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(170525) entnews interview - onew cuts

i. (talking about key’s instagram updates: i,ii

O: i didn’t drink a cup at all, but people thought i was drunk.

T: you look drunk even when i see it. 

O: maybe drunk by mood; i’ve quit a long time ago. 

ii. MC: did you prepare anything special? 

J: show what’s prepared. 

O: ah, yes! (shows a finger heart) 

iii. (when asked to discribe jonghyun’s album (story op2) in five words) 

O: oh-ma-i-ga-t

J: wah, amazing. 

K: we’re talking about the title song right? kim taeyeon daebak. 

J: i knew it! 

iv. MC: if you had a girlfriend, which member would you talk about it to? 

onew points to taemin, jonghyun to onew, key to onew, minho to jonghyun, and jongyun to onew. 

T: he listens well to others and the best point is that he doesn’t remember it. you’d feel embarrassed telling him these things, right? then, you’d be thankful that he can’t remember it next time. 

v. MC: what have you prepared for your solo concert?

T: i haven’t started yet ^^;;

the other dudes: just say what you’re doing! 

T: i’m confident in dance, so i asked the choreographer to prepare something that i have not shown in korea before: yeokdaegeup (his finger wave dance). 

vi. no available translation

trans cr. iheartshinee (i, ii, iii, iv), juju_home (iv)

[TWITTER] 170627 MNH Ent. update

@mnhent_01기다리고 기다린 토요일이에요. 열심히 달린 한 주 푹 쉬시면서 활력충전하세여 ! ✌🏻😌

  #청하 #CHUNGHA #네일귀엽다 #내일모레는티져

It’s Saturday that we’ve been waiting and waiting for. After a week during which you worked hard, rest well and recharge your energy! ✌🏻😌

#Chungha #NailsAreCute #TeaserDayAfterTomorrow


THIS MAN ISN’T MY BIAS EITHER….I cannot stand GOT7 sometimes bunch of rude ass handsome men. I quit. 😭 I have never even looked at Mark like that…got damn.

CR: @ceohan

Calling all Monbebes to Support Monsta X Pt.2

Monbebes! Monsta X is in 2nd place on M Countdown!! This is huge. Let’s get them first and keep them there. The competition is strong, but Monbebes are just as strong even stronger. As IM says, there’s a reason they’re named Monsta. :)

Don’t forget about Show Champion, SBS The Show and Inkigayo. We can do this. Monsta X gave us a beautiful comeback. So we can give them their first win. Let’s do this! Monsta X & Monbebes fighting!!!


His laugh makes me weak in the knees, especially when something is really funny to him. I sincerely need him to stay in his lane. 😣

I calculated Got7's estimated income for the album sales of Flight Log: Arrival

So the album passed 280.000 copies in sales, the album costs roughly 12.60 USD. 280.000 x 12.60 = 3.528.000 USD. JYPE takes half of these earnings which means the members should be left with 1.764.000 USD when evenly devided by 7 it’d be 252.000 USD each. And this excludes performances, appearances and fanmeets/concerts. 👏🏽👏🏽

(excludes production cost of the album/taxes)