My reaction to the initial revelation that Mindy Lahiri, the heroine (?) of Mindy Kaling’s The Mindy Project, was pregnant was the same one I think a lot of people had: Oh, brother.

This was the case for two reasons. First, baby stories are notoriously difficult to make interesting, and adding babies to comedies often leads to awkwardness, as people who didn’t set out to write stories about babies often like writing about birth and do not like writing about parenting, so after a while, it’s like the baby never happened.

And second, they were going to have an OB/GYN find herself with an unplanned pregnancy? This, to me, made no sense.

But just as there were two reasons I was initially concerned about how the pregnancy story would affect the show, there are two separate reasons why it’s begun to grow on me.

'Mindy' And The Little Story That Just Might Work

Photo credit: Patrick McElhenney/Fox


Converse | Made By You

Self-expression is celebrated as Converse launches Made By You. Featuring the classic Chuck Taylor as a blank canvas for some of my distant-rolemodels.

Spurred by every individual’s desire to stay true to themselves..to remain their authentic self in this world. Portraits have been curated including a pair of Chuck Taylors belonging to inarguable icons such as Patti Smith, AndyWarhol, Futura, Jefferson Hack, Sayo Yoshida, Kate Lanphear + GlennO’Brien alongside portraits from everyday Chuck Taylor AllStar wearers in various cities from Shanghai to New York, exhibiting each local communitiesspirit.

Made By You is a true celebration of creative individuals, their stories and their sneakers. Whether they are hand painted, covered in mud or worn out with holes, each Chuck Taylor All Star portrait tells a deeply personal story of transformation…”

- NickTheFiasco


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