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ComicsVerse has decided to celebrate the women of X-Men!

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Phoenix Songs for the Signs

Aries- Napoleon Says

Taurus- Long Distance Call

Gemini - Lisztomania 

Cancer- If It’s Not With You

Leo- Trying To Be Cool

Virgo- Fences

Libra- Everything is Everything

Scorpio- I’m An Actor

Sagittarius- Second to None

Capricorn- 1901

Aquarius- Entertainment 

Pisces- Rome


anonymous asked:

Send me a fandom and I'll tell you - Resident Evil

· The Character I Least Understand: Spencer (All that Spencer)

· Interactions I Enjoyed The Most: Chris VS. Wesker (Their arguments would be entertaining even in a Phoenix Wright game.)

· The Character Who Scares Me The Most: Alex Wesker (The torture Queen who hates children and shoves tubes up puppies’ mouths…)

· The Character Who Is Most Like Me: Oh, I don’t know… I took a character quiz a while back to kill time. It said I was Rebecca. It could be wrong though. Who do you think I am closest to? Answer with a comment if you like!

· Hottest Character: Leon

· One Thing I Dislike About My Favorite Character: Sherry’s phone.

· One Thing I like About My Hated Character: I like how Simmons fell on that spike.

· A Quote or Scene That Haunts Me: The ending scene with Leon and Ashley. Girl, what gives?

·  A Death That Left Me Indifferent: Jack Baker (Last Fight: That was it?)

·  A Character I Wish Died But Didn’t: Ethan Winters (I think it would have been a great surprise ending. The feeling of never having really escaped. Mia would live though, but she’d be Eveline reincarnate.)

·  My Ship That Never Sailed: Oh man! The shipping questions again? I don’t have one, sorry!

Thanks, Anon!