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Fitness Plan (Workouts & Meal Plan)

This post will detail an entire week worth of workouts and meals. These workouts focus on abs, gluteus maximus, and heart rate duration. These meals focus on hydration, skin improvement, cleansing, and organ health. 


  • Breakfast: Tea, Oatmeal, and Blueberries
  • Lunch: Tuna fish sandwich
  • Snack: Carrots (with Nutella)
  • Dinner: Grilled Chicken and broccoli 
  • Workout: Planks, scissors, squats


  • Breakfast: Tea, Scrabbled Eggs on Toast, and a Banana
  • Lunch: Fish and Carrots
  • Snack: Apple (with Nutella)
  • Dinner: Vegetable Soup
  • Workout: Jump roping and lunges


  • Breakfast: Tea, Grapefruit, and Strawberries
  • Lunch: Egg salad sandwish
  • Snack: blueberry smoothy
  • Dinner: Grilled Chicken & Spinach
  • Workout: kickboxing, planks, folding chair, and scissors


  • Breakfast: Tea, Oatmeal, and Banana
  • Lunch: Fish and Carrots
  • Snack: Yogurt 
  • Dinner: Chicken Soup
  • Workout: Jump roping and lunges


  • Breakfast: Tea, Scrabbled Eggs on Toast, and Banana
  • Lunch: Tuna Fish Sandwich
  • Snack: Apple (with Nutella)
  • Dinner: Grilled Chicken & Spinach
  • Workout: BREAK


  • Breakfast: Tea, Oatmeal
  • Lunch: Egg salad sandwish
  • Snack: Carrots (with Nutella)
  • Dinner: Vegetable Soup
  • Workout: Pilates Video on Youtube 


  • Breakfast: Tea, Grapefruit, and Strawberries
  • Lunch: Soup
  • Snack: Blueberries and Bananas
  • Dinner: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
  • Workout: BREAK

Before you get excited and buy all of the lifting gear, you should know why you’re using it and what it does. Lifting belts work to facilitate intra-abdominal pressure, which will help stabilize your spine. The key, though, is that you need to wear them relatively tight to have any effect. Belts should be worn for maximal lifts only (I usually recommend 90%+). If you’re able to walk around for your entire workout and breathe normally in your belt, you’re not wearing it properly. Use your lifting belt on an as-need basis. You need to be able to create sufficient intra-abdominal pressure without it, and it shouldn’t become a crutch

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Gym Rant

So I got sick and was out of the gym for a few days that I did not want to take off. Today I was able to go back and I was really, really happy about it, but some things bothered me enough to go ahead and type up another gym rant (I should honestly be doing more texts posts here anyways).

So first off, there were so many people there that chose their one machine to be at for their entire workout duration. I’m talking spending 20+ minutes at one machine and taking really long phone breaks. Some routines call for a lot of sets, I understand, but sometimes its just excessive!

Today as I was exercising I suddenly got a prickly feeling over my body and got really uncomfortable. From the corner of my eyes I see an older man coming up to the machine next to me, and I can tell he is staring very intently. From the way he was holding his hands he could have been recording me, I didn’t turn around to find out. I just got up and left. I know people probably look at me, but I’ve never felt the ojo like that. 


gengar-chan  asked:

Hello! Please consider this prompt/question: how did shiro keep up with his fitness once he got bby keith? because all i'm imagining is your designated neighborhood hot dad™ jogging with keith in his stroller, and doing one armed pushups with keith on his back, and playing peek-a-boo with keith as he does sit ups and wow

Hello there! Thank you so much for this amazing prompt! I had like a million different scenarios in my head and this was beautiful. Thank you for that image of Shiro as the Hot Dad ™. Beautiful. Shiro would have an entire workout regime around baby Keith and you can bet your booty he would keep in shape. Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy this lil one shot because I had a laugh writing it! Thanks for sending in asks!


              Keeping in shape and up to his work out regime was tough when you had a baby.

              Shiro always prided himself in keeping in shape and constantly working out. Before he was in the army, during and even after despite his depressive state. However, once he had adopted Keith, Shiro learned quickly that a baby would literally take up all of his time. He hadn’t realized that people were serious when they said that a baby would take up your entire attention and time, especially as a single dad. Though, Shiro wouldn’t trade it for the world.

              Shiro loved Keith and he loved his chubby cheeks and squishy rolls of baby fat. He loved that Keith was learning to crawl and roll over on his own. Though that was usually only with encourage from Shiro. More often than not, Keith wouldn’t look directly at Shiro or wouldn’t move all that much unless it was to give Keith a bath. Then Keith would make a huge fuss.

