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Types of people that like different Star Trek shows


Spirk 5ever

My captain can kick your captains ass

Spock is bae

Red shirt

Uhura is a literal goddess

Ahead warp factor 1

Everyone is gay™

Uhura and chapel are gay and I would die for them

Knows who m'benga is


I want Tasha yar to kick my ass

Data is shaped like a friend

Fully functional™


Tasha deserved better

Alexander deserved better

Data deserved better

Klingon enthusiast

Romulan enthusiast

Casually pretends that one movie didn’t happen

The line must be drawn heyah and no fahrthah

Picard is the best captain because he is the best at diplomacy™

I would die for worf

I love will riker

I hate will riker


Outcasts didn’t happen

Only here for Q tbh




Is only here for the cardassians tbh

Weyoun never did anything wrong in his life


Garashir is love garashir is life

Wedding episode™

Just a simple tailer

Spy AU

Vic fontaine is the best ever


ships everyone

Everyone is gay™

Jadzia didn’t die for this



I want janeway to punch me it the face

I want b'elanna to kick me in the throat

Weird is part of the job™

Resistance is futile


Irish town AU

Delta Flyer™

Wth is Broccoli doing here??


Gratuitous decontamination chamber scenes

Wrist nipples

Just here for the vulcans tbh

Just here for porthos tbh

Loves everyone is just happy to be here


shran is my reason for existing

Express hoshi sato could slit my throat and I would thank her



Y'all should have listened to t'pol when ya had the chance smh

Loving pineapple is my only trait


Tag yourself! I’m all of them

Thursday’s and Ice Cream

Bruce Wayne X Reader

Word Count: 1014

Notes: Soul Mark Universe, where the first words spoken to you by your soul-mate appear in a random spot on your body, on your sixteenth birthday.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

You’ve been at the manor for a little over three weeks, and you’ve fallen into a comfortable routine. Over the past several weeks you’ve gotten to know the boys, meet the girls, and learned the entire story behind the Batman.

You’ve also started working for Wayne Enterprises. It feels good to be back in a work environment. However, you did have to fight Bruce on your office actually being on the floor it’s supposed to be on, instead of right next to his. Absence makes the heart grow fonder you tease him.

Still you drive into work together, and you force each other to leave work at work, so that you actually have a home life. In fact, home life becomes a mandatory thing. The nights before patrol become all about family time. You’ll either sit around reading, watching movies, or sometimes you’ll watch the boys train while Alfred teaches you basic first aid.

Either way, you spend a lot of time together, all in an effort to get to know each other, and become comfortable with each other. In fact, the only one you don’t seem to be bonding with is Damian.

While the young boy is never rude, he is rather quiet, and typically disappears at some point during family time. You also never see him when the others are gone, since Damian isn’t allowed to go on patrol on school nights.

So, it surprises you more than a little when you get a call from Gotham Academy, asking you to come to the principal’s office on a matter concerning your son, Damian. Your eyebrow furrows at the term. While the press did in fact know that you were Bruce’s soul-mate, you had done your best to stay out of the spotlight. You didn’t need them knowing about it.

You briefly debate going up to Bruce’s office and letting him know about the call, but instead you simply say you’ll be right there. Closing out your computer, you grab the car keys, and thank God that you were the one who had driven that day. You leave the office with instructions to your Personal Assistant to cancel any other meetings for the day, and you’re off.

You’re able to sneak away without being caught by the paparazzi, and make your way to Gotham Academy. You arrive within thirty minutes and are promptly escorted into the principal’s office.

Damian is sitting next to an open chair on one side of the room, and to the other is a woman with a scrunched up face, a boy with a rather large bruise on his face. You watch as the woman’s face drops at the sight of you, and her eyes narrow into a glare.

Apparently, she had been hoping for your soul-mate. You’re not sorry to disappoint. Taking a seat next to Damian, you do your best to shield him from the glares of the woman next to you.

The principal quickly explains that Damian has been in a fight, and more than once the woman, who you find out has a rather annoying voice, moans about her poor defenseless boy several times.

You decide to go straight to the source. You ask Damian what happened. He seems genuinely surprised that you’d ask him, but before he has the chance to respond the harpy on the other side of the room begins squawking, throwing out obscenities, while the principal tries to tell you that Damian has refused to talk.

