Emma Stone playing a mixed asian american in Aloha is the most insulting thing Hollywood has done to every asian american actor/actress.  I’m actually in disbelif that emma stone herself was like “yes i can do this. i can be asian” She might has well just played a black girl or Hispanic or middle eastern. If they asked emma stone to play an african american, and to do black face it would be a huge fucking deal and there wouldnt even be a question to how racist and offensive that is, so why is emma stone playing an asian any fucking different??!!   This is also insulting that they obviously didn’t think that an asian american actress could not have a leading role in a big studio hollywood movie. Asian americans have been put on the back burner in the entertainment industry and idk if its because its the stereotype that we should just be doctors, or IF an asian is casted they are some sort of samuri, or ninja, or doctor, or action star, or sex fetish. race has nothing to do with how talented you are of an actor, or if you can hold a leading role, and being an asian american actress, and working my fucking god damn ass off to do this, and all the other asian american actors i know who are also working our fucking asses off for this, this is just a fucking slap in the face, that a studio film obviously just casted a white actress to make more money off of the film. this is fucking stupid. and i cant wait for the day when asian american film makers and actors have equal opportunity in the entertainment industry. and that goes for film making, music, dance, etc.

How do you keep your ferrets entertained?

Some days I find it hard to entertain my ferrets, I feel like half of the time they just want to sleep. My goal every day is 4 hours out of their room, but man I find it difficult.

I change their room around weekly, I try to make forts or change their toys around the house, I have the deck set up with a kiddy pool and toys, I randomly let them in my room/bathroom to play, but getting them to wander around for 4 hours doesn’t always happen and it’s not because I don’t have the time. Keep in mind it is getting warmer here (25 Degrees C) during the day. I just feel like a bad ferrent when they seem bored, but IDK what else to do!! 

What are some things you do to entertain your babies!? 


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