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“Hum..? What?”

Covering the hands under the sleeves of her pink jvest she observed curious three persons in front of her eyes. They wore all different and colored clothes.. And they don’t live in Trigraph apparently. She didn’t want to show herself courteous or adorable to her interlocutors, thus she stared them, waiting that one of them reacts. She was not afraid of the cold for the moment despite with her light clothes for a wintry season.

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It was night in Ozette, and anyone foolish enough to try and visit the place at this time are either a) crazy or b) asking for trouble. The town was located near the Gaoracchia Forest, where tales of the travelers and of the dead roam around.

So just why was Presea in the forest?

The young girl was going back to Ozette after finishing a client’s request of a stack of wood from a certain part near Sybak. She knew the path back by heart, so she wasn’t really worried of getting lost in the forest of doom.

She continued to walk, cutting down any monsters in her path as she did so. From the side, she heard rustling, which made her stop. Sounds like something dangerous, her instincts told her. She automatically got into position, her ax at the ready as she waited for whatever was out there to come out.