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I’m trying to come up with weird vore things i can write about, things i don’t see a whole lot but that really interest me. This is what i’ve got:

  • Being trapped inside a monster’s torso, squished around by “organ” type structures, whether they are organs or not doesn’t matter. The entire torso could in fact act as a stomach of sorts or not, not entirely necessary to be either specifically.
  • Intelligent stomachs that react to the meals their given. maybe they talk to the prey, maybe they just make animalistic noises. Intelligence level can vary, but i do find it really cool when the tum talks back.
  • Stomachs with tentacles or nubs growing from the fleshy walls that grab and cling to anything they can reach, making the stomach environment even more snuggly for prey. Bonus points if this stomach is intelligent and is trying to comfort the prey.
  • Mouths and insides with unusual appendages, like arms that hide inside the neck but when the pred opens their mouth wide enough the arms stretch out and grab at prey to try and pull them in. or preds who can manifest arms from the walls of their stomachs to wrap around their frightened meal for reassurance.
  • See through skin, but not see through innards. So you can see all their organs and you can see the organs stretch and shift as prey is swallowed up and moved around, but you cannot see the prey. Although i do also fancy it sometimes that the prey is visible from the outside.
  • The stomach heating up during digestion, making the pred feel incredibly warm and sluggish, but also making them an excellent “hot water bottle” to cuddle with.
  • Clean full tour where prey passes through the preds body completely unharmed. no grossness at all. 
  • Preds who on the outside appear to be made on inanimate material like cloth or metal, but their insides are just as fleshy as any other living creature.
  • Robots in vore in general is pretty interesting
  • And lastly my weird love for preds who are completely or part grub/caterpillar, worm, or slug. 

steven universe rewrite idea where jasper’s army of corrupted gems eventually turns against her and escapes after attacking, and start terrorizing  different parts of beach city and causing problems.. the crystal gems worry that they wont be able to find them all before they hurt someone so they are forced to ask jasper for help and jasper (still a bit bitter that her army turned against her so violently) begrudgingly agrees and an arc follows that delves more into her personality and backstory 


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Hey, just dropping by to say that your art is out of this world! <3 I can't stop looking at that beautiful coloured piece where you drew them as fuhrer and first lady. Thank you for creating such perfect Royai content and please keep being awesome! :)

No, thank you for being so nice! I just can’t with these messages! They just make me so happy. 

In fact, for being so nice, I’ll reward you with the doodles I did after I drew that piece you mentioned :D

Now aren’t you glad our first lady’s around to make these VERY important decisions? 

The Greatest Creation

You had been acting quite strange, lately. It was beginning to worry Newt immensely. At first he had shrugged off your slight change in attitude and frequent headaches, chalking it up to the constant traveling around which caused your head to hurt. It wasn’t until your constant nauseated state that he began to become concerned. You hardly ever got sick unless you were on a boat for far too long and even then, you’d ventured into the case to settle your stomach. It became a bigger problem when you could hardly lift the Mooncalf feed that you were used to lifting on a daily basis. 

He had sent you out of the case for fear that you were about to hurl all over the Occamy’s nest over the smell of their dinner. Newt had, had enough. He knew you were a stubborn thing and if he had to physically drag you to the Hospital, he would. Newt had just about finished, deciding that doing his typical walk through wasn’t entirely necessary. He had a wife who was strangely ill that needed his attention more. 

Quietly climbing out of his case, he tread light in case you had dozed off. You had seemed to be doing that relatively often which was another thing he had added to list of your strange behavior he was going to chart off to the doctors. Gently pushing the door open, he saw you standing in front of the mirror, caressing your stomach. Leaning against the door slightly, he watched as you lifted up your nightgown to reveal a slightly swollen belly. 

Newt watched in awe, it was now making sense. You hadn’t contracted a deathly illness or going through symptoms of a rare form of sickness. You were pregnant. Still watching as you trailed your fingers over your stomach, he smiled as you smiled. Feeling slightly offended that you had failed to tell him, he cleared his throat, causing you to jump and drop your nightgown. 

“Newt!” You gasped as you placed a hand on your head and another under your breasts. “You gave me such a fright.”

Smiling, he walked towards you. He always looked so graceful whenever he was coming to you. Any other time, he was stumbling over his own two feet. When he had finally reached you, he pressed his lips against yours, tipping you back slightly before standing you upright and pressing his nose against yours. “Is there something you’ve been failing to mention, [y/n]?”

Chewing on your lip, you frowned. “I didn’t know how to tell you.” 

