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MASS EFFECT™: ANDROMEDA – Official Launch Trailer
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I have a couple of observations about the brand-spanking-new trailer just released a couple of hours ago.

Observation #1: at 0:54, you see a VERY quick shot of PeeBee in bed with…SCOTT RYDER.  Since we already know that PeeBee’s heart was broken by a previous girlfriend (species unknown) and Asari are well-known to be attracted to all genders, I remain singularly optimistic that we’ll be able to romance her as Sarah Ryder and this trailer is yet another advertisement attempting to draw in the young male gamers who’ll wail bloody murder at the mere thought of the female hero banging the hot Asari.  Because cishet.

Observation #2: it actually took some digging to find out what that amazing song is.  The writer/performer appears to be a total newcomer - John “The Ragin Cajun” Jones.  The song in this trailer is called “I’m Only Human After All” and this guy’s voice is stunning.  I love this song.  Other game trailers have turned me on to the likes of Ironkid and Neil Gallagher’s Flying Circus and I have an entire workout playlist comprised of such songs.  Jones has exactly two songs available (each in three different edits) on Spotify and iTunes.  Check him out.

Here’s how freaking excited I am about this…I’ve been religiously banking my PTO so I can take a trip home to see my dad, and after this trailer I actually put in for two days off so I can devote some serious time just to giving my first playthrough a proper start.  If you know anything about fire department schedules, that’s 48 hours of PTO (nearly half my banked allowance at the moment) and eight days off.

It’s official.  I’m a hopeless geek.  This trailer was one of those magical moments that I squee over.

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Aidan/Charlie; competition

For the prompt: The young star/AHL lifer prompt, and seeing another of the Patreon pairings come back to life somehow made me want more of it. So…Aidan impressing Charlie? Or somehow getting his attention in a positive way…

Aidan and Charlie both first appeared on Patreon for the prompt ‘ Young star who plays in the AHL for a season or so/AHL lifer.’ Aidan’s the lifer (five career games in the NHL, rest in the AHL), Charlie’s a first round pick who gets sent down from the Sharks for conditioning and doesn’t take it with grace or charm.

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Zarya, Mei, Mercy and Widowmaker exercising with their buff butch s/o.

Zarya -
The workout quickly turns into a weight lifting competition. You went to the gym to work out together, but now you’re having a competition to see who can bench the most. Sorry, you might be strong, but Zarya is stronger.

Mei -
When the two of you go to gym to work out, it starts out as a normal work out, but Mei gets tired pretty quickly. So you decide to scoop her up and carry her around the running track. She giggles the entire time.

Mercy -
Angela literally just watches you workout the entire time. She thinks she’s being sneaky, but she’s not. She can’t help it. She admires how strong you are and loves your muscles. She thinks you are so stunning. She can’t take her eyes off you.

Widowmaker -
Acts like she isn’t watching you work out, but she is. Much like Mercy, she adores how strong you are. She’s just a little more discreet about staring at you. Amélie is very petite, and isn’t all that strong. So she really admires you. Working out is also a great opportunity for you to show off for her.

Fitness Plan (Workouts & Meal Plan)

This post will detail an entire week worth of workouts and meals. These workouts focus on abs, gluteus maximus, and heart rate duration. These meals focus on hydration, skin improvement, cleansing, and organ health. 


  • Breakfast: Tea, Oatmeal, and Blueberries
  • Lunch: Tuna fish sandwich
  • Snack: Carrots (with Nutella)
  • Dinner: Grilled Chicken and broccoli 
  • Workout: Planks, scissors, squats


  • Breakfast: Tea, Scrabbled Eggs on Toast, and a Banana
  • Lunch: Fish and Carrots
  • Snack: Apple (with Nutella)
  • Dinner: Vegetable Soup
  • Workout: Jump roping and lunges


  • Breakfast: Tea, Grapefruit, and Strawberries
  • Lunch: Egg salad sandwish
  • Snack: blueberry smoothy
  • Dinner: Grilled Chicken & Spinach
  • Workout: kickboxing, planks, folding chair, and scissors


  • Breakfast: Tea, Oatmeal, and Banana
  • Lunch: Fish and Carrots
  • Snack: Yogurt 
  • Dinner: Chicken Soup
  • Workout: Jump roping and lunges


  • Breakfast: Tea, Scrabbled Eggs on Toast, and Banana
  • Lunch: Tuna Fish Sandwich
  • Snack: Apple (with Nutella)
  • Dinner: Grilled Chicken & Spinach
  • Workout: BREAK


