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Leave This Town Pt 1 (Mechanic!Bucky AU)

Characters: reader, Bucky, reader’s mother, Maria (mentioned)

Summary: Your dreams of kissing your small town life goodbye are about to come true when an unexpected detour leaves you stranded. Meeting the handsome local mechanic has you rethinking your plans. Perhaps happiness is less about where you’re headed and more about the people you meet along the way.

Song Inspiration: Sleep on the Floor by The Lumineers

Warnings: none!

Word Count: 2.2k

A/N: I’m so excited about this series, you guys. I’ve been daydreaming about this story for months and every time I hear the song that inspired it I still get butterflies. I started this part 6 months ago and finished it, but I wasn’t ready to let it out into the world. But when @bionic-buckyb mentioned her 5k AU Writing Challenge and “mechanic” was one of the prompts, I knew it was meant to be. This story is close to my heart. I really hope you like it. Any feedback is appreciated. <3

Part One   Part Two>>> 

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Pack yourself a toothbrush dear
Pack yourself a favorite blouse.
Take a withdrawal slip
Take all of your savings out.

Cause if we don’t leave this town,
We might never make it out
I was not born to drown.
Baby, come on.

Those first few hours of freedom were absolute bliss! Flying down the highway with the windows down, music blasting as you sang at the top of your lungs. It was everything you had dreamed of. You did it. You were out. You had quit your job, cashed out your life savings, bought a cheap but reliable car, and hit the road without looking back.

All was going according to plan. That is, until 4 hours later your car started to smoke and sputter, compelling you to pull to the side of the road for fear of dying in a ball of fire. There wasn’t anything you could do at the moment, what with it being 2am at the time. Thankfully, it was the middle of summer so sleeping in your car wasn’t too uncomfortable, at least at night.  

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Risk and Reward

Pairing:Barista!Lin x Reader

Requested?: Nope! It just came to my head one day and I ran with it.

Summary: You stop by a café to grab coffee on your way to work, said café also has a really cute barista.

Words: 5k+

Part One | Part Two

A/N: Well here we are. I had this idea for a real long time but it just never came together. Now I have gotten my shit together (thanks Ale and Kate) and I think I can start this series! Shoutout to Taryn for being a huge inspiration behind this series. Work Comes Home was the reason this idea even became an actual fic and not a passing thought. I really hope you guys like it!

Tags: @fragmentofmymind @secretschuylersister @hamiltonwrotetheother51 @thehamiltonpost @icanneverbesatisfied @sharkastic-issues @villagecrazypeggy @butlinislin @daveeddiggsit @nadialinett14 @librarychild @spidey-boii @me-hoy-me-trash @serkewen12 @daveedish @linmanuclmiranda @autistic-alien @runnerriley @hamilsquad-writings @thegirlonhamilton

You quickly entered the coffee shop, shuffling up to the counter with a panicked expression. Your bus was coming soon and you were running late for your first day at a new job.

“Hi, can I have two medium iced caramel lattes?” You rushed out, already opening your wallet to find your debit card. You got it out and held it towards the barista who was just staring back at you.

“Is there something on my face?” You asked, running your hand over your cheek.

The dark-haired man seemed to snap out of whatever daze he was in, blinking rapidly as he straightened his posture.

“Oh! No, no I’m sorry ma’am. I, uh, I…” He struggled to finish his sentence and you giggled lightly, he was sort of cute.

“It’s okay. I space out too,” you paused to look at his nametag, “Lin.” You finished, holding out your debit card once again.

He nodded, taking your card and looking at the screen in front of him and pausing.

“…I’m sorry what did you order again?” Lin smiled sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck.

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Headcanons regarding what goes on in the Morty Daycare

*Every Morty who goes in is given a free Zelda 3DS and a variety of games. A lot of them love Animal Crossing.

*Although Storage Rick runs the place, other Ricks will often volunteer to help take care of the Mortys. Super Fan Rick is the most frequent volunteer, for obvious reasons.

*Sometimes the Mortys use dream devices to enter Asleep Morty’s mind. He has really nice dreams, too. They don’t call him the happiest Morty on Earth for nothing.