“Merlin’s Beard, love!” He pulled away, running a hand through his ginger colored hair. “You’ve been driving me mad, I thought I was going to have to drag you to the hospital. You’ve been worrying me for quite some time now.” 

You looked down at your feet, feeling relatively guilty that you had kept it from him. “I’m so sorry, Newt. I was scared to tell you, I wasn’t sure how you’d react and then I’ve been so awful to you,” looking up at him, you wrapped your arms around his neck, “I honestly didn’t know how to tell you.” 

Newt gave you a look, a slightly narrowed look but still soft. He could never be mad at you, not in any kind of way. “Perhaps, a ‘I’m pregnant, Newt,” would have sufficed.” 

“I’m pregnant, Newt.” You giggled.

Dipping you again, he mumbled against your lips. “I think I figured out that much on my own, love.” Placing you upright, he took a step back and placed a hand on his chin as he admired you. “I honestly have no idea how I haven’t noticed. You even look like you’re growing a baby.” 

“I believe you pay more attention to your beasts than you do me, Mr. Scamander.” You playfully countered. “I also believe I could place a lit up sign on top my head that even announced I was pregnant and you’d still be oblivious to it.” 

He played a ‘ha ha’ face and gave a dramatic eye roll. “You are something else, Mrs. Scamander.” Taking one big step forward, he grabbed your waist and gently pulled up your satin nightgown. His hands felt warm on your belly as you shifted in your stance, you weren’t sure how long it was going to take you to tell him you were carrying his child but you never imagined him reacting this way. “Hi there,” clearing his throat, he gently stroked your inflated stomach. “you don’t know me yet,” glancing up at you, he smirked and then back towards your stomach. “you’ll have thank your mum about that one. She kept you a secret from me.” 

You twitched as you felt a thump in your abdomen. Your eyes lit up as you squealed. “That’s the first time she moved!” 

Newt’s eyes widened, looking up at you in awe and incredulously. “She?” Newt murmured before returning back to talking to your stomach “I see you’re not entirely fond of that information either. But, listen, little one. When you come, I will love and cherish you for the rest of my life and make up for the time I had no idea you were growing in mum’s belly.” Newt pressed a light but firm kiss against the spot where the baby had kicked. Standing up, he stared into your eyes. “Promise me the next time you figure out that you’ll be carrying another one of these, let me in on it so I don’t worry and think you’re possibly dying.” 

Your finger circled where he had kissed, looking at him sideways. “She hasn’t even filled her tiny lungs with this world’s air and you’re already talking about another?” It made your heart swell with happiness, you had been terrified of the reaction Newt would have. He saw his creatures and beasts as his children and there was practically nothing that could draw his attention away from them. Even you found yourself invisible at times when you were accompanying him in the case. It was even a wonder that he had noticed you acting strangely. 

Pressing his lips to your forehead, he breathed. “Of course, love. They’ll be our greatest creations.” 

I’m half tempted to do continue this like when the baby is born, and then maybe when the baby is old enough to go into the case, and then maybe, possibly a second baby? Yay? Nay? 

Imagine mornings with Woozi where you two prepare yourselves for the day ahead while playing your favorite music through the speakers on the table. As you two get ready, you move your bodies to the rhythm and laugh at your silly antics.

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Neni, could you please comment about Hashino saying P5's theme is based on the Star Arcana in this interview if you have time? --> p5jouhoukyoku( . )jp/blog-entry-255( . )html . I feel like your insight about arcanas would be interesting to analyze this.

OHHH boy, in order to talk about this, translating the entire text is necessary. So I did that.


Director Hashino Katsura on how the Tarot symbolize the progression of the stories of the game’s he’s made:

The story of Tarot, starting with “The Fool”

To my understanding, Tarot doesn’t simply symbolize a human life from the crib to the grave, but much rather, the individual process of proceeding in life while taking on values from the people around you, realizing that overcoming hardships with only those values is difficult, deciding to start over from Zero and finally attaining happiness that way, over and over again, in an endless circle. Seen from this perspective, the name of the Arcana Number 0, “The Fool” is not to be taken to literally mean “a foolish person”, but rather the idea of a “blank slate” who is still open to absorb many different influences.

The flow beginning from Arcana #0 and ending at Arcana#3 - namely, the “Death” Arcana of Tarot, is the them of Persona 3. The story ends after the encounter with Number 3, at which point you’re supposed to look back at the experiences and values you’ve fostered within yourself. The player, who has been projecting themselves onto the protagonist up to that point, is supposed to continue this journey from that point on in their real life. That’s the intention I had when making the game, at least.