  • Breakfast: Tea, Oatmeal
  • Lunch: Egg salad sandwish
  • Snack: Carrots (with Nutella)
  • Dinner: Vegetable Soup
  • Workout: Pilates Video on Youtube 


  • Breakfast: Tea, Grapefruit, and Strawberries
  • Lunch: Soup
  • Snack: Blueberries and Bananas
  • Dinner: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
  • Workout: BREAK

Before you get excited and buy all of the lifting gear, you should know why you’re using it and what it does. Lifting belts work to facilitate intra-abdominal pressure, which will help stabilize your spine. The key, though, is that you need to wear them relatively tight to have any effect. Belts should be worn for maximal lifts only (I usually recommend 90%+). If you’re able to walk around for your entire workout and breathe normally in your belt, you’re not wearing it properly. Use your lifting belt on an as-need basis. You need to be able to create sufficient intra-abdominal pressure without it, and it shouldn’t become a crutch

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Can we just take a moment to even consider the hilarity that would be a Hedwig workout tape?

John in full 80s workout gear and full Hedwig makeup, wearing a wig, screaming at all of us for 30 minutes. Instead of a room full of beautifully skinny/toned people doing this workout, it would just be Yitzhak and the members of the Angry Inch, barely keeping up. So while Hedwig is screaming at us through our televisions, she’s also screaming at the people in the room. But Hedwig, naturally, isn’t going to spend the entire workout tape participating. Once something is demonstrated, she’ll sit down and watch and just fume about how shitty the people in the room are doing and how the same is probably true for the people at home.

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I was wondering if you guys could give me some motivation to work out? I am working out to get more in shape for my top surgery in a few months and I know itll be good for me but my depression and dysphoria is kind of getting in the way. Thank you so much, you guys are such a great blog

Hey friend,
Dysphoria and depression can definitely make working out difficult. I’m not sure what you currently do for working out, but something that might make it a little easier could be to break your workouts down into smaller chunks that you can do at home. For example, you could do push-ups (which are great for your chest!) when you feel up to it. There are a wide variety of push-ups that you could try out so that you’re not doing the same thing over and over. Pull-ups and exercises using dumbbells are also easy to do at home, and committing to doing only a few sets of one or two exercises can make working out seem a lot more manageable than, for example, going to the gym and getting in an entire workout. Below I’ll post some links to body weight upper body exercises that you can do easily from home whenever you feel up to it.
I hope this helps,

Chest bodyweight routine: http://www.menshealth.com/fitness/weight-free-upper-body-workout
50 bodyweight exercises: http://greatist.com/fitness/50-bodyweight-exercises-you-can-do-anywhere
Bodyweight exercise chart: 


We took the boys to the zoo yesterday. Lowen got to feed deer and he was very excited.

Ollie was chill in his stroller. He was more interested in the grass than he was the animals. Which I presume is why it’s only $1 admission for kids under 3.

It was a fun time. We probably walked about 15 miles total because the parking lot was full so we had to park about 10 minutes away from the entrance. And when I say “we” walked I mean Zack and I pushed their strollers the entire time.

Good workout though. I ain’t mad about it. 💪🏼

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favorite stelena hug? favorite se scene from each season? :D

LOL. Upping the ante are we? Haha OK. This is going to be LONG  btw. Because of the gifs. Blame my need to show receipts. Favourite Stelena hug… omg that’s harder than favourite Stelena kiss because there are just SO many hugs.

I love the 5x19 hug because it just showed how much things haven’t changed between them. Stefan opens the door and the first thing she does is hug him and I know Elena hugs everyone but when she hugs Matt or Tyler or Caroline or Bonnie, it’s this “let me comfort you” hug but with Stefan it’s this relieved “omg you’re alive and I need to be comforted by your embrace” hug so I really liked that in 5x19:

I love the 2x01 hug because John is driving her crazy, Caroline is in the hospital, Katherine is out and she and Stefan are talking about all of that and she has this look on her face like the world sucks right now and we can talk about it but I need to feel you against me right now and when her head is on his should you see her relax like it’s visible, her eyes are closed and she nudges herself into the crook of his neck:

I also really really love the 3x20 hug because Elena is just trying not to feel, trying not to think, trying not to do anything and Stefan walks her through it and she honestly surrenders to him, like she actually leans forward and just unfolds into him:

But my favourite hug? 2x08 and it’s because I think it epitomizes the Stelena relationship. First of all Elena basically flies into Stefan’s arms, like going top speed and colliding into him and when she’s there that relieved smile on her face:

And not only that but she actually nudges herself into that crook in Stefan’s neck, like she nuzzles him because she’s *home*, she’s exactly where she needs to be and wants to be and yearns to be at that moment and she’s good:

And what’s beautiful about that moment is that it’s so natural and organic and so unapologetic and honest that she doesn’t even think about Damon and not in a purposeful way, like neither of them actually mean to hurt him in this scene but their love is just a fact and it’s a fact that they need to embrace in right now:

And Elena remembers that Damon is there and she genuinely thanks him because she owes him her life:

But then the moment passes and she goes back to Stefan and it’s not a guilty “oh so maybe I should keep hugging Stefan now” she really needs to be there, she really needs to be comforted by him, like again she nuzzles his neck and her eyes are closed because them together and hugging is what matters. And Damon honestly just has to deal with that because it isn’t cruel or intentional it’s just what it is and that was what I always appreciated about the triangle when it was Stelena. They aren’t selfish, they aren’t intentionally harmful, they aren’t rubbing anyone’s face in what they have, it’s just that what they have is so powerful that everyone can’t help but bear witness to it.

Now as for my favourite scene in EVERY season. Lol. OK. Well. In season 1 … surprisingly it’s not their love scene even though their love scene is fantastic. I love 1x20:

And I love this moment so much because at that point, it was the darkest and most troubled their relationship has been, Stefan’s demons are out of his control and he’s doing everything he can to push Elena away because he loves her; this is the one time where “he’s scaring her because he loves her” actually works because he’s telling her to leave and the way she says, “No” is like “Fuck you, you’re stuck with me. We’re in this together so you better recognize” and Stefan immediately backs down because he could never actually hurt her and she brings out his humanity whether he wants her to or not.

In season 2 … I really like 2x16 and the morning makeout, lmfao:

Because it’s happy and it’s goofy and it’s sexy and it doesn’t take over the plot. This is their moment before they go out the door and have to deal with Damon and the supernatural and the chaos, this is their happy bubble and I also love how it’s basically like Elena lives there, she has clothes there, she goes to his dresser and also that they’re both JUST getting dressed and Stefan is like “Or we could just not go?” and I’m a sucker for when men lift/carry women so when I first saw that I was like omg #goals

In season 3 … It’s not even a question. It’s 3x05 when Stefan fought compulsion. And it’s funny because some of the most powerful Stelena scenes are in season 3 and season 3 has so many to choose from like their phone call in 3x01 or when he catches her from the bleachers in 3x06 or when she tells him to fight in 3x07 or when they dance in 3x14 or when she tells him to feel and he wants to but can’t bring himself to in 3x14 or when they say they never stopped loving each other/will always love each other in 3x18 or when they dance in 3x20 and their hug in 3x20 and finally their kiss in 3x22. There are SO many season 3 scenes to choose from but it was so easy for me to say 3x05 because everything sort of originates from that moment, even the phone call in 3x01 because 3x05, this moment:

Is the foundation/backbone of the Stelena relationship. Stefan literally did the impossible here because of his love for Elena and because of her love for him, there’s a moment just before he pushes Klaus away where they both stare at each other and it’s like a connect, like Stefan gathered what he needed within himself to get the strength necessary for this moment by that gaze with Elena. And Elena is there throughout it all like “I love you” so it’s not just Stefan fighting for them, Elena has been fighting for him and them since the summer and continues to do so throughout this entire episode and in this scene because when Klaus pushes him against the wall, she runs forward; she know she can’t do anything but still the instinct is to run forward to protect Stefan. How could this not be my favourite scene? Lol.

In season 4 … that’s actually a bit weird because I do think Stefan and Elena have great moments in season 4 but they’re also frustrating and I can’t always separate my old bias against Elena and how the writers wrote her from the scenes they’re in together. It goes without saying that I love the 4x02 and 4x03 makeout scenes and I absolutely love the 4x01 scene when she says choosing him was the best choice she ever made and the way she touches the wall because she has this need to feel him and the way Rebekah stares at them, begrudgingly moved by how much they love one another  and I love when they’re on the rooftop:

Because it’s basically like an engagement and that was intentional. The way Stefan reaches into his pocket and the way Elena says, “daylight ring?” and how he slips it onto her finger, that was meant to show a lifelong commitment to each other and it pisses me the fuck off that the show destroyed that SO quickly but anyway, I love that scene. I love when they wake up together in 4x02 and in 4x04 their entire workout sequence was great because it was informative and goofy and sweet and sexy and comforting all at the same time:

I love 4x16 because the sexual tension is real and Elena doesn’t have humanity so she doesn’t pretend like it’s not there. You all know how much I adore 4x19:

^^ Like your eyes are shining, Elena. STOP LYING.

