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Hi I was wondering if you know any fics of even being protective of isak like if his family says something or people at school or one of isaks friends also I wanted to say thank you for all of your work it's awesome

Hi, sweetie!

Here are some protective!Even fics for you:

  • citizen erased by theyellowcurtains
    Summary: “HELP HELP THIS LOVELY MAN, HE’S BLEEDING OUT” “HE’S DYING HELP!”Magnus and Jonas were shouting as they entered the emergency room. Isak gave the guy on the other side of the sign in desk an apologetic look. “I’m sorry about them. They can be a little over dramatic.” Isak turned to the boys shouting “You can’t say shit like that here come on guys, we are in a hospital.” AKA: The hospital scene.

  • I wanna hold you like you’re mine by giraffingallday
    Summary: “I’m sorry? Who are you? And how would you know if Isak was really gay?” “I’m Even, and how about because I’m his fucking boyfriend?“ Huh. This was news to Isak. Or, Isak is often nervous and just trying to get through his required semester of Theatre. Emma makes it a little harder until Even comes along and makes it too easy. He might fall in love somewhere along the way.

  • The Unkind Thoughts by bri_ness
    : “Every time Isak worries about Even, Even worries about Isak.“ 

  • You’re a good person, Sana. by aothes
    Summary: Post episode 7, clip 1. Isak finds out about the leaked screenshots and all the pain he felt and caused during first year comes rushing back to him.

  • love and healing by evenbakkas
    Summary: Isak is angry. He’s fucking pissed, and he’s suddenly seeing red, because his ex fucking took his heart and stomped on it until it was left in pieces, and he doesn’t get to do this to Isak after all the shit he’s pulled. So, before the guy can answer, Isak smiles curtly and says, “He’s my boyfriend.” Or: A Fake dating!AU where Isak goes grocery shopping and meets an attractive stranger in a jean jacket who ends up leaving as his fake boyfriend.

Thank you so much! It’s our pleasure, lovely :) ♥



Summary: Bucky and Steve will never let you know that they’re the heads of your booty’s fanclub.

Authors note: It was so hard to find old timey slang for butt. Like we have so many words now I was surprised lmao.

Warnings: None, Bucky and Steve appreciating that cake

  Your jeans only make it halfway up your thighs before they refuse to budge. You groan.

‘And this was my favorite pair too’

You sigh, before peeling off the jeans and rooting around in your dresser for something that you can wear. You never were the skinniest person, especially when it came to your hips and thighs. But then again you never were exactly bootylicious either. So when you became a SHEILD agent you thought your body would kinda slim down into a  svelte mass of lean, toned muscle like the other female agents.

 Boy were you wrong. 

You gained muscle, and a lot of it too. Every single inch of you had at least some definition and your thighs had bulked up considerably. As for your butt….You sneak a peek at it in the mirror ‘I swear it gets bigger every day’ . Since you had joined the Avengers last year and your training had gotten even more intense you swear your booty had doubled in size. Your body was very… in your face nowadays. Wanda kindly described you as ‘shapely’. You pull out a pair of denim shorts that have some slight stretch to them.

You look at yourself in the mirror sighing. ‘ If I get anymore shapely I’m gonna have to buy an entire new wardrobe.’ 

“Pal, why is ya oatmeal always so…” Steve makes a face “…Soggy?”

Bucky and Steve are sitting eating breakfast, at a table that’s situated slightly back and across from the kitchen, next to an open door. Bucky snorts.

“It’s oatmeal Steve, it’s supposed to be soggy.” Steve rolls his eyes but takes another bite of his oatmeal, making a mental note to make breakfast himself the next morning.

Bucky lets out a soft, low whistle. Steve turns his his head, slowly. He knows what that whistle means. He watches as you enter from the other side of the room, cross the kitchen and start rifling in the cabinets. Or rather he watches your ass cross the kitchen and start rifling in the cupboards. You Steve, and Bucky were pretty good friends. You had surprisingly befriended Bucky first, and then Steve. Bucky had been making a good recovery, but was still kind of shy, except around Steve and Sam, and then you. Your sense of humor and openness kind of disarmed him. The three of you would always hang out, watch movies, and talk about anything and everything. But the one thing that Bucky and Steve would never mention is that they both agreed that you by far had the best body they had ever seen. And they were low-key its fan club. The super soldier’s eyes track you as you gather your cup of tea and cheese danish in one hand and exit the room.

“Now ain’t that a beautiful sight to see in the morning?” Bucky says, smirking and sipping his coffee. 

“Yes,” Steve smirks back “As I always say,the lady is truly blessed.”

“Amen.” Bucky says raising his coffee mug. “I mean have you ever seen such beautiful gams on a dame?”

“No,”  Steve pushes back his bowl of soggy oatmeal and crosses his arms over his chest. A devious grin forms on his face. “But that’s not the only thing that’s beautiful.”

Bucky’s grin widens to epic shit eating proportions. “True, Y/N’s a bit broad in the beam, ain’t she?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

 Your voice coming from behind them nearly stops both super soldier’s hearts. They turn, mouths slack, to find you standing in the doorway behind their table, tea and cheese danish in one hand, the other perched on your hip.

“Ah-um-I-um” Steve splutters, unable to form words. Bucky, on the other hand, decides distraction is the best course of action.

“Y/N! Sugar, sweetheart, you look lovely today. How’s that cheese danish? I heard the weather’s going to be nice , maybe we should go to the park?” He exclaims, red slowly creeping up his neck until his whole face is scarlet. You silently look from Steve to Bucky. ‘Well if they’re not gonna spill, Google will’

You pull out your phone and look at it. “Well looks like I have somewhere to be so I’ll see you boys later.”

You turn, hearing twin goodbye’s being called out after you, with at least one voice cracking in the middle.

You retreat back your room and fire up your laptop. Bucky and Steve were always using obscure old timey slang that no one understood. ‘they better haven’t been throwing shade…’ you shake your head. It seemed like they were talking about something physical about you, and not in a bad way. You feel warm and kind of insecure at the same time. You couldn’t deny that the two super soldiers were very attractive.

You open google and type “gams meaning” into the search engine.




plural noun: gams

  1. a leg, especially in reference to the shapeliness of a woman’s leg.

A giggle escapes your mouth. ‘oh my’ you think.

You type the next phrase into Google, and click on the phrase dictionary that comes up.

Broad in the beam


Having wide hips or buttocks

You stare at the screen for a moment and then  recall the overheard conversation. Your mouth falls open as you choke out a laugh ‘Oh my god’

Later that day you find Bucky,Steve and Sam sitting outside. You join them, and they all greet you, but you notice Bucky isn’t looking you in the eye and Steve’s ears are pink. Sam doesn’t seem to notice the tension and dives into a story about sweeping a girl off her feet in the local coffee shop.

“…then she gave me her number.”

“That’s great!” Steve says “You gonna take her out soon?”

“Yeah this weekend”

“That is great,” Bucky smiles “What does she look like?” he asks curiously.

“Man she had the cutest laugh, and those dimples…” Sam pauses, smiling to himself. “She had short dark hair, and was so curvy…..like damn.” Everyone chuckles a bit at this, and after the chuckles stop you pipe up.

“Curvy? Sam get with the times, you don’t call women curvy anymore, its called being broad in the beam.” You say and smirk at the two super soldiers. They promptly turn bright red, Bucky choking a little bit. Sam whips his head back and forth between the three of you.

“Am I missing something?” he asks.

 Steve clears his throat, holding out his hands imploringly.

“Y/n, sugar, listen. I can explain”

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Yo guess who’s back with more space orc content™ because I am obsessed™

So a bunch of people have irrational fears, me included, one of the most irrational happens to be fear of the dark (whoops, if that ain’t me) but imagine the reactions aliens would have to this human among their group who all are reckless and will go up to a furred monster that could kill them easily, and mimicking the actions the creature makes in order to initiate playful actions and befriending them, but this human, this one human just can’t take the darkness, and no one knows why. So bear with me I’m gonna go story mode.

Zeren sat settled in xeir sleeping pod ready to enter into their sleep cycle. From the other side of the room xe heard the sound of breath hitching. Worried, xe climbed out of their pod and moved nearer to the sheet of soft cushion the humans typically slept on. Xe adjusted their eyes to see the room better despite the utter darkness bathing the room.
Upon the bed sat Kiki, more upright than she usually is when on the said bed. Zeren moved themselves to the chair nearby and sat facing them. Xe saw Kiki tense up and attempt to scan the room, clearly looking for danger. It was unclear, but it looked as though she was crying, her breath was shaky and her general appearance looked disheveled.
“Human-Kiki are you alright?” Zeren asked cautiously, as they adjusted themselves on the seat. “Zeren?” The distressed human responded, their voice cracking slightly, “I’m fine, I’m just scared.” The response baffled Zeren, Kiki was the most brave human on the ship, constantly finding themselves in dangerous situations for fun.
“I don’t understand, are we in danger?” Zeren inquired, confused. “No,” Kiki reassured, “it’s just, really, really dark in here.” Zeren tilted their head in confusion, “it was my understanding that humans are typically soothed by dark spaces, and find it easiest to sleep when it’s dark.” Kiki wiped their face, confirming that she was crying, “to most humans it is sure, but it just really scares me.”
“If it would put you at ease I could activate my biolumecent patterning to provide more light.” Zeren offered, straightening their back. Kiki nodded, “yeah, that would be nice.” As discussed, Zeren’s skin began to light up a soft yellow tone, lighting up the room slightly.
Kiki stepped off her bed and moved towards Zeren. Before xe could ask what was happening, Kiki pulled Zeren into a hug. “Thank you.” She sobbed as she held onto Zeren’s larger form. “You’re welcome.” Xe responded, softly patting Kiki’s back. They both returned to their sleeping areas, the light spilling from Zeren’s sleeping pod, and they both slept soundly.
The next morning Zeren found Kiki within the group of the other humans, “Human-Kiki, if it would make you more comfortable would you like me to contact one of the engineers to put in a light that activates during night cycles?” Xe asked while approaching. One of the others, Finn, snorted a short laugh, “wait hold on, Kiki are you afraid of the dark?” He chuckled, “what are you five?”
He was stopped by a swift push from Carol, “shut up Finn, it’s very common for adults to be afraid of the dark.” Zeren wrote that down, to inform the captain so they can update their guide for human care. “Yeah, I think it would be cool if you’d do that.” Kiki told Zeren, before leaving to grab breakfast.

This is just one irrational fear idea, if anyone else has some good ideas for aliens dealing with irrational fears I thing they’d be awesome to read.

Decathlon l Peter Parker

Summary: The fourth part to this mini series where Peter Parker misses the decathlon and saves the reader…

Warning: Spoilers and swearing

Pairing: Peter Parker (Spiderman) x reader

Type: Part four of mini series

A/N: This mini series is six parts long, this is the fourth part. Nearly there. It’s about to get good!

