The new Jurassic World trailer is the perfect mix of breathtaking and terrifying.


See above? That’s not magic.

Although magicians have employed elaborate card-flourishing techniques since the time of Houdini, it’s only within the last decade that cardistry has emerged as its own art form. With the advent of YouTube and—especially—Instagram, cardists began to coalesce into something like an artistic community, albeit a purely virtual one, with most of its members communicating solely via the web.



Jay Z’s premium streaming music service, Tidal, launched in late March with plenty of high-profile celebrity support and promises that it would spearhead a cultural revolution by giving power back to the musicians. “This is a platform that’s owned by artists,” he told the New York Times. “We are treating these people that really care about the music with the utmost respect.” Now that the dust has settled, however, the critics have come out in full force. Although Billboard ran an evenhanded overview that was cautiously optimistic, Gawker had some rather harsh words for the service: “Even the free trial I received felt like a ripoff.”

It’s been 15 years since Metallica sued Napster — the free streaming “revolution” has happened. What now?


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Resident “West Wing” punching bag Jonah Ryan is moving up in the world. At the start of season 4, having garnered a new job with the Vice President’s office, Jonah is exactly where he wants to be: In spitting distance (literally) from Selina and the gang at the Oval Office. There’s only one problem: His boss, Teddy (the Veep’s Chief of Staff, played by Patton Oswalt) won’t stop, um, fondling his balls. We caught up with Simons via phone to talk about Jonah’s arc, workplace sexual harassment, and why we shouldn’t feel too bad for Jonah. As he puts it: “Ge’s the kind of person that will never see the connection between Teddy’s behavior towards him and his behavior in the office. He does not see that one-to-one ratio of the awful workplace sexual harassment that he puts out there and how it compares to what Teddy is doing.”

Timothy Simons, who plays everyone’s least-favorite West Wing staffer, opens up about the whole ball-tapping thing