The Vuvalini of “Mad Max: Fury Road,” Making Punks of Misogynists Everywhere

THE MOST stupendous feminist film Mad Max: Fury Road has a cast of heroines who belong to The Vuvalini. They would be considered “old crones” in 21st century lingo, but in the barren wasteland where Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) hunts, they are fierce feminist warriors from what used to be The Green Place. Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy) respects them and follows Furiosa’s lead, because the fierce female clan she leads is desperate to kill their former sex slaveowner, Immortan Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne). The quest is to unite and find a new place to survive, amid a world brought to dust by the ravages of time. Dare I say climate change?

One of the very best things about Mad Max: Fury Road is the reaction from misogynists in the manosphere.

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Some movies leave you scratching your head over just how the pitch meeting that gave birth to it might have gone. “Point Break,” the 1991 sorta-surfing, sorta-bank heist, sorta-Buddhist movie in which Keanu Reeves sharpened (or flattened) his now-patented affectless delivery is one of these. We’ve always assumed that the two-hour-plus movie was made up of loose ends from other films – the surfing movie they’d not quite been able to get off the ground, crossed with the sorta clever Ex-Presidents idea someone’s brother had come up with, jammed into an attempt to find something for Patrick Swayze (who plays the Zen-deep surfing guru who calls himself Bodhi) to do that might be as big as “Dirty Dancing.”

“Utah, get me two!” is a sandwich order, not a request for a second edition of this weird surfer-heist flick

Why cool rules

The first time I ever touched a hot stove I got burnt. I learned from the very start that fire is one of earth’s most dangerous elements. When the stove burned me, mom arrived; and, she kissed the burn to make it better. Soon after the burn, I figured out I wanted to be cool.  


HBO’s “Nightingale,” premiering this Friday night, is good but not great. The film is phenomenally acted, but rarely makes much use of the power of cinema, instead using a device associated more with theater—the one-set location, with a one-man cast. It was a budget-conscious creative decision, which is a rare enough concern for HBO that the film’s careful constraints are glaringly obvious. “Nightingale” makes much of its limitations, but it is rarely surprising, drawing an arc that we have seen many times before. 

Like the recent Queen Latifah vehicle “Bessie,” it’s not HBO’s best film, but it is important—and Oyelowo’s amazing

In my age, I’m constantly feeling really pissed off when I keep hearing Tumblr and people in particular complain about movies not being original anymore. These same people go off in droves to see movies from a series or the sequel of so and so or something based off of a toy or something that’s derivative of , yet they ignore something original. Or there’s the dismissive complaints: “the colors look bright, I don’t like bright colors” or “meh, I don’t feel like watching a sci-fi movie (goes to see another movie that’s sci-fi)”

The terrible confluence is that the entertainment industry feeds into that cycle when the average movie-goer or the audience doesn’t immediately flock to see a film that’s based off of an original story instead of let’s say the next iteration of the Transformers franchise. The people at top say “original doesn’t sell” in the same way that in the past that “women protagonists don’t sell” or “mature animated shows don’t sell”

Unless you truly and heartedly believe so, don’t go complaining about how Hollywood is “unoriginal” when you go off to see movies like Transformers 5 or whatever and dismiss original stories. In fact, I want people to live up to their desires of wanting “original content” when you don’t even own up to dragging yourselves over to check it out.

As I got ready to write this post, I spilled coffee on my computer. Because I am a blogger my computer is a good friend. So, after nursing my computer back to health, I took some time to meditate.
I thought to myself why the heck am I rushing? Cool is not rushed. You all are cool. That’s why I strive for coolness everyday.Click photo & see full story.

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