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some fic recs above 100k?

100k+ Larry Fic Rec

To find even more works that are 100k+ please refer to this list of basic fandom must reads. Those works will not be repeated on this list. The works on this list are all works I have read and they will be ordered by length, the shortest starting at 100k, the longest being 286k.

Resist Everything Except Temptation

The one where Louis is the commodore’s son who is forced to become a part of Harry’s crew when he is captured.

Through Eerie Chaos

The Ghost Hunter AU where Niall lives to prove ghosts are real, Zayn is a skeptical librarian and Harry gets caught up in a century-old mystery and catches feeling in the process.

Wings to Break Your Fall

Strip club AU. Harry’s work and family are keeping him busy. He really isn’t looking for a relationship, doesn’t want one. He just wants Louis. Problem is, Louis has other plans.

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boy with eyes as bright
as a blue supergiant star,
who sees the universe and thinks
adventure. who finds solace
among ice giants and meteors alike.

boy who broke apart.
boy who came back to life and
strapped his jigsaw pieces together
using sticky glue and medical tape.
boy who refused to back down.

boy who rivals atlas with the
strength of his shoulders. boy who
tried to hold a planet close as it broke
apart, continents scattered and sharp, 
but still he refused to let go.

boy with hands so warm
you think they attempt to mimic
the heat of the stars he stares at
with those Rigel eyes. these hands 
could hold your heart steady with ease.

(and they do, they hold you all).


Lunchtime Drabble: See Me (17/?)

Lunchtime Drabble: See Me (17/?)
Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Fem!Reader, Kirk x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 1000
Series Warnings: Some swearing, mention of death, a few injuries.
Series Masterlist so you can catch up!

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“Mr. Scott, are you always so nosy with your engineer’s personal lives?” you asked with a smile.

“Aye.” he replied, unapologetically.

“It’s complicated.” you replied as the lift doors opened on one of the quarter decks, which one you weren’t sure.

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Thursday’s and Ice Cream

Bruce Wayne X Reader

Word Count: 1014

Notes: Soul Mark Universe, where the first words spoken to you by your soul-mate appear in a random spot on your body, on your sixteenth birthday.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

You’ve been at the manor for a little over three weeks, and you’ve fallen into a comfortable routine. Over the past several weeks you’ve gotten to know the boys, meet the girls, and learned the entire story behind the Batman.

You’ve also started working for Wayne Enterprises. It feels good to be back in a work environment. However, you did have to fight Bruce on your office actually being on the floor it’s supposed to be on, instead of right next to his. Absence makes the heart grow fonder you tease him.

Still you drive into work together, and you force each other to leave work at work, so that you actually have a home life. In fact, home life becomes a mandatory thing. The nights before patrol become all about family time. You’ll either sit around reading, watching movies, or sometimes you’ll watch the boys train while Alfred teaches you basic first aid.

Either way, you spend a lot of time together, all in an effort to get to know each other, and become comfortable with each other. In fact, the only one you don’t seem to be bonding with is Damian.

While the young boy is never rude, he is rather quiet, and typically disappears at some point during family time. You also never see him when the others are gone, since Damian isn’t allowed to go on patrol on school nights.

So, it surprises you more than a little when you get a call from Gotham Academy, asking you to come to the principal’s office on a matter concerning your son, Damian. Your eyebrow furrows at the term. While the press did in fact know that you were Bruce’s soul-mate, you had done your best to stay out of the spotlight. You didn’t need them knowing about it.

You briefly debate going up to Bruce’s office and letting him know about the call, but instead you simply say you’ll be right there. Closing out your computer, you grab the car keys, and thank God that you were the one who had driven that day. You leave the office with instructions to your Personal Assistant to cancel any other meetings for the day, and you’re off.

You’re able to sneak away without being caught by the paparazzi, and make your way to Gotham Academy. You arrive within thirty minutes and are promptly escorted into the principal’s office.

Damian is sitting next to an open chair on one side of the room, and to the other is a woman with a scrunched up face, a boy with a rather large bruise on his face. You watch as the woman’s face drops at the sight of you, and her eyes narrow into a glare.

Apparently, she had been hoping for your soul-mate. You’re not sorry to disappoint. Taking a seat next to Damian, you do your best to shield him from the glares of the woman next to you.