*They’ve also tried to enter Sleepy Morty’s mind to help him with his nightmares. It didn’t end well, and none of them slept for weeks afterwards.

*Because the Mortys are all horny as all get out, they will often “experiment” with one another. They think the Ricks don’t know.

*Test X72 Morty is intelligent, but his mouth can’t form words. He communicates primarily through singing. Mermaid Morty acts as a translator for those who can’t understand him.

*Cold Morty was once caught warming his hands over Flaming Morty. Fortunately, Flaming Morty was understanding and allowed Cold Morty to continue doing so.

*Crazy Cat Morty likes to hide under Spooky Morty’s sheet.

*Whenever one of the Mortys has a panic attack, Rabbit Morty will let them pet him to calm down.

*Skeleton Morty can play his ribs like a xylophone.

*Flaming Morty and Frozen Morty are best friends, but they can never touch because doing do will hurt them.

*Mini Morty likes to ride on the brim of Cowboy Morty’s hat.

*Greaser Morty and Hippie Morty use slang from the 50′s and 60′s, respectively. The other Mortys find this annoying.

*Old Morty comes from a universe where he is Beth’s father and Rick’s grandfather.

*Sometimes the Mortys annoy Flaming Morty by roasting marshmallows over him.

*Spoon Morty really likes Yogurt. I mean, REALLY likes yogurt.

Thoughts into a Reality (A Langst AU Mashup Fic)

Part 1: Part 2:

Part 3:

“Alright everyone, I know that this is a very difficult time for us now that Lance is gone, but we need to figure out what to do now that he is away. We need to find a temporary replacement until we get him back somehow.” Allura instructed. It had been a solid week since Lance had left Voltron. Tension filled the castle constantly as everyone took their time to cope with the loss of a friend.

“Why don’t you just take over piloting Blue again? You have experience flying her, you have a bond with her, it’s the quickest solution” Keith’s voice cut through the air. Everyone seemed to agree since she obviously had chemistry with piloting the lion. Allura pondered for a moment before she made her choice.

“We will see what Blue will allow. She has kept her barrier up since Lance left so we will see if she opens up for anyone and if she does, that’s who will pilot her. I don’t know if she will allow me to pilot her again.” She responded, standing from her seat. Everyone stood from their chairs and followed her as she made her way to Blues hangar. No one spoke as they made their way through the castle, it was too quiet for comfort, without Lance present to break the tension with some stupid joke that would annoy everyone but secretly they all enjoyed his humor.

Now standing in front of Blues barrier Allura held her hand up to it, seeing if she would open up to her. Nothing happened, Coran and Matt stood to the side, they understood why it wouldn’t open for her. She had been one of the team who had hurt Lance all this time. Paladin after paladin attempted to open her barrier but to no avail. The Lion sat, silent, responding to no one’s attempts to gain her trust. This was until Coran and Matt were told to try. Coran shoved Matt to try before him.

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Jughead x reader

In which the reader gets drunk after an argument with Jughead, and he has to look after her.

Warnings: drinking


“You will fail this class if you don’t get your grade up, do you understand that?” My teacher asked me, and I rubbed my face, feeling a headache coming on.

“Yes, I understand. I’ll try harder.” I told him. He excused me and I traipsed through the hallway, running through the seemingly endless list of things I had to do. I had signed up for too many advanced classes and extra curriculars, and I was swamped.

I had to talk to two other teachers and catch up on a project, before I could finally go and meet my boyfriend, and hopefully get something to eat. Unfortunately, this did not go to plan. I knew as soon as I walked into the room that Jughead was angry with me. He saw me enter and was immediately on his feet and walking towards me, seething. I stopped in my tracks and desperately tried to rack my brains for whatever I had done.

“Where were you?” He demanded, and I floundered under his gaze, combing through my calendar in my mind to remember what I had missed. I stuttered, and he shook his head disbelievingly. “You don’t even remember what you missed, do you?” He asked. I opened my mouth, but the answer didn’t come to me.

“Um… Was it…” I started helplessly, but couldn’t finish. He looked away from me.

“You know what, it doesn’t matter.” He began to turn away from me, but I desperately ran around him, blocking his exit.

