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Earned It - Bucky x Reader - One Shot

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A/N: For you @evanstanimagines​ - Hope you enjoy this. Lord knows I had fun writing this aha. If anyone has any requests or comments please don’t hesitate to comment or PM me :)

Bucky x Reader - Bucky knows you have a tendency to sleep talk. In fact it gives him peace, however this night was full of the opposite.

Warnings: All the smut.

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"I don't regret this and I never will."- for Elorcan please and thank you :)

My heart aches for these two and how they will come to terms with what happened on the beach! So without further ado here is the fic~!

A war cry bellowed over the sounds of metal clashing and screams of pain. Lorcan strode through the carnage. Blood dripping from his broadsword as sweat ran down his muddied face.

Without hesitation he cut down valgs, wyverns and any enemy that dared entered his path. Hellas’s power coursed through him – death and thought and destruction. A dark warrior who thrived on the dark gift. That was what Lorcan was.

A wild smile danced on his lips as he let current of power rise to its potential.

He crouched low and avoided needle-sharp teeth and flesh-shredding claws before cleaving the head off the beast that dared to face him. In the distance he saw flames and wind answer the call to their wielders. Aelin and Rowan had once again found each other.

Lorcan had not time to celebrate for his friend finding his wife – his mate. Not when there was a war to be won.

In the midst of his killings Lorcan had lost track of the one thing he had vowed to protect no matter how this battle turned. It wasn’t until he heard a familiar scream that Lorcan’s heart plunged in fear. Something he rarely felt, but his panic propelled him to bound over the fallen bodies of both human, fae and monsters alike with blinding speed. 

“Not her,” Lorcan whispered to the air that reeked of decaying flesh and smoke. “Anyone, but her.”

“LORCAN!” Elide cried out. Her tone pushing Lorcan to greater lengths to find her.

He would always find her. That was what he promised.

He followed her scent until he leapt several yards away from where she was held captive. In the hands of his previous queen. Maeve.

“My traitorous dark warrior has arrived. How have you enjoyed your time being free of the blood oath?” Maeve said with ease. Even as her fingers held a dagger to Elide’s throat.

When Lorcan didn’t answer with anything but a glare Meave simply tsked in disappointment. “I figured you – a demi fae – would steer clear away from human females. Let alone one that is crippled and holds no beauty compared to your previous lovers.”

Lorcan continued shooting Maeve with a hateful stare that would have sent most warriors on their knees in fear of his wrath. 

“Have you nothing to say?” Maeve asked. “Perhaps the pitiful female would like to speak.” Maeve dug the blade deep enough that a small trickle of blood streamed down her throat.

 Elide was silent, but her dark eyes looked at Lorcan. But her eyes spoke loud enough for Lorcan to understand that she needed him. Elide was no match for Maeve, but Lorcan could at least help her escape from the queen’s clutches.

But Lorcan couldn’t move. His whole body was frozen.

 “I should kill you now Lorcan,” Maeve mused. “The severed blood oath has probably made you terribly miserable. Killing you would be a mercy wouldn’t it?”

Against Lorcan’s will he nodded his head. Elide’s eyes widened in terror.

“Leave him alone,” Elide snarled. Meave’s blade cut deeper into her throat in warning.

Dirt and blood mixed on Elide’s face from the fights she had previously been in. Her mangled ankle barely supported her body as she trembled from exhaustion. But Elide would still go down fighting until her dying breath.

 “Tell me Lorcan,” Maeve eyed him disdainfully. “Do you want to live?”

Lorcan said nothing. His voice wouldn’t rise at all due to whatever magic Maeve held against him. His blade hung uselessly at his side as he scowled at the Queen of Doranelle.

“He does want to live,” Elide said quickly. “Lorcan’s life is not one to be tossed away at your whim.” Elide spat the last part out.

 Lorcan winced. Why didn’t he force Elide to stay off the battlefield? Sure she would have loathed him for it, but at least that meant she was away from danger. He wished that she was safe in Perranth. Her home…where she belonged.

Maeve raised a brow at the human in her grasp. “You have quit the tongue don’t you? Not many humans would dare speak to me in such a tone… for that I will spare him on your ill-placed passionate words on this dishonorable warrior…but you little human” Meave ran the blade higher on Elide’s neck. “If Lorcan does not wish your life to be spared then you shall die.”