Part One Here / Part Two Here / Part Three Here / Part Five Here / Part Six Here

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Peter’s eyes fluttered open and he sat up, still in that shipping container. “Ow, my head.” He rubbed his head as he stood to his feet.

“You appear to have a mild concussion,” the suit said. 

“Hey,” he looked around the container. “Where am I right now?”

“I am not sure. The walls are hindering my sensors.”

“Wait a minute,” he whispered. “They must have hijacked the truck and taken me to their evil lair. Okay, suit lady. We are going to have to fight our way out of this one.”

He turned and counted down to three before slamming his body into the doors of the container, breaking them open. He quickly stood up and took in his new surroundings. It was just a brightly lit warehouse with hundreds of shipping containers like the one Peter was in.

“What is this place?” Peter asked, noticing nobody was around. “Suit lady, where am I?”

“You’re in the most secure facility on the eastern seaboard, The Damage Control Deep Storage Vault.”

“No!” Peter said, looking at the giant cemented walls around him. He placed his hands on his head and groaned in frustration. “Seriously?”

He went over to what seemed to be the large door and tried prying it open. “The door will most likely remained closed until morning,” the suit stated. Peter kicked the wall gently.

“Morning?” He made himself a makeshift hammock out of his webbing between two shipping containers and lay in it. “Hey suit lady? I kinda feel bad calling you suit lady, you know? I should probably give you a name, like Y/N.” He immediately shook the thought from his head. “No, no, no, god that’s–that’s weird.”

He jumped down and lazily swung from one of his webs. He was so impatient, it was driving him crazy. Why wouldn’t the door just open already?

“What about Karen?” He let go of the web and fell onto the ground softly. 

“You can call me Karen. If you would like,” she said happily. Peter hung upside down and read from his textbook.

“Hey, Karen. What else can this suit do?” A second later, webbed wings appeared from under his arms. He gasped in disbelief. “What?”

He gasped down at his web shooters, now observing them and all the different combinations. He let out a hum and put on his Decathlon yellow jacket uniform.

“Maybe we should run that refresher course,” he said to himself. He had plenty of time.

“Ricochet web,” Karen said. 

“Ricochet webs,” Peter repeated. He tried it out and the web shot into a ball, hitting the wall and bouncing straight back at him. He quickly ducked. 

“Slender webs.” Long webs shot out from his wrist, falling to the ground. “Web grenade.” Peter tossed one to the wall, yelling the name before it exploded into webs. He was having fun.

After his refresher course, Peter lay on top of one of the shipping containers, staring at the ceiling. “Should I tell Y/N that I am Spiderman?”

“Who’s Y/N?”

“Whos’s Y/N?” He chuckled to himself, smiling like a giddy schoolboy under the mask. “She’s uh–she’s the best. She’s awesome. She is just a girl who goes to my school. We kinda grew up together. And yeah–I really wanna tell her but it’s kinda weird, you know? Hey, I-I’m Spiderman.”

“What’s weird about that?”

“Well what if she is expecting someone like Tony Stark? I mean, imagine how disappointed she would be when she sees me,” Peter explained.

“Well, if I was her, I wouldn’t be disappointed at all,” Karen said sweetly.

“Thanks Karen. It’s really nice to have someone to talk to.” He looked around. “Hey, how long have we been here anyways?”

“Thirty-seven minutes,” Karen stated.

“What?” Peter sat up in frustration. “Thirty-seven minutes! That is insane! I cannot take this anymore. I gotta get out of here.” He jumped down from the container and went back into the one he came from. “There has got to be something in here that I can use.”

He dug through whatever the bird man put in his backpack, pulling miscellaneous weapons and items from it that could probably be sold for a fortune. He suddenly recognized something and pulled it out.

“Huh? Hey look, its just like the glowy thing,” he said, picking up the weird looking thing.

“That glowy thing is an explosive Chitauri energy core,” Karen replied. Peter stood to his feet and dropped it immediately.

“Woah! Woah! Woah! You mean we have been carrying around a bomb?”

“It would require radiation to transform it into an explosive state,” Karen said as Peter pulled out his phone to call Ned but there was no connection. 

“No, no, no, no, no.” He grabbed all his things and exited the container. He webbed himself onto the wall. He banged his fists on the wall in attempts to get it open. Then he glanced over at a box on the wall. “Karen, you have to help me open that time lock.”

He hung upside down as he tried to solve the combination to open the door of the vault. He pulled out his calculator and hooked it up to the wires. Then he pulled out a notepad and paper and began writing equations. 

“Okay Karen, lower the voltage and run it,” he said, punching it into the calculator.

“Trial unsuccessful.”

“Okay, we are just going to have to try every sequence,” he explained, crossing off the top one. 

Back at the hotel, Ned pace around the room. Y/N knocked on their door and he jumped in surprise. “Ned, Peter. We are going to be late.” Ned sighed and ran over to the bed, grabbing the glowy thing and shoving it into his pocket before leaving the room.

“Initiating trial two hundred and forty-seven,” Karen said as Peter typed in the numbers. The vault door began to open.

“It worked! It worked!” He swung out of there and jumped onto a traveling truck, allowing it to take him in the direction he desired. 

At the decathlon, Mr. Harrington numbered off all the kids. “Where’s Peter?” Y/N looked up with saddened eyes. “Flash, I guess you’re up.” The team continued to switch out students as the decathlon went on. Near the end, Mr. Harrington chose the final five. It was up to them to win.

Ned, Liz, Y/N, Michelle, and Flash all took their seats on stage. Another school’s final five students entered the stage on the other side. “We have now entered sudden death. The next answer, wins the championship,” the lady announced. The question was given and Michelle reached out and rang her bell. Everyone looked her way. “Midtown Tech?”

“Zero,” she stated. 

“That is correct,” the team rejoiced. They all leaned over and hugged Michelle before being awarded with the trophy.

“Karen, you have to get me to the decathlon as fast as possible. I have to be there. I cannot let Y/N down,” Peter said as he rode on the back of a truck.

“Sure thing, just tell me where it is?”

“Right across the street from the Washington Monument,” he said. He called Ned but he didn’t answer, probably because he was still at the decathlon. “Ned, call me back! The glowy thing is a bomb!”

In celebration of their win, Mr. Harrington took the kids to the Washington Monument. Flash made his way over to Y/N, nudging her arm with a smirk playing on his face.

“I told you we didn’t need Peter.”

“You didn’t even answer a single question,” she said. Flash rolled his eyes and walked ahead of her, the trophy in his hands. Everyone made their way inside, all except Michelle, who chose to stay on the ground. 

Ned pulled out his phone and saw all of Peter’s missed calls. He decided to call him back. “Oh Ned, you’re alive!”

“Peter! Are you okay?” Ned whispered.

“Ned, Ned, Ned. The glowy thing! The glowy thing!”

“Don’t worry, its safe,” Ned insisted whilst putting his backpack through the scanner.

“No, Ned. Listen–”

“You missed the decathlon! We are at the Washington Monument–” before Ned could finish his sentence, Y/N had grabbed Ned’s phone from his ear and put it to her own.

“Peter? Is that you?” 

“Oh, hey Y/N,” Peter said.

“Is that Y/N?” Karen asked, momentarily pausing their call to talk to Peter.

“Please put Ned back on the phone,” he said to Y/N. He jumped off the truck and began running towards the Washington Monument. 

“You should tell her how you feel,” Karen suggested. Thank god, Y/N couldn’t hear her.

“You are so lucky we won,” Y/N told Peter. “I wanna be mad but I am more worried. What is going on with you recently?”

“Y/N, I have to talk to Ned. It is really important,” Peter pleaded.

The security guard told her to put the phone on the belt so it could be scanned. She did so and as soon as it entered the monitors, the connection was lost. 

“Y/N? Y/N! Dammit,” Peter cursed as he ran as fast as he could. The team got onto the elevator and began riding it up to the top. Peter continued to run and he threw his backpack onto a tree, webbing it there so no one would steal it.

As they neared the top, the security lady began to explain some information about the monument. In Ned’s backpack, the glowy thing began to glow even more and soon ripped a hole through his backpack. It shot straight up into the ceiling of the elevator, as it exploded. The elevator stopped.

Peter made it to the base of the monument and looked up to see the explosion from the outside, a layer of bricks bursting from the monument and falling to the ground. “No, no, no, no, no,” Peter said. “Karen, what is going on up there?”

“The Chitauri core has detonated and caused severe structural damage to the elevator,” she said.

“My friends are up there,” Michelle pointed out.

“What? Uh, don’t worry ma'am. Everything is going to be okay,” Peter insisted. He ran off and launched himself off the ground, landing on the side of the monument. He began to climb it as fast as he could.

In the elevator, Ned dropped his backpack onto the floor. Everyone looked up to see the damage, the ceiling of the elevator was hanging on by a few threads. A few false moves would send the elevator plummeting to the ground. “Stay calm everyone,” Liz said.

“We are all going to die here,” Abe noted.

“Nobody is going to die,” Y/N reassured them.

On the outside, Peter climbed and climbed. “Estimating ten minutes before catastrophic detonation,” Karen told Peter.

“I know that was scary but don’t worry. Our safety systems are working,” the lady in charge told them.

“Safety systems are completely failing,” Karen said.

“We are very safe in here,” the lady reassured them.

“The occupants are in eminent moral danger,” Karen added. Peter panted heavy as he forced himself to go higher and higher.

“I am going as fast as I can!” 

Inside the elevator, they all carefully opened the emergency hatch. They sent one kid up, seeing as though they were only a few feet away from the door. The security guards at the top opened the newly shattered door and reached down to grab one of Peter’s classmates, helping her to safety.

“You now have one hundred and twenty five seconds until catastrophic failure,” Karen announced.

“What? Why?”

“Unexpected motion has caused the deterioration to escalate,” Karen said, giving Peter a scan of the elevator. 

“How do we get it?”

“Activating riconoscesse drone.” A small drone came out of the emblem of his suit, looking him in the eyes before flying away.

“Has that been there this whole time?”

“Locating optimal entry points. Proceed to southwest window,” Karen instructed. 

“I am on my way.” Peter jumped onto the other side of the building and continued to climb until he had it to the top. He pressed his head to the building and held on for dear life. He slowly turned around, his back on the building. He leaned forward and looked down before getting scary and moving back.

“What is wrong? You reached the southwest window. Why are you hesitating?”

“I-I have never been this high before,” he slowly scooted his way over to the ledge of the window.

“You have also not reinstalled your parachute so a fall from this height would mostly be lethal,” Karen pointed out. Peter turned around again and let his foot drop down to hit the window.

“Why is it not breaking?” He asked in frustration.

“It is a special kind of ballistic glass. You will have to create more momentum.” Peter webbed the building and leaned back, he pushed off the monument and hit his feet against the window. A small crack appeared on the glass.

He barely even noticed the U.S helicopter fly towards the monument. “Identify yourself,” the ordered over the coms. Peter looked back at them, seeing the guns in their hands.

“My friends are up there! My friends are in there! Stop,” Peter begged.