Persona 4 is the Arcana #14, “Temperance”. It’s the story of people who have already passed the point of deciding to start over from scratch and are continuing on while trying to keep a sense of balance in their lives. You’re not supposed to just absorb the information and emotions all around you unfiltered, but think for yourself and draw your own conclusions in order to reach all the way to the True Ending. That’s how the “Temperance” theme shows in the way we constructed this game.

Catherine is a story of the Arcana #15 and 16#, “The Devil” and “The Tower”, meaning it is a story of “temptation” and “ruin”.

Persona 5 is the Arcana #17, “The Star”, the theme of rising up from “ruin” into “hope”. In the planning phase of the games, I made source to thoroughly follow this concept, but I haven’t really ever spoken about this before. I just feel like the Arcana are applicable to all these different eras (of me producing video games), which is something that can really be felt, and this sort of universal interpretation of it just intruiges me.

The final card of the Major Tarot Arcana is “The World”, which stands for the possibility of reaching fulfillment in the end, so you are ready for a new departure. The endings of Persona 3 and Persona 4 are very different in nature, but both of them depict an arrival at this goal.

That same idea lies at the core of Persona 5. The idea may overlap with those of the past games, but I sincerely hope you will be able to enjoy this new game in it’s very own way, as its very own story. That would make me very happy.

So basically, Hashino makes his games with a progressive theme in mind. He tries to tackle a new stage of humanity’s quest for happiness with every game he makes, with Persona 3 being about the “basic” idea of deciding to start over from scratch (as outlayed by the Death Arcana), and Persona 4 building from there, by examining what people do *after* they’ve decided to start over, exploring the tightrope walk of character progression. (Hence Temperance)

In between, there’s Catherine, with it’s theme of basically being at your lowest point, susceptible to temptation and destroying your own life with bad life choices.

And now we have Persona 5, with a theme of *raising up* from your lowest point, finding new hope (even if it is a naive hope) to continue on.

It’s basically the philosophy he’s creating his games with, and I find it really interesting. That would naturally mean that his next game would be about being trapped in illusions and despair after having your hope crash down onto you, since that’s what “The Moon” is about. 

(170130) billboard “shinee ‘get the treasure’ in new japanese msusic video”

Days after announcing their first-ever American solo concerts, Korean boy band SHINee dropped a new Japanese single. On Friday, the eve of the Lunar New Year, the quintet released “Get the Treasure,” off of their new Five album.

The new single breaks away from the group’s most recent electro-pop Korean single, 2016’s “Tell Me What To Do,” with a brassier funk sound. “Get the Treasure” is SHINee’s first song of 2017.

SHINee last toyed with funk on 2015’s “Married to the Music,” but the boisterous Japanese single is a nice return to the genre. “Get the Treasure” features a clapping beat and a high-pitched chorus that brings the members’ voices extremely close to full-on falsetto. Members Minho and Key tone things down momentarily with a disjointed, not entirely necessary, rap that stalls the general beat of the song – something that also hindered the smooth flow of “Tell Me What to Do” – but the production of the upbeat “Get the Treasure” overall provides an energetic addition to SHINee’s diverse repertoire.

The accompanying music video fits the explosive “Get the Treasure” with a literal tinge that turned the five men into stylish robbers in the middle of a casino heist. The conceptual clip utilized a variety of visual effects to emphasize SHINee’s skilled choreography, as the five disregard frozen shattered glass and SWAT teams to dance their way to literal treasure. A standout moment positioned the camera above the members as they lay on the ground and came together to form a five-pointed star. The cinematic video ends with a bomb being fired at the camera.

Five contains 12 tracks, including “Get the Treasure” and two other previous releases, “Kimi no Seide” and “Winter Wonderland.” The latter single peaked at No. 3 on the Japan Hot 100 on Jan. 7 after its December release. According to the blurb under the music video, Five will be released Feb. 22, although the album was made available digitally in Japan on Jan. 27.


February’s Amedot bomb prompts!

Here are your prompts for this months amedot bomb! 
This bomb will be for seven days from the 14th-20th.
Remember, fan art and writing are not the only things accepted. You can make anything inspired by the prompts. 

Here they are: 
-Date Night (February 14th)
-Chocolate (February 15th)
-Netflix n chill *or movie night* (February 16th)
-Karaoke (February 17th)
-Love Notes (February 18th)
-Photobooth at Funland (February 19th) 
-Clothing swap (February 20th)

Tag all of your contributions with the hashtag #amedotbomb6 so that I can find them and reblog them! 
Tagging me also helps ensure that I see it but it’s not entirely necessary if you don’t want to. 
Good luck and have fun! 


Ridiculous, and yet entirely necessary.