Elide looked to Lorcan with eyes full of hope that it almost brought him to his knees. He tried to speak and to his horror no words left his mouth.

 In that instant the hope in Elide’s eyes cracked. And shattered when Lorcan couldn’t say the words he desperately wanted her to hear.

Elide I want you to live. I want us to live together. In Perranth. Forever.

“Will you not beg me to save her Lorcan? Like you groveled on your knees and pleaded with me to keep you as one of my blood oath warriors?” Maeve smiled faintly. Taking in the internal agony that Lorcan fought from within.

“Lorcan?” Elide’s voice was raw with unshed tears. Her pale face that previously was filled with unrelenting rage to fight shifted into disbelief and finally despair.

“Lorcan please,” Elide said louder even as the blade began to cut into her throat.

Lorcan could smell her blood just as clearly as he could smell the emotions that radiated from Elide.

“Nothing?” Maeve said. “Then let this be a lesson Lorcan. Those that are gifted by the God of violent deaths – Hellas himself – then those you hold closest to your heart shall face violent ends.”

 The blade flashed in one quick motion followed by a spray of blood. Elide’s life poured from her wound. One that did not mean a quick death, but instead one that would be drawn out.

 Darkness pushed Lorcan forward with a roar. He dropped to the ground and cradled Elide to his chest. His leather armor became soaked in her blood within seconds. He pressed his scarred hand to the wound. Yet red seeped between his fingers no matter how much pressure he used.

 “Elide stay with me,” Lorcan begged. “Please don’t leave.”

 Elide choked and her cough brought up blood. The ruby color contrasted darkly with her pale lips.

 “You…betrayed me…again…” Elide brokenly said.

 “No! I love you Elide. I swear it.” Tears rolled down Lorcan’s cheeks.

 “Your promises,” Elide wetly coughed. Words barely understandable. “Are worth nothing to me.”

“You don’t mean that,” Lorcan held her gently. “I worked every day to earn your trust back after Aelin was taken. I love you so much and you said you loved me as we walked onto this battlefield together.”

With her final breath Elide looked directly into Lorcan’s eyes. N warmth could be found in her stare. “I hate you.”

And Elide Lochan’s heart ceased to beat in the midst of war being held by a fae whose soul had died with his mate’s last words. A mate she didn’t even know she was.

 Lorcan must have been screaming. He fought off the hands that wrapped around him.

Please not Elide. Hellas could take anyone else, but not Elide.

Elide who he loved.

Elide who was his mate.

Elide who –


Lorcan jolted awake and his eyes registered darkness. But this was not Hellas’s darkness coming to claim him. No this was night that cloaked the room.

“Lorcan?” A gentle hand reached for his bare arm that was without braces that usually held hidden knives. It was then that he realized he wore no armor. Only a blanket covered his chest save for the small hand that made it’s home above his pounding heartbeat.

His eyes followed that hand until he was met with the sight of Elide. She was nestled against his body in a nightdress and her eyes blinked drowsily from being awoken suddenly.

“Elide?” Lorcan reached for her shakily. Afraid that this moment would shatter.

“Was it a bad dream?” Elide asked.

Lorcan swallowed. “Yes.” His hand hovered above her cheek. He knew that his nightmare had been a fabrication of his mind. It had been years since the war. He and Elide were married now. Living in Perranth no less.

What if she had chosen someone else instead of him? She wouldn’t have suffered through seeing him betray her Aelin and her court to Maeve on that beach. Wouldn’t have known what a damn mess of a fae he was and that he had no right being in this bed beside her. Elide, the light to his darkness, deserved better.

Elide blinked and clearly heard the thoughts through the mating bond. Her fingers interlaced with Lorcan’s hesitant hand. She brought his knuckles to her soft lips.

I don’t regret this and never will,” she whispered across his jagged scars. “I love you Lorcan. And I would do it all again – the good and the bad – if it meant being with you.” 

Lorcan eased his other hand to Elide’s cheek and gently raised her face toward his. Slowly he kissed those lips that knew just what to say when he needed them most. 

“I love you Elide.” He said into her lips.

“I know,” Elide smiled and deepened the kiss. Earning a pleased growl from her mate.


