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You see that face right there? That’s realization. That’s the face someone makes when they’ve been thinking about something and suddenly the find the solution. That’s the face of someone who has always had bad eyesight and suddenly they can see clearly. That’s the face of someone who’s entire world just got turned upside down.

He had his moment. Let’s see how it all plays out.

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five years ago today you were introduced as exo’s last member, our main rapper, exo’s voice, and happy virus. in these past years, you’ve grown and accomplished so much, always striving for the best. with every passing day you work harder to improve your skills and become the best you, you can be, to deliver to us, your fans. in these five years, you’ve starred in your own movie and drama, receiving awards for both, released several collaborations, that topped the charts, went from being one of the worst dancers in exo to a much improved one, and began composing your own music, showing your passion to the world.

thank you chanyeol for always smiling like an idiot and being my entire world.

five years ago today, you started your journey as an artist, let’s continue for five more and so on ♡


It’s easy to look back to the past, and laugh at those morons who used to think that the sun revolved around the Earth. One of the first things you learn in school is that planets revolve around the sun - not the other way around - because the sun is the real star of our solar system, in every sense of the word. And yet that’s not entirely accurate: Remember those solar system models, with the sun stuck on an immobile pillar, while all the other planets spin around it on wires? You know, every model of the solar system you’ve ever seen?

It’s wrong, and so is that diorama your stupid kid made that won second place at the science fair, losing out to a baking soda volcano. In reality, the sun is just another orbiting object, which also rotates around the true center of the solar system, the barycenter. What’s there? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

5 BS Science Myths Your Entire View Of The World Rests On

I love how he just wraps himself around her, holding her close because he probably thought many times in that train station that he’d never get to see him again. He’s hugging her after 10+ years of being in love with her and her finally loving him back. He’s hugging her like she’s his entire world, afraid to let her go again.

I must say, Clarke, this internet is truly fascinating

Clarke hasn’t seen Lexa since she discovered this new technology … 

Everything we see, everyone we meet, is caught up in a great unseen flow. But it’s bigger than that. It’s the entire world, the entire universe even. And compared to something as big as that, Al, you and I are tiny, not even the size of ants. Only one small part within a much greater flow. Nothing more than a fraction of the whole. But by putting all those “ones” together, you get one great “All”, just like Teacher said. The flow of this universe follows laws of such magnitude that you and I can’t even imagine them.

hey everyone it’s your favourite little mix thirst blog! i recently hit 1k and wanted to make a follow forever about my other favourite blogs xoxoxo

people i would die for:

@lcighade: my number fuckin ONE i would literally die for rayana i would do anything for rayana i love her so much more than anything in this entire world

@request-littlemix: i’m pretty sure she was my first mutual and will always hold a special place in my heart. the queen and mother of the lm tumblr fandom!!!!

@leighannetrash: claire, a known legend, is such a pure person and her love for leigh anne inspires me to be more pure in my love for jade

@jadescorpiogf: the only person who could possibly come close to my love for jade on this site, liz is so beautiful and amazing, what an icon!

@jenniferxjareau: im not even kidding i literally love zoey so much, one of my first friends on this site, someone who always knows how to cheer me up!!!

@littlemixofficial: she followed me because of an extra tag i wrote on a jade post, the only good thing to happen to me because of my extra tags tbh

@queensmix: also one of my very first friends on this site, maria truly lives up to her url (a queen). soooooo sweet and amazing

@colorsinautumn: a literal legend, i am not worthy to be one of his mutuals. funny, nice, and most of all thirsty, the whole package!

my other mutuals for whom i would also die:

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