In season 4 … It’s funny, this was going to lead up to how 4x10 was going to be my favourite Stelena scene because I find it so telling that a) Elena says she’s sorry about “all of it”. Stefan asks her “sorry that it happened or sorry that I found out”:

Now I’m not saying she regrets sleeping with Damon but no one just says “I’m sorry about all of it” when the question is posed that way because it suggests that somewhere inside of her, she is sorry she slept with Damon.

b) Elena is mortified at the thought of Stefan not erasing her from his memory but the love he has for her, their entire relationship, like she looks like she’s going to cut Rebekah for even suggesting it and then when she says no, the thought is inconceivable to her:

And it was really sad but so well-acted how Stefan is silently being torn apart and all he wants is to just make everything stop and instead of lashing out and screaming and drinking or killing her loved ones, he’s trying to contain it to himself and just asking for some relief and it was sad because it went to show how much he loved her:

And the way she was holding on to him and to him remembering them, like I know the entire episode was supposed to show how much she was not in love with him anymore but the urgency with which she needs him to stay and talk to her and remember her, the tears in her eyes, I mean it show otherwise and it’s the same look she had in 2x06 when they broke up when neither of them wanted to:

And when he walks away, she runs after him and I found that so telling because she NEVER runs after Damon and that was the first time I realized that because Stefan said all he needed to say and he’s defeated but embraced the fact that they’re no longer together, he wants to be alone and he deserves to be alone but Elena can’t accept that or handle that, which is selfish yes, but I also think it shows how sort of uncontrollable her feelings for Stefan are in the sense that it makes her urgent and agitated with a need to be there, to hold him, to talk to him, to have him not hate her so it felt like she couldn’t not run after him:

And people say that if Elena was really pressed she would’ve vamp sped and blocked him but here’s what people are forgetting: when did Elena ever use her vampire powers unless the show specifically needed her to for plot device? Girl was a TERRIBLE vampire. Damon is about to kill Jeremy and she can’t even snap his neck? HE WILL WAKE UP LATER.

But then I remembered that 4x21 happened but I don’t want that to eclipse 4x10 so 4x21 is an honorary favourite scene of season 4 because it showed the sheer power yet again of the Stelena relationship. Elena legit pushes Damon out of the way, she’s a mess, she’s in turmoil, she’s in an emotional storm and it’s only Stefan who can calm her down, Stefan who can walk her through it, Stefan who she listens to and trusts implicitly and naturally so that she can calm down and Damon watches because that’s pretty much all he’s good for:

For season 5… I was originally going to choose 5x02 even thought Stefan and Elena aren’t in it together *really* because it shows sort of how in tune they are with each other in the sense that Elena has been thinking about Stefan all summer and he’s been thinking about her too and when she finds out that hes missing, like girl is mad:

like I’ma-kill-you-me-and-the-entire-dorm mad:

and there is such vitriol in her voice when she says to Damon, “Stefan has been suffering for months while I’ve been rolling around with you” like … but you have no regrets, Elena? OK cool.

And while Stefan being in trouble is what causes her to be so angry and to fuel the compulsed anger, thinking about Stefan and finding him is what calms her down and allows her to break through it:

Which speaks to their bond in the sense that Elena never could bear to see Stefan in pain or in trouble, as I’ve discussed before, there’s a certain agitation and urgency to the way with which she needs to relieve him of his pain and yet being with Stefan is what calms Elena of her pain and focuses her and we saw both sides of that in this scene so I love it.

However, what I love more is in 5x18 the moment after the visions disappear because they are both so absolutely devastated that they aren’t living this perfect life with each other and it isn’t dramatic and it isn’t Elena screaming or flailing and Stefan throwing shit out the room, it’s subtle and it’s poignant and it’s powerful because they stare at each other, Elena is teary-eyed and Stefan’s expression is raw and they both know what they lost, what they could now never have, what they both want and want with each other and the simple line “Does that mean that is’ over?” that dejected hopefulness in her voice as Elena says it? Spoke VOLUMES:

And finally, for season 6 I absolutely love the 6x04 proposal scene because Elena’s sincerity and giddiness is real and Stefan’s words, “You have always been my best friend. I have always loved you […] you are my rock…” they’re just as real and just as sincere and just as true as Elena’s reaction and it reaffirms yet again that marriage is a theme in the Stelena relationship. And the 6x22 goodbye scene was beautiful because it showed all the ways and reasons why Stelena should’ve been endgame and Paul and Nina delivered on their subtlety again and it was frustrating because you saw the bittersweet laughter and the tears in their eyes and hear the words Elena is saying:

and you’re like … but it’s Damon though? HOW?