The principal quickly explains that Damian has been in a fight, and more than once the woman, who you find out has a rather annoying voice, moans about her poor defenseless boy several times.

You decide to go straight to the source. You ask Damian what happened. He seems genuinely surprised that you’d ask him, but before he has the chance to respond the harpy on the other side of the room begins squawking, throwing out obscenities, while the principal tries to tell you that Damian has refused to talk.

As the talking becomes louder and louder, you bring two fingers to your mouth and let out a shrill whistle. The silence comes immediately, and you turn to Damian. “My grandfather taught me how to do that, it was the only way to get my mother to be quiet. Now why don’t you tell me what happened.”

Damian stares at you for a moment before he jumps into his tale. A group of boys had been hurting a scholarship student, threatening to hurt the kid, tossing worn text books everywhere, and emptying their backpack on the ground. Damian had stepped into stop it, when the “oaf” tried to throw a punch while charging him. He had simply stepped out of the way allowing the Neanderthal to run into a wall.

When the woman attempts to dispute that, you point out the shading of the bruising along with the scraping of the face. It’s obvious that her son ran into a wall. You then ask for security tape footage, which the principal declares is on the fritz.

Not even ten minutes later, and the principal and the harpy drop the charges, and begin reexamining the bullying incident. You and Damian leave the office as the principal begins calling for the other instigators, who had apparently run at the first sign of trouble.

Instead of sending Damian back to class you sign him out of school early, and you go for ice-cream. He declares that he’s not a child, and you tell him that the reward is for yourself. After all you didn’t claw that woman’s eyes out when they started saying all of those very rude things.

Damian quirks a smile at that, and orders two scoops of mint chocolate chip. You finish just in time to go pick Bruce up from work. He’s forced to slip into the backseat since Damian’s claimed shotgun. He simply sits in the back of the seat and watches you and Damian converse the entire ride home.

That night Damian stays for the entire amount of family time, and when everyone goes out on patrol, Damian brings out one of his favorite movies and you sit and watch it together. He falls asleep during the last thirty minutes, his head falls onto your shoulder, and you cover him with the throw blanket, before wrapping an arm around his shoulders, and stroke his hair.

That’s how the rest of the family finds you. Bruce carries an unusually sleepy Damian up to bed, and his brothers take no less than thirty pictures a piece, all to be brought out at later dates.

Five Years Long

SUMMARY: After the events of Star Trek: Into Darkness, you made a strong vow to keep your feet planted on solid ground. But when your beloved is called on a mission for half a decade, the vow waivers beneath your heavy heart.

WORD COUNT: 1,711 words


NOTES: a quick one for you guys, but i feel like i’ve posted this??? who knows, enjoy the read!

“Five years?” (y/n) says with wide eyes.

“Five long years in deep space,” Bones says as he nods. She sighs in disbelief and runs a hand down her face as she looks around her dorm. Five years he’ll be gone; that’s five years lonely, five hard years without her better half and the doctor that never fails to make her smile.

“God, Leo,” she whispers, and he sits on the edge of her bed. She looks down at him as he runs his fingers through his messy hair, and she notices the upset look on his face. She steps to him and he rests his head on her stomach, allowing her to run her hands through his hair as he wraps his arms around her body.

“I need to take the mission,” he says lowly into her shirt. “Kirk and Spock have no other Chief Medical Officer willing to take the trip.” (Y/n) bites her lip and swallows thickly as she looks up.

“That’s five years without you, Leo,” she says weakly. He lifts his head to look at her and she lowers her head to meet his gaze. God, he was gorgeous. His eyes looked bright yet somehow sad, with the short stubble on his face making his features pop in such a way she never wanted to take her eyes off him. He was everything she wanted, and all that she had.

“Whatever you do, I will support you,” she says, a little more confidence in her words. “I’ll wait however long need be-”

“No,” he cuts her off, shaking his head. “That’s the thing, you shouldn’t have to wait.”

She furrows her eyebrows and watches him as he stands. She steps back, looking up at him. “I don’t understand,” she says.

“You shouldn’t have to put your life on pause for five years because I have to go explore deep space with a ship of idiots,” he clarifies. “I won’t let you.” She cocks her head as she studies her face and suddenly it hits her- he’s breaking up with her.

