Imagine being betrothed to Thor, against your wishes. On the night before your wedding, you find you can’t sleep with all the stress of the upcoming nuptials, so you wander around the massive palace in an attempt to calm your mind. After aimlessly walking, you wander into the deep underground cells, where Loki is being kept. You don’t notice him when you pass by, but he notices you. He’s immediately infatuated with you, and calls for your attention. When you turn around, you’re greeted with a sinister smirk and piercing green eyes. His silver tongue and magic are quick to entice you and before you know it, you’ve been pulled into his cell with him. When you tell him you’re to marry his brother the next day, he decides to show you why he’s the superior brother, in every single delicious way possible.. You spend all night with Loki, barely making it to your room before maids come to wake you up in the morning. You didn’t want to marry Thor before, but now you loathe the idea and him. You want your hands back on his mysterious brother.

Horoscope - July 25 2016

Aries Horoscope

(Mar 21 – Apr 19)

Excess and self-indulgence entice you to risk stability in search of pleasure today. Three planets, including sensual Venus, are camped out in your 5th House of Love, urging you to express your romantic needs. Unfortunately, you might fall victim to your own excitement and share more than you intend. Your enthusiasm prompts others to expect even more from you, which could eventually lead to disappointment, unless you follow through with your promises. Be safe and stick to the script.

Taurus Horoscope

(Apr 20 – May 20)

You face complicated issues with a playful sense of humor that makes it easy to turn a loss into a gain. However, you can still see the dark side of things – perhaps even imagining the worst – yet a Grand Fire Trine reveals a great potential for happiness. But don’t get bogged down in doubt; let go of someone or something important if you must. Doing so makes room for even better experiences to fill in the gap. A head full of fears has no space for dreams.

Gemini Horoscope

(May 21 – Jun 20)

Your nerves are on edge now and you’re ready to seize the moment as it arrives. However, anxiety and frustration can catalyze a sudden shift of energy. Nevertheless, today’s Grand Trine activates your social life, motivating you to go out of your way to interact with others at work and play. Developing new communication skills is easy once you recognize its importance in bringing happiness back into your life. A caring heart that listens is more valuable than an intelligent mind that talks.

Cancer Horoscope

(Jun 21 – Jul 22)

Ironically, you can push others to their limits without appearing pushy today. Adopting a gentler approach increases your sensitivity and enables you to address difficult issues with compassion. Collaborating with your colleagues makes it easier to pursue mutual dreams. But communication needs to flow both ways for everyone to benefit. Although you’re ready for change now, even the most brilliant strategy will require time to manifest the results you seek.

Leo Horoscope

(Jul 23 – Aug 22)

You can charm your way into nearly anyone’s heart today, but you may overstep your bounds without even realizing it. Although the Moon’s presence in your 9th House of Big Ideas is inflationary all by itself, trines to Venus and Mercury enable you to sweet talk your way out of trouble. Nevertheless, you might try to shatter the social conventions that normally restrain you. Tread lightly now; your unconventional ideas could create a mess you’ll be busy cleaning up over the days ahead.

Virgo Horoscope

(Aug 23 – Sep 22)

Analysis comes easy to you Virgos, empowering you to make a particularly smart decision today. However, brainy Mercury can lead you down a confusing path if you’re under pressure to make an immediate choice, especially if others are depending on your powers of discernment. Eliminate unrealistic alternatives when trying to make up your mind. Nevertheless, entertain every sensible possibility on its own merit as it appears. In all likelihood, you already know the truth.

Libra Horoscope

(Sep 23 – Oct 22)

Cultivating close connections is complicated today because you’re following your feelings down two entirely different tracks. On one hand, you can get along with others better than ever. On the other hand, you’re itching to surprise everyone with your independent thinking and bold actions. Unfortunately, you might be so far ahead of your time that you must slow down, step back and rethink your strategy to bring your ideas to life. Focus on collaboration instead of competition for the best results.

Scorpio Horoscope

(Oct 23 – Nov 21)

You can feel the cosmic equilibrium today, even if there are disturbances to the force. The Moon’s square to tough-guy Pluto agitates a conflict between you and someone who may oppose your plan. Later in the evening, the Moon runs into reckless Uranus, encouraging you to push everyone out of their comfort zone. Battles for control and a desire for freedom can undermine cooperation. If you find a compromise is impossible now, walk away from the disagreement before it escalates into a fight. A moment of silence saves you from a lifetime of regret.