“Return to the ground immediately!”

Inside the elevator, they had Liz go next, hoisting her up out of the elevator. The only people left where Flash, Ned, Y/N and Mr. Harrington. On the outside of the building, Peter closed his eyes.

“Karen,” he said, blocking out the constant calls of the officers behind him.

“Yes Peter?”

“Give me a scan of the elevator. Tell me if Y/N is inside.”

“Sure thing.” He waited a second for her to reply.

“Is she up there? Is she safe? Is she okay?”

“I’m sorry, Peter. She’s inside the elevator,” Karen said sorrowfully.

“No, no, no, no, no.” Peter climbed higher, reaching the very top of the monument. He looked back at the helicopter. 

The security guards helped Flash out of the elevator. The elevator jointed, another wire breaking in the process. The pulled him out as fast as they could.

“I’m gonna die,” Peter said to himself before jumping off the building. He used his web wings to fly over the helicopter then he webbed the rail on the helicopter ands swung into the window of the monument, breaking it open. The wired on the elevator snapped and it began to fall with the people still inside.

Everyone screamed as Peter webbed a ricochet web, allowing it to bounce off the walls of the elevator shaft and travel down towards the elevator. It grabbed onto the elevator and Peter struggled to keep it up, his feet propped up against the doors to steady himself from falling as well.

“I did it!” Suddenly the doors broke and Peter plummeted down towards the elevator. The elevator stopped on some debris but as soon as Peter fell onto the floor of the elevator, it broke through the debris and continued to fall.

He quickly webbed the ceiling of the shaft and dug his feet into the ceiling of the elevator, allowing it to stop. As he hung upside down, he looked around at the people in the elevator and his eyes settled on Y/N.

“H-Hey. H-How are you doing,” he said cockily. “It’s alright. I got you. It’s going to be alright.”

“Yes!” Ned exclaimed, almost jumping around.

“Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Quit moving around,” Peter pleaded.

“Oh, sorry.” Peter slowly began to pull of the web, easing the elevator back up to the top of the monument. The webbing strained against the roof of the shaft. Soon, the elevator reached the top and the security guards helped everyone out of it.

“Alright, this is your stop. Everyone get out,” Peter said, knowing he couldn’t hold it for much longer. YN was the last of the get out and as soon as she moved, Peter’s feet broke through the ceiling of the elevator. 

Y/N screamed and quickly jumped. Peter held out his hand and webbed her wrist, holding onto her as the elevator disappeared deeper into the shaft.

“You’re okay. You’re okay,” Peter reassured her. He pulled her up by the web and grabbed her hand. “Its okay, I got you. You’re going to be okay.” He helped her to safety. Everyone was safe.

Y/N stepped back and looked the Spiderman in the eyes with disbelief. Her mouth stood slightly agape. He gently let go of her hand.

“Is everyone okay?” Y/N nodded her head.

“This is your chance, Peter. Kiss her,” Karen ordered. Before he could do anything, the webbing broke and Peter fell down the elevator shaft. Everyone watched his body fall.

“Thank you,” Mr. Harrington yelled.

“I’m good!”



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baby, my baby | 04

Originally posted by kookmin

“Raise my child, just for twelve months”

◇ pairing: jungkook | reader
◇ genre: angst, fluff. parents au
◇ word count: 3.3 k
◇ author’s note: i will be updating this series every friday evening, 11~12pm korean time! i really hope you enjoy!

part one  ↠ ↠ previous part ↠ part four next part 

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I Just Want You All To Myself Tate Langdon x Reader

Words: 3,213

Request: @multihxe :Could you do a Tate imagine where he gets jealous because y/n was having a study session with some boy from school and the boy was getting a little too close to her??

Description: You invite a boy over to study and it starts going south, espcially with Tate.

Author’s Note: @multihxe I hope this is what you wanted!! I apologize if it is far from ehat you wanted! Requests are open! Enjoy reading. XOXO


I had just moved to the infamous Murder House in Los Angeles, California, a couple months ago. It wasn’t as bad as I thought moving across the country and starting brand new. The reason why my family and I moved was because my dad had an affair on my mom. My mom isn’t happy. I know that is because anytime my dad tries to hold her hand she takes her hand away from his. Also if he enters the room she has to be at the other side of the room so that there isn’t any arguments. I just don’t get why they don’t just get a divorce. I mean seriously they are both unhappy in their marriage. Even though my mom still says they love each other. I could actually care less. i have someone in my life who loves and cares for me. His name is Tate Langdon. He is one of my dad’s patients. My dad is a psychiatrist. I didn’t really care if he was crazy. At least he is seeking help to get better. It was all really fate how we met. I was just walking downstairs and I bumped into him while going to the kitchen. It was awkward it was just us staring into our eyes. He then broke  the tension by laughing. I muttered a ‘Sorry’ and he said ‘Don’t me.’ I guess what they say is true. Love at first sight is real, well for me and Tate that is. There was something wrong with Tate though. The thing is that he is dead. I don’t care though. He admitted to all the wrong things he has done and I couldn’t be happier.

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Anyways I was at school at Westfield and was getting my books to go to my next class. I closed my locker shut. When I did there was a jock right behind where the locker was.

“Hey (Y/N)!” Jacob said.

“Hi Jacob. Would you mind getting out of the way for me to go to my next class.” I said while rolling my eyes.

“Oh, come on. Don’t be like that (Y/N). I just want to talk!” He said.

“What do you want to talk about? You better talk fast because you have thirty seconds.” I said.

“Okay well you know that big science test we have?” I shook my head yes.”Well I was wondering if maybe I could go to your house and we could have a study session? Maybe you could help me ace it?” He asked.

“Okay. Meet me at my house at four, okay?” I said not really wanting to let him come over.

“Thanks (Y/N)! You’re the best!” Jacob goes to kiss my cheek but I put my hand infront of my face before he could. 

“Sorry but none of that!” I said then he awkwardly left. I went to my last period of the day, Science. Jacob was staring at me the whole time during class. “How am I supposed to help him study if he isn’t paying attention at all?” I mentally groaned. The bell rung and I rushed to get out of the classroom before Jacob could approach me. I arrived at my locker and I grabbed my science textbook and notes to help me study with Jacob. I quickly packed it in my backpack and I ran out the school doors before Jacob could once again approach me. I walk to my car and unlock it. I got in and drove to my house. I quickly got out of my car seeing that both my parents were still out of town for a day trip. I rushed inside to see what time it was and it was three fifteen. I let a sigh out of my mouth as I knew that Jacob wasn’t going to be here soon. 

“Hey babe!” Tate said. His voice startled me and I jumped landing in strong arms knowing that it was Tate. 

“Hey!” I said and turned around in his arms to see his face. He let go of the frip he had on me and put his arms around my waist while I put my hands on both of his cheeks. “I missed you so much today Tate. Why do you have to be isolated here?” I whined.

“I don’t know but it is worth it to see you come home and be able to be with you as soon as possible. I missed you too.” He said then kissed my forehead. He brought his face closer to mine and I stepped on my tippy toes and kissed him. We had a little make out session in the kitchen but I didn’t care. There was no one there to see it.  I broke apart and went to look at the kitchen timer and saw that it was three fifty-eight.

“Oh my gosh! Tate you have got to disappear like now!” I said.

“Why whats going on? Are your parents here?” Tate asked.

“No. I have a friend coming over for a study session.” I said.

“So? I would love to meet them. I think it is about time that you tell your friends that you have a boyfriend.” Tate said.

“Yeah and then whta would happen if they wanted a double date and NOT on Halloween, huh?” I said.

“And that is why you are the smart one in this relationship.” He said.

“Tate, can you PLEASE just disappear?” I begged.

“Okay. I love you” He said.

“I love you too.”I smiled and pecked his lips but then he grabbed my neck and started kissing me more.

“TATE!” I said by being muffled by his lips on mine.

“Okay fine. Bye.” He smiled and said.

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Then I blinked my eyes and he was gone. I heard the doorbell ring and I rushed to answer it.

“Hi Jacob.” I said while letting him in.

“Hi (Y/N)! How are you today?” Jacob said and smiled cheekly.

“Are we ready to study?” I said wanting to get this study session over with. 

“Yep.” Jacob responded.

“Alright. Follow me.” I said. I closed and locked the door and we walked up my staircase to my room. “Here you can set your bookbag next to my desk on the right.” I said.

“Okay!” He said while putting his bookbag down. I pointed to the two chairs at my desk as saying to sit down here. Jacob did but only after he pulled my chair out. 

“Oh, thanks.” I said while sitting down.

“Anything for the lady.” He said. I mentally prayed hoping Tate wasn’t lurking in the corner watching all of what was happening. Little did I know that that was exactly happening. I soon let that thought slip my mind  and that was the worst thing to do. I saw Jacob looking through his bookbag over and over again.

“What is wrong?” I asked.

“I might have accidentally left my science stuff in my locker.” He said looking down embarrased.

“Okay. I guess we will just have to share.” I said 

“Okay. Sorry.” He said.

“It’s fine.” I said. I started to read section by section. When I was done with a paragraph I would ask him if I needed to explain anything to him and he would usually say yes.

“Can I say something before you continue reading?” He asked.

“Sure.” I said not sure of what he was going to say.

“You are really cute when you are explaining this stuff to me.” He said.

“Um, I think you should know that I have a boyfriend.” I said.

“Well he isn’t here so that means I can do this.” He said.

“That means you can do w—” I tried to ask but his lips met mine and struggled to pull him away from me. He put his hand around my neck and pulled me closer. I couldn’t escape. I started to kiss back. We parted and started to kiss again. My thoughts soon interrupted me. ‘(Y/N)! Are you kidding me? YOU HAVE TATE! STOP KISSING JACOB NOW!’

“Stop! I shouldn’t be doing this. I think it is a good thing for you to leave now.” I said standing up and taking charge.

“Why? I thought you liked me.” He said.

“No! I have a boyfriend! That I am happily with!” I said. Jacob stood up and started approaching me.

“Oh come on don’t be like that!” He grabbed my wrist and pulled me closer to him. We were just inches apart when Tate barged in the door.

“HEY! HANDS OFF OF HER!” Tate yelled. Everything happened so fast. The next thing I know is Jacob is on the ground with Tate on top of him, beating Jacob to a pulp.

“TATE! STOP!” I yelled making Tate stop and look at me.”Run Jacob!” JAcob got up and ran for his life and I heard the front door slam shut and let out the breath I was holding.

“Tate! Why did you do that?” I asked yelling.

“He had his hands all over you! I wasn’t going to let him touch you like that!”

“Yes but I had it undercontrol! I was going to stop him until you barged in and trampled him!” I said.



“I AM NOT JEALOUS!” Tate said.

“YOU SO ARE! When my guy friend came over here you lurked in the corner and when he just reached over me you started yelling your head off at him. It’s like if a guy just looked at me then you would kill him!” I said.

“Oh I’m sorry that I can’t be protective of my GIRLFRIEND!” 


