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enterprising young men - Chapter 5 - owlinaminor - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
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ch 5 of my multichapter shiratorizawa star trek au fic for @stz-week!  today’s prompt was beach/holiday; i wrote a 24th century beach episode.  gen and semishira with hints of future ushiten. chapter is 2.5k, fic is 17.5k so far.


“Remind me why we’re doing this,” Shirabu says.  His voice is somewhat more high pitched than usual – or at least it sounds that way, crammed into the middle of the backseat of an old rental van between Goshiki and Kawanishi.  Satori turns back to look at the guy – he’s wearing a T-shirt from some old Terran rock band and ridiculously huge sunglasses on top of his head, scowling venomously.

“Because,” Satori tells him cheerfully.  “Exams just ended and we deserve a vacation.”

“But why the beach,” Shirabu presses.  “Why something that requires me to be stuck back here between this one and this one for hours in this antiquated mode of transportation, only to get sand everywhere and have blistering burns on my shoulders and back tomorrow?”

“Because,” Satori replies, grinning back at the grumpy sophomore, “it’s fun.  The sun, the sand, the warmth, the water…”

Shirabu continues staring.  His scowl has, apparently, become frozen on his face.

“You can bury Goshiki in the sand,” Reon suggests from the middle seat.

At that, the ice holding Shirabu’s unpleasant expression melts a little.  “Okay.”

When you accidentally delete the first writing playlist and need to reissue it. Sorry!

50+ songs to get your writing juices flowing!

canon in d johann pachelbel // the riders of rohan howard shore // fantasia on greensleeves ralph vaughan williams // symphony no. 9 in e minor op. 95 “from the new world”: ii. largo antonín dvořák // feast of starlight howard shore // he’s a pirate klaus badelt // welcome to jurassic park john williams // canceling the apocalypse ramin djawadi // psychological recovery … six months hans zimmer // enterprising young men michael giacchino // test drive john powell // davy jones hans zimmer // sandstorm darude // thrice welcome howard shore // battle without honor or humanity tomoyasu hotel // strength of a thousand men two steps from hell // carnival of the animals, zoological fantasy: aquarium camille saint-saëns // hymn to the fallen john williams // captain america henry jackman // mithril howard shore // jupiter, the bringer of jollity gustav holst // crime and punishment senju akira // 528491 hans zimmer // the sleeping beauty waltz pyotr ilyich tchaikovsky // sévérine thomas newman // lumos (hedwig’s theme) john williams // loud pipes ratatat // run boy run (instrumental) woodkid // danse macabre camille saint-saëns // a window to the past john williams // pacific rim main theme ramin djawadi // i am the doctor murray gold // promontory trevor jones and randy edelman // axe or sword? howard shore // xing symphony senju akira // star trek into darkness: end credits michael giacchino // take you down daniel pemberton // heart of courage two steps from hell // courtyard apocalypse alexander desplat // symphony no. 7 in a major, op. 92: ii. allegretto ludwig von beethoven // house of cards main title theme jeff beal // the winter soldier henry jackman // jerall mountains jeremy soule // the wings of icarus celldweller // olympic fanfare and theme john williams // irene’s theme (bbc sherlock) michael price // james brown is dead l.a. style // james bond theme monty norman // ride of the valkyries richard wagner // avengers theme alan silvestri // game of thrones theme ramin djawadi // tokyo revisted tomandandy // blackheart two steps from hell // what shall we die for? hans zimmer // the steward of gondor howard shore // the raiders march john williams // grand bazaar, istanbul thomas newman // fury road: main theme junkie xl // angry and dead again hans zimmer // symphony no. 9 in d minor, op. 125 “the choral”: ii. scherzo: molto vivace – presto ludwig von beethoven ✩ 

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tracklist: the asteroid field; star wars episode v | a place among the stars; interstellar | enterprising young men; star trek | the riders of rohan; lord of the rings: the two towers | mountains; interstellar | battle of the heroes; star wars episode iii | do you bleed; batman v. superman | doomsday; doctor who season two | project insight; captain america: the winter soldier | journey into the star cluster; star wars rebels season two | the immolation scene; star wars episode iii | evenstar; lord of the rings: the two towers | end of the line; captain america: the winter soldier | the force awakens - trailer soundtrack; star wars episode vii | duel of the fates; star wars episode i | gravity; gravity | rey’s theme; star wars episode vii | welcome to jurassic park; jurassic park | beyond the forest; the hobbit | day of the dead; batman v. superman


(stu)dying - a mix for when you have to study but you really don’t want to | l i s t e n

i. arrival of the birds and transformation - the cinematic orchestra | ii. nemo (egg) - thomas newman | iii. i am sherlocked - michael price | iv. undan hulu - olafur arnalds | v. centuries (fall out boy) - vitamin string quartet | vi. enterprising young men (star trek) - michael giacchino | vii. avengers theme - alan silvestri | viii. game of thrones theme - ramin djawadi | ix. final frontier (interstellar) - thomas bergersen | x. about time theme - nick laird-clowes | xi. royals (lorde) - vitamin string quartet | xii. lily’s theme (deathly hallows) - alexandre desplat | xiii. time - hans zimmer | xiv. spiegel im spiegel - arvo pärt

enterprising young men - chapter 1 - owlinaminor - haikyuu!! [archive of our own]

chapter 1 of my multichapter shiratorizawa star trek au fic for @stz-week!  today’s prompt was training camp/team bonding; i took it loosely.  involves several failed captain’s logs, mixed sexual success, and the first day of a very small lecture class.  mostly gen with some semishira and non-endgame oiten and tensuga.   3k so far.