Sagittarius Horoscope

(Nov 22 – Dec 21)

You are hungry for new experiences and find yourself taking chances in pursuit of a good time. You are compelled to express your feelings in more dramatic ways now thanks to an alignment of the Moon in your 5th House of Play to affectionate Venus and curious Mercury in your 9th House of Getaways. Romantic feelings may be aroused when you push past personal limits and explore unfamiliar territory. Proceed on the side of caution when someone’s heart is on the line.

Capricorn Horoscope

(Dec 22 – Jan 19)

You’re convinced you have to take charge today or you’ll completely lose control when a Grand Fire Trine zaps three planets in your 8th House of Transformation. Fortunately, you should have no difficulty sharing power and cooperating on a profound level as long as there’s time to gradually let down your guard. Once you notice the little improvements that are occurring around you, making a giant leap forward will seem as simple as taking another small step.

Aquarius Horoscope

(Jan 20 – Feb 18)

Your thinking could be so far out on the ledge today that people believe you might be losing touch with reality. It’s entirely possible that your ideas are too radical to be understood. Nervous energy and intellectual restlessness is high as cerebral Mercury forms a creative aspect with evolutionary Pluto. Concentration is difficult when the flow of information is constantly interrupted. Nevertheless, exciting discoveries offer unexpected answers and foster surprising new connections if you can relax enough to stay flexible.

Pisces Horoscope

(Feb 19 – Mar 20)

Your playful mood and creative approach to relationships make you a skillful collaborator today. You’re feeling quite popular now as the spontaneous Aries Moon trines flirty Venus in expressive Leo. This yummy cosmic combination magnifies your desirability, making you more successful at getting what you want from others. Passion expressed with patience is a winning formula; know what you want and pursue it at your own pace.

Source : Rick Levine

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Off-Limits Pt. 2

Off-Limits Part Two

Bucky Barnes

Warnings: swearing, mentions of sex, angst

Tags: @skyfullofharrystyles @potterhead7656 @crazybarnes 

Part One

In all honesty, Bucky shouldn’t have even told Steve about what happened in the gym. He was overly excited and needed to let someone know that a girl found him enticing despite the metal arm.

But, Steve viewed the interaction a completely different way.

“Bucky, I’m not joking. Stay away from her.” Steve scolds, running his finger through his hair. “It’s one thing to let her flirt with you, but to flirt back is a whole other kind of death wish.”

Bucky takes a bite of his steak, leaning back in the seat. “I’m not flirting back. I’m going to lose my mind if I have to stay away from her any longer.”

“And you’ll lose your job if you don’t!” Steve snaps, nodding his head to the hallway where Y/N’s room was. “She’s too young, anyways.”

Steve wants Bucky to be happy, he absolutely does. He just doesn’t want Bucky’s happiness to be ripped away by the hands of Tony Stark.

“Well, how old is she?” Bucky questions, praying he didn’t let a minor sit on his junk three days ago. Three long days without seeing Y/N’s seductive smirk was taking it’s toll on Bucky’s demeanor. 

Steve sighs, leaning back against the counter. “She’s 24. She’s Tony’s only child, he will literally shoot you if he finds out what happened in the gym.”

Steve’s only trying to warn Bucky, to maybe change his mind. He doesn’t want Bucky to fall into a hole he can’t dig himself out of. Steve knows Y/N, he knows she’s one of the nicest people around, but he also knows she isn’t to be messed with in any way.

“What are we talking about?” Natasha asks as she walks into the kitchen. She grabs an apple, taking a bite out of it before sitting next to Bucky and waiting for an answer.

“Bucky likes Y/N.” Steve blurts, causing Nat to almost choke on her apple. The red head looks at Bucky with large eyes, shaking her head only slightly. 

She swallows, looking to Steve. “She is an amazingly pretty girl, she’s enticing and kind but you are to stay away from her. Do you understand me? You will get kicked out of the avengers is Tony finds out. Clint almost did when he first met her.”

Bucky groans, dropping his head into his hands. “Look,” Natasha says, turning to look at Bucky. “That girl is my favorite thing in this entire world. I want her to be happy more than anything else. You’re not the right guy for her, she’s not the right girl for you. Just forget about her.”

