Instinctual Variants as Interior Design Styles

sp/so - scandinavian, midcentury modern

simplicity with soft playfulness. home is where the family comes together so everything needs to be comfortable and inviting to rest there. hygge and lagom are both very sp/so concepts; being cozy but not too much.

so/sp - shabby chic, contemporary

like straight out of a catalog. pretty but a bit impersonal. pinterest is the best friend in offering decor ideas. “live love laugh” spirit throughout the whole home.

sp/sx - colonial, dark victorian

most old-timey out of all. carefully curated, with personal history attached. not afraid of dark colors. elegant nobility at best, fusty at worst.

sx/sp - industrial, rustic

rich in textures. many natural materials: leather, wood, metals. wide open spaces mixed with a few confined areas. the place is like a living entitiy in itself and mirrors the owner’s quirks.

sx/so - hollywood regency, eclecticism

dramatic, colorful, and always one of a kind. somewhat vain and egocentric but rightly so. weird combinations of materials and furniture that go together surprisingly well.

so/sx - boho, beach house/coastal

inviting, lots of sitting space. beanbags, rugs… everything is a lounge area. travel memorabilia proudly displayed to show worldliness and to delve into dreams of foreign places.

Shadow people, the man with the top hat talked to me

This happened a few years ago, I was sleeping over at a friends house, we went to sleep and late at night when I was asleep I saw a tall completely black silhouette enter the bedroom, it had a top hat, a coat and looked like a male figure. At the side of the bed was a chair, he sat there and stared at me, I was sort of asleep but not awake neither in a sleep paralysis, and he started talking to me, he asked some stuff, I asked some mora and he answered (it was long ago about 5 years so I cant actually remember what we talked about), it looked like it was genuinely interested in me for some weird reason. Suddenly a second shados appears, this one was the black silhouette of a woman crawling, the “hat man” told me to not move or look at it and it wont notice me, he told me “she” was not good. The crawling woman then left and at dawn the hat man dissapeared. I have read that many people who encounter the top hat man are terrified and describe it as a bad experience, but mine wasnt terrifying at all, but still I could sort of sense that it wasnt good nor evil, something in between maybe?? Can someone explain or share your thoughts/experiences?

by Mistressofdark

more on the possible origins of the shadow people here 

Phantom presence

Many a times have i felt

A phantom presence

Of some longed entitiy

That knew to take your shape

Rebuild me

In times of ruins

When darkness was not jut the night

And hollowness grew not just in forbidden corners

This apparition that knew

To softly steal all and breaths

to renew and remake

With silent kisses on wishful lips

All of me that had started to rust

This ghost of a soul

That lingered as warm fingertips on cold skin

When you made home quietly

In the most necessary corners of my mind

And the only thing that I realized

It was always you.

So…. after further review of the last 3 episodes, I have drawn some conclusions

Cas isn’t really Cas - I think he’s the Empty Entitiy that Ill call Empty!Cas until he has an official name. He doesnt seem to be able to heal, and as far as we can tell thus far, he has no angelic powers. He’s uploaded all Cas’s thoughts and feelings, this is why he looks like he is thinking real hard all the time, or trying to poop. He left Cas in the Empty to try life on Earth.We will probably spend a bunch of time after the mid season, trying to get Cas out of The Empty. {blah}

Sam feels jaded - And if he doesn’t he should. Hes spent the whole season so far, taking care of Jack, being his friend and mentor, and trying to encourage Dean to keep the faith, and just being a good, loving brother, and trying to make him feel better to no avail. Then Cas comes and Jack hugs the shit out of him, and Dean feels more like his old self and no one has either thanked him for his efforts, or even acknowledged he made them. No one has asked him yet how he’s feeling, or told him he is great with Jack. If he seemed a little less than excited last episode, he has a damn good reason why. I hope its part of a bigger story, so I wont get all negative, but at this point in the season, .I have to say Sam needs to be shown some respect!!

That is all

my favorite running gag on twitter is tweeting at vektroid and asking her if she wants to play video games with me. she never answers because i’m pretty sure some sort of otherworldly entitiy has her locked away in the highest room of a very tall ivory tower somewhere between the ethereal and astral planes.


