SPJ Airplay and Why AGG Won’t Join

As many people know, SPJ is hosting a panel on GG.  SPJ is THE board for American journalistic ethics.  So far, we have the pro side lined up but none for the anti side.  To understand why, lets look at the pro roster.

That’s an impressive roster.  Not only doe sit include veterans of both game design and journalism, but also includes numerous individuals notable for collection of data, research, citations, etc.  There also numerous individuals who are proven to handle their own in debates, notably Sommers, Milo and Oliver.

So why aren’t AGG lining up to go up against them?  For a few reasons.

  1. They know they’ll lose.  They’re going up against people who know their stuff, who have been in academic debates, who know how to present an argument.  And they’ll be given free time to make their case.  AGG is known less for facts and more for execution in the court of public opinion.
  2. Their biggest insult is worthless.  They’re going against a panel containing a black man, a gay man and three women.  Calling people cis, straight white men isn’t going to work here.
  3. They know that whoever they’re with on the panel, they’re seated with vipers.  The second they lose (and they will lose) the debate, their fellow panelists will try to save face by placing blame on everyone else.

The, of course, there’s other reasons.  People like Anita Sarkeesian may have to test, without a script, how well she knows video games.  Zoe Quinn may be forced to explain why she was a member of Helldump.  Brianna Wu might have to atone for all the awful shit she’s said and the proven lies she’s been caught in.  Chu might have to face down why he let rapes go unreported.

If you look at the pro roster, save for Milo, everyone is clean.  I severely doubt Agg could produce such a sterling group of individuals, with the credentials and experience that the pro side has produced.

And that is why nobody is signing up to go do the talk.