Costlemark Tower Paths to Trap&Sealed Room and to Jabberwock&Royal Arms

#1 Start @ Upper Right [NorthEast] Panel (Green Path)

  • Enter
  • Floor
  • Floor (fight x3 Flan)
  • West (fight x2 Ershkigal)
      • Floor (west)
      • Floor
      • Trap Room
  • ROUTE B (Return to MAIN ROOM)
  • Floor (north) (fight Yojimbo)
  • North (fight Shrapnel + x3 Flan)
  • West (fight x3 Ershkigal)
  • West (fight x4 Bussemand)
  • South
  • South (fight Yojimbo)
  • Floor
  • Floor

#2 Start @ Lower Right [SouthEast] Panel (Blue Path) TRAP ONLY

  • Enter
  • Floor (fight x3 Ershkigal)
  • North
  • West (fight Yojimbo)
  • Floor
  • North (fight x4 Flan)
  • Floor
  • Floor
  • Trap Room

#3 Start @ Upper Left [NorthWest] Panel (Orange Path)

  • Enter
  • Floor
    • Floor (x3 Flan)
    • East (Shrapnel + x3 Flan)
    • East (Bussemand x6)
    • Floor
    • Floor
    • Trap Room
  • ROUTE B (Continues on to Jabberwock)
  • West (Ershkigal x3)
  • South (Bussemand x6)
  • East
  • South (x4 Flan)
  • East (x2 Bussemand)
  • South (Shrapnel + x3 Flan)
  • East
  • Floor (Yojimbo)
  • Floor (x3 Ershkigal)
  • East (Shrapnel + x3 Ershkigal)
  • Floor
  • Floor

#4 Start @ Lower Right [SouthWest] Panel (Pink Path)

  • Enter
  • Floor
  • South
  • South (x3 Bussemand)
  • East
  • East (x2 Bussemand)
  • Floor (x2 Ershkigal)
  • East
  • East (Shrapnel + x3 Flan)
      • South
      • Floor
      • TRAP ROOM
  • ROUTE B (#3 Route B picks up here)
  • East
  • North (x6 Bussemand)
  • Floor
  • East
  • East (x3 Shrapnel + Yojimbo)
  • South
  • East
  • East (x4 Flan)
  • North
  • West (x3 Bussemand)
  • North
  • North (x3 Bussemand)
  • Floor
  • North (x2 Ershkigal)
  • Floor
  • Path to Jabberwock
Earned It - Bucky x Reader - One Shot - Preview

Bucky x Reader - Bucky knows you have a tendency to sleep talk. In fact it gives him peace, however this night was full of the opposite.

Warnings: All the smut.

Little preview for you of what to look forward to tomorrow.

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Collision Course

Draco Malfoy x Reader

Non-linear storyline

Word count: 1,129


Guilt is a heavy thing.

Hooked and clawed and caught in the circulatory loop of blood from Draco’s heart to his lungs. All aching capillaries and ribbon-torn arteries, glass shards buried in Draco’s palms.

It’s insurmountable as he passes through the Hogwarts gates. Sees what he imagines the muggles who come poking around might see - an abandoned castle. Replete with smoke scarred wood and disintegrating bricks, blood strewn across courtyard stones and great columns that have now collapsed. Bereft of only an ominous ‘Keep Out’ sign, though he thinks that might not be far off.

Draco’s wand is clutched in a white knuckled hand as he digresses from the delineated path. Enters into the variegated shadows and dampened mist of the Forbidden Forrest and follows the coordinates written in blotted, under duress ink - because Potter’s wand had clattered across the floor and Draco’s wand had been pressed to the warm skin beneath Potter’s chin.

 His confession is the vial of veritaserum tucked into Draco’s jacket pocket.

He fancies that it just might be felix felicis instead.

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The Buddha’s Bravery

by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

At the heart of the Buddhist path is the understanding of samsara. This is the endless cycle of suffering to which all beings are subject as long as they believe they possess a self that is real.

What can we do about this? To begin with, we can commit ourselves to the path of waking up from our view that the self is real and in need of constant protection. Making this commitment begins with hearing the teachings of the Buddha and the instructions for meditation. Having found the teachings and the practice to be valuable, we feel confidence in the path we’ve discovered and in our own ability to follow it.

Buddhists have a ceremony for officially entering the path of meditation. It’s called “taking refuge,” and it involves embracing the Buddha as an example, the Buddha’s teachings as a guide, and the community of other Buddhists as helpful, supporting companions on the path. And what are we taking refuge from in such a ceremony? From this endless cycle of frustration — of seeking pleasure and trying to avoid pain. We recognise that this approach, ironically, only brings more pain.

