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Autumn ride together 🍂 Where are they going? 🍁

  • Jiyong: but how would you entertain me if we hung out?
  • Seungri: probably board games or something
  • Jiyong: is that all? 😏😉
  • Seungri: maybe a card game like uno
  • Jiyong: what about after that?
  • Seungri: pizza
  • Jiyong: then what? 😉
  • Seungri: Mario kart
Handle The Baseball Player (Negan x Becca)

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“Bases are loaded, Lucille Warner up to bat. The pitch is thrown and IT. IS. OUT OF HERE. AHHHH!”  

I laughed as I watched my husband chase our five year old daughter around the backyard. Lucille loved baseball, and Negan was more than happy to provide her with the outdoor entertainment.

“Lucille, honey, come inside and get washed up for dinner sweetheart.” I said, standing on the back porch.

“Awe, five more minutes, mommy!”

“Oh you heard your mother, get inside player.” said Negan. He lifted Lucille up over his shoulder, carrying her inside. I followed behind.

All of a sudden, I felt a rush of pain through my head. I got migraines regularly, and apparently one had chosen to come now.

I winced, leaning my shoulder against the wall. The headaches made me dizzy.

“Hey, hey, Becca you okay?” asked Negan. I could feel him walk up behind me. He wrapped his arms around me, nuzzling his head into my neck.

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll be fine. You know these random headaches.” I said. I stood up, ready to go make dinner. I stumbled as I walked towards the sink. Negan was behind me to catch me in a flash.

“Alright, I’m in charge of dinner for the night. Let’s go, you’re going upstairs for a nap.” said Negan. Before I could protest, he swept me up, ready to carry me up the stairs.

Reaching our bedroom, he laid me on the bed, tucking me under the blankets.

“I love you, Becca.”

“I love you, too.”

“DAAAADDDDDD!” Negan chuckled, turning to answer Lucille.

“I’ll be down in a minute, Striker!” referring to Lucille in the nickname she had given herself.

“Gotta go handle the baseball player.”

The last night. That was the last we were together. It was the next morning the walkers came. The next morning Negan and I woke up from the screams of Lucille. She had woken up early. She wanted to run outside.

She just wanted to be a baseball player.

It was later that day Negan and I got separated. We didn’t know what we were doing; we didn’t know how to survive.

It was weeks later I found Rick’s group. I had stayed around ever since. I needed a family, and somehow I had found one.

Six years later I now sat kneeling with my head down. I hadn’t been on a run in months, my headaches getting too bad, the one time I decide to join and here we are.

I now know why no one would tell me who we were expecting to see.

“Hi, I’m Negan.”

I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t even look up at the man that to this day, I was still in love with.


My best friend, the fighter. The strongest man I have ever known. Negan, my Negan, had turned into this monster.


I could feel Maggie falling apart. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t look up.

“Lucille is thirsty.”

My eyes widened at the name. How could he be doing all this in the name of our daughter?

“What? Was the joke that bad?” asked Negan.

He walked around us, the essence of pride radiating off of him. He kept walking before stopping in front of me.

“What about you, sweetheart? Shy? C’mon, let me that pretty face.”

I took a breath, trying to figure out what to say here. One wrong move and he would kill another one of my family.

Luckily, I knew my husband.

“Guess you couldn’t handle the baseball player.” I said. I raised my head slowly, wanting to look him in the eye.

Negan’s eyes went wide, recognizing me in an instant. He dropped the baseball bat in shock.


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Part 2, maybe? 

Insider info (Taeyeon, Key dating a male model, Kaisoo..etc)

So I’ve been basically binge reading these Kaisoo theories amd I can’t help but remember how it matched well with what my senior during an internship said before.

I won’t go into details since I was an intern for their company last year and I couldn’t elaborate our whole talk but APPARENTLY her friend tried out to audition for SM and got in and was a trainee for a short period of time. She even showed me pics of her trainee friend in sm so it’s legit and I kinda trust her stories since she’s sane and a graduate of a prestigious school cause yaknow some crazies would attack this post. She likes kpop but she’s not in deep since she’s in the peak of her career.

