the whole floyd mayweather situation really bothers me and i dont know why. i dont care about or even like the guy but the fact that he beat his girlfriends and baby mamas IN FRONT of his son and is still the highest paid athlete out right now with almost no repercussions baffles me. then he says the fact that hes black rich and outspoken is the reason why people don’t like him and keep bring up his domestic abuse is enraging. why does no one seem to care about his domestic abuse but everyone was mad at ray rice? is it because that was on tape and floyds was not? because his own SON wrote a letter talking about what he saw.

Entertainment Weekly is looking for an intern in our LA office!

EW’s editorial internship is open to recent college or J-school graduates who can work a 5-day, 35-hour week. We’re looking for applicants with strong writing and reporting skills who are passionate about pop culture. Internet fluency—GIF-making, an encyclopedic knowledge of memes, etc.—is a plus as well.

The LA editorial intern will contribute to the magazine and website with blog posts, news briefs, interviews, on-the-scene reports, red carpet reporting, photo galleries, and recaps. The intern will also assist with transcription and research projects, but the focus will be on writing more than anything else. Some items will be straightforward news stories; others will be more creative, opinion-based pieces. Either way, we’re looking for writing that is clear, factually accurate, and in line with EW’s enthusiastic yet irreverent voice.

Pay: $10/hour.

June through November

EW’s Los Angeles headquarters

Email a resume, cover letter, and 2-3 previously published clips to Molly.Smith@ew.com. Please assume that your application has been received unless your email is bounced back.

May 29

Confession: I still listen to Tyler the Creator, and hes my guilty pleasure, but i’m confused right now, because i know that we shouldn’t like him because of the misogyny and misogynoir in some of his songs yet a lot of us still listen to him. Honestly, I really think some of us need to think this through. How can I be a true feminist, if I still listen to him? I’m contradicting myself. Do I stop? Do I keep listening? I feel like a bad black feminist.

Hot List 2015: Jane Fonda & Lily Tomlin, Face-to-Face
In a frank, unvarnished conversation with Out, the two iconic women of the screen swap stories of their years in the trenches of Hollywood, from skinny-dipping with Greta Garbo and the secret origins of Jane Fonda’s workout to Lily Tomlin’s beautiful breasts and the pleasures of working together on their new Netflix series, Grace and Frankie. (Read more)