As the talking becomes louder and louder, you bring two fingers to your mouth and let out a shrill whistle. The silence comes immediately, and you turn to Damian. “My grandfather taught me how to do that, it was the only way to get my mother to be quiet. Now why don’t you tell me what happened.”

Damian stares at you for a moment before he jumps into his tale. A group of boys had been hurting a scholarship student, threatening to hurt the kid, tossing worn text books everywhere, and emptying their backpack on the ground. Damian had stepped into stop it, when the “oaf” tried to throw a punch while charging him. He had simply stepped out of the way allowing the Neanderthal to run into a wall.

When the woman attempts to dispute that, you point out the shading of the bruising along with the scraping of the face. It’s obvious that her son ran into a wall. You then ask for security tape footage, which the principal declares is on the fritz.

Not even ten minutes later, and the principal and the harpy drop the charges, and begin reexamining the bullying incident. You and Damian leave the office as the principal begins calling for the other instigators, who had apparently run at the first sign of trouble.

Instead of sending Damian back to class you sign him out of school early, and you go for ice-cream. He declares that he’s not a child, and you tell him that the reward is for yourself. After all you didn’t claw that woman’s eyes out when they started saying all of those very rude things.

Damian quirks a smile at that, and orders two scoops of mint chocolate chip. You finish just in time to go pick Bruce up from work. He’s forced to slip into the backseat since Damian’s claimed shotgun. He simply sits in the back of the seat and watches you and Damian converse the entire ride home.

That night Damian stays for the entire amount of family time, and when everyone goes out on patrol, Damian brings out one of his favorite movies and you sit and watch it together. He falls asleep during the last thirty minutes, his head falls onto your shoulder, and you cover him with the throw blanket, before wrapping an arm around his shoulders, and stroke his hair.

That’s how the rest of the family finds you. Bruce carries an unusually sleepy Damian up to bed, and his brothers take no less than thirty pictures a piece, all to be brought out at later dates.

boy with eyes as bright
as a blue supergiant star,
who sees the universe and thinks
adventure. who finds solace
among ice giants and meteors alike.

boy who broke apart.
boy who came back to life and
strapped his jigsaw pieces together
using sticky glue and medical tape.
boy who refused to back down.

boy who rivals atlas with the
strength of his shoulders. boy who
tried to hold a planet close as it broke
apart, continents scattered and sharp, 
but still he refused to let go.

boy with hands so warm
you think they attempt to mimic
the heat of the stars he stares at
with those Rigel eyes. these hands 
could hold your heart steady with ease.

(and they do, they hold you all).


The Sky

Jim is like the sun. Not just because he has golden hair, or because of his smile, but because of his general sunny personality. His passion seems to burn like the sun. He is all about gut instincts, making thigs up as he goes. Jim is also a hot head. He gets angry easily and sometimes he refuses to listen to others. He lightens up every room he goes into, he makes everyone on the Enterprise feel welcome, feel like they belong.

Bones is like the moon. He is pretty much the exact opposite of Jim in every way. Bones has to use his head in order to take care of patients, but sometimes he has to use his gut. He is always grumpy, always snapping at people to get the job done. However, he can be gently, like the light from the moon, when it comes to his patients or to kids. People rarely see it because Bones uses his darker personality as a shield to protect himself.

Spock is like the stars. His personality and his knowledge is vast and practically infinite, a lot like the stars. Spock is also full of passion, it burns like a hundred stars, but it is distant and far away. Spock is different that his two lovers, he is the space that neither of them can fill. He uses his knowledge to counterbalance the passion and grumpiness that the other two have.

Together the three of them make up the sky. When they are together being when they work the best, is when they are complete. It is usually rare to see one of the three alone when they are off shift, and even when they are on shift they usually go and visit the others. It’s one of the reasons why Bones is always on the Bridge, or when Jim and Spock go to Medbay for no reason. The Triumvate is something that everyone on the Enterprise knows about, and based on when they need is who they will go to. The three can convince each other to do just about anything, so it is almost like kids playing their parents off of each other. They go to the ‘parent’ that is most likely to say yes.