“I JUST LOVE YOU! Is that a crime?” He yelled but then started to cry. “I just love you!” Then he started to cry even harder. Then it made me cry.

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“Yes but what you do isn’t what I want. I don’t want to become your…property.” I said with my voice being choked up.

“Then what are you going to do then (Y/N)?” He said.

“I’m going to do something I never dreamed of.” I said while crying and shutting my eyes.

“No please (Y/N). Don’t do what I think you’re going to do.” He pleaded.

“Go away.” I whispered with my eyes shut. When I gained confidence I said it again but louder.”GO AWAY!” I yelled. I opened my eyes adn i didn’t see Tate anymore. I collapsed to the ground and tried to keep my body from shaking.

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“I’m sorry (Y/N). I love you.” Tate said but I couldn’t hear it. 

The next few days were awful. I didn’t have anything to look forward to when I came home. But i still didn’t want to see him. I want to wait for a little bit. I want him to rethink what he is doing that made me do this to him. My parents started to travel more without me. I was just home alone moping wanting to feel him around me but I knew that it was to early. I was doing this to save our relationship and maybe start again or begin where we left off.

October, Four Months After

I think I am going to let Tate back into my life now. I walked around my house on October 7 calling out his name. I went to the basement.

“Tate? I’m ready now. I’m ready to pick up our relationship. I miss you too much.” I said while walking around. I finally saw him come out of the shadows and I started to cry when I saw his tear stained face with a tear trickiling down.

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“(Y/N). Is that you? Really you?” Tate asked.

“Yes baby its really me.” I said. I start running towards him and he picks me up and twirls me around. “I missed you so much. I am sorry for doing that to you but I had to let you know what you were doing and how it bothered me.” I said letting him know the reason.

“I know the time you spent away from me allowed me to think about what was wrong with me. What I was doing wasn’t love it was crazy obsession jealousy. I am so sorry.” He said.

“It’s okay. I forgive. I thank you for protecting me Tate. I love you.” I pulled away from the embrace we found ourselves in.

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“I love you (Y/N). I care about your feelings more than mine and I am thankful that you gave me a wake up call if I continued what I was doing.” Tate said. I pulled his neck down to mine and we kissed. We kissed for a long time and it was full of passion and longing for each other.

After that day everything was back to normal. It was the day before Halloween and Tate had told me to go downstairs to the basement. I did.

“Tate?” I said and then turned to walk facing away from the stairs. I turned around I was met with a man in a black suit. “TATE!” I yelled backing away but the man just started walking towards me. “TATE!” I was pressed against the staircase as the man was infront of me pressed against me. All of a sudden I heard him laughing. He unzipped his cap and it was Tate.

“YOU JERK!” I yelled and pushed him.

“I scared you.” He teased.

“Did not.” He then leaned closer to my head and we kissed. 

“I really didn’t scare you?” he said as we pulled apart.

“I said no. When are we going to go on a real date?” I asked.

“On Halloween. That’s the only day of the year where I am allowed out of this house.”

“Okay!” I said and pecked his cheek. “What did you want me to come down here.” I asked.

“Oh right! I got you this rose.” Tate said as he handed it to me. I gladly took it. “I painted it black, I know how you don’t like normal things.”

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“I think this is the sweetest thing that a boy has ever done for me. Thank you.” I stood on my tippy toes and kissed on the lips. We broke apart. “Is that it? I have to go back to do my homework if thats all.”

“Yes thats it. I love you.” 

“I love you too. See you tomorrow for our date.” I winked and started to walk upstairs to my bedroom. 

Halloween Night

Tonight is when Tate and I were going to go on our date. I got ready for it. I didn’t know where we were going but I knew that anything was going to be perfect with him. A knock came on my door and I opened it to see Tate.

“Are you ready for our date?” He asked.

“Of course I am! Where are we going?” I asked.

“Somewhere that I loved to go when I was in high school, where i could let all the stress free from my head when times got tough.” 

“Okay! Do I need to bring anything extra?”

“Nope. If it gets cold you have me to warm you up.” He warmly smiled. We exited the house and started to walk. It was a good fifteen minute walk and then we reached our destination, the beach. We walked over to the lifeguard booth and I sat down on a concrete wall. When I had just sat down I felt my phone buzzing. I took out my phone and I saw that it was my mom calling. 

“(Y/N) where are you?” my mom said frantically.

“I’m just hanging with friends.” I said and looked where Tate was and he was fooling around on the lifeguard ‘porch’. “I’m sorry i should have called or left a note. Is this the part where you make me come home?” I said praying it wasn’t.

“Are you safe?”

“I swear.” 

“Are you having fun?”


“Was there anything that happened while we were gone?”

“There was some banging but I think it was just some little kids playing a prank.” I felt something on my neck and I realized that it was Tate.

“I want you home in an hour.”

“Okay. All right. Bye.” I tried to hang up quickly so I could spend more time with Tate. I finally hung up.

“Who was that?” Tate asked and stopped kissing my neck.

“My mom.” I smiled.

“Oh.” He said. Then he leaned closer to me and kissed me. We pulled apart and we walked down to the beach. When we reached the sand I layed down and he got on top of me and started kissing me again.

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We eventually stopped not wanting to get any further. He sat up with me and put his arm around me. He got up and light a fire. Then he returned and sat next to me, pulling me close. I rested my head against his.

“I used to come here when the world would close in and got so small I couldn’t breathe. I’d used to look out in the ocean and think, ‘Yo, scum bag, high school counts for jack. Kurt Cobain, Quentin Tarantino, Brando, De Niro, Pacino.” I looked at him as he turned his head to look at me. “All high school dropouts. I hated high school.  So I’d come out here and I’d look at this vast, limitless exspanse. And it’s like, thats your life, man. You can do anything. You can be anything. Screw high school. That’s…that’s just a blip in your timeline. Don’t get stuck there.” He looked at me and I leaned my head on his.

“Very knowledgable Tate. I love you.” I looked at him and kissed him.

“I love you too.” He said when we pulled apart. 

“Tate, can I ask you something?” I asked.

“Anything.” Tate responded.

“Why would you get so jealous?” I said with my head leaning in his. He took in a deep breath.

“I would get so jealous because I saw what it did to my parents when my dad didn’t care. When he would just let go. They were so much in love until he stopped caring. I didn’t want that to happen to us. I love you too much but to be completley honest it was because I just want you all to myself. I don’t want to share you. I want you to be with me and only me.” He said and then kissed me deeply.

“I understand Tate. I don’t want that to happen to us either. I will love you forever.”

“I will too.” 

That night was filled with love. I didn’t want whatever happened to Tate’s parents to happen to us.  I wouldn’t allow that but I understand why he reacted that way and I can’t say I blame him. I will spend forever with him. No. Matter. What.

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Overwatch Heroes in Total Mayhem
  • Genji: Their 'E' button is permanently held down
  • Tracer: Wee! Wee! Wee! Ever get that- ever get that feel- Wee! Wee! Ever get that f-
  • McCree: Entering MAX TUMBLEWEED MODE
  • Sombra: Teleports to the other side of the map then dies
  • Soldier 76: Reported for aimbot
  • Reaper: How look I'm over here! Now I'm over here! I take no damage whatsoever! Now DIE.
  • Widowmaker: No-one can hide. Ever. I will find you.
  • Hanzo: Scattur! Scattur! Scat-
  • Bastion: Unkillable. Just don't even try.
  • Junkrat: Now we're cooking with TIRES.
  • Mei: Never leaves the point, always walls off her team.
  • Torbjörn: There is no God. Only 1000 health Torbs with Level 3 turrets.
  • Reinhardt: Is just trying his best, overestimates how much health he has and constantly charges the enemy team.
  • Orisa: Just sits in one spot permanently putting shields up and dancing. Probably has a bastion with her
  • Winston: Flies around the map, never does anything until he gets his ult
  • Roadhog: Unkillable but cannot do anything except hook people off cliffs and push entire teams backwards, a nuisance to play against but never actually kills you
  • Mercy: A cryptid, will just hide until her entire team dies and then resurrects just to disappear again
  • Ana: May God have mercy on your soul. Your '8 hours' has just turned to 24.
Blind Date | Draco Malfoy

Summary: Reader’s friend sets her up to a blind date on Valentine’s Day, and as she arrives to the Three Broomsticks, she gets a big surprise.

Warnings: usage of (Y/F/N) – stands for “Your friend’s name”

A/N: Happy late Valentine’s Day ♡

“Come on, now. It can’t be that bad!” (Y/F/N) said as she pulled on (Y/N)’s arm, basically dragging her through the Hogsmeade’s entrance.

“Oh, yes! Because setting me up to a blind date isn’t an awful idea!” she spat back in annoyance.

It was Valentine’s Day, and as any other Valentine’s Day there had ever been, (Y/N) was spending it alone. Seeing as (Y/F/N) had gotten a partner herself already, they couldn’t really hang out anymore on such date, since (Y/N) made an awful third wheel –a very grumpy and spoiled one. So that was when (Y/F/N)’s partner came up with the brilliant idea that they should set up the girl to a blind date, allowing the couple to spend their good time alone.

“Really, (Y/N), he’s not that bad!”

As they walked past Honeydukes, the girl in the rather uncomfortable situation huffed and stomped her foot on the vanishing snow that lay on the ground.

“Who is it, then?” she asked.

“Well, well, well –if I told you it wouldn’t be a blind date anymore.” (Y/F/N) winked. (Y/N) groaned and pulled herself together as her friend began dragging her again towards the Three Broomsticks, where she and her “Secret Valentine” were supposed to meet.

As they finally approached the main door to the local, (Y/N) couldn’t help but notice how crowded it seemed to be, and how most of the customers were snogging or being all touchy –if not all of them.

(Y/N) turned violently to glare at her friend, and through gritted teeth, she said “You owe me.”

“You can thank me later.” her friend said as she patted her on the shoulder and began to leave. “Oh! By the way, don’t forget the red peonies!”

As (Y/F/N) waved an excited goodbye, (Y/N) furrowed her eyebrows and proceeded to enter the bar. The smell of butterbeer and a certain strong fragrance flooded through her nostrils as soon as she placed her foot inside, making her feel warm and dizzy at the same time. She fiddled with her fingers as she looked for someone who could assist her; she was a bit lost, after all. All she knew was that she had to find the bloody red peonies.

Hesitantly, she took a step forward and began to walk across the place, searching for the red peonies on every table. As she passed the fifth table with the lilac flowers, she grew slightly nervous and glanced around anxiously. And then, on the corner of her eye –she saw them.

The red peonies were sitting peacefully at the top of a circular table all the way to the back, in a comfy and inviting corner. Feeling her shoulders relax, she walked towards the table and sat down in the chair against the wooden wall. Taking off her scarf, she roamed the room with her eyes, waiting for her blind date to arrive.

“I’ll kill you, (Y/F/N).” she muttered to herself.

