lordmadamjeffy  asked:

I love following your blog do you know of any other PoC fashion/pastel blogs I could follow?

Hey, thanks! and sure.

Here are some POC Fashion/Hair blogs I follow:

Here are some personal POC blogs I follow 

Here are some general [pastel] hair blogs I follow (all enthnicities)

Being mixed, being two ethnicity’s, whatever you want to call it, doesn’t give you any less of a right to either culture, and it doesn’t make either culture any less yours.

We are just more fortunate to get to enjoy two instead of one as our own.

Point being: It’s sickening that anyone dares to tell a person of two or more cultures or ethnicity’s that they are not really this or that, or that they don’t really belong to one or either culture because they aren’t full blood or whatever. It’s hard enough feeling a loss of racial identity.