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Train (Mafia!Jungkook)

Plot: #022: “Sometimes I just can’t control myself when around you.” with mafia!Jungkook

Part: One, Two, Four

Word Count: 1136

A/N: so I will be working on youtuber!Tae as a father, I’m hoping for it to come out tomorrow but I’ll let you all know if there will be a delay!! For today, it is the third part of the mafia!kook series that I’m having way too much fun with bc it’s just such a nice thought tbh, the link for this is mafia!Jungkook (here)

To say he lived up to his reputation was an understatement. You had always thought people exaggerated his skills, that he wasn’t as smart or as fast or strong as they said he was. You did believe that he was skilled, there wouldn’t be so much hype to his name if he wasn’t at least mediocre at fighting. But seeing him in action made you realize none of it was false.

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MASS EFFECT™: ANDROMEDA – Official Launch Trailer
Pre-Order Now: http://x.ea.com/27451 You are on a mission to find a new home for humanity. Explore dangerous worlds, keep your crew alive, and unravel the my...

I have a couple of observations about the brand-spanking-new trailer just released a couple of hours ago.

Observation #1: at 0:54, you see a VERY quick shot of PeeBee in bed with…SCOTT RYDER.  Since we already know that PeeBee’s heart was broken by a previous girlfriend (species unknown) and Asari are well-known to be attracted to all genders, I remain singularly optimistic that we’ll be able to romance her as Sarah Ryder and this trailer is yet another advertisement attempting to draw in the young male gamers who’ll wail bloody murder at the mere thought of the female hero banging the hot Asari.  Because cishet.

Observation #2: it actually took some digging to find out what that amazing song is.  The writer/performer appears to be a total newcomer - John “The Ragin Cajun” Jones.  The song in this trailer is called “I’m Only Human After All” and this guy’s voice is stunning.  I love this song.  Other game trailers have turned me on to the likes of Ironkid and Neil Gallagher’s Flying Circus and I have an entire workout playlist comprised of such songs.  Jones has exactly two songs available (each in three different edits) on Spotify and iTunes.  Check him out.

Here’s how freaking excited I am about this…I’ve been religiously banking my PTO so I can take a trip home to see my dad, and after this trailer I actually put in for two days off so I can devote some serious time just to giving my first playthrough a proper start.  If you know anything about fire department schedules, that’s 48 hours of PTO (nearly half my banked allowance at the moment) and eight days off.

It’s official.  I’m a hopeless geek.  This trailer was one of those magical moments that I squee over.

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So I am #living for the idea of sugarbaby "helping" Bucky with his workouts. Picture Steve laying under Bucky doing push-ups with a kiss for each one. OR Steve gets to stand against Bucky who's going pull ups and he gets to suck Bucky every time his cock drags by his hungry mouth. OR Steve is allowed to play with himself but only at the speed Buck runs at... that's damn good cardio right there!

tbh I am 10000% on board

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Zarya, Mei, Mercy and Widowmaker exercising with their buff butch s/o.

Zarya -
The workout quickly turns into a weight lifting competition. You went to the gym to work out together, but now you’re having a competition to see who can bench the most. Sorry, you might be strong, but Zarya is stronger.

Mei -
When the two of you go to gym to work out, it starts out as a normal work out, but Mei gets tired pretty quickly. So you decide to scoop her up and carry her around the running track. She giggles the entire time.

Mercy -
Angela literally just watches you workout the entire time. She thinks she’s being sneaky, but she’s not. She can’t help it. She admires how strong you are and loves your muscles. She thinks you are so stunning. She can’t take her eyes off you.

Widowmaker -
Acts like she isn’t watching you work out, but she is. Much like Mercy, she adores how strong you are. She’s just a little more discreet about staring at you. Amélie is very petite, and isn’t all that strong. So she really admires you. Working out is also a great opportunity for you to show off for her.

Fitness Plan (Workouts & Meal Plan)

This post will detail an entire week worth of workouts and meals. These workouts focus on abs, gluteus maximus, and heart rate duration. These meals focus on hydration, skin improvement, cleansing, and organ health. 


