drive away feeling like a boss.

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OH THANK GOD A REAL LIFTER. I've been looking & the lifting tags on tumblr and it's all teenagers shoplifting and I'm????? anyway you're gorgeous and lifting GOALS!! keep up the good work fam, I believe in you! I'm so motivated to go work on my weighted squats now lol thanks fam

Yes omg those tags are a shit storm of weightlifters and entitled teenagers, ugh! Thank you so much for your sweet words! Feel free to come off anon anytime 💜💜 Those squats are gonna come up in no time! 💪💪😀

lmao honestly about the netflix death note if I wanted to see an entitled white teenager with a god complex kill off some people id watch the news. this story aint anything special. the only twist is that they use a death note instead.

and like lmao i know people are like ‘but we already had japanese actors do a japanese version of death note. this is an adaption’ WHATEVER



I have as lot of problems with what we’ve seen from the netflix adaptation of deathnote so far, however, unlike a lot of folks my main problem isn’t necessarily the whitewashing per se, it’s the fact that it’s set in america at all. The fact of the matter is that the story doesn’t work once it’s taken out of japan and to the usa. Once the story is in america though, I feel Lights character almost has to be white. The fact of the matter is, Light, at his core, is a privileged, entitled, upper middle class teenager, with ties to the police force, who turns to mass murder of a lower class population when bored, and uses his charm and status not only to use the people around him, but also to escape suspicion for a good long while. The dude isn’t some “cool” antihero. He isn’t The Punisher. He’s Ted Bundy with a foolproof murder weapon.

Of course, in the original material, Light commits his atrocities with enough flair and charisma that the audience finds itself in the role of Matsuda, knowing intellectually that what he is doing is wrong, but still lowkey rooting for him all the same, excusing his actions as they escalate to worse and worse levels while citing his “results” as “the ends justify the means”. Of course this goes on right up until he is revealed for the whining, pathetic hypocrite he really is, crying and flailing in a pool of his own blood begging to be spared the death he doled out to millions, calling out for help from all the accomplices he charmed, used, and discarded; expecting to be exempt from the rules of the deathnote he so carefully explored and exploited.

For all that Light is the protagonist, he is the villain, and a despicable one. It’s just that he isn’t supposed to be an obvious one, but one that is revealed in the end. Like Matsuda, we reach the conclusion with our illusions shattered, and a serious reflection of our own nature as one who rooted him on. It’s not that the story changes when told in america, it’s just that it doesn’t really work on an emotional level. You set this same story in america, and make Light Yagami into Light Turner, and it casts everything he does from the outset in the context we’re supposed to garner from the ending. Light Yagamis actions in Japan are unexpected and intriguing. Light Turners identical crimes in the usa are not only expected, but blatantly evil, because in the usa there’s been precedent. It’s taking a dark and mysterious candlelit set and turning on the fluorescents.

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You know what this site taught me about being inappropriate? That people above the age of 15+ shouldn't be here because honestly this site was supposed to be made for younger people and not entitled teenagers and adults who don't know the difference between an actual problem or some petty bs. And honestly, like thank god the younger people don't know this blog and are /happily/ oblivious to the amount of salt and pettiness thrown here on the daily. At least they're not bitter and salty like us.

Imagine spending years creating a children show that’s basically your life’s work and a bunch of entitled teenagers on the internet vehemently try to find things wrong with it to seem superior to you.

-Grand Dad

I am very tired of people my age (late 20′s/early 30′s) saying that as slightly older LGBT people they don’t have a problem with “queer” and THEREFOR only whiny entitled teenagers have a problem with it and the concept of queer as a slur is “a very new one, kids”.