“Wait, no,” she argues. “If this is you calling a quits because you don’t think I can do it-”

“No, it’s not that I don’t trust you,” he says, raising his voice slightly. “It’s that it’s totally unfair for you to have to wait because of me.” He steps to her and takes her face in his hands, and she has to bite her cheek to fight off tears. “(Y/n), please, move on.”

She shakes her head quickly, stepping back out of his touch. “No, I won’t,” she fights, wrapping her arms around herself. “You can’t do this, Leo.”

“I have to,” he says sternly, taking her hand. “You need to continue your life. Get yourself a nice guy, find a suitable job, start a family, (y/n).” His voice pleads for her to agree to his words.

“But I have a nice guy and a suitable job,” she whimpers like a hurt child.

“But you can’t start a family while I’m gone for five years.”

“I can wait!” she pleas. “Leonard, five years is nothing-”

“This is the biggest part of your life, (y/n) Kirk, and I’ll be damned to hell if I strip you of the chance to live it to the fullest,” he says strongly. He steps to her and kisses her cheek, and she squeezes her eyes shut. “(Y/n), doll, let me go.”

He kisses her lips and steps back, and as he walks off, (y/n) is forced to drop his hand. He slips his coat on and looks back once, opening the door. Helplessly, she watches as the door shuts quietly behind him, and she’s left by her lonesome self for five years.


As (y/n) checks her watch with a sigh, she lowers herself to a chair at the kitchen table. Two hours until the USS Enterprise takes off for five years into the unknown depths of space with her closest friends, her brother, and Leonard “Bones” McCoy. Two hours until five years.

She runs a hand down her face and looks at a small picture of her and Bones on the wall. He has his arms wrapped around her, both out of uniform and in civilian clothes for a change. They stand at the viewing deck of the Main Space Tower downtown, and both have laughing grins as they try to look at the camera held by Uhura. They look happy, and they look permanent. And now, thinking the two words as one, she realizes you can never be permanently happy.

A knock on the door makes her jumps, and the chair slides back as she spins around. She stands and takes quick steps to the door, swinging it open before even checking who’s there. She frowns when she sees her brother, James, in his yellow shirt and tablet.

“Aren’t you supposed to be leading the USS Enterprise into space right now?” she asks.

“No, stupid, that’s in two hours,” he jokes, pushing past her into the dorm. She somehow cracks a smile and shuts the door behind him.

“Why are you here?” she questions as he sits on her bed.

“What, big brother can’t say goodbye?” he snaps.

“Shut up, you’re only older by four minutes,” she reminds him, making him grin.

“Still older,” he says as he points to her, and she shakes her head as she sits next to him. “No, I’m actually here to ask something major of you.”

(Y/n) frowns, turning to him as he looks at her.

“I need you to join us on this mission,” he says, and her jaw drops. She promised herself she wouldn’t go back into space for a long time after the events forced into time by Khan. Her brother knows of this self-made promise, yet he sits here asking this favour.

“Why me?” she asks.

“Because we need another Chief Medical Doctor, ya know, in case of emergency,” he tells her. “And if I have to go through five years with a depressed Bones, I will kill myself.”

Her frown grows and she looks at him closely. “What do you mean?”

“I mean exactly what I said, (Y/N/N),” he snaps. “That man has been sulking for the past three days, and he hasn’t made a single snarky comment.” He pauses, scoffing. “Do you know how hard it is being in the same room as him when he isn’t trying to stop me from doing something dumb?”

“Oh, a girl can only imagine,” she says with a roll of the eyes.

He looks at her softly, and she pushes her shoulders back. “And you can’t stay on this rock forever,” he says quietly, making her go rigid. “It’s been almost half a year, you need to get back on your feet. You don’t deserve to work a boring job, you deserve to explore and heal!”

“James, you know what I promised myself,” she explains weakly.

“Yes, I do,” he nods, moving closer to her. “But you can’t keep it; staying here will drive you mad.” He places a hand on her knee, making her look back at him. “(Y/n), join me. I’ll be with you the whole time, and so will Bones and Uhura and Spock, the whole bunch of us.” His tone is sincere and his electric blue eyes pleading, and before she can stop herself, she nods.

