Kendall Jenner aka Rosie the Riveter Wants You to Get Your Ass to the Voting Booth [VIDEO]

Kendall Jenner dressed up as Rosie the Riveter not because she wants women to get jobs in factories, but because she wants you to get out and vote.


Beyonce - Formation

As urbanization and industrialization rapidly developed in the decades following the Civil War, the need for recreation and an escape from the bustling city did as well. This lively and colorful beach scene painted by British-born artist Samuel S. Carr captured Coney Island during a crucial moment of transition. The advent of the first train to the resort town in 1869 brought a consistent flow of “day trippers” to enjoy popular attractions and activities. By 1880, Sunday visitors numbered over 100,000, flocking to enjoy sunlight amidst seaside amusements as displayed in this vibrant 1879 painting.  Here, tintype photography, beach toys, donkey rides and puppet shows pose enveloping commercial distractions from the serenity of the ocean and horizon. Carr renders a multiplicity of crowds, including families and singles alike, whose backs face the seaside in pursuit of activity. The solitary couple in the backdrop at right, gazing out at the beauty of the shoreline, presents a distinct juxtaposition serving to highlight the boom of consumerism and its implicit link to childhood play and leisure. The elegantly dressed African American couple in the left backdrop, standing somewhat apart from close crowd of puppet show spectators, marks this artwork as a timely representation of the uneasy and historic diversity of Coney Island.

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Samuel S. Carr (American, 1837–1908). Beach Scene, circa 1879. Smith College Museum of Art, Northampton, Massachusetts.

Let’s Get Real: Beyonce’s #Formation Music Video

Hey, all. So this post is going to get real candid and real blunt. If you have a pulse, you know that Beyonce recently released her new music video “Formation” and also performed it at the Super Bowl.

3Novices : Hariharan records a melody for Theri

3Novices : Hariharan records a melody for Theri

The latest update on the album of Theri is that veteran singer Hariharan has recorded for a melody number. GV Prakash has already raised the expectations of fans by promising that Jithu Jilladi will be one of the best opening songs for Ilayathalapathy Vijay. The final sound mixing is happening at a brisk pace in Chennai. The film marks GV Prakash’s 50th album in the industry and the team is…

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