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Good Girl

Jim X Reader

Word Count: 1445

Prompt: “Oh I’ve been looking for a good girl, yeah been looing for good girl, tell me if you think you found, tell me if there’s a chance you’ll let me know.”

Summary: You’ve always been stereotyped as being a goody-two-shoes but you’ve caught Jim Kirk’s attention

“You’re a good girl Y/n. You’re a well behaved child and your parents are lucky to have you.” Was what you constantly heard as a child. Still when you went to the Star Fleet Academy you were told how well behaved and disciplined you were. It was a stuck record and you didn’t know how to get out of it. What you didn’t understand was that you were rebellious, you’d taken drugs and drank until you couldn’t stand. Had one night stands and kissed girls and boys on the same night. You just didn’t do it all the time and gave in your homework on time, which ‘apparently’ meant that you could do no wrong.

People always labelled you as a goody two shoes even though your friends knew you could have a real short fuse. You were just able to control yourself in a respectful way to your lectures’. Which some of your peers didn’t seem able to do. Jim Kirk was one of these. You admired his ability to be spectacularly intelligent and at the same time a complete idiot who wasted his time. It had almost become a goal of yours to have the image he did. People knew he was a playboy who didn’t do as he was supposed to and slept with a different girl each night. But he also aced every test and was top of most of his classes. Saying you envied Jim Kirk was a massive understatement.

But lately, weirdly enough, he’d been talking to you a lot because of Gaila. She kept inviting him round and then leaving so you two were just together in your shared dorm. He’s never tried anything and you appreciated that he didn’t have to be as nice as he was. You at school wasn’t exactly the company he wanted. You were usually revising for something and he’s often help you with that. But recently he’d been coming round off his own volition which was strange

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The Soul Riders

So because I haven’t seen it on my dash yet and because @stormiesquall wondered if someone could translate it, here are the info pages from the Swedish Jorvik Gazette, translated to English to the best of my ability

Lisa Peterson & Starshine
“Music calms/comforts me.”

Lisa Peterson
As a child, Lisa rode as she shared the interest for horses with her mother, but fell off and got hurt badly, making her too scared to continue. When her mother died, her father decided to move to Jorvik to work at Dark Core’s oil rigs, and so, Lisa followed and ended up at Jorvik’s school. The great interest in horses was revived when Lisa met Starshine, and now they’re one in the fight against the dark powers.
  Lisa is, also, a skilled musician and does well with most string instruments - everything from guitar to harp.

Starshine is Lisa’s loyal companion. Starshine was born in the wild, but was unfortunately separated from his herd as a foal and was taken care of by Herman at the Jorvik Stable. He has lived there ever since, and that’s where he met Lisa. While Lisa is away traveling, Starshine always stays in the Jorvik stables, where he eagerly awaits her return. Starshine is one of the fastest horses on/in Jorvik, and very few horses can keep up with this powerful horse.

Anne von Blyssen & Concorde
“I’m the best!”

Anne von Blyssen
She’s aristocratic in her demeanour and is experienced as snobbish, uppish and vain by others. She cares a lot about her appearance and likes posing for the camera, as she once really wanted to be a model. Anne comes from one of Jorvik’s richest families and has grown up like a princess. She has very high thoughts of herself and doesn’t always realise that she needs to be more humble.
   She’s known as one of Jorvik’s most skilled dressage riders and has competed globally with Concorde, even after she discovered the magical bond between them.
   Anne strives to be the best in the world both at dressage and show jumping.

Anne’s horse Concorde is similar to his rider in terms of demeanour, and can sometimes think very highly of himself. While Anne sometimes can realise that she’s a bit too snobbish, Concorde is stubborn like nothing else and stands proudly by being the handsomest, most cared for and best raised horse not only on Jorvik, but in all of existence. His beautiful pattern of movement makes him the perfect dressage horse and in later years, he has also competed in show jumping.

Alex Cloudmill & Tin-Can
“The truth is my main weapon!”

