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through the coldness

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Title:  through the coldness
Pairing: Kim Jongin/Reader
Genre: Dance instructor!Kai/ Journalist!Reader
Summary: Everything goes down the hill the moment she realizes that her life wasn’t how she had planned it. However, maybe she could use her ink to write about her friend Jongin so she could finally reach the success she always wanted. Yet, as she gets to know more about him…she realizes that she can see through his cold stare and find the warmth that he never shows to anyone but her.

Part I: “Your place or mine?”

Due dates, mere numbers in a calendar that were hated by most of the world’s population. There was something well known about due dates and it was that it shortened your time in a way and it was an excellent way of pressuring an individual to the point of self-blaming and stress. Authorities used it as a way of delivering responsibility and receiving it at the same time, which caused most workers or students to plan everything for that date. Some decided to spend their times eating, going out, watching series or simply talking to their friends until a day was left and they were on tears begging for more hours to whatever was up there. Others picked every single second of their day to perfect whatever was on task. Whatever person you were, you still felt that tickling inside your stomach that welcomed someone to judge your work. Her due date was that day and she had been working for two weeks straight to bring a good article to her magazine so she could finally get that upgrading spot in the place she worked at, a weekly article that was on the first pages. It was a dream that she never forgot and she worked hard for it the moment she entered said company, so she was twisting and playing with her pencil as she saw the boss’ face when he was reading through her article.

Kyuhyun, her boss, looked at her through his small lashes and sweet eyes, but they didn’t show the excitement that usually plastered over his face whenever he read Baekhyun’s adventurous and eye-catching articles. He had this small over his petite features, one that wasn’t too pleased and she lets her shoulders fall a bit, looking down at her hands as she expects whatever correction he was going to make. She thought that the article based on the most known artist on the region was exciting, even more when the man was as old as he was, but Kyuhyun didn’t see it that way from his point of view completely business based. The man fixes the sleeve of his black coat as his back becomes straighter; placing down the big amounts of sheets of paper she had brought him to look into her eyes. He calls her name in that voice full of disappointment and she sighs.

“…You know I love how you write.  Your words are the classiest of this entire magazine and your style is…captivating, really.” Compliments, the best way to start a correction in one’s work, they were sweetened ways to remind someone that they were still friends even when you were about to put a dagger through their hearts. Kyuhyun interlocks his hands together before sighing. “But this…this is classy, beautifully written, but it’s not new…how many people have interviewed this man in the entirety of his life?  The same plain answers become dull to the reader’s eyes, you know?” Kyuhyun runs his fingers through his brown hair and she nods her head, trying to reach for the sheets of paper with determination.

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More Kanan Please! - Day 2: with You

“I can’t believe I lost again!” (they had a race in which they’re not allowed to surface for air)

[To protest Kanan’s lack of screentime, I’m going to doodle one pic of Kanan with each girl every day until the next episode] ((╬●∀●)

imo, You is faster but Kanan has more stamina Also You doesn’t mind losing she just pretends to sulk so Kanan nee-chan would pat her head


All I know is that first, you’ve got to get mad.
↳ Dishonored ft. Network (best viewed with this piece of music)

Overall it’s incomplete and over a year late for High Chaos Week 2015, but I felt the design itch and thought I’d finish what I started. It was going to be part of a much larger mash-up that maybe one day I might complete, I dunno. 

80s Cyberpunk simply because it’s my favourite thing in the world.