              However, being so busy with a new baby Shiro was finding it harder and harder to find time for himself to keep up with his workout. It wasn’t just to keep in shape, but it was also a good stress reliever and kept Shiro calm when his anxiety was rising too much for him. After only a few years out of the military Shiro still had his rough and bad days, where things became too much or too overwhelming. On those days, Shiro would drop Keith off at his parents to keep from doing anything that might harm his baby boy and lock himself away until he could breathe again. Although, since adopting Keith, Shiro’s anxiety and PTSD had decreased dramatically, but his workouts would still help every now and again.

              “Well Keith, if I can’t work out on my own time. Then maybe, we can create a Daddy Baby workout session.” Shiro snapped his fingers together while he fed Keith breakfast. The nine-month-old blinked, mouth full, at his dad and Shiro laughed. Eventually, Keith slapped his hands against the tray of the high chair and Shiro chuckled. “Yeah, Daddy and Baby Workout Sessions. That’s gotta nice ring to it.”

              Keith gurgled and Shiro winced when a splatter of food hit him in the eye.


              “Oh my, is it time? Do you see him yet?”

              “Oh hush. You sound like a weirdo when you say it like that.”

              “Be quiet you too, he might hear us if he comes by!”

              “Oh this is the most exciting part of my day.”

              “That’s actually a bit sad.”

              “Shush! Here he comes.”

              At the right moment, a stud-like figure came running around the corner. Sweat glistened off the tanned skin that were sculpted and chiseled as if made by the hands of the gods. Glorious, beautiful and luscious hair flew in the wind, bouncing happily against the figure’s face. Muscles bulged with every step that the figure took – powerful and beautiful all at the same time. The figures shirt shared the barest of skin and hinted at his neck, as if flirtish towards the group of young moms (and even some of their husbands) who swooned at sight.

              It was the Hot Dad™.

              Every morning before the school hour, he could be seen running through the neighborhood. Women and men from all over the neighborhood could catch a quick glimpse of the Hot Dad™ if they were out at the right time. The Hot Dad™ was fast and very quick in their runs and could look more like a blur than a person. How was anyone that fast? Or good looking?

              He was always pushing a stroller, equipped with plenty of supplies. No one could ever get a peek into the stroller to see the cutie that was the blood of Hot Dad™. Though he was always vigilant about keeping the stroller covered and out of the sun’s rays. He was constantly seen fussing over a hood or a blanket over the stroller and sometimes he would take a break to get a drink of water, sweat dripping down his face and neck; a tiny sliver of skin would grace their sights when his shirt lifted up.

              “Oh my, there he is, right on time!”

              “And he brought his baby as always!”

              “Oh, I wonder if he has a wife?”

              “What a lucky person to be married to him.”

              Shiro felt one of his eyebrows raise as he heard soft swoons from all around him. He even caught sight of someone fainting when he ran by. He almost stopped to make sure they were okay (people need to keep out of the sun in this heat; it’s so hot out) but they had a group of people helping them so Shiro figured that they would be okay.

              He glanced down at Keith in the stroller who cooed up at Shiro with a gummy smile. Shiro grinned before tickling Keith’s chin earning a gummy giggle from the baby.

              “So far, so good!”


              “Alright. Another set now. One, two, three, four…” Shiro huffed from where he was laying on his back. His arms didn’t shake a bit even with the weight in his hands. A very giggly and wriggly weight that is. “Five, six, seven…” Shiro’s arms straightened then bent at 90 degree angles as he brought the weight down at him and then back up to full height.

              The weight giggled loudly when Shiro straightened his arms all the way and the weight was high above the ground. “Eight, nine, ten…” Shiro brought the weight back down to right above his face and grinned. Then he gave it a kiss and blew a raspberry onto Keith’s cheek. Keith giggled and kicked out his leg when his daddy kissed him before Shiro pushed the weight back off him.

              “You’re such a good helper, aren’t you?” Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen…” Shiro beamed at Keith who simply giggled when he was lowered back down to Shiro’s face. Shiro gave those big cheeks another kiss before blowing one more raspberry. “And you are much cuter than those boring old dumbbells. Yes, you are. Yes, you are.”

              “You’re the perfect weight for a bench press, and so much cuter.” Shiro beamed again and Keith giggled, kicking his legs again. “Twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three…Besides I like the rewards better with this than with dumbbells.” Shiro kissed Keith on the nose one more time, causing Keith to smile gummily and he laughed. Can you stay this tiny forever?


              “And down again. And up. Now down. And turn the mobile.” Shiro grunted and used his free arm to spin the mobile above where Keith lay on his stomach on a blanket. Instantly, the mobile of space ships and planets started to spin and Keith gawked in awe. Shiro then went down on his one arm and back up. He continued this process of push-ups until the mobile stopped and Keith waved his chubby arms. “And up and down. Now for the mobile again. We wouldn’t dare want you to get bored. This is your break, so rest up sweetie. Next we have some Peek-a-Boo sit-ups.” Shiro grunted with a serious look. Keith waved his arms again as if understanding Shiro’s every word.

