entertainment expo

I had to take a minute after my twitch stream to say Happy Earth Day! 🌏💚✨ I wanted to share my painting “Butterfall” because to me this image represents a fountain of possibilities! ⛲✨✨ I am optimistic that we can start changing how we negatively impact the environment and do better. 😊❤ We all share the same planet so let’s do our best to make it a happy healthy place for all it’s fauna and flora! 👧🐶🌱💙 We can all do it together! 🤗💞 “Butterfall” is such a positive painting I had to bring her with to C2E2 this weekend as a print! 😀💕 If you’re at the show, you can find me at table T1 in Artist Alley with her and other prints too! 😉👍I’m here all weekend! 😁💖


Since the con I’m going to is a month away I thought I’d make a post just to say I’m going! Because of school I won’t have Keith’s actual jacket done until closer to the con and my contacts shipped to my home address, not dorm, so I won’t have those until the con as well. I was too excited to try the wig when it came in so this is the best costest I could come up with after a quick style of the wig ^^;

I’ll be both casual Keith with the letterman jacket and regular Keith at Calgary Expo this April as well as my Little Sister cosplay! Sooo ya I hope I see some Voltron peeps there?? Also if there’s any Lances out there … 👀

Oh mamma, I’m ready to rock this con! 😎 I am all set up and ready to go! 😁 Here are some of the awesome prints I’ll have at my table T1 in Artist Alley this weekend! 😀❤ I’ll be there April 21st-23rd so if you’re going to C2E2 stop by my table and say hi! 😊👋 I’m so looking forward to geeking out with all of you this weekend! 😆🎮💕 It’s gonna be a great show! 💖

I played around with the colours of the lights. Half of this staff is red the other half is green. This is a sample of the two lights I will have the different colours for the two buttons still. My dad helped me as best as he could with the green to find the right colour for the pale green quarts. Let me know what you think of the colours.

I can’t wait to show this to James Marsters at the Calgary Comic Expo next week.

This weekend flew by so quickly! It’s already the last day of C2E2! 😱 I hope you’re enjoying the con as much as I am! 🤓💕 It’s been so great so far! 😁 I still have some goodies at my booth so if you were waiting to pick something up, now’s the time to get it! 😊 I’m in Artist Alley table T1! Come stop by! 😀👍You can’t miss me, I’m by the aisle marker 😜😙💖

Home sweet home! ❤🏠 I made it back to Vancouver safe and sound 😊 But I won’t be here for long! haha 😆 Soon I’ll be traveling again to Calgary for the Calgary Entertainment Expo! 🤓 I’ll be at tables X4-5 all weekend from April 27th-30th! ✨✨ Curious about what I’m bringing? 🤔😉 You’ll be able to find “Puff” as one of the prints I’ll have with me at the show along with other fan favorites and more! 🐲🌈 Check out my latest blog post on camilladerrico.com/blogfor more information about the convention! 👉💻 There’s so much fun stuff planned this weekend so I hope you’ll stop by if you can make it to the show! 😀💕 In the meantime, I’m going to recharge my batteries so I can start getting ready for traveling on Wednesday! 🛫 The Camilla train never stops lol 😆