Slow Down and Look Closer

‘Change is continuous in spite of our efforts to resist it. We begin to realize that we do not have any way to stop it or to slow it down. The more we try, the more we suffer. But there is a way to let go, to break this cycle of suffering. We can slow down and have a closer look at our experience of it. When we have a look, we begin to realize what we have been doing, and the whole enterprise begins to feel more and more dubious. It becomes more difficult to hide from what in our hearts we know to be true - the fact of impermanence. We recognize that we have fabricated a false and fixed identity based on self-deception, delusion, and fear; that we have enslaved ourselves to the never-ending project of shoring it up. And we begin to long for another way of going about things.

The process of letting go begins at the point when we recognize how trapped we are. Being trapped is the bad news, but the fact that something or someone has recognized we’re trapped is the good news. It’s as if we have spent all our life living in a house with very dirty windows, so dirty we had no idea any windows were there. What at first seemed quite cozy gradually begins to feel claustrophobic. We begin to question what had been so safe and familiar. That questioning is very powerful. To our surprise, as we gingerly explore our little house, a smidgen of dirt falls off a window and we discover a peephole - we see that there is an entire world outside. That tiny glimpse awakens our desire to be free.’

- Judith Lief, Letting Go from the Fall 2006 issue of Tricycle: The Buddhist Review.

in the ruins of today

reunion fic post star trek: beyond for @gayladypilots (spoilers for st:b)


The hospital is crowded when Hikaru arrives - doctors and nurses running back and forth from one patient to another, too many littering the halls as a sentiment to how underprepared the hospital actually is. He pushes his way through the middle, nudges people out of the way and ducks under outstretched arms, because he feels unstable on his legs and he thinks he might drop if he stops.

He’d stumbled from the Enterprise, and immediately asked where his family was. The Starfleet operative was helpful enough, but there are four hospitals on Yorktown with close to a three million people currently registered upon the space station, and he doesn’t even know where to begin. Chekov does - the little genius breaks through the backdoor of Starfleet’s security to find out where Ben’s identification last binged, and then fixes it upon exit.

“I will need to speak to Admiral Harding about these upgrades…” Chekov murmurs absentmindedly, and Hikaru is thanking him aggressively, informs him to tell the Captain where he will be and takes off.

The Memoria is the closest to the crash site, and Hikaru knows that means they were right there. The knowledge makes his chest hurt, and worry makes him move faster.

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Me: *Watches 257 episodes of Star Trek in 2 months*

Friend: Are you ok?

Me: Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before. DA DAAAA DA DADADA 🎵🎵

Friend: Yeah you’re fine.

if my nearsighted eyes didnt fool me, then i saw ben at jim’s birthday party at the end of the movie. he probably just got invited as sulu’s plus one, but what if he’s just really close to the crew of the enterprise? 

ben taking demora to visit papa hikaru at work, and the crew absolutely adores her. bones buys her these squeaky shoes (bc he remembers joanna used to love them so much ssshh) and chekov chases her around the corridors, bumping into spock who’s very confused as how to proceed with this tiny human. 

scotty demands to take her on a tour around the engineering section, and demora gets very excited when she sees keenser because he is tiny!!! just like her!!! but he’s got different skin and he’s working on the enterprise, and sulu feels a little bit :( when demora tells him she wants to be an engineer like uncle scotty. 

uhura pats his shoulder and tells him he should let demora be whoever she wants. (but she secretly steals demora away to teach her alien languages sshh dont tell sulu)

demora draws a picture of all the bridge crew for jim’s birthday. frankly, its shit, but jim hangs it on his quarters like it’s his most prized possession and calls her galaxy’s best artist. 

just. basically. i want sulu thinking that he has two families (and he’s glad for it, how many people get to have two loving, supportive families?) but when he sees demora playing with his shipmates he realizes that he really only has one, and it’s this big, boisterous, wonderful family of ragtag space explorers, his husband, and his daughter.



Anyway here are some ds9 hogwarts hc
- Ben and jake tried to start a baseball team in jakes second year but it never picked up so jake became a chaser.