“Captain’s Log, Stardate 17663.5.  This is my first piss in my new dorm room.”

Eita surveys their bathroom carefully, looking for details to include in their log.  It’s a fairly standard bathroom, as Starfleet Academy dorm bathrooms go: sleek gray walls, shiny chrome fixtures, a shower programmed to turn itself off in five-minute increments so that cadets will learn to deny themselves bodily comfort before they even get to their ships.  This bathroom is a few meters bigger than his old one, and it’s got a cupboard built into mirror so that he doesn’t have to shove all of his stuff onto the counter, but the best improvement isn’t in the design: it’s the fact that he has it all to himself.

“It’s a pretty good piss,” Eita goes on, ignoring the feeling of their sweaty skin sticking to the plastic toilet seat.  “I would say, eight out of ten.  Might have been better if I had finished that soda earlier –”

“Yo, Eita!”  The door bursts open to reveal bright green skin, spotlight-red hair, and a grin the size of its owner’s ego.  “Have you figured out how to dismantle the timer yet?  I need a shower, like, stat, and that whole water turning off thing adds an extra layer of challenge to my Don’t Stop Me Now renditions that I really do not need – wait.  Eita.  Is that an audio recorder?”

Eita tries to hide the device in question under their left butt cheek, praying quickly that it won’t fall into the toilet.  It doesn’t, but it still slips to the ground with a clink.

“No,” they say dumbly.

enterprising young men - Chapter 2 - owlinaminor - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

chapter 2 of my multichapter shiratorizawa star trek au fic for @stz-week!  today’s prompt was pranks/sleepover; i wrote a 24th century prank war between kawanishi & shirabu and tendou & semi.  gen and semishira. chapter is 4k, fic is 7k so far.


There is something red and sticky on Taichi’s seat.

In appearance, it’s not unlike the bean paste that he finds inside the mooncakes sold in Chinatown on Lunar New Year.  But it’s stickier than bean paste – when Taichi examines it with one curious index finger, it attaches to his skin as though aggressive nanobots have been programmed to hold him hostage.  And it doesn’t smell at all like bean paste, either.  It’s more like sulfur and rotten eggs, or a particularly terrible fart.

“What the fuck,” Shirabu says.

Taichi looks up at his friend – apparently, the strange paste has been left on his seat, as well.  It’s entirely covering both of their seats, in fact, and spilling off onto the linoleum floor.  And yet, Taichi realizes as he surveys the rest of the classroom, the substance is only infecting their seats, not any others in the room.  What the fuck, indeed.

Shirabu puffs himself up to his full height (which is not very tall, comparatively, but the glint in his eyes is still rather intimidating), rests his hands on his hips, and turns to survey the other inhabitants of the room.

“Which one of you assholes did this,” he demands.

The Vulcan and the Klingon in the back look nonplussed as ever – so, probably not them.  The human with the strange buzzcut – Taichi thinks his name is Yama-something – appears to be stifling a laugh, but that’s not incriminating.  The Orion is smirking, but that’s his natural state.  But the human with the turquoise hair sitting next to that green-skinned devil… now, they look guilty.

enterprising young men - Chapter 4 - owlinaminor - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

chapter 4  of my multichapter shiratorizawa star trek au fic for @stz-week!  today’s prompt was childhood/future; somehow i expanded that into a group study session turning into a game of truth or dare.  gen and semishira. chapter is 4k, fic is 15k so far.


“This is a terrible idea,” Hayato says.

He only arrived at Oohira’s and Ushijima’s suite thirty seconds ago, and he can already tell that the night will be a disaster.  Actually, if he’s being honest, he could tell that fifteen minutes ago, when Oohira messaged him asking if he could pick up a few bottles of water on his way over.  If he’s being really honest, he could tell that six days ago, when Ushijima made an announcement after class that the whole group would be studying together at his and Oohira’s suite the night before the exam.

Hayato probably could have just opted out of the study group, but that possibility didn’t occur to him until two full days after he’d already agreed to participate.  The thing about Ushijima is, he doesn’t often speak up in class, but whenever he does, it’s thoughtful and intelligent, and most likely going to completely deconstruct whatever everyone else is talking about.  Once, he managed to turn their discussion on the major themes of literature from deep-space Vulcan colonies into a discussion on what it even means to be a colony and how the nature of colonization affects culture - with just five words.  Hayato has a hard time going against the guy.

Right now, however, Ushijima is standing in front of the blackboard that takes up one wall of the living room in his and Oohira’s suite, carefully considering whether to have three pieces of chalk sitting on the little ledge or just two.  They somehow managed to snag a walk-through double suite, with just one big bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom all to themselves – Hayato thinks it’s because the girl who runs the housing lottery has a crush on Ushijima, a fact of which he is either in denial or completely unaware.

“Usually two is enough,” he says thoughtfully, “because I have one extra piece if the first breaks.  But Tendou will be here, and the likelihood of something breaking multiplies by seven when Tendou is in a location.”

“Yeah, you should have four,” Oohira tells him, appearing in the doorway from the kitchen with a bowl of pretzels.  Hayato immediately pulls it closer to his side of the couch – he’s not quite hungry yet, but he needs to be prepared.

Enterprising Young Men
Michael Giacchino
Enterprising Young Men

Star Trek Advent Calendar: Day 8 - Favorite Starfleet Track
Enterprising Young Men Engineering

So when I first read this prompt, for some reason my mind figured that as musical track. I figured it out soon enough, but decided that no one would complain if I threw my favorite song track too :)

But yeah, red shirts hold my heart. I’ve always wanted to be an engineer, and now I am an engineer, and let’s be real, if Starfleet existed, I’d be in Engineering doing something and trying not to get killed.