Ten minutes had passed and (Y/N) still sat by herself on the lonely corner of the Three Broomsticks. She kept playing with her hair, and then her scarf, and back to her hair again as she thought heavily. Was her date going to show up? Had she been stood up? Should she leave?

Just as she pondered on her options, the main door opened and she glanced up, maybe for the fifth time she had arrived. A blond boy, wearing black clothes and a confused look had entered the bar. Draco Malfoy.

(Y/N) decided it was best to ignore him, and keep waiting for her date at least ten more minutes, when, suddenly, she looked up again and saw Draco centimeters away from her table.

“Oh no,” she groaned as the boy looked over at her and stopped at the table.

“(Y/N)?” he asked with a hint of surprise.

“What do you want, Malfoy?” she automatically said in defense. Nonetheless, her narrowed eyes widened as she saw the boy sigh, to then take of his scarf and sit in front of her.

“It seems you’re sitting in my date’s seat, apparently.” he said, his eyes fixed on the table until he cast a glance at her.

(Y/N) was speechless, and as she moved her mouth like a fish gasping for air, all that she managed to croak out was “You?”

“Oh, don’t be so surprised.” Draco smirked, leaning back on the chair. “I think it was a bit obvious, don’t you?”

“How come?” she asked, still puzzled.

“Well, (Y/F/N) is dating my best friend, so it was no wonder they would do this, either just to mess with us or have a good laugh.”

As the boy stared at her intensely, he waited for her answer, but she still looked as though she had seen Severus Snape wearing khakis for the first time ever. Instead, she didn’t gave him an answer as she raised her finger awkwardly.

“Madame Rosmerta? Two butterbeers, please.”

It was now past 5 and Draco and (Y/N) still sat at their table in the corner. As soon as (Y/N) had downed her first butterbeer, she had finally loosened up and was capable of holding a conversation with the one and only Draco Malfoy, who wasn’t as awful as she thought he was. He was actually a pretty fun person, and nice to hang out with. It didn’t seem like it when he was around his gang.

As the clock stroked six, the candles began warming up the place, making it comfier than it seemed when they entered. They now sat side by side, whispering secrets to each other and laughing at certain people.

“Why would he wear such a hideous green bowler hat?”

“Where did she get a furry purple animal to make her coat?”

As they continued, (Y/N) suddenly watched Madame Rosmerta looking at them with a desperate look in her eyes.

“I think she’s tired of us.” she whispered into Draco’s hair, which was now awfully close to her chin.

Draco glanced slightly to his side to see the woman, but he didn’t want to move. He was too comfortable smelling the sweet vanilla perfume on (Y/N)’s neck. Nonetheless, he moved inches away from her neck, to be inches away from her face. They stared at each other in silence, not daring to move. Perhaps it was because they were too shy; perhaps it was because they hadn’t expected the date to go so well. Perhaps it was because they didn’t know if the other would react well.

“I think we should leave now.” Draco said, his smile softening as he pulled back and sat straight, fishing for money in his pockets.

(Y/N) cleared her throat awkwardly as she reached into her pockets too, only to be stopped by Draco.

“I’ve got this.” he said as he placed the galleons on the table. He stood up and threw his scarf around his shoulder just before grabbing the girl’s hand and helping her up.

They didn’t say anything as they walked out, with their finger intertwined tightly.

They stepped out into the cold, only to notice the white snow falling in the dusky night, decorating the locals and the stone street with its yellow lights. (Y/N) looked up momentarily, until she looked back at Draco to find him staring at her.

“I had a good time.” he said sincerely.

“Me too.” she breathed, and once again, they were stuck in the same situation of not knowing what to do. Suddenly, Draco stepped forward, and in a matter of seconds, his lips were touching hers, so tenderly and cautiously, like it was something forbidden, something he was afraid to wreck.

He pulled away slowly, and yet it felt too fast. And as he walked backwards, muttering a “see you around” to then turn around and leave, (Y/N) stood still, under the falling snow, her fingers now traveling to her face and touching her lips.

Random text HCs for the YOI Future!Verse ABO AU - Kids 01

Exactly as stated. Self-indulgent rambling headcanons around themes/questions on the OC kids of the YOI Future!Verse ABO AU. Some of this may be when they are a bit older.

New to the AU? Basics here, rest of the posts HERE.

Text beneath cut

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Tumblr woes

A/N: This is my entry for @supernatural-jackles birthday challenge! Happy birthday & sorry that everything I write is angsty. I had the gif that you see below. I couldn’t decide how I wanted to wrap the fic up so it just kept going & going.

Warnings: Angst, accusations of cheating, fluff? (me? write fluff?)

Jensen x Daughter!Reader

You sat on your bed scrolling through Tumblr and couldn’t help the scowl that was overtaking your face. Your father and step mom always told you to stay away from the website, but you couldn’t help yourself; you were seventeen and thought you could take on the haters of Tumblr.

You were wrong.

After arguing with another person who ran a hate blog against your step mom you couldn’t take it anymore and slammed your laptop shut. These people thought they knew everything about your family’s life when in reality they only ever saw small glimpses of it.

So what if your family had a nanny? Most families have a nanny or babysitter.

So what if your family ordered dinner? The average American family eats out between four and five times a week.

Who cares if you have a cleaning lady? You can hire people on Craigslist to clean your house for twenty dollars.

However if your family does anything like this is all falls back on your step mom, Danneel, and how ‘terrible of a wife and mother’ she is; and you were sick of it.

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Jax x Reader based off the following request:

“Hi! Can you write one where you and Jax recently broke up and one day you see Jax taking Ima to his dorm. You go home, try to move on from him, but Jax finds out, gets jealous and tries to win you back? Thank you!”

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“This is a bad idea, Chibs.” you warn, pulling at your black lace crop top, a pair of leather shorts showing off your shapely legs. Chibs takes a final drag from his cigarette, dropping it on the floor and putting it out with his boot.

“He misses you, lass, and I can tell you miss him.” You can’t deny his words, these past two weeks being the hardest ones of your life. “You look amazing, sweetheart. If he doesn’t take you home, I sure will.”

Smiling, you gently bump your shoulder with the Scot’s, thanking him silently. “Alright, I’ll take your word for it.”

“Thatta’ girl. Come on, let’s get you a drink.” Chibs throws his arm around your shoulders, leading you up the lot and into the clubhouse, party in full swing. You smile at the croweaters that catch your eye on the way in, them returning the smile and waving kindly at you.

While Chibs gets you and him a drink, you scan the room, not sure how to feel when you don’t spot your ex boyfriend. Tig grins when he sees you, pushing the lady off his lap and walking over to you, throwing his arms around you. “If it isn’t my favourite girl.”

“Hi, Tiggy. Sorry I haven’t been around, everything is a bit of a mess right now.” you explain, his eyes slightly glassy as he watches you, the smell of whisky lingering heavily on him. You’ve always gotten on well with the other MC members, the older ones and younger ones all treating you like family.

“Don’t sweat it, doll, just glad to see you.” He places a sloppy kiss on your cheek, before going back to his woman of the night, sadness covering you as you realise how much you miss this club. The atmosphere, the people, the family. You knew that if you didn’t get this shit sorted with Jax, you’d probably never have it again.

“Here ya are, love. Get that down ya.” You take the beer from Chibs, taking a few swigs, the cold liquid fizzy as it passes down your throat.

You’re listening to Chibs flirt with some croweater when your gaze is pulled to the other side of the room, Jax entering from the apartments. It’s always been the same with him, a magnetic pull that somehow tells you when he’s around. It’s surreal, but he must feel it too, his eyes instantly breathing you in, surprise evident on his face.

You just stare at him, not knowing how he’s going to react. Is he going to be pissed that you’re here? Glad that you’ve come back for him? Upset?

Your questions are quickly answered, Ima surfacing from the same place Jax did, her hands pulling at her shirt, that famous fucking smirk on her face.

Her arms slip around his waist, him being pulled out of his trance. She leans up, whispering into his ear, his eyes remaining on you the whole time. Your heart feels like it’s literally breaking, regret written all over your ex lovers face as you crumble in front of him. He doesn’t correct it though, letting Ima pull his face to hers, her lips claiming his in a messy fashion.

“I think I’m gonna be sick.” you whisper, slamming your half drunken beer on the bar and storming out, leaving a very confused Chibs by himself. He looks across the room as you leave, noticing the very reason for your upset. Shaking his head at his younger brother, he turns his back on him, letting him know just how he feels without even saying a word.

It’s been three months since that dreaded day. The day you lost the last shred of hope you had left for your broken relationship, for the broken man you left behind.

“You ready to go, babe?” Liam calls, his voice travelling up the stairs. You had to move on, you deserve to at least try to be happy, even if deep down you know you’re aiming for a unreachable goal.

“Two minutes!” you respond, throwing your phone and lipstick into your bag. You’d met Liam about two months ago, a sweet boy who asked for your number at your work place. You said yes, met up for lunch one day and hit it off, and you’d been dating ever since. Things were pretty serious between the two of you, but throwing yourself in the deep end seems like the quickest way to get rid of the outlaw biker who refuses leave your mind.

Leaving the bedroom, you jog down the stairs, meeting your boyfriend at the bottom. You were about to go to meet some of Liam’s friends, the four of you going on a double date to the new diner in town. If someone would’ve told you a few months back that you’d be going on double dates and spending time with a completely different set of people, you never would’ve believed it.

“I’m just gonna fill up before we go get Tyler and Abby.” Liam turns into the gas station, pulling up at an available pump and stepping out to fill up the car. “You okay to go pay?”

You nod, grabbing the bills from Liam’s hand and undoing your seat belt, heading inside the store. Once you’ve paid for the fuel, you turn around, slamming straight into a hard chest.

“Sorry, love-” You look up, smiling shyly at the man, shock on his face once he realises who you are. “Jesus, (Y/N). If this isn’t fate, I don’t know what is.”

“It’s nice to see you too, Chibby.” You reply, letting the Scots man wrap you up in his arms, the familiar feeling making your heart clench. You pull back, your common sense kicking in. “Wait, is he with you?”

Before he can reply, the bell above the shop door signaling that someone has just walked in. You hear his voice before you see his face, a thousand and one emotions running through you. “Tig just called, he’s just been to-”

Jax finally reaches the two of you, his voice dying in his throat as he sees who his brother is standing with. His mouth opens and shuts as he stares at you, completely caught off guard.

“Hey, Jax.” you say calmly, hoping that if you act like you’re unaffected, it’ll convince the two men in front of you, even if you can’t convince yourself. “It’s good to see you.”

“Yeah, it’s good to see you too.” He smiles at you, your knees just as weak as they were the day you first caught a glimpse of that smile, the smile that could bring you so much light, even on your darkest of days.

“You alright, (Y/N)?” You scold yourself for forgetting about your company, your boyfriend now making his way over to the three of you in concern. Once he reaches you, he stands by your side, slipping his arm around your waist, claiming his property like some kind of animal.

“Yeah, I’m good.” you respond, part of you wanting to rip Liam’s arm from around you, the expression on Jax’s face one of defeat, heartbreak. The same look you wore just months ago. “Pass my love on to everyone. See you around.”