DAY 3242

Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi          Feb 12/13,  2017        Sun/Mon . 12:52 am 

A birthday free day of the Ef .. a quick reference to the calendar and a confirmation .. it is indeed birthday Ef free .. love and luck and blessings and affection and greetings to all that were of birth .. tomorrow .. in some part of the world ..

Children born before your very eyes, grow and produce children, who now prepare to grow their own in time .. and the procedure, though biological in science, is introduced through rituals and traditional norms in permission ..!

A formality of tradition .. though not entirely necessary .. procedures happen even without .. but society and morals and several other incumbrances, not insurmountable, suddenly raise an ugly head when a path not traditionally trodden is not taken .. 

It was prevalent in times gone by .. gone by, by millions of times .. and prevalent in times of the present .. alarming in some, and not so in others .. the condition of those that matter being of consideration .. mostly the elders and that most complicated and ever readable term ‘family’ ..

And the transfer of relation from daughter to daughter-in-law, of two different families coming together as one .. the tribe increasing and thereafter increasing with each biological construct, it is of not much alarm in time for the universe to be of same family ..

Marriages are an understanding, rather than a ritual or a legal paper .. the ritual lends some termed authenticity, an announcement, a confirmation through prayer or ritual, that make two into one .. 

But would it stop if there was absence of either .. prayer and paper ..?

A social gathering unobtrusively makes many ways in the exhibition or in a sense a confirmation of the thought .. 

Gentleman or Lady bumps into you, a gesture of conversation occurs .. it does normally .. and in a while either one shall emit -

“Meet my Wife .. or meet my husband ..”, and you acknowledge the union with greeting and pleasantry ..

You never ask -

‘Err married ..? Could I see your marriage certificate ..?”

Naa .. you do not do that .. you accept .. you understand .. you trust .. you believe ..


Three crucial words that fructify in your mind and in the minds of all that are introduced then, of the status of the individual just met .. but in many ways those three words do also justify and signify and confirm in more ways than one a sacred unwritten law that governs the matter of marriage .. one that is defined through procedures to be of endless association and togetherness .. infinity !

The concerned wedding is a ‘destination wedding’ .. a term I just learnt yesterday - DESTINATION WEDDING ..!!

A destination that is away from home of either .. of some exotic, or commanding value, of eminence, of possessing the opulence that perhaps is a mode of giving the bride or the groom - status ! Or a managerial concept in that the destination becomes the ‘wedding planner’, and the time trial and exertion of a personal touch, is of convenience for its execution .. simple .. the job is delegated .. 

Delegated by the Father of the Bride, to make impressive impressions on the other .. an exercise which I may have commented on before .. 

The Father-of-the-bride bringing to the event the very best at the very best expense .. to what .. to get rid of the daughter !!!!! Alright ‘rid’ is harsh .. but gets through all the effort to understandably, give away his daughter to another ..

It has challenged my thinking often .. 

Love ..

Amitabh Bachchan

About Saezuru Ch. 25 (Spoilers)

Althought I’m VERY happy that Yashiro has had a taste of how a healthy relationship should be thanks to precious and caring Doumeki, I’m still scared of what is going to come. Is evident he didn’t overcome his trauma, but this is an important step.

Yashiro is (possibly) going to separate himself from Doumeki for a while because he’s afraid of losing him (as he has already said), and Yakuza world is a dangerous water well. Add the fact that he’s starting to remember and feel his past in a painful way when he’s with Doumeki and compares. Not joking, not a facade.
In Yashiro’s trembling and almost healed hand I see a metaphor of how Doumeki is changing him, and helping him overcome his past. Ofc, he’ll have to process all this, Doumeki does not do the entire job. It’s necessary that Yashiro comes to terms with his feelings and life, and healing takes time.

He thought the possibility of “firing” Doumeki before indeed, but now that he seems to have acknowledged that Doumeki is truly important to him (that final page of him looking so serious and tired at the same time says things to me), well: The more scared he is by now.

Plus he still considers himself not worthy of Doumeki’s affections, not worthy of anyone “pure”. He thinks he can not love anymore.

Yashiro is such a broken but strong character that I’m amazed myself of how well Queen Yoneda Kou is writing his trauma. How she, without any kind of dialogue shows us so many emotions, and over all: suffocating pain. Just a panel with a facial expression and an empty/white background.

She’s savage, in the best sense of the word. Thank you, sensei.

PD. Also, the translation is not entirely out, we might learn more things when we read it :3


Another contribution to the usual fandom tom-fuckery (part 2 to follow because I’ve got way more material than is entirely necessary.)