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More Kanan Please! - Day 2: with You

“I can’t believe I lost again!” (they had a race in which they’re not allowed to surface for air)

[To protest Kanan’s lack of screentime, I’m going to doodle one pic of Kanan with each girl every day until the next episode] ((╬●∀●)

imo, You is faster but Kanan has more stamina Also You doesn’t mind losing she just pretends to sulk so Kanan nee-chan would pat her head


All I know is that first, you’ve got to get mad.
↳ Dishonored ft. Network (best viewed with this piece of music)

Overall it’s incomplete and over a year late for High Chaos Week 2015, but I felt the design itch and thought I’d finish what I started. It was going to be part of a much larger mash-up that maybe one day I might complete, I dunno. 

80s Cyberpunk simply because it’s my favourite thing in the world.