“Forget about who?” Y/N says, walking into the kitchen with extended arms. Steve smiles at her, opening his arms to accommodate the hug she wanted. She peers around, waiting for someone to speak.

“Bucky remembered some girl from his past. We think it’s better to forget about her.” Steve covers, placing an arm on her shoulder. 

Bucky feels a twinge of jealousy that Steve got to openly hold her that way. He wanted to be the one to hold her and kiss her and do everything else a boyfriend should do.

Y/N nods, looking to Bucky. “So, what are you guys doing today besides training and eating high carb foods?” She chuckles at Bucky’s plate, moving out of Steve’s grip.

“I’m going out with Sam later, I think. I would invite you for drinks but if I got you drunk your dad would kill me.” Steve snickers, pushing her shoulder only slightly.

Natasha rolls her eyes. “She’s old enough to get drunk if she wants to. Listen baby, we’ll go out friday and go drinking, okay?” 

Y/N smirks and nods, thanking Nat. “So, Bucky, what are you doing today?” She finally asks, jumping to sit on the counter. 

“Um, nothing. I already went to the gym so I was going to watch some T.V for the rest of the day.” Bucky answers honestly, taking another bite of the steak on his plate. 

“Perfect, you can come shopping with me. I need someone to hold the bags and you need some new shirts.” She says, pointing to the stained material hugging Bucky’s chest. 

“I don’t kno-”

“Be ready in half an hour, okay?” Y/N says, turning and walking out of the kitchen.

Bucky catches Steve’s warning glare when his eyes move away from Y/N’s hips. “Bucky, I’m not joking. Nothing is to happen between you two.” Steve scolds, pointing his finger accusingly at Bucky.

“What about this one?” Y/N hums, walking out of her changing room. She’s in a floor length fitted gown, sleeveless with a large slit up her thigh. “I feel like it’s too dressy but I also don’t want to be underdressed for my own coming home party.”

Bucky nods, surveying her body. “I like it.”

She sighs, pushing some fallen hair from her cheek. “You said that about the last three dresses. I need your honest opinions, Bucky! Tell me if something makes me look bad, or the cut is weird or even if my boobs look horrific. Just be honest.”

His eyes look back down the tight black material, his teeth gnawing into his lip as she looks at herself in the mirror. “Honestly, if you wear that dress I’m sure you’ll turn many heads. You look great.”

Bucky’s words send a smile to her face, her pink lips curling up at the sides. “Is it too booby, though? I mean I want to show some cleavage but I don’t want to be spilling from the dress.” Y/N pouts at her reflection, her hands smoothing down the sides of her dress.

“You look beautiful.” Bucky says in a hushed voice, watching the tips of her ears heat up.

She twirls to look at the back, the curve of her ass popping out distinctively. Bucky can’t help when his eyes drift to her full bum, his mind wondering to dirty thoughts he knows Steve would reprimand him for.

Shaking it off, Bucky looks at the low dip of the back and her exposed shoulders. 

“Alright, I think I’ll get this one.” Y/N announces, moving back to the dressing room before shutting the door behind her. Bucky stretches out, his muscles feeling extremely tense after seeing her in so many gorgeous outfits.

He can’t get the image of the swell of her breasts pushing up against the tight dress out of his head.

He knows he shouldn’t be thinking about Y/N in the way he is, but fuck, he just wants to bend her over and ravish her until her thighs quake. He’s not even sure why he feels so compelled to be near her all the time, she’s just so alluring that Bucky can’t resist.

“Hey, Bucky?” She calls through the door, cracking it open just enough to pop her head through. She smiles widely, almost innocent like. “I can’t get the zipper. Can you help me?”

Bucky stutters for a moment before his mind eases him into the idea that he’s only unzipping it, not taking it off her. “Um, yeah.”

She moves from the doorframe, allowing Bucky space to walk in. He spots her clothes kicked to the side of the room, her bra thrown carelessly across the bench in the room. She holds her hair up, looking at him from over her shoulder as he inches closer.

Bucky’s chest is only mere inches from her back, his hands slightly shaking as he lifts them. He grabs hold of the small zipper, pulling it slowly down her back.

He can feel his fingers brushing against the rough fabric before touching her smooth skin, the contrast sending sparks through Bucky’s body. He doesn’t realize how long the zipper is until he’s reached the curve of her ass. 

