the signs as lifeguards

aries: the spontaneous lifeguard that blows their whistle every two seconds for no reason
taurus: the bored lifeguard that wears really dark sunglasses so no one can see that they’re sleeping
gemini: the easily distracted lifeguard that notices everything except for endangered swimmers
cancer: the caring lifeguard that’s just trying to work on their tan but if a kid splashes them they’ll smack that child with a pool noodle
leo: the diva lifeguard that would really rather not get their hair wet so don’t drown pls
virgo: the sweet lifeguard that’s secretly judging or checking out everyone at the pool
libra: the quirky lifeguard that casually flirts with the swimmers and dips their legs in the pool
scorpio: the steamy lifeguard who won’t stop at just mouth to mouth
sagittarius: the daring lifeguard that tries to show everyone a perfect dive but slips and ends up doing some belly flop move oops
capricorn: the dictator lifeguard that shoots people who break the rules with their water gun
aquarius: the enticing lifeguard that rocks their red swimsuit and disregards the pool rules
pisces: the fun lifeguard that swims with everyone while they’re on duty


Two new items are up in the shop at Bucky’s Bomb Yard!

Nautical Adventure Bath Bomb Set - This nautical themed bath bomb set comes with all three of the following bombs: Weigh Anchor(blue Anchor bomb), Navigator(green compass bomb) and Helmsman(orange shipwheel bomb). Close your eyes and imagine being adrift at see while you relax in your tub with these bombs. Weigh Anchor will give your water the color of the clear blue ocean while the scent of “Cool Waters” and “Sea Breeze” drift around you. The Helmsman will color your water like the warm sands with a scent called “Ocean Overlook”. And lastly, Navigator will turn your water an enticing green, the color of the tropical island’s flora while the scent of “Island Blossoms” surround you. These bombs may be separated for individual purchase in the future but for now they’re being sold as a set only!

Bourbon Dragon -  This dragon themed bath bomb is carefully and cautiously handmade from a lovely mold, carrying a purple color and the scent of Bourbon Vanilla. Very relaxing!

Both of these items will also be available in Shower Fizz form in the near future! These are awesome summer scents!

This is so insane guys… 500 people. This is a nice little early present for my birthday which is tomorrow (20 Woohoo!). Thank you all so much for following my little Tumblr blog here, every note and every follower actually really makes me happy.

I’m not sure what else to say, so I’ll go ahead and tell you that all the people I listed below are pretty super awesome. I owe a big thanks to some of the people here, because without them I wouldn’t be where I am today :)

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Sometimes when I look at people I just see them covered in blood sucking demons and I have to smile and act normal and go on my way. Evil is not pretty, maybe enticing at first, but will alway rear and unfold to its full form.

Klaroline + “I like that dress. You’re enticing.  Like a zebra” (which is my new go-to pickup line) for cupcakemolotov.

It had been done on a dare.

               Well, okay, Kol had been dared to do it by Rebekah, and somehow Klaus had gotten roped into playing a part as well, and now he sat at the bar, scowling at anyone that got too close, and feeling far far too exposed for comfort.

               “Nik, you need to quit pouting.  You’re doing this for a good cause.”

               “And exactly how does my dressing in drag assist your cause, Bekah?” Klaus replied, tapping his glass on the counter for another drink, and wondering how many more it would take to wipe this night out of his memory.

               “Well, it’s all for the theme.  All these girls didn’t come to gawk at my legs” – as she spoke, a brunette walked by, and Klaus raised his brows at his sister, because those certainly weren’t his legs the girl was interested in, and Bekah shrugged – “most of these girls didn’t come to gawk at my legs.”

               Klaus considered everything he could say, most of it rather acerbic and sure to send Bekah into one of her moods, where she was impossible to live with for days to follow.  He had nearly decided it would be worth it, just to get the last laugh, when a loud burst of laughter came from the corner, drawing both of their attention.

               It was Kol, of course, tossing his head and the long brunette wig he wore there and flirting with the girls and boys that surrounded him alike.  The sight made Klaus roll his eyes and look to Bekah.

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So this isn’t a great photo, but there’s a funny story behind it.

When I went whale watching a couple weeks ago, we encountered a lot of Dall’s porpoises but none of them wanted to ride in pressure wave created by the bow of the boat like they usually do (I suspect it was because were were in a catamaran; not good for generating pressure waves).

At one point we were trying to tempt the Dall’s porpoises over by turning the boat in circle. Well, if you’ve ever been a boat, you know that when you make tight circles, you get a pretty good view of the wake you just produced. And while the porpoises weren’t enticed with our circle-turning, they LOVED the wake wave we produced. 

I watched these porpoises come to a screeching halt, pull a complete 180, and go flying over to that wake so they could surf in it. I don’t know why they love stuff like this so much, but it’s absolutely hilarious to watch. 

so cleaning out my files today i found this drabble


No one argued with Brutus, because Brutus did not argue: he debated. Sure, one might argue at Brutus, but his temper could not be driven to spark and spatter in response, nor his reasoning to falter, nor his voice to strain. Nonetheless his passion was unmistakable—bold, even, and inexhaustibly constant. Everything about him shone and concealed, in a manner both direct and evasive, absurdly honest and yet subdued, gentle, impermeable. In a manner that enticed any of curious disposition to wonder at what lay hidden on the other side of him—if one were to crack him open.

Cassius, for one, had no qualms in pursuing a curiosity.


i think i meant to make this into a longer fic at one point, but then forgot about it entirely until just now. i’m surprisingly pleased with it; i love it when past me leaves presents for future me. 

anonymous asked:

Any fics where Draco and Hermione meet/get together at a wedding?

Title: Eleanor Rigby’s
Author: yenesi
Rating: R
Genre(s): Romance, Angst
Chapters: 3
Word Count: 15,084
Summary: March is a busy month for the gang; it’s Ron’s 25th birthday party at a bar and Ginny’s uberly fantastic wedding the next week. However, Hermione finds herself in a rut when she’s not invited to the nuptials, and Draco takes it upon himself to make sure she gets to attend. See how it all plays out in…

Title: Entice
Author: BelleBelles
Rating: PT
Genre(s): Fluff, Romance
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 769
Summary: Draco is at Theo’s wedding reception. He is the last man standing. He wants to be loved and only a young woman is able to catch his attention.

Title: I’m Not the Bride
Author: mindifislytherintom
Rating: 15+
Genre(s): Humor, Romance
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 2,731
Summary: Ron is marrying Lavender, and he’s decided not to invite Hermione, on Lavender’s orders that is. So Hermione is very upset, and Draco convinces her to crash the wedding reception.

Title: In A Roman Bathtub We Fell In Love
Author: Moreteadk
Rating: NC-17
Genre(s): Romance
Chapters: 4
Word Count: 18,005
Summary: Attending a wedding she was only invited to out of politeness, Hermione suddenly finds herself on the receiving end of a very odd courtship from an even more unlikely (and very inebriated) suitor.

Title: Nicest Thing
Author: Allleila
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance, Drama
Chapters: 17
Word Count: 47,903
Summary: It was meant to be a one night stand but somehow it blossomed into much more. More than either of them was willing to accept.Post- Hogwarts Era. EWE

- Lisa