  • Breakfast: Tea, Oatmeal, and Blueberries
  • Lunch: Tuna fish sandwich
  • Snack: Carrots (with Nutella)
  • Dinner: Grilled Chicken and broccoli 
  • Workout: Planks, scissors, squats


  • Breakfast: Tea, Scrabbled Eggs on Toast, and a Banana
  • Lunch: Fish and Carrots
  • Snack: Apple (with Nutella)
  • Dinner: Vegetable Soup
  • Workout: Jump roping and lunges


  • Breakfast: Tea, Grapefruit, and Strawberries
  • Lunch: Egg salad sandwish
  • Snack: blueberry smoothy
  • Dinner: Grilled Chicken & Spinach
  • Workout: kickboxing, planks, folding chair, and scissors


  • Breakfast: Tea, Oatmeal, and Banana
  • Lunch: Fish and Carrots
  • Snack: Yogurt 
  • Dinner: Chicken Soup
  • Workout: Jump roping and lunges


  • Breakfast: Tea, Scrabbled Eggs on Toast, and Banana
  • Lunch: Tuna Fish Sandwich
  • Snack: Apple (with Nutella)
  • Dinner: Grilled Chicken & Spinach
  • Workout: BREAK


  • Breakfast: Tea, Oatmeal
  • Lunch: Egg salad sandwish
  • Snack: Carrots (with Nutella)
  • Dinner: Vegetable Soup
  • Workout: Pilates Video on Youtube 


  • Breakfast: Tea, Grapefruit, and Strawberries
  • Lunch: Soup
  • Snack: Blueberries and Bananas
  • Dinner: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
  • Workout: BREAK

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love your blog/your thorough answers to questions! as a senior lady who recently started working full time, i was wondering if you could break down what a typical week of dance practices on your own/dance classes/workouts looks like for you. i noticed in an old post you said you practice 2x a week besides class, do you think its enough? i'm trying to find the right balance for myself and am looking to see how other senior ladies in the working world handle dance practice/gym time. thanks =)

Thank you for your kind words! Before I start, I’ll just state my usual disclaimer with these posts and questions.

Disclaimer: My response is solely based on my own experience and training schedule. I am not a fitness trainer and would recommend doing your own research or consult with a licensed trainer to learn more.

With regards to finding a balance between working FT and dance/training/workouts, it definitely became a process of experimenting and a process of elimination. It depends entirely on your workout style or training regimen, as well as if you’re between majors or preparing for a major, etc.

I’ll do a breakdown of my “off-season” which I would classify any time right after a major where you get a break from dance for about 2 weeks or take part in standard studio practices during the season. After that, I’ll do a breakdown of what my training schedule looked like right before a major (specifically before the NAIDC).

I’ll just clarify that this was during the 2016-2017 season and can change depending on which nights I have class in the studio, holiday breaks and whatnot.

“Off-Season” or Between Majors (Post-Oireachtas)

Monday: Work (8:30-4:30 PM) | Arms/Abs Workout

Tuesday: Work (8:30-4:30 PM) | Dance Class (1 hour)

Wednesday: Work (8:30-4:30 PM) | Running (Jogging/Sprints)

Thursday: Work (8:30-4:30 PM) | Dance Class (1 hour)

Friday: Work (8:30-4:30 PM) | Rest Day

Saturday: Work (8:30-4:30 PM) | Leg Workout

Sunday: Work (8:30-4:30 PM) | Running (Jogging/Sprints) | Arm Workout

Leading Up to A Major (NAIDC 2017)

Monday: Work (8:30-4:30 PM) | Arms/Abs Workout | LIIS | Legs Recovery Stretching

Tuesday: Work (8:30-4:30 PM) | Dance Class (1 hour/HIIT mix)

Wednesday: Work (8:30-4:30 PM) | Full Body Workout | Arms/Abs Recovery Stretching | LIIS

Thursday: Work (8:30-4:30 PM) | Dance Class (1 hour/HIIT mix)

Friday: Work (8:30-4:30 PM) | Rest Day | Full Body Recovery Stretching

Saturday: Work (8:30-4:30 PM) | Dance Practice (1 hour/HIIT mix) | Uphill Sprints (30 minutes)

Sunday: Work (8:30-4:30 PM) | Leg Workout | LIIS

*It’s important to note that I keep it flexible and listen to my body. This is just a rough outline of what my week looks like with workouts and training. If my body doesn’t feel up to a leg day (because I’m sore or I found out suddenly I now have another practice the next day), I swap it out for another workout like arms/abs to give my lower body a break. You have to listen to your body. 