His eyes go wide and he grins, jumping off the bed. “Awesome!” he shouts, typing something into his tablet. “You have ninety minutes to pack and meet me at the bridge!” She goes to say something but he runs out the door, and she laughs to herself as she looks back at the small framed picture near the table. And suddenly, she feels like she can breathe again.


God, she missed this chaos. The busy crew members running down the halls in search of their workstations, doctors and nurses rolling medical supplies into medbays, yellow shirts making their way to the bridge with chins held high. She can’t imagine life without this.

(Y/n) takes a right as she walks aboard the USS Enterprise for what feels like the first time in forever. She makes her way to the bridge and her brother smiles up at her from the captain’s chair. He spins to her and kicks her in the thigh lightly, making her laugh loudly.

“Nice to have you on board, Doctor Kirk,” he jokes.

“Nice to be on board, Captain Kirk,” she plays along. She waves at Uhura and Spock as she makes her way to the elevator, and they stare with wide eyes at their friend. Apparently James didn’t feel inclined to tell anyone of her presence for the next five years…

The doors slide open and she walks out of the elevator. She takes a sharp left and dodges a group of engineers who run after each other with grease on their faces. She chuckles at the sight and quickly returns her walk to the medbay.

She peeks her head around the corner and sees Bones typing into a tablet, his back turned to the door. (Y/n) steps in quietly, gritting her teeth to avoid breathing too loud.

“James, I know you’re there,” he says in a bored tone.

“Wrong Kirk twin,” she says with a small smile, and he drops the tablet as he spins around.

“Good god, woman!” he shouts, rushing to her and taking her into his arms. Her smiles grows as he lifts her off the ground, making her laugh and wrap her arms around his neck. He sets her down, and looks at her with wide eyes. “Why are you here?”

“You can’t get rid of me that easily,” she jokes. “James said he could use another doctor on board, and that sad you is a major buzzkill.” Bones rolls his eyes and purses his lips, making her laugh at him and scrunch her nose as she smiles. A smile plays on his lips at the cute sight.

He leans down and places his lips to her, pulling her closer. She smiles still, and he can feel her lips turn upwards against him. He pulls back and she runs a hand through his hair, and she’s glad to have broken the promise to herself.

Return - Part 4 - Jim Kirk

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Summary: series following the events of loot– takes place during events of star trek beyond. in this chapter, you’re on familiar ground that seems to be breaking under your feet.

Warnings: language, a bit of violence (but it’s canon)

A/N: i’m still tagging those i used to tag for loot, tell me if you want to be removed. this chapter’s a lil long, but it goes from jim’s pov to reader’s and SHIT’S FINALLY GOING DOWN.

Jim was having trouble concentrating.

It began as the woman behind the universal translator, Kalara, told her story. A story of her stranded ship, her endangered crew— a story that was somehow not rousing enough to capture all of Jim’s attention as he stood beside Commodore Paris.

He instead focused on the high-neck of his uniform, the snug nature of the drably colored fabric. He stared at her blankly. He only heard the last of what Kalara spoke— she needed a ship capable of navigating the nebula, she needed someone who could help her.

He lost his concentration once more as he looked over the holographic representation of her ship in Commodore Paris’ office, a representation of the nebula it was trapped in. He was focusing on the colors— the blue of the ship, the red and gold of the nebula— and the whirring of the images rather than focus on the coordinates Commodore Paris read out to him with the rasp of her voice.

“We tracked her stranded ship to a sector of uncharted nebula, here at 210-mark-14,” she said, frowning as she watched the holograms Jim was so enthralled with.

Jim walked around the desk to a glowing screen several feet from the image of the nebula and cleared his throat. He told himself to focus, to get out of his own head. “Uh,” he started, mentally scolding himself already. “Long-range scan?”

She stood on the opposite side of the large room, watching Jim as he poked and prodded the touch-screen and increased the size of the nebula to get a better look at the glowing holo. “No data. The nebula is too dense— it’s uncharted space.”

As if on reflex, Jim offered, “Well, the Enterprise does have the best navigational system in the fleet. She could handle it.”

He smiled politely once he finished speaking, taking his eyes from Commodore Paris and scanning the room. The windows that lined the walls opened up to skyscrapers and hovercrafts, their sounds muted by the mechanical whirring to his right and the loud thumps deep inside him.

