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Do you think it's right that athletes are paid millions of dollars?

I don’t know if athletes should necessarily be paid at all, considering their efforts do not contribute productively to the world. Culturally, this promotes a completely irrational standard for success, encourages people to measure their self-worth solely in relation to physical performance, and reduces the many facets of competence into the confines of a rudimentary activity.

I don’t condemn sports in general, because they can very well be utilized for maintaining physical health and motivation to some extent, but it is unfortunate that the mainstream depiction of sports in America is totally awash with cultural norms advocating substance abuse, nationalism, misogyny, and the escapist disposition to live vicariously through the passions of others. Sports, at least on mainstream television, are clearly distractions dramatized to feign importance.

"It” Remake has cast their Evil Clown in Will Poulter

The “We’re the Millers” star is in final negotiations to play Pennywise, the evil clown in the upcoming Cary Fukunaga remake of Stephen King’s “It.”

New Line has decided to take a different approach and cast it’s lead “Pennywise” younger giving the film a new look. 

I think the casting is perfect, Will has always stood out to me as someone with a unique look. Although Tim Curry’s Pennywise is iconic, I truly believe Will could  breathe new life into Stephen King’s classic horror monster. 

The film will be split into two parts with Poulter appearing in both. Production is said to begin this summer. 


Madonna wishes that famous Drake kiss hadn’t happened.


“Last Man On Earth” took a lot of risks over its first season, rapidly transitioning from a one-man-show to a twosome to a love triangle to an ensemble over the course of thirteen episodes. And, like any show that favors bold choices, it was bound to upset some viewers along the way. Recently, Yahoo criticized it for devolving into “just another sitcom” and Huffington Post decried its treatment of Carol, while Splitsider called out Will Forte’s character for being an insufferable prick (at one point, I also expressed some reservations).

Last night’s finale left the future of the show wide open