Celebrities React to Cancelation of Sirius OutQ
Several celebrities tweeted their disappointment at the loss of Sirius XM's LGBT channel.

When Out broke the news Wednesday that SiriusXM OutQ, SiriusXM Satellite Radio’s LGBT channel, was being canceled, the Twittersphere erupted with fans mourning the loss of the only channel available on satellite radio that specifically highlighted LGBT interests and issues. Sirius XM’s initial announcement stated that the channel would be removed from the satellite service as of Saturday and the streaming service next Thursday with popular programs as The Frank DeCaro Show, also featuring Doria Biddle, signing off at the end of the week. But then Sirius XM unceremoniously pulled the plug early without explanation why shows like DeCaro’s — which has aired for 12 years — were denied their final farewell.



So … just to be clear on the Gilmore Girls casting/returning cast members … Dean, Jess and Logan are ALL returning …  for a four episode series. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m so thrilled that everybody’s on board, but I would love to know how they’re getting all three of these guys into the plot in a smooth, non-forced way. OMG do you think Rory’s in AA? Is she making amends!!??!

Either way, bringing Sutton Foster to Stars Hollow is everything I could have asked for so no complaints … yet.


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Check the vid interview here

Katie Holmes Won't Do A Dawson’s Creek Reboot Because "The Internet" Would Ruin It

Katie Holmes Won’t Do A Dawson’s Creek Reboot Because “The Internet” Would Ruin It

External image

External image
Photo: Matt Baron/REX Shutterstock.

If you’re like us, you’ve been getting all verklempt over the impending reboots of our favorite childhood shows. But while Full House and Gilmore Girls fans rejoice, those who are holding out for a Dawson’s Creek reunion might be waiting a long time. Katie Holmes told the Todayshow on Friday morning that she doesn’t think that a return to the creek would…

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