What does it mean to take a vow of this kind? It means we acknowledge and renounce with conviction the cycle of suffering. It means that we’re giving our allegiance to something worthwhile, something that we’ve found to be true and wholesome and good. We have decided to take this path because we recognise that it leads to a place where we can flourish. Making this declaration enables us to begin to break our negative patterns and to develop the helpful qualities that we all possess inherently.

This intention is called ngejung in Tibetan, which translates as “definitely arising,” or “definitely emerging.” We are definitely emerging from samsara. This is a brave act. Taking this step is often referred to as entering the path of the warrior. We don’t mean warrior in the fighting sense, but in the sense that the warrior is heroic and courageous. The warrior-meditator’s job involves clarifying and subduing one’s own misunderstandings. It means overcoming fear.

We generally think of a warrior in battle as needing to overcome the fear of death. Comparing the warrior in battle to the warrior-meditator is not that far off. After all, whether we go to battle or not, we are all going to die. A warrior who succumbs to fear of death is unable to move forward into the next moment. The warrior gets stuck. We get stuck in samsara because of our fear of death. To have the definite intention to emerge from samsara is an act of warriorship, a way of dealing with our fear of death.

The Buddha, our first object of refuge, was an example for this kind of warriorship. He travelled on the path of awakening and overcame all sorts of difficulties. He demonstrated that fixation on the self can be overcome. He was brave enough to take a stance against materialism and his own attachment to pleasure. If we emulate him, we are emulating a being whose mind and actions were in accord with reality, who was not simply following the endless cycle of samsara.

We call the Buddha’s voice the dharma, our second object of refuge. He expressed his mind to others by showing them a practical way to achieve selflessness and to understand emptiness. He gave us instructions for realising the profound meaning of every possible situation.

The community of people who study and practice the Buddha’s teachings, the sangha, is our third object of refuge. As a group, the sangha keeps alive the instructions from the Buddha. Fortunately, because of the sangha, we don’t have to be alone on our spiritual journey. None of us is perfect, but because we agree on the truth of the Buddha’s teachings, we share a view of one another — and of all beings — as having basic goodness. In fact, we can see all beings as buddhas.

It’s helpful to contemplate the meaning of these objects of refuge. We can’t fully understand them from reading books. We need to try out the instructions for ourselves and work with our own mind to understand their deeper meaning. In this way, we take a simple, intelligent approach to the path. We think it over again and again. If it consistently makes sense (or makes progressively more sense, as is the case for a lot of us), we build up our conviction and our personal discipline by holding to principles we know are sound. And if we lose our conviction or forget why we have taken refuge, there are reminders such as impermanence, aging, sickness and death all around us.

Taking refuge ultimately asks us to overcome fear — including our fear of death — by closely examining it. Dying is terrifying because the consciousness loses the support of the body. There’s an unparallelled sense of loss and disorientation. But if we examine further, we must ask, Who is it that experiences this disorientation? Which part is “me”? Who dies? The mind consciousness is said to consist of thoughts, memories and dreams. Does that collection make up “me”? And if we cannot find a “me,” what is there to protect or be fearful for?

Yoongi Scenario: Heartstrings.

Request: Hello! I want to request a Yoongi angst scenario in which you are a couple, but you feel neglected because he’s always working so you have a really big fight? You want to be together but Yoongi thinks he’s not enough. Thank you <3

Genre: Angst / Drama.

Part 2

You entered your apartment feeling how your eyes were threatening to cry, you were wearing a beautiful maxi dress, your hair was soft and styled in beautiful loose curls, your makeup was perfection, but your hard work on looking pretty had gone to waste. You’ve waited at the moroccan restaurant for more than two hours. Because you knew you had to be patient, because you were gentle as that. A nice, sweet girlfriend willing to wait for his boyfriend who you hadn’t seen for four months now. Four months without seeing each other, and he had let you know he couldn’t go to your date after two hours of delay.

You felt ridiculous, you knew being in a relationship with an idol would be hard, that meeting and dates would sometimes be scarce, but you didn’t know it would come to a point were you’d feel so alone.
You read the message Yoongi had sent you for the umpteenth time.

