1. Last tuesday Meek Mill went on a Twitter rant where he took shots at not only Drizzy Drake Rogers but Safaree and Nicki Minaj’s relationship as well.
  2. Rick Ross also known as the Boss literally Meek Mill’s boss decided to take part of the Twitter mania && sided with Drake by tweeting [ Drake>>>>>Meek Mill] which he soon after deleted.
  3. Canadian Politician, Norm Kelly, also jumped in the mix with the shenanigans on Twitter stating “You’re no longer welcome in Toronto, @MeekMill”. following that tweet meek decided to take it so far as calling the politician a thug. following Drake’s release of Charged Up Norm tweeted the Charged Up icon, and has since then done an interview standing behind his tweets.
  4. Miraculously a video allegedly starring Safaree, Nicki Minaj’s ex twerking surfaces.
  5. Meek Mill apologizes on stage, though it was moreso an apology to Nicki Minaj not Drake. several days later Meek Mill decides to speak his mind on stage once more and damn near renigs his “apology video” as he proceeds to talk A1 shit about those that don’t fuck with him, including Drake.
  6. Drake made no online comments or any on stage responses until he released his track “Charged Up” on Saturday, four days after shots were first fired.
  7. Over the weekend Funkmaster Flex announced that at 7pm on Monday he will be premiering the Meek Mill Drake diss song. no Meek Mill song was ever premiered during his show. conveniently after the Funkmaster Flex show a 15 second clip is released on Tumblr/Twitter by Meek Mill where an audio track with the title Beautiful Nightmare is displayed and screaming instead of lyrics is heard.
  8. after his show Monday night a petition was created asking that Funkmaster Flex leave Hot 97.
  9. a pseudo beef between Hot 97 && Power 105.1 is stirred back up. the stations exchanged blows on their morning shows from career eulogies to insinuating they know something the other station does not know.
  10. it was said that there had been over 9,000$ worth of refunds on Meeks albumDreams Worth More Than Money since this beef began BUT that was just false twitter chatter.
  11. Quentin Miller, the alleged ghostwriter that Meek Mill has been saying was behind Drake’s verse on R.I.C.O as well as songs on If Your Are Reading This Its Too Late, comes out with a letter on TUMBLR breaking down he && Drake’s relationship where he clarifies that he is NOT Drake’s ghostwriter.
  12. tuesday Safaree drops his track, Lifeline which is aimed directly at Meek Mill && Nicki Minaj.
  13. in the wee hours Wednesday morning Drake releases his 2nd Meek Mill diss track,Back to Back.
  14. wednesday evening in Toronto Nicki Minaj took to the stage && had a few choice words for her ex Safaree. some of which being “bitchass nigga can’t write my rhymes”
  15. thursday night Funkmaster Flex premieres the awaited diss track from Meek Mill, Wanna Know. where Meek Mill responds to both Drake and Safaree.
  16. following the release of Wanna Know Drake posts a picture with no caption on his Instagram. a #throwbackthursday if you will, of himself looking at his phone with his friend Chubbs … laughing.

this is only week 2 of this beef my friends. how long this list will close out to be NO ONE KNOWS. but stay tuned as ii shall keep you updated … song breakdowns coming next! [x.o]

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The album Magazine Covers on the page Spielberg Movies


Nicki Minash Up! - Starships, Super Bass, & Turn Me On

Me lip syncing 3 of Nick Minja’s songs all in one! 

VOTE NOW to feature your favorite male seiyuu in our annual TOP 15

VOTE NOW to feature your favorite male seiyuu in our annual TOP 15

Two years ago we made our first TOP 15 SEIYUU WITH THE BEST SINGING VOICE.

Everyone’s response to it was amazing (it’s was our #1 searched article for more than a year, thanks guys), but at that time we kind of dropped the idea of making it an annual feature in our website as we were only starting off, and very few people knew about The Hand That Feeds HQ.

But now things are different: two years…

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maybe check this video out and let us know in the comments who you think is a cinnamon roll who is too good and too pure for this world

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C’est toi et Jacques Brel

C’est toi et Jacques Brel

I first heard Dany Brilliant on MuchMusic’s French Kiss – a weekly half-hour show devoted to French pop music. The song was C’est toi – a brash, infectious French Sinatra & I love it. I also have his ‘Histoire D’un Amour’ cd tucked into one of the Brel mp3 cds & both are well worth having. morning glory blue My alphabetical brings me to Jacques Brel next. I happened upon his complete recordings…

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