So i got stuff like Taeyeon is short tempered and really rude… would shout at staff when her mic isn’t working…that could be due to stress though she said. But her friend said that Taeyeon is really rude. And yeah, BaekYeon was a stunt by SM so I asked her if ChanBaek is possible but she said that he did not mention about it but might not be true since SM planned them to be the main OTP of EXO and rumors would spread like fire within the company if they really were. Like how Key is really gay, and is dating a male model. THIS ONE was the main reason why I’m posting thjs since I saw posts of it just now. So we talked about sexuality within SM and my senior said that Suho was gay…… I have no opinions regarding this tbh. She said that this rumor is really the biggest one within trainees. And lastly. She confirmed to me that KaiSoo is a thing.

Since I lowkey liked KaiSoo before and shipped ChanBaek like there’s no tomorrow we did not dwell on the topic deeper but we talked about it for quite a while and then shifting the topic when she met EXO and she said that Kyungsoo was really cute and small~

Since this was really a word of mouth I can’t prove to ya’ll how this is 100% legit but basing on some evidences and community posts about these I can tell that my source was really legit.

And no fights please!! I just wanted to put this out there…. I literally told just one friend about this and rn after taking in all these insider posts I can’t help but share this also :-)

I just came back from an hour and a half long walk from just around the city and I must ! Do this more often from now on I’m walking everywhere. Podcasts make everything more interesting and I notice so much and I think I really need to take better care of my physical form, ‘it doesn’t matter just a body’ attitude was an interesting and an easy one but it does actually; I am only getting this one body which I am stuck with it for the rest of my life so better make it homey, also I want to be capable of doing more things with it. Anyways it’s amazing how many people don’t close their curtains when it’s dark outside and the light is on but it’s a very nice way to entertain yourself just looking inside. If I could walk through walls/if spirits are real and I become one after I die I will go into flats after flats after flats and just look

I don’t understand why Pledis is such a small company? They house/housed some of the biggest kpop acts. After School/Orange Caramel are very popular and well known. Son Dambi was called the female counterpart of Rain. We all know Nu'est was popular when they debuted, and right now Seventeen is one of the most popular rookie groups. Uee is a popular actress and solo artist, Kahi was popular, and Nana is an extremely popular model (she is literally the most beautiful woman in the world).

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Isn't it shocking how all these PR experts and entertainment industry insiders gathered here, on Tumblr, to give us their valuable insight about Harry's career 24/7... amazing... incredible... I would expect all these smart people being to busy working on big projects and yet, they are here, blessing us with their wisdom...

i am so thankful 🙏🏼🙏🏼

“Dance With Me” (Jungkook x Reader)

“Hellooo!! How’s ur day been? I was wondering if you could do an imagine in which u are with JungKook and he is teaching u how to do a dance routine in the studio and then the boys see u, really fluffy? thx, lovely! p.s. i loooovveee ur blog”

Name: “Dance With Me”

Character: Jungkook // Jeon Jungkook (BTS)

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 917

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(gif credit to the original owner)

You were excited to meet Jungkook after practice. You knew it was late and you did not care. If it meant to see him, you’d go out of your way. It was night and you had to wrap up a little. A light scarf blanketed the bare skin of your neck. You snuggled your chin into the soft fabric at every gust of wind. It wasn’t winter but you had even begun to question yourself. The light shining through from inside BigHit entertainment illuminated the street. It was busy; people were bustling about the city despite the late hour. The building towered above the street. The glass windows reflected rays from the moonlight. You opened the door. The warmth and comfort hit you simultaneously and you almost felt like you were home. The staff knew you and polite smiles were exchanged. You followed the seemingly endless streams of corridors. Different music faded in and out as you passed many a practice room. The thumping bass that launched out of the speakers seemed to sweep you out of your senses. However, you emerged from your trance when you heard the familiar sound of “Save Me” echoing down the entire hallway.

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