He wasn’t sure if he’d only offered out of formality— or if he was ready to go out into deep space so soon. His feet had been on the ground for a day and, granted it wasn’t the best day, he still wanted more.

He wanted to breathe lazily so the air hit every corner of his lungs, he wanted to stop shaving his cheeks for even a day. He wanted to train himself to appreciate his reflection again, rather than scowl each time he caught sight of his exhaustion. Hell, he just wanted to wake up each morning without a clue of what he would do throughout the day— he wanted to do away with routine, do away with each rerun episode his life was replaying as if on constant loop. He wanted a break.

His uncertainty for why he offered arose from a single thought, though— did he really want to walk around Yorktown with the possibility of seeing you at any time? He thought that, maybe subconsciously, his immediate offering of the Enterprise was derived from defense, from armoring himself against you to the point that he couldn’t stay on the same planet.

He thought the part of him that didn’t trust you, the part that was still so furious, might have wanted a break from the rest of him— the part of him that wanted to stay on Yorktown and “run into” you each day. That angry part could find no relaxation greater than the relaxation banality and directionlessness offered by tedious space travel. It made it so he could keep himself lost within his mind and there was no risk there, no reason to fear anything– at least he couldn’t lose himself in anyone else.

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The Acceptance of Change

‘Change is continuous in spite of our efforts to resist it. We begin to realize that we do not have any way to stop it or to slow it down. The more we try, the more we suffer. But there is a way to let go, to break this cycle of suffering. We can slow down and have a closer look at our experience of it. When we have a look, we begin to realize what we have been doing, and the whole enterprise begins to feel more and more dubious. It becomes more difficult to hide from what in our hearts we know to be true - the fact of impermanence.‘

- Judith Lief, Letting Go.

On another totally superficial note, I’m thinking of editing up a vid of all of Martin’s scenes from StartUp put together into one ginormous vid of visual freeporn (I can totally appreciate that not everyone’s into/cares about the plot of the show itself or the other characters 😉 ). Would anyone be interested in such an enterprise? Feel free to like/reblog as a yes 👍

The Sky

Jim is like the sun. Not just because he has golden hair, or because of his smile, but because of his general sunny personality. His passion seems to burn like the sun. He is all about gut instincts, making thigs up as he goes. Jim is also a hot head. He gets angry easily and sometimes he refuses to listen to others. He lightens up every room he goes into, he makes everyone on the Enterprise feel welcome, feel like they belong.

Bones is like the moon. He is pretty much the exact opposite of Jim in every way. Bones has to use his head in order to take care of patients, but sometimes he has to use his gut. He is always grumpy, always snapping at people to get the job done. However, he can be gently, like the light from the moon, when it comes to his patients or to kids. People rarely see it because Bones uses his darker personality as a shield to protect himself.

Spock is like the stars. His personality and his knowledge is vast and practically infinite, a lot like the stars. Spock is also full of passion, it burns like a hundred stars, but it is distant and far away. Spock is different that his two lovers, he is the space that neither of them can fill. He uses his knowledge to counterbalance the passion and grumpiness that the other two have.

Together the three of them make up the sky. When they are together being when they work the best, is when they are complete. It is usually rare to see one of the three alone when they are off shift, and even when they are on shift they usually go and visit the others. It’s one of the reasons why Bones is always on the Bridge, or when Jim and Spock go to Medbay for no reason. The Triumvate is something that everyone on the Enterprise knows about, and based on when they need is who they will go to. The three can convince each other to do just about anything, so it is almost like kids playing their parents off of each other. They go to the ‘parent’ that is most likely to say yes.

Idk why but I love drawing characters in a gathering setting, slightly huddled together as they drink from solo cups and casually talk smack about the other people.

Here, while at a diplomatic conference, Shran is telling Archer some hot gossip about some other aliens and Archer is like “Omg, that is so mean Shran…but do tell me more.”

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#oh my god #Les Miserable s#Gilbert & Sullivan #this combination continues to be 100% my Brand #can we also replace some of Javert’s songs with ‘When the Foeman Bares His Steel’ and/or 'When a Felon’s Not Engaged in His Employment’ #it’d be a bold new direction for his character

I’m all in to see this production. Sorry stars, Javert has to sing about how arresting people is very sad, because criminals are human too.