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When you get to that really good part of your cartoon.

Why are some of you tearing down Mandy Rose because of her looks? Yeah she’s gorgeous but she’s also one of the most athletic women in the WWE.

You know the women’s revolution isn’t just about getting the girls better matches & more tv time, it’s about changing how people view women’s wrestling. If you shit on Mandy saying she’s only here because of her looks than that’s all people are going to focus on. Give her a chance.

She’s been compared to one of the greatest female competitors, Trish Stratus. You all know Trish the 7x women’s champion, the 1x hardcore champion, her & Lita where the first two women to main event Monday Night Raw, & lets not forget she’s a WWE Hall Of Famer. Trish is someone who many say is their influence. If you all remember correctly Trish was only hired for her looks. She’s literally known as a sex symbol. She used that to her advantage but she also trained hard, got strong & became one of the best female wrestlers & look where that got her. Don’t shit on Mandy because of her looks she just might be the next Trish Stratus.

Everyone starts somewhere.