Keith Richards wrote the famous riff from ’(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’ in a dream and recorded it in his sleep.

Via NPR:

“I go to bed as usual with my guitar, and I wake up the next morning, and I see that the tape is run to the very end. And I think, ‘Well, I didn’t do anything. Maybe I hit a button when I was asleep.’ So I put it back to the beginning and pushed play and there, in some sort of ghostly version, is [the opening lines to 'Satisfaction’]. It was a whole verse of it. And after that, there’s 40 minutes of me snoring. But there’s the song in its embryo, and I actually dreamt the damned thing." 


R.I.P. Jack Davis: Comics Pioneer, ‘MAD’ Mainstay and True Playboy
In the illustration and comics world it feels like the passing of illustrator Jack Davis is the loss of the last of the great Southern Gentlemen. Added up his 91 years on this...

I wrote a tribute to the prolific life of illustrator and southern gentleman Jack Davis for Playboy’s website. I’d had the privalege to meet Davis on several occasions and it was cathartic to write this about him. 


Latest episode of ‘A Poet Plays’

My funny mockumentary series of my witch’s journey through wraeclast

- Chennie

When Rob Lopez tried to prank his 2-year-old by waking him up dressed as Darth Vader, he found out his son is actually a complete badass. As soon as Sebastian woke up, he immediately grabbed his light saber, began a mighty duel, then decided to chill and handed Vader his favorite book. Source

There’s an official YouTube page for Bob Ross where you can watch the first 10 seasons of The Joy of Painting in their entirety. Source Source 2

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