She has one hand across her chest, holding the material up while the other is thrown in her hair. Bucky can’t keep his eyes off the sliver of skin peaking out between the split zipper. 

He thinks about how smooth the slope of her back would be as he ran his hand from there to her ass. His tongue peaks out to wet his lips before he’s snapped out of his thoughts by Y/N turning around to face him.

“Thank you, Bucky.” Her voice is low and sultry, almost teasing Bucky for his flushed cheeks. One of her hands reaches forwards and she runs her fingernails across the expanse of his covered abs. “You know, if you want to kiss me, you can.”

“I don’t think your father would like that.” Bucky chokes, watching her teeth chew at her enticing bottom lip. She looks up at him through her lashes, tilting her head slightly.

She pouts out her bottom lip, feeling the ridges of muscles under his shirt. “Well correct me if I’m wrong, but my father isn’t here right now. I don’t think he’s going to find out.” She hums, moving a step closer to Bucky.

He can feel his pants tightening at her seductive touch, her fingers running along the line of his belt. She licks her lips, stepping closer so their chests are pressed together. 

She removes her hand from her dress, allowing Bucky’s chest to hold the material up if he chooses to. Her hands climb Bucky’s shudders, ending up in his hair as they twirl strands of his thick locks.

He can’t help but look down at her cleavage, her breasts pressed against his chest. “I mean, unless you don’t want to kiss me.” She sighs, her eyes sparkling. “But I don’t think that’s the case, is it?”

Bucky shakes his head, his breath caught in his throat. “I wanna kiss you.” He mumbles, his hands finding her hips. He squeezes his fingers, furrowing his brows.

She smirks up at him.

“Excuse me, Miss? Does everything fit alright?” The sales rep knocks, interrupting the intimate situation happening inside. Bucky wants to groan and curse the lady, but Y/N simply hushes him.

“Everything’s great. I’ll be out in a minute.” She replies, moving away from Bucky’s wanting body.

“Bucky, what the shit? I specifically told you not to do anything with her!” Steve yells, his hands gripping the roots of his hair. 

Bucky shrugs from his place on the couch, a beer pressed to his lips. “If you felt how soft her skin is, you would’ve done the same thing I did. Plus I didn’t do anything with her, calm down.”

Steve nearly knocks the bottle from Bucky’s hands. “You didn’t do anything, but you sure as hell wanted to. Whats going to happen next time, are you going to pray for an interruption or -”

“I would never pray for an interruption when it comes to her.” Bucky chides with a smirk, kicking his feet up on the table. 

“Bucky, this is serious business we’re talking about. You need to stay away from her. Let’s go out friday for drinks, you’ll meet some girl there who can get your mind off Y/N.” Steve suggests.

Bucky shrugs again. “Doubt I’ll get my mind off her.”

no sleep for dreaming - an MMFD fic

I don’t do prompts usually because it takes me too long to write anything but I saw this one a while back and took a fancy to it.   

At first this was just going to be Finn’s POV but there was stuff I wanted to say that he wouldn’t know about so, I had to write from Rae’s POV as well, so I could include the prompt line “it’s just this once” and because I really wanted to use the line about the hotpot. I really like that line, what can I say?

It’s set after Finn’s nan’s funeral and just so you know, this is not the resting place of the porn written last week, in case that was the enticement for reading this. That’s for another time. You pervs.

As is always the way of it, love and undying gratitude to @slitherouter for her endless excitement and enthusiasm and to @how-ardently for her unstinting support and unwavering hand holding and always knowing exactly what the hell it is that I’m trying to say.

The title is taken from the Tears For Fears song Break it Down Again from their Elemental album.

These lovely people asked to be tagged. Bless them:

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Please do let me know if this is no longer the case.

For the new kids, here’s some I prepared earlier. 

Anyways, onward…

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Season 4’s Trailer For The @BBC’s Hit Series, @Sherlock221B Is Intensely Enticing

“Everyone they know is under threat” Fan-favorite, Benedict Cumberbatch has completely embraced and wow’d fans as the world-famous detective for the past three season’s now and the…

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wvldorf  asked:

1+9+10 with peter pan please ? :)

1. Come over here and make me.
9.  Let’s play a game, with no rules.
10. Teach me how to play.

Title: Stay Quiet
Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader
Warnings: Well, yeah these are to enticing to not have it so: Smut.