              “Good job cadet, make sure you stretch. It’s very important to stretch the muscles and loosen up.” Shiro praised the baby while Keith stretched for the swinging mobile above his head. Shiro continued with his sets of one armed push-ups, not even breaking a sweat. Every now and again he would eye Keith and smile when the boy blinked.

              Keith was a great workout partner; however, he was also extremely distracting.


              “Fifty-eight. And Peek-a-Boo!” Shiro uncapped his hand from his face when he sat up all the way. He grinned at Keith who was seated at the edges of his toes with a big round pillow keeping him upright. Keith clutched a soft teddy-bear in his hand, gnawing on the ear noisily. Shiro grinned when Keith paused in his chewing to stare at Shiro with big eyes. His whole body bounced upon seeing Shiro’s face and Shiro laughed. Then he went back down on his back before sitting back up.

              “Fifty-nine, and Peek-a-Boo!” Once again, Keith froze in his chewing to bounce in excitement. Each time, both Keith and Shiro would get excited at seeing one another. It was almost as if Shiro was also the same age as Keith rather than a grown man.

              “This is much better than my old workout. You know, I bet my old comrades would be so jealous of you.” Shiro huffed with a grin when he sat back down and rose again. “You are the cutest partner ever and they don’t understand how adorable you are.”

              Keith continued to gnaw on his bear’s ear.


              “Oh, is it feeding time again?” Shiro huffed after his latest set of crunches. Keith wriggled on his back and Shiro finally wiped the sweat off his face. “You’re right, it’s time for a water break. We must remember to always stay hydrated.” Shiro nodded seriously before scooping his son up into his arms. Keith squeaked and bounced while Shiro carried him into the kitchen.

              There he prepared a bottle for Keith and a glass of water for himself. Together the two of them guzzled down their drinks, with Shiro holding up Keith’s bottle for him.

              Afterwards he pulled Keith over his shoulder and gently patted him on the back before Keith eventually let out a mighty burp.

              “Impressive. You could give all these muscle guys at the gym a run for their money.” Shiro commented with an impressed look, wiping up Keith’s face. Keith cooed.


              “And stretch!” Sheith murmured softly, pulling Keith’s little hands high above his head. Keith laughed, kicking out his legs in happiness at the feeling. Shiro curled to one side with one arm over his head to stretch while the other played with Keith. When Shiro let go of Keith’s hands and let the baby wave wildly with his free hands, and Shiro maneuvered into the next stretch.

              “And one more time. Stretch! One, two, three, four…” Shiro smiled when Keith gurgled loudly. Shiro stretched Keith’s hands above his head one more time and held it there for a few seconds.

              “Goodness, look at how flexible you are. Very impressive mister.” Shiro commented happily and let go of Keith’s arms. “Now let’s stretch out our hamstrings. Are you ready?”

              Keith spit.


              “Thirty more seconds.” Shiro whispered slightly out of breath. His legs were still stiff as a board despite the strain that he felt on them. They were at perfect 90 degree angles and his back was straighter than a line. Shiro took a deep breath in and loosened his grip on Keith, who was seated on his leg. It was proving to be a slight challenge (and who was Shiro to turn down a challenge) with how much Keith would squirm and wiggle on Shiro’s thigh. “We’re almost there buddy. Can you feel the burn?” Shiro asked while Keith blubbered on his thigh.

              “Look at how good you’re doing. The perfect model of a healthy boy.” Shiro gently pinched Keith’s big cheeks causing the baby to pout in an incredibly adorable manner. Shiro resisted the urge to squeal when he felt a burning in his thighs and calves. “Ten more seconds Keith. We go this.”

              Keith blubbered as if agreeing before slapping Shiro’s thigh.

              “Ah, pain. Yes, I must fight through it. Good thinking sweetie.”


              “Mhm, yes I do believe we deserve a nap after today’s workout. We worked hard.”

              Keith snored loudly.

              “Yeah. Let’s take a quick nap.”


              “Oh there he is, right on time!”

              Shiro glanced down at Keith in his stroller as he continued to run past the neighborhood moms. He found himself grinning at Keith who snored softly in his stroller. “Hear that Keith? Apparently I am a Hot Dad™.”

ab check? NOPE JUST PIZZA. 😂🍕🍕🍕

i’ve put up quite a bit of weight and i’m 115% happy with this years bulk but now it’s time to shred for summmaaaaa 🔥👙🏄🏽‍♀️🌴 BTW, i put my entire workout on snapchat today! add me: kitttybee

Can we just take a moment to even consider the hilarity that would be a Hedwig workout tape?