I’m sorry Y/N, I can’t make it to the restaurant, something came up at the studio and I have to be there,  I’ll go to your place when I’m done, wait for me?

You didn’t answer him when you first got it, the anger and frustration in you were too high for you to not say something you’d regret. You thought it’ll pass like it usually did, you’d cool down and then just wait for him, but at this point you still felt angry, you had been waiting to see him for four months, longing his company, his touch, Yoongi’s silly jokes and intense gaze. But instead you only got a text message. Once again you had to wait for him, brushing your hair with your fingers not caring anymore if the curls stayed in place or not you wondered until when would you be waiting.

You honestly didn’t want to keep waiting for him, you knew already how these sudden meetings at the studio went, most of the times they ended at dawn and by that time Yoongi had to go back to the dorm to catch some sleep before the next schedule. So you really didn’t want to get your hopes up and expect him to come and then just end up disappointed.

Nevertheless you found yourself not being able to fall asleep, not even able to stop checking your phone just in case he said something. The possibility of him coming made you anxious, you wanted to see him but you didn’t want him to see you in your current state, needing him. God, who would have thought you would end up like this? Needing a man to ease your never wrecking state.

Yoongi arrived at your place, making you jump out of your bed where you had been watching a rerun of “What Not To Wear”. He was outside waiting for you to call the elevator for him, you knew you had to be quick so no one could see him but you went to put yourself together first, you had so much time without seeing each other and although you wouldn’t be putting on the maxi dress again you didn’t want to stay in your pajamas, so you threw on black leggings and a big pink sweater to look cute.

He was smiling tiredly when you saw him, you gave him a tiny smile back wanting to forget about earlier now that he was there, but you knew it wasn’t possible. Yoongi took your hand, looking at your eyes maybe expecting to find the excitement of being reunited, but even if a part of you was incredibly happy of having him there, the other was screaming at you to let him know what was really going on.

Yoongi started talking about the company and the boys, how were they doing and all the plans they had been making recently, but you couldn’t get yourself to say anything more than a few “that’s great” or “happy for you”, you didn’t know what to do with the increasing feeling of loneliness, even if he was right in front of you.