 My hands slid over the tall blondes shoulders as he hiked me onto his back, his arms holding my legs up and around him. I giggled playfully while he trotted around the campfire, laughing a bit as I squealed when it felt like he was going to fall, only to laugh out loud when he saved us at the last minute. 

“Felix, you’re gonna trip and fall into the fire!!” I yelled, trying to sound serious even though I continued to smile and hold back stifles of laughter. 

“Oh please, I wouldn’t do that.” He grinned, hunching his back so I fell forward a bit. “But I might accidentally toss you into it by yourself!” 

I swatted at the back of his head, snorting some as he finally set me down so I could catch my breath. “You’ll get in so much trouble!” I smirked, pointing at his nose before flicking it lightly. 

He scoffed, rubbing the tip of his nose where my fingers had hit. “Of course I would.” He winked at me, raising a brow. “You’re his favorite.” 

I blushed, clearing my throat as I tossed my hair over my shoulder. “Right…Well…That’s not what I was getting at.” My words were pushed together into one really fast sentence as I tried to avoid the subject that Felix was hinting at. 

He chuckled. “You’re kinda adorable when you’re flustered, no wonder Peter likes you so much.” 

“Quit that!” I grumbled, swatting at his hand when he tried to ruffle up my hair. “He doesn’t even like me. Not like that.” 

Felix snorted in laughter before heading over to one of the logs to sit down. “Yeah, okay. If you say so.” 

I rolled my eyes before glancing around the area, noticing Peter across the way, watching me and Felix with a look on his face that made me wonder if he was mad or if he always looked like that. “I’m uh…Gonna go over–”

“To see Peter?” Felix grinned. “Go on then.”

“Hey, don’t make it sound weird.” 

“It is weird.” He laughed. “But I’m not judging either of you.” 

I shot him a dirty look before I headed over to Peter, his eyes lifted to meet mine before he stood, turning away from me to head into the forest. I frowned, a bit hurt that he walked away from me, but mostly wondering what I did to make him act like that. 

I sighed and hurried after him, trying to pick up my speed without tripping on any of the roots and weeds. “Peter…Ugh, what’s going on?” He kept walking and I huffed, tossing a piece of a stick at his back. He sent a dark look over his shoulder and I tossed my gaze to the floor. “Peter will you knock it off?” 

When he kept walking, I stopped and slammed my hands onto my hips. “Stop walking!” 

He snorted, but he did stop, just long enough to turn around to face me, but he started walking again, this time backwards. “Why?” 

“Because I want to talk to you.” I said and then glared. “And because I said so.”

Again, his brow raised and he gave me a dark smirk. “Come over here and make me.”

At first, I thought his tone was harsh, as if he really was mad, but when he said the last two words, it changed, it was huskier, almost full of something I hadn’t heard come from Peter…Lust. 

I swallowed a bit and then growled, grabbing onto some confidence once again before I moved forward with a bit more ease, reaching a hand out to quickly grab his arm while he was still moving backwards. 

I tugged it, making him trip a bit forward until he was almost chest to chest with me. “Stop. Walking.” 

He grinned a bit, raising a brow. “Alright. What?”

“Why are you being so rude?” I replied, my brows furrowing. 

He rolled his eyes this time and took my hand off his arm. “Go back and play with Felix, you looked like you were having enough fun.” 

I laughed. Instantly, I realized what I did and slapped a hand over my mouth, eyes wide as I watched Peter shoot me a fierce look. “Sorry.” I mumbled through my hand. 

“What was so funny?” The lost boy shot back, his face contorting into a sneer. 

I cleared my throat. “Oh…Nothing…You just…I mean…You were…Or…well…” I tried to say it without making him any angrier. “You…sounded jealous.”

“What?!” He hissed, I flinched a bit. “Please.”

Taking my hand from my mouth, Peter tugged it forward and behind him, pressing me even closer against him. “Please, if I wanted your attention, I’d get it. Like I have it right now and all it took was for me to walk away from you.” 

I blushed a bit. “That doesn’t mean you have my attention, I just wanted to see why you were mad.” 

“I’m not mad.” He sniped, rolling his eyes. “I’m…I’m bored.” Peter’s lips curled into a dark smirk as he caught my gaze.

“Bored?” I asked, my tone full of disbelief. 

“Yeah, bored.” His smirk grew into a grin. “I want to play something.” 