I think these breakdowns require an explanation of some kind. I actually changed up my training regimen for the NAIDC in New Orleans. I was getting frustrated with my process and changed it all up a month prior. I decided that I needed to start training in the gym like I was in the studio - by being smarter and more efficient with my time. I started incorporating super sets that included weights, cardio and plyometrics. I also did some serious cutbacks on any refined sugars in my diet and kept it lower to focus on healthier options and avoid the sluggishness I felt from those sugars. 

I also have changed my “off-season” workout to follow my pre-major schedule a bit more. However, I do a max of 2 practices a week during the off season now until my teacher starts adding more closer to a major or I choose to go in for an extra practice. So if you remove one dance practice from the pre-major schedule, that’s what I am currently doing now (though I took 2 weeks off from dance to rest and have only done workouts). During my “off-season” where I don’t dance for a week or two, I replace my dance workout (which I classify as HIIT training) with jogging to keep my heart rate up.

I find that my new schedule is training smarter in a shorter period of time and I’m much happier doing these workouts as well. 😊 It’s also better because I don’t waste time between circuits. I have plenty of time to include a LIIS workout for a 30 minute walk post-workout while my boyfriend or family finish their respective workouts.

Here’s an explanation of everything above in more detail:

  • LIIS: Low-Intensity Steady State (walking, cycling, etc.)
  • HIIT: High-Intensity Interval Training (running, Irish dance, sprints, etc.)
  • Arms/Abs, Legs, Full Body Workouts: mix of plyometrics, weights, and cardio for about 30 minutes. These change each week so I don’t plateau.
  • Recovery Stretching: basic stretches to help my sore muscles loosen up and release the lactic acid buildup.
  • Rest Day: NO workouts during the day to allow the body to relax and recover.

With regards to how many practices you should do each week, I think that is entirely dependent on your goals and your own schedule. It’s hard to compare one dancer to another because we are all so unique.

In the last three years of seriously working out, I’ve only just started finding a workout regimen I like and am getting results with. However, it is always changing and adapting. So the best piece of advice is this:

  1. Print out a weekly agenda that shows your times for each day.
  2. Mark out the hours that are blocked out for work or other commitments you must attend.
  3. After you’ve mark those down, start marking the hours you have blocked out for dance class or practice.
  4. After that, then block out your workouts to work around those. I find it’s much easier to do this since you don’t want to do a hard leg workout the day before a tough dance practice. 

The best advice I’ve heard for this is to be flexible and to listen to what your body is saying. It truly has made a difference in my performance and training.

I hope this answered your question! And I’m sorry if this was so long! I tried my best to condense a fairly lengthy topic since there are so many components. If you have any questions about what I wrote above, feel free to send me a PM. I’m always open to chatting about it. 😊

Aidan/Charlie; competition

For the prompt: The young star/AHL lifer prompt, and seeing another of the Patreon pairings come back to life somehow made me want more of it. So…Aidan impressing Charlie? Or somehow getting his attention in a positive way…

Aidan and Charlie both first appeared on Patreon for the prompt ‘ Young star who plays in the AHL for a season or so/AHL lifer.’ Aidan’s the lifer (five career games in the NHL, rest in the AHL), Charlie’s a first round pick who gets sent down from the Sharks for conditioning and doesn’t take it with grace or charm.

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What would the TFP Autobots, Decepticons and Predacons reactions be if their overweight human significant other ask for their help to help them lose weight? Would their Cybertronian s/o be flattered and assist their squishy beloved? I am working on losing weight and perhaps this submission would give me motivation in some odd way.

Aah, if I did all of them that would be too much so I’m only going to do a few of each and I hope that’s okay. uvu;; If there’s anyone specific you were hoping for that I didn’t do feel free to ask for them.


● This excited boy would definitely be flattered.

● Heck, he’d exercise with you to show that he’s with you 100% on this.

● He’d drive you to the nicest places for jogging, or to hiking trails if you’d rather do that.

● Will always let you sit in his alt mode when you need a break.

● He will loudly play your favorite music while you’re exercising.


● He’d prepare an entire workout schedule for you, just to make sure you don’t accidentally overwork yourself.

● He’s always reminding you to stay hydrated and to eat healthy so you have the energy for your exercises.

● Also has water and healthy snacks on hand, except this is some kind of super good mineral water? That’s what he said, anyway.

● “It’s okay to take things slowly at first, don’t push yourself so hard.”