William Joyce on Instagram: “The Oak of Sorrows is the closest place to a home jack has ever known on earth. It is his fortress of solitude. The great tree protects him. Give him shelter. And absorbs his sadness. It is a noble entitiy and a true friend. #ROTG #Inktober #jackfrost #jackfrostcosplay #GOC “

"Oops.This is the tree of sorrow I meant to post. This tree was the closest thing to a home Jack knows on earth. It is his fortress of solitude. It gives him shelter. It protects him. It absorbs his sadness. It is a true and valiant friend. #ROTG #jackfrost #jackfrostcosplay”

You know whenever someone uses their pronouns or take about something that reminds me of their gender I’m always like, “Woah! Are you telling me you’re not just a person but also a person who has gender?!”

I don’t know I just seem to forget people have gender and I just thing of everyone as entitiies that exist.

vitrioli  asked:

❛ i can’t do this. ❜ worm o worm ? ?

  I KNOW ... /   boy trembles with images of leper still fresh in mind. YOU ARE TERRIFIED. heart is thumping & you reach for other’s hand. it’s sweaty. from the constant running or just pure anxiety , you couldn’t tell.    but we have to , richie.    ❜  THROAT SEEMS TO STRUGGLE FOR AIR AT OWN WORDS.   we have to kill it.    ❜  for bill , you want to say. for his brother. 

for the children who never got to grow old. for the bodies in the sewers everyone seems to IGNORE. better to forget than to    live the reality   ! they could die out there , he knew. a group of seven children fighting off an entitiy that fed off of fear. thrived off of it. a thumping of the chest. count your breaths , edward. like they taught you. one , two , three. but it doesn’t work.

FOR THEM ! FOR THEM ! FOR THEM ! squeeze the hand of the boy beside you , think of words that just do not come. they were boys ! boys who would follow their friend til’ the ends of the earth. who thought of death as the least of their worries , the pain was what bothered them most. would i suffer ? will i ever grow old ? & if i die tonight , will i die in your arms ?

lets play a game called “is it steven universe or is it rick and morty?”

>a kid witnesses multiple versions of himself fight each other and die in front of him

>a man has to cut his relationship with an alien because he is a bad influence

>someone disguizes as her friend’s dead wife just to taunt him

>someone changes into a younger version of himself just to have fun in high school

>a kid sees his friend loose her sanity as she is confronted with monstrous alien mutant abominations who used to be people

>a wish granting entitiy goes out of control to the dismay of a small family

>a young girl is trained as a suicide soldier

>two people get really buff and kick an otherworldly entity’s ass because it scammed them

>a kid tries to raise an alien while his guardians dissaprove but it gets out of control and it starts to cause mayhem

>an alien and a human try to have a relationship but the alien keeps treating the human like an amusing pet

>an alien mistakes a kid for its deceased enemy and takes him as a prisioner of war

>a young brown haired idealist scolds his older, grouchy, white haired tutor for being a nihilistic asshole

>someone deceives somone else to engage in acts with highly sexual implications

>a kid almost kills himself in the vacuum of space just to prove he was right

>someone decides to stay away from the people he loves because he is an outlaw, chased by alien authorities


I love tumblr because this is virtual proof of how terrified the privileged are of losing their power.

Here, minorities actually have a voice, and in the distance there are muffled cries of cisphobia, misandry, heterophobia, and reverse racism. The priveleged -outside the inconsequential realm of this website - whine because the joke’s on them. They cry because they don’t like being viewed as a single entitiy and “It’s not their fault!”. They reliate at us for reliating. “But what about equality?”, they say. They whisper about how feel they’re walking on thin ice, and if they make one wrong move they’ll be attacked.


a tv is flickering in november 1989 / how freedom felt sitting behind a box

the room is mostly a shade of blue
as news pour unreal scenes
of an all-embracing wall crumbling
like it was all just a cookie
this moment a lurking freedom
and some entity of crying eyes smother
the small girl inside of me;
liberty looking like this agitated ball
of people smiling and hugging
as if contagious and on the same drug
but we were all this night
in 1989-