 - Rom was the one who suggested that introducing more modern tech might make the castle run smoother

- people tend to mistrust odo, his stares are unnerving and he doesn’t keep to one appearance. He used to hide how he’s a metamorphmagus, his adoptive muggle father thought he was FACINATING and he hated it. He became more comfortable once he found he was a wizard but only after the wizarding war and a friendship with Kira and Garak and people who didn’t hate him on sight was he actually good with it.

 - nog is so good at gobstones. The club at hogwarts almost didn’t let him join, thought he was cheating. His long, part goblin fingers are his trick though. Also he’s just really good at judging angles and force and that kind of thing.

 -jakes muggleborn mother was a casualty of the wizarding war, one of jean-luc picard’s victims while he was under the imperius curse. 

 - kassidy Yates has a dozen owls and all of them are named after baseball players, she says that quidditch is fun and all but the skill is mostly in flying and baseball is better. Sisko nearly proposes right there 

 - ezri has a brother in azkaban who she won’t talk about.

 -ziyal had a terrible first two years, illegitimate half blood daughter of a death eater. Kira has tried to legally adopt her twice. 

 - Jake’s favorite job before his internship at the quibbler and later the daily prophet was his job as a conductor on the knight bus. a lot of his short stories were written about people he met there, and he liked to say it was the perfect vehicle for inspiration 

 -jake and nog only discovered three secret passages out of hogwarts on their own, Alexander found two more on accident and Jadzia told them where the others were 

 -jake and nog would alternate which house table they sat at week by week

[Requested by @spockoandjimjim​]

Caitian mummies, (half?-)Vulcan?/Romulan? elven archers, baby fairies gripping the shirts of older siblings….

Jim feeling emotional about children, about how he loves to see all the costumes and the grinning faces, about how he never got to see David at this age, about how he knows he traded a chance at a family for a life among the stars but that still doesn’t make the “what if’s” go away during retirement….

Spock feeling illogically guilty as if he personally stole Jim’s chance at a family by serving with him on the Enterprise, feeling that he has barely made it as a Terran’s lover and that he is terrified that he would never be able to make for a good Terran father, feeling suddenly very very old, feeling that he’s willing to try for Jim’s sake nonetheless….

Spock quietly, carefully, sincerely pulling Jim close to him that evening and proposing embryonic cell generation… proposing children….

Jim suddenly breaking down into tears against Spock’s chest. Spock being taken aback but just holding his sobbing t’hy’la tighter. Jim coming up an eternity later smiling through the last of his tears. They’re too old. It’s too late. But Spock offering, Spock holding him tenderly while he releases all of the fear of alternatives that has built up over the years, Spock – simply Spock – lets him finally come to terms with that fact….

And Jim smiling up at Spock and shaking his head no.

Masterlists & New Series

Hey everyone!

Im sure some of your have noticed my masterlist spams, which I apologize for. I am trying to organize and streamline this blog so I can write more efficiently and readers can find the things they want. Also attempting to make it more mobile-friendly after some of you pointed out some issues. Thank you for bringing those to my attention. So please be patient while I do these masterlists today and tomorrow.

Also Im excited to share with you a new project and I hope you will help me out! Sock Skating was so popular that I have decided to do an ongoing series called “Bored on the Enterprise” that centers around feel good stories of random things the Enterprise crew does when they get bored. Like Sock Skating, they can still have a reader!!! Please send in ideas for that! I will hashtag those with #BOTE and #boredontheenterprise

And thank you for sticking around. I never thought Id have 1 follower, let alone 200. I hope to continue to write and grow!

So here’s McGucket in AToTS, he’s all young and fresh look at him

he still looks young here, but he’s got lines around his mouth, suggesting he’s more in “middle-aged” territory than young territory

what’s up with that

Also in Ford’s story he has a company called “McGucket Computermajigs” which is clearly a shitty startup computer company; while his laptop claims to have come from “McGucket labs,” suggesting a more established, professional, well-known enterprise.

Basically, I feel that AToTS portrayed him to be a young dude mucking around with different opportunities building computers, while Society of the Blind Eye portrayed him to be older (perhaps in his mid 30′s to early 40′s), and a well-established professional with no prior knowledge of Ford (refers to him as a traveling researcher instead of a friend)

What up with that