“Play what?”

“A game.” He nodded. “Yeah a game. Let’s play one. With no rules.”

My head tilted, finally interested. I really did enjoy games, even the dark ones Peter came up with. It was one of the reasons why he let me stay as the first Lost Girl. “Okay…What kinda game?” 

Peter turned us around until my back came in contact with a large boulder, his grin never faltering as his eyes trailed over my body. “I don’t think you’ve played this kinda game before, Y/N.” 

I raised a brow, suddenly even more curious. “Teach me how to play.”

The boy chuckled, lifting my chin up with the end of his finger tip. “Oh, I will, little Lost Girl.” 

“What’s the game called?” I asked, shivering as he trailed his finger from my chin down the side of my neck. 

“It’s called; Stay quiet.” The last two words were whispered huskily into my ear, his lips lingering over my earlobe. 

I nodded. “Okay…” My voice was a low whisper, I was starting to get the point of the game. “Tell me what to do?” 

He grinned, biting my neck, making me gasp out. “Stay quiet.” He said bluntly, as if it was obvious. “You have to stay quiet…If you make to much noise, you’ll lose. So whoever doesn’t make noise…wins.” 

I scrunched up my face. “I thought you said there were no rules.”

“It’s not a rule, love.” Peter laughed, his hands trailing over my sides. “It’s the object.”

“Hm.” I purred, letting him run his hands down my backside and over the plump flesh of my rear end. “Do we get to take turns?”

Peter chuckled and shook his head, pressing his hips into mind and bucking them up. I almost moaned, but I instantly remembered the object of the game, I bit back the noise and bit my lip instead. “I’ll see if I decide to give you a turn.” 

Before I could respond, Peter leaned forward, capturing my lips with his own. My eyes fluttered before I shut them, bringing my hands up to tangle into his hair as he deepened the kiss, running his tongue over my lower lip. 

I didn’t hesitate granting him access into my mouth by parting them slowly. His tongue slid into my awaiting mouth, running over my own, our tastes mixing together. His hands on the back of my hips gripped my plump flesh before lifting me up, forcing my legs to wrap around his waist. 

My body arched up against his hips, making me moan quietly into the kiss. Instantly, Peter broke away from my lips, his hand removing itself from my rear end, it arched back before he slapped it back against me. “Strike one.”

I shuddered again at the dark tone in his voice before letting him pull me back into another kiss. He pressed his hips against mine, rotating them in a circle, panting softly as he tried not to make any noise himself. 

My hand reached down between us, sliding slowly over the Lost Boy’s hardened member through the fabric of his clothes. I watched as he pulled from the kiss, his eyes shut tightly as he tried his best not to groan out loud. Once he swallowed back the urge, he struck forward, starting an assault down my neck with his lips and teeth. I continued moving my hand slowly over the front of his boxers before he groaned, tilting his hips up into my hand. 

I grinned. “Strike one.” I mimicked his earlier tone before biting his lower lip, holding the flesh between my teeth as I gazed into his eyes. I let go slowly, my hand pulling back from between us. He frowned, sending me a small glare. “Go on then, get rid of these clothes.”

His frown turned into a lust-filled grin, his hand coming up so he could snap his fingers. Instantly, I could feel his skin against my own and even more important at that current moment, I could feel his member pressed firmly against my entrance, the tip slick with my own excitement already. 

He panted softly, his hands gripping my hips. “Remember the game.” He grinned before tugging my hips forward, making him slam into me roughly, pressing in deep enough to instantly hit my spot perfectly. 

I couldn’t help it, I couldn’t even do anything to try and stop it, I let out a light scream, watching as his eyes shot to mine. His lips lifted, showing his teeth as he curled his mouth into another grin. “Strike two.”

I whimpered, brows furrowing together. I hated to lose anything. I shook my head, biting down onto my lip. I refused to make another noise from here out. I planned on winning this game. 

He slowly pulled back, rotating his hips into a different angle before thrusting back in. My hand reached up to sit on the back of his head as I pushed him forward, forcing his lips against mine. The kiss was what kept me from making anymore noise as he repeated the earlier movements. Pulling back, changing his angle and then pushing back in. 

Each time, I wanted to moan, scream, yell out his name, but I just kept kissing him, my tongue battling against his own. Finally, he picked up his speed, making us both break from the kiss, the movement and pleasure becoming to intense to keep up the work of moving our lips together.