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I Live in Nightvale
  • Reasons why my town is actually Nightvale:
  • One time somebody stole a bowl of soup. We know this because my family came home to a dirty bowl in the sink and our crock pot lid off. We don’t know who stole the soup or why, but nobody had been home all day.
  • A moose fell in an old well and couldn’t be saved. A local family took it home and ate it, we think.
  • I have a cousin who disappears into the woods with nothing but a bear skin sometimes and reemerges after a few days.
  • The same cousin has such a high pain tolerance that he fell fifteen feet out of a tree onto a bucket and slipped three disks in his back and yet wasn’t in enough pain to go see a doctor for three years.
  •  “Do not go into the woods next to the playground, unless you are on the path. Only enter the path with a teacher. Do not ever leave the path. If you enter the woods and get hurt, it’s your fault.” (A message from the teachers of the only school that was given the first day of school every year)
  •  “The birds fly into the windows often, it’s okay. Ashton, go put the bird in the woods, but keep yourself out.” (eighth grade english)
  •  There’s a carnival every year. All the same people run the same booths and same rides in the same spots every year. One year the swings didn’t come. Now nobody mentions the swings. One time I mentioned how much my older sister used to love the swings and she looked at me blankly. We literally don’t talk about the swings anymore.
  •  We have a first selectman instead of a mayor. Wade Cole has been our first selectman for literally longer than I’ve been alive. Nobody runs against him. Last year somebody ran against him and lost, and now he’s moved out of town. Wade Cole is still our first selectman.
  •  We have as many churches than other public spaces combined. Three churches. One restaurant, one post office, one public library. The library barely counts, as it’s open four hours a week.
  •  Mr. Welcome has always been the social studies teacher. He teaches math once in a while. He used to keep a pig’s brain in the freezer. Or maybe it was a cow’s brain. The story changes every time we ask.
  •  One school, pre k to eighth. 200 kids, just about. And yet, nobody’s parents are in the PTO. Who is in the PTO? Not my mom, who’s also a teacher. Not my dad, either. Not any of my friends’ parents.
  •  There used to be a store and a gas station. It burned down. Now nothing is there. There is grass and then a church on one side and a cemetery on the other. Nothing but grass where the store used to be though.
  •  The bears wake up every spring. Most people take their bird feeders down so the bears don’t get them. Aunt Liz leaves hers up, bears are common on our road.
  •  Everyone is Norwegian, and everyone is related. We have the norwegian festival every winter to celebrate how Norwegian we are. One time a man got up and sang in Swedish at our Norwegian fest. He’s not allowed to sing at the Norwegian fest anymore.
  •  Mr. A drives a fifteen passenger van with tinted windows. Mr. A gives rides to schoolchildren in his van. But Mr. A is a beloved member of the community, loved and trusted by literally everyone. The van is a symbol of his large family, also loved by the community. Mr. A is my favorite person.
  •  Plays I participated in in middle school:
    •   “Joust” (King Arthur but with boomwhackers instead of swords. Boomwhackers are hollow plastic tubes that play a note when you hit something with them. We harmonized with the boomwhackers. I was a knight called Sir Prize)
    •   “Attack of the Killer Grasshoppers” (A skin cream turned members of a school science fair into giant grasshoppers. Potatoes painted green turned them back into people. I played a deaf old janitor named Mr. Stardrifter)
    •   “Magic Tree House” (Actually normal. I was Jack. It was awesome.)
    •   “The Ever After” (A talk show reuniting and reconciling fairy tale heroes and villains. I was the sleazy talk show host. By far my best middle school role. My name was Monteray Jack Chesterfield Williamson III)
  •  “One time I saw Hunter C. in the woods. He was eating a tree. Hunter C. is cRaZy!” (one of the many Hunter C. memes. Hunter C. was strange)
  •  Crazy hair day equals most people use washable hair dye, one person per grade is Pippi Longstocking, somebody does the bottle up do thing. At least one boy does a Mr. Welcome hairdo. One person doesn’t do anything and is ignored all day.
  •  Candy on Fridays except when there wasn’t school unless it was a good friday and then you get candy anyway because after all, Candy on Fridays.
  •  In the summer the swing mats from the school playground always go missing. One end up in the orange math game thingy that nobody uses. Nobody knows who’s doing it, but it happens every year.
  •  The Lego Man who lives in the brown house. Nobody knows his name but sometimes he leaves packages of Legos on his driveway for the kids. He works for Lego. We aren’t sure who he is.
  •  There’s these little wooden houses? Everyone has at least one, usually of the Coach and Four? But like? Nobody I’ve ever asked has been able to say where they come from? But everyone has one.
  •  Last winter every town around had at least six inches of snow. I spent Christmas in a sweatshirt. No snow. Usually we get way more snow than the surrounding towns. We were in a weather bubble or something.
  • Also weather related, driving up from the town I go to high school in, there’s a corner. One specific corner. If you watch your car’s thermometer, when you go around the corner, the temperature drops a least five degrees every time.
  •  I’m related to literally half the town. Of the around 1000 households in town, 500 of them are related to me. My grandpa counted.
  • Uncle Arnie man. My Uncle Arnie died when I was like six and then I replaced him. With some random guy who went to my church. I called this man Uncle Arnie for years. Literally until I was like fifteen. I found out Uncle Arnie died last year. I’ve been calling Ray, Uncle Arnie for nine years, and nobody corrected me. I found out because he spoke in church and his name is Ray. Not Arnie. His wife is not my Tante Ruthie. I don’t even know who she is, but I’ve been calling her Tante Ruthie. Nobody corrected me. For nine. Years.
Prelude: The Chosen Path - steelneena - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Paths are divergent, and lives are altered. Fates are changed. Destiny is chosen, instead of made.
By Organization for Transformative Works

For the ever supportive and wonderful @the-far-bright-center without whom this verse would not exist. 

An attempt to remind the fandom exactly who and what Anakin is, and what leads to his downfall in canon, accomplished by circumventing canon altogether.
Series currently in progress. Updates once every month.

Part One: Jedi Temple, Coruscant, 32 BBY

He had lived.

Had the molten red blade been one iota to the left, Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn knew that it most certainly would have killed him. He’d spoken fervently with Obi-Wan, after his padawan had dispatched the Sith Lord, begging him to care for Anakin, to train him. Wrung a promise from the distraught man’s lips. He thought he was going to die.

But he had lived.

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Elvish and the Spirit Sentinels

When you approach the first spirit sentinels you meet in Trespasser, their leader greets you with:

“Atish’all vallem, Fen’Harel elathadra.”

