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In most animated media, fish tend to be drawn hyperrealistically. Their movements are naturalistic, and they never exhibit any trace of personality, even when other animals or Mons are very iconic and anthropomorphic. This particularly noticeable …

This pissed me off so much as a youngin cause I was a weird fish kid and even in talking animal cartoons where non vertebrates like insects and snails get to speak fish are still usually treated as expendable non thinking “un animal” entities. Even reptile/amphibian/invertebrate enthusiest young me who hated nonmammals being villanized could still enjoy them as villains, fish didn’t get shit most of the time save for a few sharks.

This bothers me less now since weird inconstant anthropomorphism is funny, but it does make me crave drawing some fish characters…

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Name: Trace

Nicknames: i dont have any lol. Little kids call me Trae tho and i think its cute

Zodiac sign: scorpio

Height: either 5'8" or 5'9" im not really sure

Orientation: demiromantic and polyamorous

Nationality: canadian

Favourite fruit: kiwi and strawberries

Favourite season: spring and fall

Favourite book: ‘survive the night’ by Danielle Vega. 10/10 my all time favourite read. Its one of the best horror books ive ever read.

Favourite flower: sunflowers. They are really big and bright.

Favourite scent: pine and anything that smells earthy. Im just a big nature enthusiest and i spend lots of time in the forest since it helps calm my anxiety.

Favourite colour: definetly green.

Favourite animals: arachnids and elephants

Coffee, tea, hot cocoa: coffee

Average hours of sleep: id say about 4-6. Sometimes less, sometimes more. It depends on my mental state.

Cat or dog person: both. Though i personally own a cat. His name is Mim and he’ the light of my life.

Favourite fictional character: Hunk from voltron. Id die for that boy.

Number of blankets you sleep with: i have three blankets and like 4 pillows

Dream trip: its currently going to youmacon with my qp in November to celebrate both of our birthdays so thats kinda like the only trip i care about lol

Blog created: idk sometime like 3 years ago.???

And the follower award goes to: @ask-sportarobbie @mechamind @mac-n-cheesalicious @asd-yuurikatsuki @fandomsforever259

“Carl, your dang kitten is getting into everything.”

Ted the Animator: “I’ve had enough of his… ack, see? He just swatted away the top sheet while I was shooting a frame. He does this all the time.”

Carl the Animator: “Awww, he doesn’t mean any harm, do ya, little guy?”

Ted the Animator: “It’s not ok, it makes the layer too bright! You should know that by now, we’ve been making shows together for years.”

Carl the Animator: “Oh, c’mon, who’s gonna care if a weird alligator guy is a lil’ brighter for a frame?”

Ted the Animator: “He also did it here.

Carl the Animator: “C’mon, who’s gonna care if Fred Flintstone crouching next to a stable is oddly brighter for a frame?”

Ted the Animator: “And here.

Carl the Animator: “C’mon, who’s gonna care if a weird robo-dog… twisting himself into a spiral, while… clutching a log… is a lot brighter for a frame?”

Ted the Animator:AND HERE.

Carl the Animator: “C’mon, who’s gonna care if Scooby-Dum, on an ostrich, is way way brighter for a fra-”

Ted the Animator: “Hush, you. With our luck, we’ll learn that 70% of Hanna-Barbera’s audience is comprised of dog-ostrich-race-enthusiests.”

Carl the Animator: “That seems rather unlikely.”

Ted the Animator: “And they’ll all send very sternly-worded letters straight to your kitten.”

Carl the Animator: “Oh, I know little Carl can handle it. He’s quite–”

Ted the Animator: “…wait, did you just call him Carl? You named your kitten after yourself?”

Carl the Animator: “Well, officially, he’s named Carl’s Jr., ‘cause he’s like a littler Carl, and–” 

Ted the Animator: “…isn’t Carl’s Jr. the name of a restaurant chain?”

Carl the Animator: “…what? Naaaah.”

Ted the Animator: “I’m fairly sure it is.”

Carl the Animator: “Well, they’re gonna have to change their company’s name, ‘cause Lil’ Carl is the original Carl’s Jr.”

Ted the Animator: “Alright, alright… just don’t be surprised if someone tries to order a charbroiled burger and soda from your cat.”

Carl the Animator: “Shaddup.”

Now it’s time for that boring paragraph before a Follow Forever where the person honestly can’t believe how many followers they have and how much they appreciate everyone.

All of that is true however and it’s hard to believe it took me slightly less than a year to get 1k but only three months to get 2k. However during those three months I’ve met a lot of new blogs and such so I figured I’d do another follow forever. Some of you people are cool enough to mention again.

Also my last FF was plagued by fucking holiday names and I wanted to light my room on fire.

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All of these people are pretty cool and worth checking out if nothing else. Thanks again for following. I’ll try and be more consistent with what it is I do.

Gun enthusiests!

I need your help. I’m doing a paper on a Vietnam War issue and the topic I picked was one that suites my fancy: firearms.
And the topic is the M16 vs the AK47.

No, this isn’t the standard “M16 is more accurate, AK never jams” spiel. I need specs, actual facts about the firearms, the design, the inplimentation, the issues each faced, and so on.

Does anyone have any good sources that they could link me to? Or even a Book I could try to find?

Any help is appreciated!