You leave too quickly to receive a response, your partner trailing behind you, your mental state not feeling up to answering the pile of questions you’re bound to be asked once you get in the car.

You look back at the lost biker in the store, his eyes locked on yours as he watches you walk away from him, again. Only this time, he knows he has to bring you back to him, no matter what it takes.

You sigh in content as you sink into the bubbles, music playing lowly in the background as you take a well earned bath.

Today has been a long day, or at least it feels like it has. After bumping into pieces of your past life, the life you were trying to move on from, you had to deal with a relentless Liam, who wanted to know what your connection was to the murderous bikers in town. This then led to the two of you having a full blown argument. You’d jumped out of the car about thirty minutes out of town and refused to get back in, walking all the way back home.

You massage your temples as you soak, silently begging for your head to stop pounding, the pain making you feel physically sick. All you wanted was five minutes of peace from your overactive brain.

You feel like screaming when you hear the door knock loudly from downstairs, closing your eyes and deciding to ignore whatever company had decided to bother you.

After about fifteen seconds, you hear another series of knocks, more urgent this time. Cursing under your breath, you pull yourself out of the soapy water, quickly wrapping a towel around your body and heading downstairs, ready to release your wrath on whoever was behind the door.

Yanking it open, you see the last person you expect to be at your house. “Jax?”

He moves his sights up and down your body, you wishing you would’ve grabbed your dressing gown rather than a towel that barely reaches midthigh. Once he meets you eyes, you raise your eyebrows in question. “Is everything okay?”

“No, it’s not.” he sighs, running his fingers through his undone locks. “Can I come in? Just give me five minutes. Please.”

Going against your better judgement, you hesitate, pulling the door open widely and letting him step inside. He smiles thankfully at you, a smile that doesn’t quite reach his eyes, before he walks inside.

“What are you doing here, Jackson?” you ask stiffly, wanting the man in front of you to know that you’re not going to take any shit. You’re not the same woman you were three months ago, and he can’t just turn up at your place and expect everything to be okay.

“I miss you, (Y/N).” he confesses, your eyes going as big as saucers as you debate whether you even heard him right. “I made the biggest mistake of my life letting you go, and watching you walk away from me today-”

“Are you serious right now?” You watch as he swallow nervously, enjoying his discomfort. He looks down at the floor, sighing and shrugging his shoulders, like he knew that this was how you’d react.

“You didn’t seem to have a problem with me walking away from you when you told me I wasn’t strong enough for this life.“ you spit, all your pent up anger slowly making its way to the surface. “Didn’t care the second time when you humiliated me in front of the club by fucking that whore!”

“Babe, please just let me-” He knows better than to try and make some bullshit excuse, his sentence stopping once he sees the rage on your face.

“It wasn’t me walking away that got to you yesterday,” you seethe, “it was the fact that I’ve moved on. Found somebody beyond the one and only Jax Teller.”

He stand silent, his eyes heavy with unshed tears as you unload the pain and suffering you’ve had to hold in. You shake your head at him in disbelief, chuckling humourlessly. “You let me go, Jax. You broke my heart, and that’s all on you.”

Silent years slip down your cheeks as you hold your towel close to your chest, the fluffy material moving between your fingers and acting as some sort of security blanket, stopping you from completely falling apart.

“I know I don’t deserve you, (Y/N). I know it, hell, everybody knows it.” he says timidly, breaking the tense silence. He sniffs as you look at the floor, your tears falling as you refuse to meet his gaze. “But you’re the only girl I’ve ever loved, the only girl I will ever love, and I hope that means something to you.”

Your bottom lip quivers as you try to hold in your sobs, the ache in his words chipping at your ice cold exterior, bit by bit. His white trainers step into your view, his figure so close you can smell his intoxicating scent. Just one whiff of him makes you want to forget everything and throw yourself in his arms. But that would be naive.

“I pushed you away, because I don’t want to see you end up like everybody else I love. Broken or dead.” He grabs your face in his large, rough hands, the image of him blurry as you try to blink away your tears, clear your view. “But without you, I see no end to this, (Y/N), no reason to carry on, to fight.”

His thumbs gently caress your skin, your body feeling more alive than it has in months. “I know it’s selfish, I’m a selfish man, but you’re the only thing that I’m certain about in this world.”

You feel like the air has been released back into your lungs when he locks his lips with yours, his hands fiercely cradling your face as you come alive under his touch. You’ve never felt something so passionate, so raw , in your life, his tongue slipping past your lips and exploring the place he hasn’t been allowed to go for months.

You’re both breathless as he pulls away, your heart begging you to join your lips back with his and never break apart. He presses his mouth against your forehead lovingly, one of your favourite things that he does, before he begrudgingly let’s you go, moving towards your front door.

“I’ll always love you, (Y/N). You know where to find me if you feel the same.”

A/N - Decided to end this on a bit of a cliff hanger/make up your own ending?! Thought it’d let you guys make your own interpretations individually :) hope you liked!! Xx

The Secret (13)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; epilogue.

“Where are we going Mummy?” Zoe asked again for what felt like the hundredth time since you picked her up from school. With a glance at your rear-view mirror, you could see her swinging her legs excitedly. Unlike you, Zoe loved surprises but was rather impatient for them.

Following the sat-nav, you made a quick left off the main road into a more residential area. All around you were a number of tall apartment buildings, fairly new and modern. “I don’t technically know,” you replied covertly, laughing at her frown. Clearly she didn’t approve of your vagueness.

With another quick glance, you smiled at your daughter staring wide-eyed out the window, taking everything in with her child-like curiosity. “Look there’s a park,” she squealed excitedly, pressing her face up against the glass as you slowly drove past a filled playground. “Is that a swimming pool?” you heard her exclaim behind you as you turned down another road.

You have arrived at your destination.”

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The Question

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Swearing, I have a mouth like a sailor, I’m not sorry.

What happens when Steve’s got something up his sleeve, but he’s acting weird. To top it off you run into your ex, who only shifts the night from confusing, into what in the actual fuck? Can the night be salvaged or is will this get the best of you and Steve?

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“Steve?” You shake his hand that was laced with yours, you stop walking looking at him, your eyebrow cocked at him.

“Huh? Sorry.” Steve shakes his head coming back to earth.

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Mason (Part Four) - Morgan Rielly

A/N: Here’s part four! I love hearing your feedback and thank you for your continued support! I’m really excited for you to read this, it’s my favourite part yet!

Requested: Yes/No

Characters: Morgan Rielly (Feat. Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner, & Zach Hyman)

Words: 5,811

Warnings: Language

[Part One] [Part Two] [Part Three]

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(Side Note: I really love this gif!)

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The Donor Story - Part 5

*the hospital employees are in the middle of trying to get Andrew’s heart beating again, when a flash of light suddenly erupts from the core of his body, blinding everyone in the room. They all react by stumbling backwards, either turning their heads away or shielding their eyes with their arms. Alphys yelps and covers her own face. Once the light dims down, she peeks over her arm to look upon Andrew. She stares in awe at the alterations that were made to his physical appearance. His once shaved head now has lengthened onyx black hair. His skin tone is still quite fair, but with a touch of warmth to his color. His ears are pointier at the tip, almost like elf ears*

*the monitor beside his bed has stabilized to a consistent tune, signaling a regular heartbeat. The employees turn to look at the body, and they were bewildered by the sight*

Human male: What the heck just happened..?

*one of the employees notices that the patient’s chest is not moving. They lean in close to the face, checking for any signs of breathing. Not a breath of air comes up*

???: He’s not breathing.

Human male: *shakes out of his bewilderment* Get him on life support. Now!

*the employees act quickly, setting up the ventilator. They extend a wide tube from the machine and carefully insert it through the patient’s mouth down into his windpipe. Eventually the chest rises and falls, accompanied by the passage of air that leaves and enters the ventilator*

*Alphys comes to the patient’s side as the others make his body comfortable, giving him a fresh bag of IV*

Alphys: Faris, are you there? ..C-Can you hear me..?

*there’s no response. No bat of an eye. He remains silent, eyes shut*

*when the hospital employees finish treating the patient, they slide the curtain away. Yousra lifts her head to the sound of the curtain being moved, and she stands herself up. She and Papyrus watch as they exit the room one after another. The last person to leave is the human male. He turns to look back in*

Human male: Dr. Alphys, I’d like to have a word with you outside.

Alphys: *blinks* Y-Yes, sir…

*as he leaves, Yousra comes running in*

Yousra: How is Faris? Is he alright?

Alphys: Uh.. W-Well, his heart seems to be stable… but he is not responding nor is he breathing.. Right now, he is on life support so he can gather oxygen. Hopefully it will stimulate his lungs to start functioning on their own *she bows her head* Pl-Please excuse me. I will be back in a few minutes *she exits the room*

*Yousra watches her go, then turns to the patient, presumably Faris. She warily approaches him and looks down at him. She wished she didn’t have to see Faris’ new body like this, unconscious, unresponsive to surroundings. She studies his face, his black hair, his sharp brows, the faint hairs along his jawline.. It was very different from his last body. He appeared more human than monster this time. With curiosity, Yousra reaches down to touch his hair. It feels super soft and airy, like she’s running her fingers through a cloud of smoke. Yousra pulls her hand back and turns away, her cheeks blushing. She covers her mouth and fights back tears urging to spill out*

Papyrus: Yousra..?

Yousra: ..! *whips her head over to the door where Papyrus peers in*

Papyrus: How is he doing..?

Yousra: *she stares at him, then quickly breaks eye contact, looking down. She answers in a harsh tone* I don’t know.

Papyrus: ..Oh…

*there is an uncomfortable silence between the two. Papyrus can’t think of a word to say that’d be appropriate at this time. Alphys finally returns*

Alphys: Phew, sorry I had to leave like that.

Papyrus: Is everything okay?

Alphys: Ohh, he just wanted me to explain what had happened, that’s all.. *she then glances at the wall clock. It’s a little after 1 in the morning* It’s quite late, isn’t it.. Y-You two should probably get some sleep.

Yousra: I’d like to stay here and watch over Faris..

Alphys: Oh.. okay.. There are visiting hours, but.. I will allow you to stay as long as you wish. I-I understand how much he means to you.. But it’s important that you get some rest, too.

Papyrus: What about Sans? Should I take him home?

Alphys: I-It’s best that he stays here for the night since he is still asleep. I-I need to run a few tests anyway while he’s here..

Papyrus: Tests..?

Alphys: It’s a little requirement just to be sure his soul is okay.. Will you be staying as well, Papyrus?

Papyrus: Uh.. if you don’t mind my company, I would like to stay to check on Sans and Faris..

Alphys: *smiles* O-Of course I don’t mind. If you ever get tired, you can rest out in the lounge. There’s food and drink dispensers too if you ever get hungry.

Papyrus: Thanks, Alphys.