Atish’all vallem - The phrase “Atish’all vir Abelasan” means “enter the path of the Well of Sorrows. So Atish’all means to enter. Vallem is labelled on the wiki as meaning “to bid” or “I bid you”. They didn’t cite their source, so I can’t readily find the context of the word being used - but assuming that it is accurate, then the spirit is welcoming you - bidding you entry. 

elathadra - a new word in the vocabulary from what I can tell. The Elven language wiki says that “el” is “our” but doesn’t cite any source… and I’m not seeing any examples of it being used as such. It’s possible that the compound word does come from “lath” (love), but without knowing more, it’s hard to translate this word directly. My instincts say that this word is probably referring to you as an ally of Fen’Harel, so perhaps “Fen’Harel elathadra” means a trusted person of the Dread Wolf.

“Nuvenas mana helanin, dirth’bellasa na.”

Nuvenas - Conjugation of nuvenin - to want or to need.
mana - distant past, some long increment of time. It can also mean “stop” or “wait” like in the phrase “Mana. Ma halani.”
helanin - I assume this is some word relating to halani, which means help.
dirth’bellasa na - A bit tricky to translate literally. In this context, dirth clearly means “speak”. He is bidding you to talk (specifically to say the “passphrase” used among Fen’Harel’s allies). Bellasa could be a combination of bel (many) and lasa (grant) which, when put together could mean something along the lines of a “passphrase”. Na (your) is simply indicating that you are the one who should speak. In short, he’s saying “If you want help/if you are here to help, say your password.”

A Lavellan who did not drink from the Well may say the following:

“Andaran atish’an. Setheran -”

“I welcome you to this place of peace.” A formal greeting in Elvish. Setheran appears to be new. The only context I have for it is the very similar word “setheneran” which means “the Veil”. 

To which the spirit responds:

“Virthar na… Na din’an sahlin!”

Virthar is new. It’s hard to tell precisely what he is commanding you to do, though the second part is very clear: Na din’an sahlin - your death happens now.

An Inquisitor who drank from the Well may say the following:

“Ar-melana dirthavaren. Revas vir-anaris.”

Ar - personal pronoun. I or me.
Melana refers to an increment of time, sometimes translating as “now”.
Dirthavaren - “The Promise”, also the Elvish name for the Exalted Plains.
Revas - Freedom
vir-anaris - This part I find… weird. Anaris is the name of one of the Forgotten Ones. Specifically, he’s the one who fights with Andruil over the right to kill Fen’Harel in the tale of Fen’Harel and the Tree. Vir-anaris means “the path of Anaris.” So… I don’t really know what to make of that.

In full, I think it’s something like “Now I make/fulfill the promise. You are free to go on the Path of Anaris.” or “Now am I in the Exalted Plains. You are free to go on the Path of Anaris.”

The Inquisitor later explains that this phrase was part of a ritual and something said among those Fen’Harel trusted. The voices of Mythal’s Well knew the phrase, suggesting the two of them were close. How close, though, is up to debate.

The spirit replies:

“Amae lethalas.”

Amae is new. Lethalas I believe is some form of Lethallan, most likely plural. He’s probably saying something like “welcome” or “you may pass”. Either way, he is recognizing your right to be there and that you are a friend.

The Signs as Force Girls (pt.8 of 12)

Scorpio - Barriss Offee

When Barriss became the apprentice of Jedi Master Luminara Unduli, no one would have believed that she of all people would be the one beginning to question the system and the Jedis’ role in the republic. Early on and very close to Luminara, Barriss learned to become disciplined, calm and objective on the outside. Therefore not many were able to recognise what was going on inside of Barriss. She would have sacrificed herself for a reason that she would see as worthy. Moreover it is said that Barriss was especially talented in the usage of healing powers. Barris was also closely befriended to Ahsoka Tano with whom she shared a special connection. She always wanted to know what’s going on behind the scenes so she studied eagerly to be prepared for anything. So it would happen that Barriss discovered for herself that her beliefs and ideas of what the Jedi should do and be like did not match the reality. She now questioned the Jedis’ role in the war seeing them as mindless warriors that had forgotten their original mission: Being the keeper of the peace. Not trusting anybody, Barriss came to realize that she could not proceed the way she had until then. So she entered a darker path that would eventually lead to her exclusion from the Jedi Order.