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1929 German Expressionist Film Poster- Der Mann mit der Kamera by bullittmcqueen

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />Reminds me of all these hipster LA motorcyclists that seem to  spend more time photographing each other than riding.  But what a great poster-art by Sachs Kupfer.

Starring : Koo Junhoe and (Name)

First Part .

I can’t remember the first time i met Junhoe , all i can remember is us falling in love . I can barely remember how it happened as it was so quick .

We’ve been together for a few months now . Me moving to Seoul for my studies was a great opportunity for us to spend more time together .

Sure Junhoe is the most sassy person i ever met and has a really shitty temper, but i learned with time that he has a part in him , deep inside , that’s unbelievably caring . I just act as i don’t notice all of what he does for me to keep his ego safe .

It’s been a few days since the last time we met . He had two concerts and a fanmeeting so he was too busy , and i was busy myself with my studies.

“Uuuuugh” I sigh throwing my pen on the table .

(Friend’s name) have been trying to explain this shit to me for half an hour and it just won’t get into my brain . I like accounting , but sometimes it’s just too hard to understand .

(Friend’s name) is the only person here that comes from (Native country) .The only one i can see my country into . The only one i can cook (native country) food with and eat it while crying of home sickness . The only one i can talk my native language with . He’s a good student as well , i help him out with some of the modules and he helps me out with others .

I decided to drop accounting and work on marketing while (Friend’s name) struggled with Korean . To be honest , the biggest challenge for both of us was the Korean module . The lessons were way too much more advanced that our level . I look at (Friend’s name) in regret and drop marketing to struggle with the Korean lesson he was reading . Two brains are better than one .

I didn’t sense time passing as we both were stuck in the same exercice . Every Korean dictionnary in the library was widely opened in front of us , but still nothing got any clearer. I grab my head then suddenly jump from my seat .

“ (Name ) ! (Name)! (Name) ! I GOT , I GOT IT !!” He almost yelled making everyone in the library glare at him .

“Sorry” I mummer . “Shut up” I add turning to (Friend’s name).

“But i found it” He complained .

“What is it ? “ I ask .

He explained and i smile bigger with each word he said . How can i be so stupid . He offered a high five and friendly fist bumped my shoulder .

” You’re the best!” I giggle .

Just at that time , my phone vibered . My face immediatly lit up as i saw Junhoe’s name .

J: “Where are you ? “

(N) :“At the library . I’m tired of studying . Korean is so hard”

J : “I’ll pick you up in 10 minutes”

(N) : “I can’t , i’m busy rn . Let’s meet later”

J: “We HAVE to talk . Don’t be late”

(N) : “What’s wrong ?”

(N) : “Junhoe ?”

(N) : “ANSWER ME !”

I hate when he acts like this . But still , when you love someone, you love them with their flaws . And i love Junhoe, more than i ever loved a man . What am i talking about ? He’s the first man i ever loved , and obviously will be the last .

I sigh and start picking up my books . I hope he’s just being like that to tease me . That’s his way of surprising me sometimes : making me mad then giving me the sweetest little gift ever . I hope it’s that what he’s willing to do .

“Where to ?” (Friend’s name) asked .

“S-something just c-came up” I stutter and he sighed “Again ? Ok , see you tomorrow in class” .

We shook hands and i leave .

As soon as i reach the road, i spot Junhoe’s car . I climb in with a smile :” Hello there” I say .

I look up at him when i got no response :” He-llo - there !” i stare at him for a while and he was just focusing on the road . “Ok , you’ll be like that . Alright .” I lay back on my seat thinking of all the good things about Junhoe that i like , just to forget all his rude acts .

I spontaniously start telling him about my day , how i had three courses in a row then how i ran to the cafeteria and ate quickly because i had alot of shit to revise : “ … and then i met up with (Friend’s name) and we studied from 3 pm to now .” I say checking my phone “ Oh … it’s nine already .BRO , we studied for six hours . . That’s why i’m tried . You know , we’ve been stuck in that Korean chapter i told about and he just understood it. When he explained it to me what it was I felt so ….” . I stop talking when he suddenly pulled over .

I look around , what’s this place ? I never quite pay attention to the road when i’m with June . I trust him , i know he’ll never hurt me . But i doupted it for a second when he pulled over in the middle of nowhere with a red face . He looked so angry i wouldn’t be surprised to see smoke coming out of his nose and ears . I lean forwards to meet his gaze . “ What’s wrong ?” .I get no response so i remove my security belt and move closer to him putting a hand on his shoulder : “Please , hun . Tell me . What’s wrong ? “ . I snap back in surprise when he violently yelled at me : “ARE YOU SERIOUSLY GOING TO KEEP THIS ACT GOING ?” .

I was so taken aback with his words .I don’t know what he’s talking about .

“June ? W-What are you talking about ?”

“ What am i talking about ? WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT ? DO YOU SERIOUSLY DON’T KNOW ? “ He yelled even louder .