*Alphys nods, then goes to V(Sans)’s side, taking a q-tip from a carrying case between her fingers. She exposes V’s soul briefly to swab the grey area with the cotton tip, and transfers the soul particle onto a small plastic disk*

Alphys: I will be away for a while. Make yourselves comfortable *she leaves the room with the sample*

*Papyrus watches her, then glances at Yousra. Neither of them really interact much after what’s happened. Papyrus decides to let Yousra be and goes out into the lounge area. Yousra pulls up a chair and sits down beside Faris. She observes the tube in his mouth, then his eyes which remain shut*

Yousra: Faris.. I.. I don’t know if you can hear me.. but.. Remember what you said to me? You said.. that after all this was over, you would come back to me.. I’m still here, waiting for you.. Please.. don’t break that promise you made to me *she clings onto part of the bedspread covering over Faris, and she rests her head on him* I don’t want to be alone..

*Yousra tries to keep herself awake, but she’s drained after everything that’s happened that night. She ends up falling asleep. When she wakes by morning, she still finds Faris unconscious, the ventilator still helping him breathe. The monitor continues to beep regularly. Yousra rubs her eyes and resumes to watching over him. Papyrus later comes in, placing his hand on her shoulder*

Papyrus: Er.. good morning, Yousra. Uh.. would you like some breakfast? They have doughnuts and coffee.

Yousra: ..Maybe later..

Papyrus: But you will need to eat something. You can’t go on without an empty sto-

Yousra: I can take care of myself!

*Papyrus flinches. Yousra frowns in reaction to her tone. She softens her voice*

Yousra: I’m sorry.. I’m just a little upset. All these bad things.. they seem to always happen to me.

Papyrus: *he crouches down beside her* I know you’re worried about Faris.. I care about him, too. Even though he is no longer inside my brother, I still accept him like part of the family, just as you accept him no matter what body he’s in.. But you know what I do in times like these? I always look to the positive side of things, despite everything bad that goes on. I’m sure that Faris will be okay! *he grins*

Yousra: ..Heh..

Papyrus: So be hopeful, Yousra *gives her a hug* We’re all here with you.

Yousra: *she shows a weak smile and returns the hug* Thank you, Papyrus.

Papyrus: Anything for a friend! Now.. *he pulls away to look at her* Are you sure you don’t want anything to eat?

Yousra: Um.. I guess coffee will be okay.

Papyrus: Then I will go get it for you! *he jumps to his feet and lunges out of the room*

???: *someone shouts outside the room* No running in the hall!

Papyrus: *voice in the distance* Sorry..

*Yousra laughs to herself, then focuses back on Faris. Time continues to pass by with no update on his condition. He is still unconscious, hooked to a ventilator. The longer he stays like this, the harder it becomes for Yousra to keep her confidence up*

*V is already awake at this point, and Papyrus has explained everything to him of what he missed. Alphys has also shared with him some urgent news regarding his soul. According to the test result, V had developed a mutation due to the merge of his soul and Faris’ fragment. Although Faris had been successfully removed, V’s soul still retained the traits he gathered from him. This meant that his magic would still have that smoky look to them, and his diet would be restricted to only red food. Hearing all this has left V in disbelief. He may have regained full consciousness of his body, but he was still not entirely himself. After being informed of all this, he’s avoided going back into the room. He couldn’t stand being in the same room with Faris, even while unconscious. Papyrus and Alphys still stopped by to check on Faris, and every now and then Fuku would come in to take care of him by either giving him a fresh bag of fluids or bathing his body with a washcloth. It was protocol for her to do such tasks for patients like Faris. Yousra spent most of her time watching over him, waiting for the day that he’d wake up*

*Around lunchtime, Alphys offers Yousra some coins to go get a snack to eat. Yousra is reluctant to leave Faris, but Alphys promises to stay with him until she comes back. Yousra gets up and goes into the lobby. She inserts a few coins into a vending machine and dials the code for a bag of chips. She waits for the machine to dispense the snack, but the bag gets caught on the end of the coil. The stuck bag only leads Yousra to suddenly release all her frustrations, rattling and slamming the machine with all her strength until her temper subsides, leaning herself against the machine. She watches the bag of chips finally drop to the bottom of the slot*

???: Excuse me, is there a problem?

Yousra: *looks over her shoulder at the person talking. It was a rabbit monster* ..No..

Rabbit monster: Then I’d appreciate if you don’t cause so much racket. There are people here who are trying to rest. Please be more courteous of others.

Yousra: Sorry. It won’t happen again..

*the rabbit monster turns tail and goes the other way. Yousra lets out a long sigh, then snatches the bag from the vending machine and goes back into the room. Alphys is checking on Faris to see if he is breathing on his own yet, but still no luck. Yousra sits in her chair and nibbles on her snack as she looks at Faris*

*Every hour seems to go on in repeat. Getting up to use the restroom, grab a snack, or wait in the hall for Fuku to finish bathing Faris, then coming back to see no changes made. It’s become a daily routine. Papyrus continues to stay optimistic, but Yousra’s positive vibe dwindles with each passing day. It’s difficult to hold onto that positivity when she is the negative entity of her being*

*Like the previous days, she sits by Faris’ side, keeping him company. She plays with his hair and hums a tune to him, even if he can’t hear her. She hums a song Faris once sang to her around Valentine’s Day. It was the first song she ever heard him sing. Her humming breaks up as she tries to hold in the grief. She cherished moments like that, and it hurt to think that she may never experience anything like it again. She decides to stop and rest her head down, burying her face into the blanket. Everything just seemed.. hopeless. She let the sound of the ticking clock, the continuous beeping of the monitor, and the occasional air pressure from the ventilator consume her. They were pretty much the only sounds she ever heard in this room, aside from Alphys, Papyrus, or Fuku occasionally talking to her. It was a haunting lullaby. She gradually drifts into a slumber, when a muffled vocal sound then joins the symphony. Someone was trying to continue the song Yousra had started. Yousra’s eyes pop open, and she jolts upward, looking at Faris. Faris’ eyes were still closed, but his mouth was moving, trying to mumble words according to the song. He struggles with the tube lodged in his mouth*

Yousra: Faris? ..Faris, can you hear me??

*Faris’ brows squish together. He convulses as he tries to speak. The tube was gagging him. Yousra springs to her feet and bolts to the door*

Yousra: Nurse! Doctor! Anyone! Help! Someone, please!!

*Papyrus and V are out in the lounge when they hear her scream. Papyrus jumps to his feet while V remains seated*

Yousra: It’s Faris! I think he’s trying to breathe!

*Papyrus hurries over at the same time the fire monster, Fuku, arrives to help. She remains calm as she instructs Yousra to try and keep Faris relaxed. Yousra stands near Faris, trailing her fingers through his hair. His spasms seem to calm down from her touch. Fuku shuts down the ventilator and carefully slides the tube out of Faris’ throat. A flicker of hope is ignited inside Yousra as she watches Faris’ chest rise and fall without the aid of the machine. She settles into the chair and moves her hand to take his*

Yousra: Faris.. Faris, it’s me Yousra.. I’m here…

*Faris’ lips murmur something inaudible, and his eyelids lift just enough for a pair of crimson irises to peer from underneath. His pupils blaze like fireballs. Alphys shows up, out of breath, just in time to witness Faris’ arousal from unconsciousness. Faris’ eyes sway left and right. He can barely keep his eyelids open. He must have still been drowsy*

Faris: Yousra..?

*hearing her name makes Yousra tear up*

Yousra: Yes, I’m here..

*Faris’ eyes close and open lethargically. His vision recovers little by little until he can finally see her, and he gives her a lazy smile. Yousra couldn’t contain herself and sprung onto him, smothering him in a hug*

Yousra: I was afraid you’d never wake up..

*Faris didn’t say much. He mainly touched around Yousra to be sure he was really awake. Papyrus and Alphys come up to him*

Papyrus: Hello, Faris! It’s good to see you awake!

Faris: Mm…

Alphys: Thank goodness.. How do you feel right now?

Faris: ..Tired..

Alphys: *nods* It must have taken a lot of willpower for you to recover and take full possession of the body.

Faris: Mm… so… how do I look..?

*Yousra has her head turned away in an attempt to hide her opinion of him. Her face was tinged with redness*

Papyrus: You have hair now!

Faris: Hair..?

*Alphys takes out a portable mirror from her pocket and unfolds it so Faris can have a look at his reflection. Faris scans himself over. He touches under his eye, then feels around his jaw, brushing over the short whiskers*

Papyrus: How does it feel to have a human body?

Faris: ..Hard to believe that this is me.. *moves the mirror away from him and slumps into the pillow, releasing a long sigh* Thank you, Andrew..

Alphys: You should probably let yourself rest some more. Y-You used up a lot of energy to heal.

Faris: ..Yeah.. I think I will.. *he closes his eyes, sighing softly*

*Alphys turns to Fuku and thanks her for the help, then leaves the room with a spring in her step. She felt at ease that Faris was showing improvement. Yousra stays in the chair to be with Faris. Papyrus pats her on the shoulder and smiles to her, then walks out*

Fuku: *smiles* If you ever need anything, just give us a buzz. You don’t need to shout in the hall, okay?

Yousra: Sorry..

Fuku: You’re fine. I just want you to be aware of it *she then exits the room*

*Faris and Yousra are now alone in the room. Yousra is checking over Faris’ tired face*

Faris: ..That song you were humming.. I remember singing it to you.. I heard you humming it..

Yousra: *teases him* You were eavesdropping? How dare you..

Faris: *shows a weak, toothy smile* You sounded nice.. I liked your voice..

Yousra: Then would you like me to spoil you and hum lullaby to you~?

Faris: *has one eye peep open to look at her* ..Maybe~

anonymous asked:

I need to know the basics of electric shocks! I have a character who can control electricity, and in a PIVOTAL SCENE I want him to electrocute someone enough that it knocks them unconscious, but then, I don't know how long realistically they will remain unconscious and if that causes, you know, permanent brain damage or anything. (Which would be bad.)

Hey there nonny! 

There’s a neat shortcut to this that I think you might be able to get away with. But first, a little bit of background. 

Electricity, as I’m sure you know, wants to travel the path of least resistance. So the contact points – the “entrance” and “exit” wounds – are going to make a big difference in how the electricity affects someone. 

Electricity that crosses the chest can kill, because the heart is essentially a mechanical pump run by an electrical signal, and electricity that interferes with that signal can cause fatal miscommunication within the heart, known as ventricular fibrillation. (Defibrillation was actually called countershock at first, because a lot of electrical line workers were getting shocked, which was putting them in cardiac arrest, and the countershock would hopefully get them back!) 

We don’t want to kill the character. That would be bad. 

We do want them to be unconscious. That would be good! 

So how can we get electricity to take a quick path that doesn’t stop the heart but does affect the level of consciousness? 

The head. Enter on one side, exit on the other. What you’ll get is a seizure. 