This time, Peter groaned, his hand tight on my hip, holding me in place as he used all his speed and force to thrust into me. “S-Strike two.” I moaned, smirking some as he gave me a small glare. 

“Game over, Y/N.” He grunted, pressing deeply into me while he rotated his hips slowly.  “I want to hear you say my name. Over–He pulled back– and –He shoved back into me roughly– over again.” 

I moaned, tilting my head back. “Are you forfeiting?” I grinned a bit. 

Peter nipped at my lip, kissing me roughly again before pulling back. “I forfeit, just…” He grunted. “Say my name, Y/N.” 

Instantly, he began his movements once again, this time faster and harder, making my head fall back against the rock. “Yes…” I whimpered, my hips bucking up to meet his thrusts. “Peter!” 

He grinned, his lips trailing down to my chest, one hand coming up to cup underneath my breast, bringing it up to his mouth as he nipped the flesh, sucking the spot softly. 

I continued to moan, listening as he let out grunts and groans of his own before he finally gripped my sides, his movements loosing their rhythm. 

“Y/N…” He said quietly, his mouth right next to my ear as he trailed kisses against my neck, sucking lightly on my earlobe. 

I nodded, moaning, my body shuddering in pleasure as I let out a soft scream, my body erupting in a white hot feeling of intensity. He groaned loudly, my walls clenching around him making him unable to hold back any longer.

A moment later he helped me back to my feet, a noise coming our way making him snap his fingers so we were once again clothed. It wasn’t long after that Felix slipped through the bushes, raising a brow. “What was all that screaming about?” 

Peter smirked, glancing over at me. “Nothing, we were…just playing a game.” 

Felix rolled his eyes. “A very loud game. What was it called?” 

I snorted, grinning a bit at Peter. “Stay quiet.”

July 24, 2016

The Moon enters bold Aries at 8:34 AM, pushing us to be brave, forward thinking and maybe a bit pushy. There are now six planets in fire signs, which should pull us out our introspective, self insulating mode and spur us out into the world with bright outlooks and a self confident stature, be gentle when dealing with others.

The Sun and the Moon trine near noon enhancing the fiery influence we have and enticing us to move ahead on projects, cooperative ventures and money making plans. There are small aspects to Venus and Mercury that ask us to carefully express ourselves in financial dealings and love relationships.

 Venus forms a quincunx with Rx Pluto tonight, which prompts some rethinking of plans, words expressed and items recently bought. Make sure no one and nothing is manipulating your feelings when it comes to either love or money, check in and control your tendency to use sex or spending to quell uncomfortable emotional feelings. This may be the time to meditate on what is or is not helpful to you.

Tarot Cards of the Day:-The 4 of Wands, Temperance and the Queen of Wands-use cooperation and blending of ideas, people and places to hold your place of honor firm. Stand tall, use your spunk, determination and know how to build new confidence.

In order to balance the fire elements bring in some fluidity with an amethyst, a lapis and a blue agate to keep intuition and speech clear. Make a blend of lavender, jasmine and orange essential oils. In yoga stay slow and quiet, with yin or restorative poses. 

mbti types as things i have called my friends before
  • intj:gangrenous meerkats
  • intp:pessimistic magpies
  • entj:demented prawns
  • entp:vibrant hippos
  • infj:ethereal penguins
  • infp:whimsical sheep
  • enfj:harmless flamingoes
  • enfp:kooky wolves
  • istj:monotonous tigers
  • isfj:mystical cows
  • estj:perforated chickens
  • esfj:enticing hermit crabs
  • istp:delirious pandas
  • isfp:capricious chimpanzees
  • estp:flawless polar bears
  • esfp:flamboyant tortoises

I got the newest Sumikkogurashi 3DS game! “村をつくるんです” (Let’s Raise a Farm).

The premise is that the Sumikko friends have won a small patch of farmland (and a free cucumber patch) in the lottery and it’s up to them (well…you, really) to make the farm great!

When they arrive at the place, it’s all a bit bare. But don’t worry, this time your Sumikko pals will make requests for things they want to put in their farm; pictured is Shirokuma making a request for a leisure sheet (a picnic blanket). A fun thing about this is that you get to place the goods wherever you want this time and design your own farm!

