Ruling the ‘Empire’: Facts you don’t know about TV’s hottest cast

Taraji P. Henson — Cookie

In college, Henson’s nickname was actually “Cookie.”

Terrence Howard — Lucious Lyon

Back in 2008, he released a solo album called Shine Through It on Columbia Records.

Grace Gealey — Anika

The Cayman Islands native moved to America when she was 18. She still has “a very strong accent.

Trai Byers — Andre Lyon

Byers graduated from the Yale School of Drama. 

Jussie Smollett — Jamal Lyon

Acting runs in the family. Smollett’s siblings are all in the entertainment industry.

Bryshere Grey — Hakeem Lyon

He’s a real rapper who goes by the name Yazz the Greatest.

Kaitlin Doubleday — Rhonda Lyon

The actress also doesn’t eat meat and is “obsessed with saving animals.”

Serayah McNeil — Tiana

Her role on Empire is her first acting gig.

Gabourey Sidibe — Becky

She is is half-Senegalese. Her grandfather was actually the mayor of the country’s capital city, Dakar.

Ta’Rhonda Jones — Porsha

She initially auditioned for the role of Tiana before being handed the reins to Porsha.

Malik Yoba — Vernon Turner

He really wanted to play Marvel superhero Luke Cage, and joked about starting a Twitter campaign. 

Rafael de la Fuente — Michael Sanchez

De la Fuente started his career as a singer and considers music his “first love.”



Phoenix playing “Entertainment” in a Take Away session for La Blogothèque in the empty gardens of Le Chateau de Versailles.

All is filmed with a flying drone so you can have a cool aerial view of the beautiful Versailles gardens with the pretty live music of the French band. Also it’s not the first time we see Phoenix at Versailles, do you remember that scene at the Marie Antoinette movie when they play for the queen at the Petit Trianon?


Converse | Made By You

Self-expression is celebrated as Converse launches Made By You. Featuring the classic Chuck Taylor as a blank canvas for some of my distant-rolemodels.

Spurred by every individual’s desire to stay true to themselves..to remain their authentic self in this world. Portraits have been curated including a pair of Chuck Taylors belonging to inarguable icons such as Patti Smith, AndyWarhol, Futura, Jefferson Hack, Sayo Yoshida, Kate Lanphear + GlennO’Brien alongside portraits from everyday Chuck Taylor AllStar wearers in various cities from Shanghai to New York, exhibiting each local communitiesspirit.

Made By You is a true celebration of creative individuals, their stories and their sneakers. Whether they are hand painted, covered in mud or worn out with holes, each Chuck Taylor All Star portrait tells a deeply personal story of transformation…”

- NickTheFiasco


The new ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ trailer is here and loaded with a bunch of new stuff!!!!



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MeowItsLucy’s host Lucy Moon is our crush of the week

There’s something quite tiresome about the picture-perfect creators on YouTube—filming in their perfect makeup, donning the perfect outfit, on the perfect holiday with their model beau. Where are the moments when they spill tea on their dress while trying to catch the subway? What about the time they tucked their shirt into their underwear on a blind date?

So when the YouTube stars align and I find a creator who is perfectly imperfect—a tea-loving, lovable 20-something mess just like me—it’s crucial to pay special homage.

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Aww, Adam Levine did a good!