It’s done fairly routinely as electroconvulsive therapy – electricity inducing seizures. I’ll admit to not being an expert, meaning I can’t give you voltage/amperage lists of what does and doesn’t work (and I don’t know how much control your character has.) But realize that idiot doctors have accidentally defibrillated their own heads, with a quick seizure and no ill effects later on. So there’s that. 

Now, a seizure is different from unconsciousness! But the brain has uncontrolled electrical activity – it basically shuts down and reboots (with some dramatic shaking and voiding of bladders and biting of tongues to boot). 

But what happens after is that the brain reboots. It’s called a postictal state. The character will be dazed, confused, and disoriented. They’ll likely be really drowsy for at least a few minutes, and as they wake up they won’t quite know what happened. 

This is the closest I can come, dear nonny, to what you need. It’s not exact, but it’s close, and has a period of unconsciousness. 

I hope this helps your story! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty

(Samantha Keel)


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Tasting and Enjoying

Scenario: Zico and you are stuck in a limbo of sexual frustration, feelings, and friendship.
A/N: This was honestly just a reason to write out one of the two smuts I had planned for Zico. I’m not 100% okay with this, but as per usual, I’ve done all I can with it and hopefully it’s at least halfway decent.
Genre: Zico x Reader
Words: 3897
Warnings: Smut. Shameless smut made to go with a story, because I’m a horrible person. Also, some suggestive gif use.

Disclaimer: As always, the gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners.

The deafening sound of the rain hitting the roof of the car was all you could hear for the past few minutes. The air thick with tension and unspoken words that laid heavy with pride. The dangerous game you’d both been playing finally coming to an explosive end neither of you saw coming.

You both made a silent choice to never speak about what you were because, frankly, neither of you knew. You enjoyed each other’s company without the restraint or thought of time. It didn’t matter what you did or where you went, so long as the two of you were together; it made sense.

It wasn’t until a night after an underground show when you’d both had just a little too much to drink, that things changed.

You couldn’t remember what the two of you had found so funny. The alcohol clouding up your thoughts and left your body warm beside his. The both of you stepping into the elevator mumbling incoherent words through giggles while he tried to remember his favorite part of the show. His words coming out jumbled and slurred.

The elevator doors closed around you and gave a jolt that sent your unsteady legs fumbling. Zico moved to steady you; pulling you closer to him. You’d looked up at him with a smile still spread on your lips. Ready to thank him for the assist when everything stopped.

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Gruvia Week - Prompt 3: Growth


Congratulations, Mrs. Fullbuster! You’re pregnant!”

Juvia Fullbuster still couldn’t believe those words, even as she sat on the couch with her hands resting on her currently-flat stomach. It was only eight months ago that she finally got married to the love of her life – the ice-mage Gray – and now a few days ago she found out she was expecting their first child. It was almost too surreal!

“I hope Gray-sama comes home from his mission soon,” Juvia remarked, “Juvia is sure he’ll be really happy to hear that he’s going to be a daddy. At least, she hopes so; she is worried that he may not have wanted to become a dad already.”

Juvia could feel her face heat up at the thought of the day that she supposedly had gotten pregnant, placing a hand on her cheek, “But it was a risk to take! It was so hot that day, and we just couldn’t resist each other. We spent the entire evening in bed, and Gray-sama really made sure he get ALL of Juvia’s good spots… mmm, oh Gray-sama~”

The blunette realized what she was doing and stopped herself, clearing her throat. “Even though you are inside of Juvia’s belly, she probably shouldn’t be saying such things to you. Babies can hear their parents even inside, or so she had heard,” she apologized, rubbing her stomach gently.

She felt it rumble as she did, and she laughed at the sound. “Juvia guesses you’re hungry, huh? How about we head to the guild? She’s sure that Mira-san will be able to make us up something delicious, and maybe Gray-sama is already there!” she exclaimed, standing up and making her way towards the front door.


“Hey there, Raindrop. You alright?”

Juvia turned around and smiled, “Hello, Gajeel-kun. Yes, Juvia is doing alright. She wishes Gray-sama would finally come home though.”

Gajeel chuckled, sitting down next to Juvia as he continued to bite down on a piece of metal, “Could imagine. Have you figured out how to tell him yet?”

“Not quite yet. She wants to surprise him alone, but not sure how yet.”

Juvia smiled at her friend as he shrugged his shoulders. Gajeel was the only one that knew, so far, that Juvia was expecting, although it was by a complete accident. As she was heading home, she was muttering aloud her surprise, something she didn’t think anyone could hear, not realizing that Gajeel was walking by. He stopped her once he heard it, and Juvia swore – and promptly pointed out – that Gajeel’s eyes were as the Moon upon confirmation of the truth. He promised to keep the news a secret until Gray came home and she could tell him herself, something Juvia was very happy for.

“I’m sure you’ll figure out something. In the meantime, I’ve already started to make up a new song. Still workin’ out the lyrics, though,” Gajeel remarked, “Sure I’ll be fixin’ it along the way.”

“Juvia is sure to enjoy it,” the blunette remarked, resting a hand on her stomach, “We both will.”

Suddenly, the door to the guild hall opened up, and their attention turned towards it. Coming through was Natsu and Happy, followed by Gray and Erza. Juvia’s face lit up upon seeing her husband, “Gray-sama’s home!”

“Welcome home, everyone!” Mira exclaimed from her place behind the bar, “Did your mission go well?”

“It’s complete, at least,” Erza commented, “Not much thanks to these two bickering.”

“Aye,” Happy said in agreement.

“Hey, it’s not MY fault that Flame Head got sick because he couldn’t get himself off of that mobile,” Gray remarked with a scarf.

“If you were better at aiming, I wouldn’t have had to jump to dodge and land on it!” Natsu exclaimed angrily, “You’re the one that also allowed the guy to get away because of it, Ice Breath!”

“YOU’RE the one that broke in and pretty much alerted them all to us being there!” Gray responded, stepping close to Natsu and getting in his face.

“Yeah, I did! Because YOU were the one that let yourself been seen and they were all about to get away!” Natsu yelled back, pushing Gray back and knocking him into Erza.

The redheaded mage growled and glared at the two men, smacking them both in the back of their heads and sending them flying into Elfman, entering from the other side of the guild hall, “KNOCK IT OFF, BOTH OF YOU!”

“Hey, what the hell are you two doing!?” Elfman exclaimed, punching both of them unaware that Erza was the one that knocked them into him, prompting Natsu to punch him back in return.

Suddenly the guild hall broke out into a large fight, the original topic of their mission now dropped and gone. Juvia sighed through a smile, “Things never change.”

“They’re all still insane,” Gajeel commented, finishing the metal piece he had, “You best not get involved, Raindop.”

Juvia nodded, going back to her meal with her eyes following her husband as he continued to fight with everyone, trying to hardest not to laugh at what was going on. Gajeel, on the other hand, was apprehensive. While he usually wouldn’t care about the guild in-fighting, and likely would’ve joined in, he didn’t want Juvia getting involved and risking harm to the baby. He considered Juvia the closest person he had to a best friend – something pointed out to him by Levy and Lily many times – and despite the fact that she could easily handle herself, he just wanted to make sure she and the child was safe. Even if it was protecting her from her own husband’s stupid rage.

Suddenly, he caught sight of a chair being thrown in their direction and he quickly turned his arm into metal to deflect it, placing himself in front of Juvia enough to prevent her from getting hit from the debris. Juvia shut her eyes tightly in response, her fork dropping to the floor, opening them a moment later.

“Gajeel-kun, you alright!?” she exclaimed in worry.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” he remarked, shaking his arm out as it returned to normal, growling as he turned to look out at the rest of the guild with enraged eyes, “KNOCK IT THE HELL OFF BEFORE YOU HIT THE BABY!!”

That outburst made the entire guild go silent, and suddenly Gajeel realized what he said. “Crap,” he muttered, “I screwed that up.”

“That you did,” Juvia remarked with a bit of sarcasm.

“What baby?” Gray asked, glaring at Gajeel with a confused look, “What are you talking about?”

“Gray-sama,” the blunette said, standing up and turning toward the ice mage with a soft smile, “Juvia’s sorry that this was the way it happened, but… she’s pregnant. We’re going to have a baby. She found out a few days ago.”

Gray was stunned silent; he was going to become a father? He walked over to his wife, his hand hesitantly outstretching to touch her stomach, his eyes lingering on it before looking up at her blue orbs. “You’re pregnant…?” he repeated, feeling his heartbeat speeding up.


“I’m going to be a father?”

“Yes, Gray-sama. We’re going to be parents.”

He couldn’t believe his ears; the last thing he ever thought he’d be would be a father. Granted, in the past, he didn’t think he’d ever want to become one. However, after falling in love with Juvia, he had thought many times about the idea of having a child with her. They had even discussed it once or twice since they had gotten married, but the fact that it was happening now had him excited and scared all at the same time. Still, as he looked at Juvia’s smiling face, he couldn’t help but let the happiness consume him.

She sighed, the smile still lingering on her lips, “Juvia knows it might be hard to believe. She thought so too, but it’s true. We’re–”

She didn’t get the chance to say anything more, her voice cut off by Gray’s lips on her own and his arms wrapping tightly around her. Pulling back, Gray’s smile was ear-to-ear, his eyes brimming with tears, picking up Juvia into his arms. “I’m going to be a dad! I can’t believe it, I’m going to be a dad!” he exclaimed, spinning Juvia around, making her laugh as she wrapped her arms around Gray’s neck.

The guild broke out in loud applause and congratulatory shouts, the couple being patted and hugged as they celebrated. Juvia laughed as she pulled herself a bit closer to her beloved, smiling brightly as tears of happiness fell down her cheeks. Gray looked down at her, returning the same smile as he kissed her again.

“Thank you, Juvia.”

“For what?”

“For giving me such an amazing gift.”

“Juvia should be thanking you for that, Gray-sama.”

The Wedding

Lafayette x Reader

Possibly part one of The Godfather series! 

Note: Day three of the write-a-thon here we are for lit day! You guys have no idea how excited I am about this one, being able to adapt my all time favorite book/movie was so exciting. This is only an adaptation of the beginning scenes, and if this is received well I’ll turn this into a series and adapt the rest of the novel so please let me know what you think of this one and whether or not you want to see more. 

Warning: drinking, mentions of cheating, drug mentions, organised crime (if this is something I need to warn about)

Setting: 1940′s New York

Word Count: 2,040

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George Washington is the head of one of the five powerful mafia families of New York. With his olive oil business as his front, Washington has built himself an empire and sits comfortably at the top.

When he and his wife Martha discovered that they were unable to have children, the couple resorted to adoption in order to provide Washington a successor. They ended up with four children.

The oldest is Hercules a hot headed man who is expected to take over the family when George decides to step down (or dies). 

Next is John who after spending his childhood knowing there is no way he will ever become Godfather of the family spends his time with drink and women.

Third is Gilbert a young man who wants nothing to do with the family business and joins the war effort at the beginning of the second world war 

And finally the couple’s only daughter is Maria a sheltered girl who George is particularly protective of. 

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