Alex Cloudmill
Alex is a tough girl from the suburbs. The Cloudmill family has unfortunately always been poor, and Alex has had to work hard during her childhood in the concrete outside of Jorvik City. Her little brother James often gets into trouble, and Alex helps him when needed. Alex is a helpful and enterprising girl who’s not afraid of conflict.
   Alex is a true fighter in soul and heart. Truth, loyalty, family and friendship are her catchwords. She has good reasoning skills, and is a good leader, even if she’d rather not shoulder the leader role in a group. But she has a good judgement and people listen to her.

Tin-Can is alike his owner Alex - he’s unafraid, forward-thinking and never says no to an adventure. He thrives in the woods, especially during a fast gallop over logs and rocks. Tin-Can is the toughest of the Soul Rider’s horses, and like Alex, he’s a born leader. He is the smallest of the four horses, but size means nothing!

Linda Chandler & Meteor
“Knowledge is power.”

Linda Chandler
Linda is known as a bookworm and she loves both reading and knowledge. Her love for books has more than once made people label her as a little bit special, but that’s nothing she cares about. She is always open to changes and new people. She is naturally curious, which can easily get her into trouble, but her thirst for more knowledge helps her move forward all the time. Before she discovered her magic gifts, her great goal was to become a jumping rider, and she has competed in show jumping together with Meteor.
   Linda studies to learn as much as possible about almost everything. She is first and foremost interested in culture and history. If any questions about history are posed, Lina is the first person to turn to.

Meteor is the oldest of the Soul Rider’s horses, and just like Linda, he possesses a lot of knowledge. Despite his great wisdom, he’s easily distracted - his greatest interest in life is food, and he rarely thinks of anything else. It’s a miracle that his belly isn’t rounder! Together with Linda, he has competed a lot in show jumping, with great success.

I’m all in

A/N: In Beyond Sulu’s daughter’s name was not revealed.And I didn’t want to asumme it would be the same as the charcter in Generations.

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“Sulu, go! We only have a few days leave.You and Ben deserve a nice night out,” you pat the shoulder of your friend. He glances over your shoulder to his little girl playing on the hotel floor.

“Are you sure?” Sulu questions.

“Yes! Go! Stay out all night! We’ll be just fine.”

You start to push him out the door, but he laughs moving past you to say goodbye to his daughter.S ulu squeezes your shoulder before exiting your hotel room.

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Christmas on the Enterprise

For @conduitstr. Girl we talked so extensively about Christmas on the Enterprise already, but here you go:

  • So Christmas is no longer really celebrated because wtf, we’re way past that. Besides, they’re months into space with no big floating shopping malls, this isn’t Futurama. And yet, when Uhura and Spock make their way to the Bridge first, there’s a present for both of them, wrapped in actual Christmas wrapping paper. Uhura unwraps hers and it’s just a small statue that’s actually from Africa to add to her collection. Spock’s present is a warm sweater. 
  • “Who still hands out Christmas presents? What century is this?” Chekov asks as he enters the Bridge and sees Spock and Uhura interact with their presents. On his own work station a bottle of expensive Russian whiskey is waiting, with a little card that says “Don’t hide me in lockers. Merry Christmas! x
  • Sulu finding different plant seeds. Scotty and Keenser receiving brand new tools to tinker with. Jaylah receives a notebook with years upon years of Starfleet Academy notes to help her with her studies, all messily written on PAPER like it’s some real 21st century shit. 
  • and Leonard walks out of his quarters all grumpy and tired, and then suddenly hands grip on his shoulder and he’s turned around. Before he can react to it, Jim wraps a scarf around his neck and he uses it to pull the other man in closer, kissing him softly. “Merry Christmas, Bones.” Not just that. He hands Leonard his PADD, displaying a Merry Christmas message from Joanna. Leonard watches it in silence. “You arranged this?” He asks, and Jim shrugs casually, but his grin is wide. Somewhat smug. Definitely excited. Leonard leans in to kiss him again, but Jim leans away instead. “Wait,” Jim says, and he holds a piece of mistletoe over his own head. “Now go.” Leonard rolls his eyes. “No, you ruined it.” And he turns to walk away, scarf still around his neck. Jim looks briefly disappointed, barely time to process being rejected a kiss before Leonard’s changed his mind and he kisses Jim anyway.
  • Jim uses the mistletoe on literally everyone, and he gets so many kisses out of it too. He kisses Spock, full on the mouth, before the other even understands what’s happening. He leans in for Uhura too, but when she gives him that look, he ends up just kissing her cheek. Sulu’s does kiss him, shamelessly so, just short and sweet. Jim has to chase Chekov down the corridors for one, but he still ends up getting that kiss when he traps Chekov between a wall and himself. Chekov gets surprisingly into it. Scotty and Keenser just both kiss his cheeks at the same time. Jaylah doesn’t understand it.
  • Jim’s drinking mulled wine (how’d he even get his hands on that?) all day.
  • Jim also arranges an actual dinner with his Bridge crew, Bones, Scotty, Keenser and Jaylah. There is actual food, it’s decent. Made perfect by the company. There’s laughter, there’s mulled wine, and there’s just a big, wacky family. 
  • And Jim’s definitely drunk by the end of the night, but it’s pleasantly so. He feels warm inside when Leonard walks him back to his quarters. “You know you didn’t have to do all that,” Leonard says, and Jim nods. “I wanted to. For my family.” And Leonard just kisses the side of his head, pulling Jim inside his quarters.
  • Christmas is no longer celebrated. Jim just wanted to do something nice. Cue his surprise when Leonard and him stumble into his bedroom, and there’s just a small pile of presents waiting for Jim. “Oh- what?” Jim asks, looking up at Leonard in confusion. “Enjoy your presents, Jim.” Leonard says, and he sits down on bed. Jim climbs on with him.
  • Ironically, Chekov’s given him a bottle of whiskey, too, with a card saying: “Please don’t steal my alcohol, have your own. Merry Christmas!”. Chamomile tea from Sulu. A “Best Captain” mug from Uhura. A necklace from Spock (“D'you think it’s a tracking device, too?” Jim asks. “I hope so,” Leonard replies). There is a toy space ship of the Enterprise from the Engineering crew and Jaylah. One he can actually put apart and puzzle back together. It’s a great stress release toy.. Leonard gives him a bottle of Scotch, too. And Jim’s happy with that. It’s great. 
  • But then Leonard hands him more. A small photo album, an actual tangible thing. There’s a picture of Jim and Leonard together in the academy. Taking a deep breath, Jim leans back against Leonard’s chest, and he’s just going through the photos. One of Jim beating Spock at chess. Jim and Chekov helping Jaylah study. Jim and Uhura on shore leave wearing matching leather jackets. Jim helping Sulu out in his gardening room. Scotty and Keenser arguing with Jim down at engineering. Chekov and Jim on the transporter (Chekov really doesn’t look happy about it). Spock and Jim in a heated discussion in rec room. And some selfies of Leonard with Jim unconscious in med bay. Some of the two of them drinking in the ship’s bar. One of Jim asleep with his face just buried in Leonard’s neck. “How did you even get all these photos?” Jim asks, in awe. Leonard shrugs. “You’re not the only one secretly planning gifts months in advance.” Jim huffs out a laugh, turning the page of the photo album to an empty page that simply reads: “For the future”. 
  • When they’re in bed, Jim forces himself even more into Leonard’s personal space than usual. “I can’t believe you got me Christmas presents. An actual photo album, too. You’re such an old man.” He says, but he’s grinning widely, and Leonard leans in to kiss him. “Like you weren’t tearing up about it in the bathroom.” “I wasn’t!” “You were.” Jim gives up with a grunt, and Leonard reaches out to run his thumb just over Jim’s cheek. “Merry Christmas, Jim.” “You too,” Jim says, “Same time next year?” “Please don’t.”