I was so surprised , and scared at the same time . I felt tears reaching up and i hardly fought them back before answering : “ I swear i don’t know what you’re talking about .”

“She doesn’t know w- . .SHE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT “ He giggled .

I’m so confused . I don’t know what to say or do : “ W.. June ? “ I move closer to him “ I swear , i don’t know .” I wasn’t able to control my tears anymore . Junhoe is one hell of an angry guy , but he never yelled at me like that . No one had ever yelled at me like that til now . I’m so scared . “ June , please answer me , i’m so scared right now” I cry .

“Yea . YEA “ He yelled again “ Crocodile tears . You put your act so good , (Name) . You put it so good that i actually FUCKING BELIEVED YOU” .


“Do you think i don’t see you ? The way you look at him . How happy you look when you’re talking to him .”

“WHAT THE FUCK ! “ I yell .

“ I saw you earlier . I was coming , like any other boyfriend ,to surprise you at the library . I somehow knew you’ll be there . Heheheh , boyfriend feels . I put on a hat and hid my face inside my coat and walk in there RISKING that someone would recognize me , JUST TO SURPRISE YOU . And what do i see? HE’S FUCKING HOLDING YOUR HAND AND RESTING HIS OTHER ONE ON YOUR SHOULDER AND YOU’RE FUCKING FINE WITH IT !! “

“ Are you doubting me right now ? You think i’m cheating on you ? “

“Oh ..” He laughed . “ Not really . . “ He laughed further .

“Then what ?” I ask “ STOP LAUGHING AND ANSWER ME”

“The thing is , (Name) , we can’t cheat on someone that we don’t love . You’re not cheating on me , you just . . NEVER LOVED ME . All this time , you were with me for the money . THAT’S IT . You’re using me for my money when you love HIM !”

I couldn’t help but be shocked . Tears came up to my eyes again and I didn’t really care about them , i just stared at him , too deceived to say anything . He just avoided any eye contact with me and i lay back on my seat letting a “Wow” slip from my lips . I giggle a little , not because the situation was funny , but at myself for believing all the bullshit he told me , that he loved and truly cared about me . He’s handsome , and famous . He’s visited the world and met so many people when i’m just a plain jane , focused on her studies , that made the one mistake to have one and only friend who made the mistake to be born with a penis .

“Take me back where you took me from .” I murmur looking out the window .

“Why don’t you go back yourself “ He giggled .

“YOU brought me here , YOU’re taking me back where you took me from” I snap in an attitude .

He giggle further and immadiatly turned on the car and u-turned . The ride was only a few minutes but it seemed like we’ve been driving for days . He pulled over in front of the library and look out his window , obviously waiting for me to leave . But i wasn’t leaving anytime soon .

I remove a couple of bracelets i had on .I never wear accessories , ever, but i wore the ones he bought me . How naive i can be sometimes . I gently put the bracelets on his thigh . Feeling something touching his thigh , he look my direction before his gaze finally caught the bracelets . He stared at them for a while while i empty the little blue cross body purse he gave me a month ago on my birthday in my backpack . That purse i took everywhere with me in addition to my backpack . Me who never used purses before . As soon as nothing was inside the purse , i gently rest it on his thigh before opening the door and leaving the car .

I walk a few steps when i realise i was wearing his red sweater “so you can always have me with you” as he said . Silently i walk back towards the car then to his window . I didn’t care if a car hit me right now , i already died of humiliation . I put my backpack down on the ground and remove the sweater . “Y-you can keep it . It’s cold” He said .I didn’t care if i froze to death, I couldn’t allow him to humiliate any further , I’ve had enough of his shit . I gently put the sweater on his shoulder before grabbing my backpack and walking back to the library .

For the whole walk , I was hoping it was just a nightmare and that i’ll wake up soon , but I never woke up .As soon as i got inside the library , i start walking through the rays until I reach the corner . A tear finally dropped after I’ve held it for what seemed like an eternity . I press my back to the wall and slid down to the ground , crying , sobbing my ruined heart and murdered pride . A giggle slipped off my lips “He really DID surprise me” .

Second part : Tomorrow on wattpad .

Link : https://www.wattpad.com/story/79605446-done

When Rob Lopez tried to prank his 2-year-old by waking him up dressed as Darth Vader, he found out his son is actually a complete badass. As soon as Sebastian woke up, he immediately grabbed his light saber, began a mighty duel, then decided to chill and handed Vader his favorite book. Source

There’s an official YouTube page for Bob Ross where you can watch the first 10 seasons of The Joy of Painting in their entirety. Source Source 2

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In 1955, Hugh Hefner published a short story in Playboy about a heterosexual man being persecuted in a world where homosexuality was the norm. After receiving many angry letters, he responded to the criticism with, “if it was wrong to persecute heterosexuals in a homosexual society, then the reverse was wrong too.“ Source Source 2