● Would definitely nag you a bit if he caught you eating junk food.


● Honestly he doesn’t completely get it at first. Like, what?? Humans can change their shape by doing physical activity?? That’s weird, man.

● Even after you explain it to him he still isn’t completely sure why you want to do this. It sounds like so much work? Besides, he likes how soft and squishy you are.

● He helps after seeing how set on this you are, though he does whine a bit.

● “Why do you have to run along this dusty road? Look how dirty my pedes are getting!”


● Honestly he’d exercise with you too, since he’d worry that you’d feel awkward doing it alone.

● He ends up enjoying it, and you two make it a habit to get together and work out. It’s a lot more fun this way, too.

● Would let you take breaks and short naps in his alt mode.

● He’s very encouraging, and is there with you every step of the way.

● For motivation, he gives you a kiss for every bit of weight you lose.


● He doesn’t completely get why you want to do this at first either? He thinks you’re perfect just the way you are.

● Once you tell him that it would make you feel better about yourself, he’s all about helping you.

● He reminds you not to overwork yourself, and makes sure that you take breaks and stay hydrated.

● He’ll fan you with a wing to help you cool down after an exercise.

● “You’re doing wonderfully, my love. At this pace, you’ll reach your goal in no time at all.”


Sticking with the new plan - I had a banana shortly before going to bed last night.  Woke up a few minutes early this morning to stretch and give myself time enough to allow my stomach to settle and take in some water.

What I did not do - is remember that I had put my Garmin on the charger yesterday and so there it sat during this mornings workout.  I realized I had forgot it just before pulling up to the turn for the gym and it was too late at that point to turn around and get it.  It felt weird swimming without it!

I did remember to bring a bottle of water with me to the pool and I sipped when possible during the entire workout.

My legs were definitely feeling spent towards the end but no cramps during the kick set!

Today’s practice was Favorite Stroke - so I always go with breast.  The coach noticed I was pausing mid stroke in the wrong spot (hands close to my chest instead of hands out in front of me).  Going to take some time to make that my new norm as I must have been doing this for a while and so when I would get tired, if I was not focused I would default back to that. 

Was no time left at the end for me to do the 25′s they did in the much faster lanes.  But that’s alright I am still happy with how today went.

200 swim/kick/pull

5 rounds, favorite stroke.  Stick with same stroke for the whole round.

  • 4x25 on :35/:40/:45
  • 2x50 on 1:00/1:05/1:10
  • 100 on 1:45/2:00/2:15

8x50 kick on 1:10/1:20/1:30

  • switch kick at 25 (must do 2 different kicks per 50)

8x25 on :45  2 of each stroke  Try to find evf for each stroke!


Then after swim - I dropped my car back off at the shop because my brake system lights back on all the time again.  And I noticed something was broken behind my front driver side wheel.  I could see something hanging down while walking up to the front my car the other day, and it is likely a broken sway bar link.  So who knows how long I have been driving with that broken - and how unsafe it may have been.  Either way the last thing I need right now are car repair bills.  After my expense on the yard project (which I will never feel bad about or regret) and the endless bills from Annie’s visits to the vet for this ongoing skin infection (dog antibiotics are not cheap!) I really could have used a little spending brake right now.  Has me a bit anxious about my cash flow over the next few months.  And once again makes me think I should really consider a side job to my side job to get some more consistent steady income coming in.  Very confused about how to not have such highs and lows, and also value my skills and charge accordingly on pro projects I take on.  Been undercutting myself for sure, because I am too nice.

Art is hard, entrepreneurship is way harder.

Friendly Rivalry

Summary: What began as a cordial agreement over their feelings for Chika evolved into something You and Kanan never expected.

Pairing: KanaChikaYou

Word count: 8.2k

Links: AO3  FFnet

Note: These three are so great together. Also, I was going to finally finish the extra chapter to broken hearts but wrote this long thing instead. Woops.

“I win again!”

Kanan held one arm above her head and cheered as she stumbled toward the last stretch of path. Her body drenched in a sheen of sweat and gasping for breath. She watched You come to a stop next to her only seconds later, hands on knees and breathing deeply.

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I tried to find out why my left hand is more…muscular
when I am right handed…

My mother said it was BECAUSE OF MY GAMING…
And it made sense! And I am pretty blown away by the fact
that something my mother suggested actually made sense!!!