John in full 80s workout gear and full Hedwig makeup, wearing a wig, screaming at all of us for 30 minutes. Instead of a room full of beautifully skinny/toned people doing this workout, it would just be Yitzhak and the members of the Angry Inch, barely keeping up. So while Hedwig is screaming at us through our televisions, she’s also screaming at the people in the room. But Hedwig, naturally, isn’t going to spend the entire workout tape participating. Once something is demonstrated, she’ll sit down and watch and just fume about how shitty the people in the room are doing and how the same is probably true for the people at home.

Reason why I love fandoms #512

A bit ago I got caught by a teenager at my gym for….basically smiling a bit too gay-ly at Anna Kendrick in ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’.
Today shew as at the gym again and so I took the machine next to he. She looked over at my iPad lock screen, which is the picture of AnnaK, AnnaC & Britt holding up the drawing of a shit (let’s just talk about that for a moment) AND I happen to be wearing my ‘Love Is Louder’ shirt. 
So. It was established that I was a Bechloe shipper by this chic.
We spent the entire workout discussing Anna Kendrick’s vague but leading comments and if/what/why we think Bechloe can or cannot happen in PP3.

Then I spent the entire walk home thinking about how amazing it is. We never would have spoken had this commonality never been present. And it’s amazing. 
Shipping/fandoms/fan fiction really is so much more than it seems to be.

It’s a community. And while I’m still not sure how I got here, I would NEVER change it. Not for anything. 


Healthy day! Green smoothie for breakfast, followed by grapes & peanut butter sandwich for a mid-morning snack.

Salmon, grains, butternut squash and baby gem lettuce for lunch.

Smiling post-workout face! I did imgonnamakeachange’s entire home workout with no unscheduled breaks and no slacking for the first time. 💪🏻

And dinner was Turkey breast with rice and red peppers.

4 lbs down

 Honestly, I’m shocked.  I haven’t done much in a while due to work changes, moving, and a general sickness for the past month. BUT, I stepped on the scale this morning and I’ve lost a little. Pretty much motivated met to go full chub and get back on that horse.  I guess moderation does work. :) 

Also, I finally unpacked my books and DVDs (moved in with the boyfriend recently)  and DUDE I have an entire library of workout DVDs.  I think I’m gonna do a challenge or something to do one a day. Only downside?  My TV and shit is upstairs, and it involves a lot of jumping lol gonna have to figure out how to jump and run in place quietly so it doesn’t sound like God himself is destroying the house.  Oh well though! Gonna make this shit work. Oh, and running. Lots of running! :) 


I normally don’t manage to keep my shirt on for an entire workout at the Box. It just starts to bug me. I also don’t like having shirtless pictures of myself all over social media, so I don’t post them, (I don’t advertise this blog so I don’t mind as much here). Yesterday I had my husband take pics during the warm up so I could post one. First time overhead squatting 75 pounds, in pretty excited about that. :)


I’ve been toying around with the idea of making an entire glute workout program for months now, and I finally decided today what I want to do so I went and got started!

No two workouts will be the same!


All of them are workouts I’ve done so I know that they work and produce results! Cause let’s be honest.. Nobody has time for some bullshit program. 🙅🏼

  • Jason and I are watching the second season of True Detective and we don’t hate it. In fact, I like it. Obviously we went into this with low, low, low expectations because the majority of the people in our social media feeds were flipping out over how terrible they thought it was but, so far (four episodes deep) I’m still interested. (Although it’s incredible difficult to take Vince Vaughn seriously.) 
  • I went to my first ClassPass class this morning. It was a kettle ball / weights bootcamp style class and it was awesome. I know that HIIT workouts are all the rage these days but I really, really hate them. This class reminded me that it’s entirely possible for a workout to be tough, sweaty, and  effective without a single burpee or mountain climber.  PRAISE!  
  • Sometime in June I decide that this was going to be my Summer of Vanity. This is basically a more shallow version of a Summer of Self-Care.  A small sampling of some Summer of Vanity tasks: I found a new signature scent, I bought myself a new pair of sunglasses, I started using Crest White strips again, I have upped my skincare routine, I’m getting regular massages, I taught myself how to rock a bold lip, and I started going to a proper eyebrow shaper instead of getting waxed at my nail salon.  It’s been a lot of fun and I’m thinking about extending this personal project into The Fall of Vanity.  
  • The only not fun part about the Summer of Vanity is that I promised my eyebrow lady that I wouldn’t touch a pair of tweezers for three weeks. I need to let them grown in a little bit which yes fine. But, I have dark eyebrows that grow very quickly. I’m about 10 days in and I have to keep reminding myself that getting my eyebrows right is a long game. I need strength.  #vanity
  • It’s too hot today.