Words that start with...

I’ve been tagged from the amazing @stevelovesbarnes <3

Rules: Answer your questions with the first letters of your name, then tag ten people. If the person that tagged you has the same initial, you have to use different answes.

What is your name? Elisa

A four letter word? Envy

A boy’s name: Emanuele

An occupation? Entertrainer

Something you wear? Earmuffs

A color? Emerald

A food? Egg rolls

A place? Empoli (Italy)

Something you shout? Eat me, I’m organic!

A movie title? Empire Strikes Back

Something you drink? Eggnog

An animal? Eagle <3

A car? Enfield

A song? Emperor’s new clothes by Panic!At The Disco

Tags: @italianmemes101 @avengerschatroom @arfrona @0athenachan0 and whoever wants to do it :D