like I’m sorry but I came out surrounded by older LGBT people, many of whom are my mother’s age or older, and when I self-identified as queer, because I found power in that, around them, I could SEE their pain. They would literally wince. I was having lunch with an older man at one point and referred to myself as queer and he snapped, “I don’t call people that.” Eventually I learned that I could still self-identify as queer - and I do - but I mostly did/do that privately or among people who know me well and know where I’m coming from with it, or in my own spaces like in my home or or my own blog etc. Because look, people my age: WE ARE NOT THE ELDERS OF THE LGBT COMMUNITY. We are the older side of the tumblr demographic very specifically but 29-35 is not “old” and we do NOT speak for actual elders, “elder” is a term that is EARNED, it conveys a significant historical and community position, it conveys respect. Assigning yourself the position of “elder” to a bunch of teenagers when you’re fucking 30 and presuming to act like you’re SUUUUUUUUUPER oppressed or whatever by teenagers not wanting to be called queer because they’re apparently more aware of its history as a slur than you are - because, SURPRISE, the use of queer as a slur today is not just a generational thing! It’s also a regional thing, a cultural thing, etc, AND IT’S CYCLICAL - saying that because you a 30something who lives in like Montreal or New York or wherever and whose friends are all socialists etc are comfortable with “queer” as a personal identifier means that teenagers living with their Baptist parents in a rural community are being whiny brats when they say they don’t want to be called “queer” is PROFOUNDLY tone-deaf at the very least.

Gee, I can’t wait for the new Animation Age Ghetto that’s going to result from ignorant, whiny, entitled teenagers trying to censor and morally police cartoons that they simultaneously demand representation from (and more often than not secretly draw porn of).

The fact that they fail to see that they’re acting exactly like the WASP soccer moms whose ideals go directly against their own is mind boggling.  Saying “This cartoon is transphobic!” because a character puts on a disguise for a plotline is honestly no better than “Barb” being terrified that her kids might catch “the gay” from that one episode of Good Luck, Charlie.

When u won’t go back and delete a post from months ago & some entitled prick of a teenager thinks you’re the sole reason she’s getting hate & non-existent death threats.

25 Days of Solangelo

Day 2: Red

As soon as Will had heard about the red holiday cups he knew he was going to have a rough holiday season. If someone had told him that a job at a coffee shop, let alone a Starbucks, was going to be so frustrating he would have just applied to work at the scary looking bookstore across the street where an extremely scary looking girl with blond hair worked. But he thought that Starbucks would be a more simpler job with more simple tasks. Boy was he wrong.

While the coffee making itself was easy (despite the surplus of terms that seemed to exist for a non fat latte) the difficult thing about working at Starbucks was the customers. Everyday he was faced with either a self entitled teenager who talked on their phone while ordering or an old woman who tried to convince him that she handed him a twenty when she really handed him a ten. But the job paid so he put up with it, at least until angry forty year old women started coming into the store, yelling about how the red holiday cups were not seasonal enough and that they were never buying Starbucks again. By the end of that first week of the holiday season Will was ready to tear his own hair out.

But as November went on there were less people coming in to shout at him and hold Will personally responsible and by mid December Will was positive that the red cup fiasco was over. Oh how wrong he was. 

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People who don’t like Cordelia Chase are wrong.  She spends the entire series protecting other women.  In “The Dark Age” when she wasn’t even friends with the gang, Buffy yells “don’t let him get away” and without hesitation or context, Cordelia Chase singlehandedly takes down and captures Ethan Rayne with a kick to the knee, with no combat training whatsoever.

Then she gets an intense redemption arc for how she was kind of mean and entitled as a teenager where she becomes the hero her city deserves and continues to protect other women until she dies.

Cordelia Chase is great.

ok no offence but the people who move things in a shop in order to cover other things like books they personally don’t like just for the sake of a video and to be funny and then leave without putting anything back are disrespectful as hell and make life hard for the people who work in the shop and have to deal with some entitled teenagers thinking they’re funny

Tonight I Have Been Called

- sociopath
- shitstain
- white supremacist
- spoiled little asshole
- lower than cat shit fucker
- dog with mange
- neo nazi
- misogynist

Among other things. All because I reblogged a post and called it embarrassing & didn’t capitulate to some entitled crybaby teenager who wanted me to delete it.

Yet, I still turned out to be the abuser.