PVRIS on Vans Warped Tour | July 4, 2015. by Ashleigh Brooke Ahern

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The new Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser hints at an epic lightsaber battle


Amy Schumer & J Lawr Are Co-writing A Movie

The budding friendship between Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer has been fascinating (i.e., jealousy inducing) from the outset. But now it looks like we’ll have the chance to get in on their newfound BFF action — at the movies.

According to Lawrence, the two funny gals are penning a screenplay together, in which they’ll also star. “We play sisters,” Lawrence told The New York Times. 



PVRIS on Vans Warped Tour | July 4, 2015. by Ashleigh Brooke Ahern

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You’re Invited! Celebrate 75 Years of Fish, Community at Leavenworth Fisheries Complex

Blogger’s note: What are you doing on the third weekend in September? Well mark your calendars because Leavenworth Fisheries Complex is turning the big 7-5 and it wouldn’t be a party without you there! For seventy five years this unique facility has produced future generations of fish for future generations of people. This milestone is being celebrated in conjunction with the 25th annual Wenatchee River Salmon Festival, a fun-filled educational extravaganza centered around the Northwest’s most iconic species of fish. Twenty five years of Salmon Fest and 75 years of salmon production? Now that is something to celebrate! Take a few minutes to journey back through time to learn more about how Leavenworth has sustained the Pacific Northwest way of life for all these years. 

Photo: The Leavenworth site was chosen in 1936 “because of the natural S-curve meander necessary for spawning ponds and the large terrace that would easily accommodate the large rearing ponds and hatchery buildings needed for the extensive fish-culture operation,” according to Hanford Thayer, who was on the survey team. A team of engineers and biologists designed the facility, surveying and planning from 1936-1938.

The hatchery was authorized in 1937 and built by the Bureau of Reclamation from 1939-1940. It was at that time the largest salmon hatchery in the world! Entiat and Winthrop National Fish Hatcheries opened in 1941 and 1942, creating a complex of hatcheries working together. The purpose of the hatcheries was to keep salmon and steelhead in the Columbia River system after dams like the Grand Coulee were built. Leavenworth NFH currently raises 1.2 million juvenile spring Chinook salmon every year, releasing them into Icicle Creek. In 1998, Leavenworth NFH was placed on the National Registry of Historic Places. Visitors today can see the nursery, adult holding ponds, fish ladder, raceways, rearing ponds, and other features of an active hatchery, still operating from the original buildings.

Photo:  Staff in 1949 in front of main hatchery building.

Leavenworth NFH was the administrative headquarters and laboratory for a multi-hatchery plan that included hatcheries at Entiat, Winthrop, and the Okanagan. Entiat and Winthrop NFHs were built in 1941 and 1942, but the fourth hatchery was not. The main building at Leavenworth, housing the nursery and offices, was meant to be impressive, befitting the world’s largest hatchery, with a row of six square columns at the front.

Photo: Loft walled in, trough supports and pipes in progress. March 12, 1940.

The 90 x 225 foot building cost $159,999 when it was finished in April 1940 ($2,683,183 dollars in 2015). The original plan called for an even larger building, 162 x 308 feet. The central main section of the building is an open, unheated, single room, originally filled with 228 concrete hatchery rearing troughs. These have been replaced now with fiberglass troughs. Tall windows provide natural light. A 28 foot wide loft runs the full length of the building, and has side walls but no ceiling. The loft was intended to fill always-critical needs for storage space, but has seen limited use.

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Confirmed! American Horror Story Season 5 Will Go to Season 1’s Murder House: We have been dying for more connections between American Horror Story seasons, and it’s just been confirmed that creator Ryan Murphy is going to give us a big one in season five, Hotel. In this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly, which has a trove of new season five details, there’s a separate piece where Murphy …http://dlvr.it/Bzb0qS


How many famous people can you spot? 

Arnold O. Beckman – chemist extraordinaire and previously a professional pianist – was in good company when he contributed to The El Dorado Party. This very successful 1955 fundraising event resulted in the The Music Center in Los Angeles. You can read more about the El Dorado Party and the remarkable woman behind it (Dorothy Buffum Chandler) here