But my favourite scene has to be 6x21 because that was when all of my Stelena feels came rushing back full-force and unapologetically for such a simple and short scene because that Stelena magic was just so present:

^^ Like even the way Elena is moving back and forth in that giddy, flirty, nervous way and the way Stefan is sort of dapper and charming and a little bit smug in the way he’s looking at her, it’s so season 1 episode 1

and this laugh and smile is unreserved and almost pure and it has this I’ve-known-you-forever-and-yet-I-feel-like-you’re-speaking-to-me-for-the-first-time quality to it that’s also very season 1

and Elena is checking him out here and it reminds me of when she asked how good he looked in a suit and it reminds me of 2x14 when she realized how hot he looked in that jacket. Like it was just SO Stelena.

So. This is my sinfully long, gif-filled, rambling response to your question. I hope it was enjoyable to read!

170611: WW workout, 1st try

Probably the slowest workout i’ve had for a while, but I learned some pretty cool things.  As I write this now, I have finished my entire workout, and I only have a few notes.

Weights used: 8 pounds, 3 pounds for drop sets

I thought the death knoll for me would be the curl to pushup set. It was, but way before that even was the sets of Prone Y’s that had me fucked up. Like, I was struggling past 10 and only managed 15 with 3 pound weights for each set. Damn. Modifications i made included 15 pushups where the original called for 20, 15 prone y’s instead of 20, and I think that was it. Unsurprisingly the donkey kicks were the easiest for me, but I was a little stunned to find that the split leg squats were difficult for me, because my feet did not like assuming the position of split leg lunge. After I figured out a way to have my legs and feet chill it went okay. 

So yea, full workout done with only slight modification, and I actually don’t hate myself. V nice, 10/10 will do again. 

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RFA + V + Saeran reacting to figuring out MC can fight hand to hand really well? Pwease?


Zen would have the shock of his life when he hears that MC is a great fighter! Because his precious, fragile MC can really kick butt and doesn’t need their protection?? He can’t stand the thought that MC doesn’t need him! MC would only laugh because of course they need Zen! Who doesn’t? MC makes Zen train with them a little to show Zen that they still love him and Zen just turns into a soppy, sentimental mess. Lots of hugs and kisses are exchanged in the aftermath!


Yoosung would be totally psyched! He buys all the gear he can and wants MC to teach him all about fighting. It’s nearly impossible, though; Yoosung keeps flinching whenever MC tries to teach him something! Yoosung never gets the hang of hand-to-hand combat, but he likes cheering MC on while they’re practicing.


Jaehee is absolutely ecstatic. She finally has a partner to train with! And someone just as good as her, to bat!!! They like practicing together but most of the time they can hardly train because MC gets really affectionate and hugs Jaehee too much to practice! Sometimes they’ll get a good workout, then they’ll unwind by watching a movie and snuggling up on the couch together (after a well deserved shower)!


Jumin isn’t that surprised, actually. He doesn’t doubt there’s anything that MC can’t do. He buys MC more stuff than they’d ever need for practice; gloves, punching bags, workout clothes, weights, entire workout contraptions like treadmills and stairwalkers… It’s a bit excessive but Jumin only wants what’s best for MC and to help them grow to their full potential. When MC takes a rest day, Jumin is very gentle with them and gives plenty massages!~


Seven is so excited when he learns that MC can fight really well! He won’t stop watching action cartoons and movies with tons of fighting scenes because he wants to recreate them with MC. Most of the time, those scenes end up with them laughing with their limbs tangles, rolling around on the living room floor. Serious fighting training isn’t even close to coming to fruition because of this. Even though Seven is more than capable of training with MC, it just never crosses both of their minds to knock fists for anything more than playful teasing and cuddling!


V supports MC just as much as he ever does! He’s sad that he can’t see MC move clearly, but he enjoys listening to the slight whistle in the air at the force of their punches! He likes knowing that MC is strong (and likes squeezing their muscles sometimes too….///) and is very happy that MC is in good shape. Health is very important, after all!


Saeran doesn’t show it much but he’s pleased that MC can hold their own in a fight. He rarely trains with MC, but when he does, he holds nothing back to make MC as strong as they can get. He’s happy knowing that if MC can take him in a fight, MC can take anyone in a fight. There’s usually nothing more than a few bruises after they spar, but no matter how minor the injuries are, he feels more guilty than can be put into words. He doesn’t say sorry, though; instead, he is more affectionate and tries to ask for forgiveness through his actions.