Napoleon, or some other figure with a huge ego. You don’t want to be a mopey ghost. I’d like to met John Keats, but I get the idea that his ghost would be very sad. Whereas, I imagine Napoleon’s would be still raging and angry.
—  Daniel Radcliffe for Mental Floss - Let’s say ghosts are real. Which historical figure would you want to haunt you?
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warnings: smut, mentions of abuse (not encouraging it, and all past tense), swearing, slight infantilism, werewolves, cat hybrids, dog hybrids, poly relationships, toys, fisting, thigh grinding, age play / daddy kink, bondage, mentions of humiliation, mentions of food play, mentions of breath play, mentions of whipping

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Breaking news:Elounor broke up because of RBB.

Apparently behind the infamous elounor’s break up there is RBB.

The rainbow bondage bear was infact the main source of fights between father- to-be Louis(bc you know he is gonna be a father with banana junglepuff) and Eleounor Calder.

“The situation was bearly bearable” a source closer to the Tomlinson’s ex told exclusively for -insert  insignificant neswpaper’s name here-.

“It was already difficultfor her to share her love with Tina and gretchen the bear was the last drop” says a friend.

The one direction’s member (btw did we ention he is gonna be a father with LA based stylist brianza junglebear daugther of a beutiful woman?) spent more time buying rainbow bondage gears and studying LGBT+ history than he spent with his girlfriend.

The Bear preferred to remain vague on his relationship with the singer and only stated : “I did not have sexual relationship with this man”

Band mate(and total enemy) Harry the lothario Styles who owns a sbb, says that they often dressed the bear together. For the ones wondering that’s totally not larry at all ,they are only strengthening their enemy-man bond!!

So Eleanor calder and the one who’s gonna be a father with brenda junglazzi broke up because of louis’ secret relationship with the bear.

We know we are as shocked as you,unbeariveable!!!

That’s all from your local bullshitter,

not Larry.