You raise vegetables and play minigames to work up a good “harvest”, then haul the booty to town so you can trade it for furniture, costumes and more. You can also win more land in the lottery and expand the farm.

Also, making your Sumikko pals happy enough will entice them to invite their pals over (the Minikko)!

It’s really cute and I’m looking forward to playing it more!

         may 18, 1677
            sforza, italy
              challenge 2

The morning was a bright one, an easy one; there had always been something about Sforza that had been undeniably amicable in all its intents and purposes, for nothing bad had ever seemed to touch it. Each time Abel visited his favorite walled town, with eyes set upon the cathedral, the market, the square, he grew to love it and its people more and more; some of the elders who spent their days washing clothes and hanging them upon lines outside their homes seemed to recognize him, for it was undeniable that he visited more often than he should.

Jesus had always encouraged them to visit Earth in small bursts; it would do the humans no good to recognize them time and time again, for the faith of some was not strong enough to stomach an angel walking among them.

But Abel simply could not stay away, for the sun was too bright, the music too jovial, and the sounds and smells of the market too enticing to resist. It was life – Abel could not pass up such a prime opportunity to see life happening before their very eyes. He never aged, never changed, and neither did his constant companion who, at present, was attached to his hand with a vice grip born of excitement and pride at his favorite place. It was his undeniable pleasure to share this place with Raphael, for if anyone could appreciate the merits of a good spring market, it was Raphael. Raphael, who clung to his hand in equal strength and equal measure, who he had promised good music and even better food. The wine certainly wouldn’t be bad either; Abel had promised himself, however, that he would not be too gone to dance at least once, as a result of said wine. He had learned his lesson in ’42.

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Although it’s sad that this was the last splatfest, there is something to possibly be happy about

Splatoon was a HUGE success for Nintendo and is well loved, it’s one of the best new IP’s in recent years, especially since it appealed to a wide variety of age groups

Because of this, I seriously expect Splatoon 2 (or you could say, Spla-two-on) to be made, and tbh…I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re actually working on it now

With the NX coming next year, Nintendo are gonna want to have a strong games line up for the start to not only entice people to buy one straight away, but to also show a strong support for the console, both across first and third party games (after all, whilst the Wii U is a good console, it lost some of the support the Wii had, and this did hurt the sales and console somewhat)

Perhaps the reason the splatfests have ended now, despite only a year passing, is because the team are shifting full focus on working on a sequel for the NX’s launch, a Splatoon sequel could help to market the system due to how popular it has grown (plus, the success of Splatoon shows how much a new IP can succeed, I wouldn’t be surprised if this has inspired the creation of new IP’s for Nintendo)

Even if it’s not a launch title, I still expect that we’ll end up seeing a sequel announcement within the next year, maybe it’ll be when Nintendo reveals the NX to us properly, maybe it’ll be at E3 next June, who knows, but I think it could be a safe bet

Another thing to expect is that they’ll be doing a lot more for the initial game after learning from the first game. It was a new IP so there was a lot of testing the ink- I mean water, they now know what people like, what they don’t like, and how to improve and make the next game even better. I think Splatoon 2 will be a bigger game from launch, and could possibly keep up its free DLC-in-updates model since that was extremely well received

I’m not saying this is 100% what is happening, but I think that it is a likely case, or that it’s correct to a degree. Here’s hoping it doesn’t take long to find out

anonymous asked:

The elephants 😨 I have no words for this. Why is it so difficult to create an accurate arthurian movie?

Right? Right??? It’s really bloody annoying that all these producers are like “We need our own game of thrones!!! Something just as crazy!!!” & it’s just.. If they read the Le Morte d’Arthur they will realise that it is 100x crazier than Game of Thrones - that’s their drama right there, you don’t need to add to it or alter to make it more enticing & dramatic, it’s all there. Just accurately put world to film/TV. & cast a ginger Princess Guinevere, for goodness sake, just gimme a ginger ((Princess)) to Queen Guinevere. Make Guinevere as accurate as possible & idc about anyone else. 

what’s up beautiful people? thanks for all the welcome messages so far; i’ll get to those as soon as this is done with. i’m pretty crap with intro posts / tl;dr posts / plotcalls so give me points for effort fam bc my existence is the definition of the ‘u tried’ star okay. do like this post if you’d like to plot with my child tho! 

(entices u with my cutie)

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