entertainment robots

A small mockup I made of a prototype I worked on a couple of years back. I called it Terminal Velocity. The idea was that humans were torturing robots for entertainment in cruel game shows.

Terminal Velocity was kind of separated into two phases, one was climbing the tower as high as you could, before falling down the tower. You’d get a score based on the height you fell as well as hitting certain obstacles on the way down for multipliers of the score. I kinda wanted an announcer to add another level of absurdity and dark humour to the whole thing.

Might revisit this one day. The concept was simple enough, I just didn’t feel too strongly about the social commentary to pursue it further at the time.

*weeps gently bc zenyatta is the most wholesome robot i have ever seen

what a good

genji made the flower crown

Okay, that season finale of Westworld was amazing, and I loved it. But what I really want to know is… Where’s my man Security Chief Stubbs? Honestly, dude friggin’ called this situation from episode 1. He was the only character that knew what show he was in. If anyone’s going to survive the entertainment robot uprising, it’s going to be him.


Heavy+powerful, Brassman is the first robot created by Doctor Gutierrez of California, USA. Originally created to be an entertainer; a one-robot band. His appearance is as heavy as he looks, but uses his weight to the advantage when earth-shattering booms of sound are shot out from his horns at full force.

Weapon: TUBA BOOM. 

LIKES:  Being loud, Making music upon request or for fun, pleasing an audience, small animals and brass horns.

DISLIKES: Libraries, silence, scaring away people, large bodies of water or mud… it is a possible weakness.

He is known to become lonely (His loud nature scares people and animals away). He dreams of finding a lover who is just as loud.