“No, Jughead, please… I’m sorry, I’ve been so caught up in my work. Just tell me what it was, please.” I begged him, holding my hands out to stop him from leaving. He sighed.

“My presentation. You were going to practice it with me before the lesson.”

My stomach dropped as I remembered. Jughead had been so nervous for it, and had only calmed down when I promised to rehearse it with him and help him. I closed my eyes, hitting myself for forgetting something so important to him.

“Jug, I am so-“

“I had to do it without you, Y/N. You promised you’d help me.” He said angrily.

“I know, I know I did. I had to talk to my teachers and I just got caught up.” I tried to explain myself.

‘Yeah you said.” He snapped. “Look, you’re my girlfriend, and I only trusted you to practice it with me. I needed you, and you weren’t there.” My breath caught in my throat at his words. He was right.

“Jughead…” I started, but didn’t know what to say.

“Whatever.” He muttered, pushing past me. “See you.” And with that he was gone. I stared at the space he had left, berating myself. I sighed, picking my bag up and walking to my next lesson. All through the class, I reprimanded myself over and over, wishing I had done today differently.

After school, I saw him leaving and wanted to catch up with him, but I had to go to a tutoring session. I watched helplessly as he walked away from me again, wondering how I would make it up to him.

I couldn’t stop thinking about how I could have done things differently. I could have set an alarm on my phone, or just been more organized, and Jughead and I would probably be together right now. The stress of the argument with Jughead and my workload, as well as my general anxiety built up when I got home, and I had to forget, so I took a bottle from my parent’s cupboard and started drinking. I didn’t know what it was, but it burnt my throat, made my eyes water, and worked quickly.

I grew flustered and warm, the alcohol and my thoughts overwhelming me, and so I walked into my dark backyard, letting the cold air float over me. I sat on the icy stone steps of my garden and tried to drink my reality away as the sky darkened. It didn’t take a lot of alcohol for me to start crying. I raised my hand to my forehead, clenching my teeth. How could I have done this to Jughead? He had been there for me so many times, and I let him down. I continued drinking, drowning in my guilt and misery. My self-deprecation reached a climax as I vividly replayed the day’s events in my head, Jughead’s words running over and over in my head.

You promised

I needed you and you weren’t there

You weren’t there

You weren’t there

You weren’t there

The late-night air grew freezing, but the hot liquid inside my body made me unaware of my numb appendages and chattering teeth. That was until my trembling fingers failed to properly grasp the neck of the bottle, and it slipped out of my grasp and onto the dark stone. It shattered violently and glass flew everywhere, startling me and snapping me out of my thoughts. I opened my mouth, my eyes wide at the amber liquid spreading out across the steps. I felt a sharp pain in my hand and looked down to find a small piece of glass caught in my skin, with a trail of blood leaking out. I pulled it out without thinking, ignoring the pain as I struggled to stand. I needed to talk to him. I needed to apologise. I jumped up and ran up the steps, stumbling when I reached the top. My head felt hollow and I think my hand was still bleeding but I couldn’t tell. Find Jughead.

I found myself at the drive in, where I knew he’d be. I blundered towards the door of the screening room. I was sober enough to know that I was drunk, but my thoughts weren’t clear.

I knocked anxiously on the door, leaning against the wall and feeling utterly desperate. After a few moments, the door swung open and there Jughead was, in all his glory. His hair was a mess and he was in sweatpants, his feet bare and his eyes tired. As I soon as I saw him, the floodgates opened. In my intoxicated state I began desperately rambling and crying at the same time.

“Jughead, oh my god, I had to find you, because- because I need to talk to you. I’m so sorry, I’m an idiot, and I hate myself and I don’t even know what time it is, but I messed up and I have to fix it.” Hot tears were streaming down my face, and I was struggling to take breaths between what I was saying. His eyes were wide, and he opened his mouth to say something but I couldn’t stop talking. “I was so, so stupid to forget about your thing, your presentation, I wish I hadn’t done that, and I just really need you to listen to me and I need you to forgive me. I’m an idiot, and I hate myself but I need you.” I stopped talking and continued crying, vaguely aware that most of what I had just said had been unintelligible.

“Okay, okay.” Jughead’s calm voice broke through my stupor as he grabbed my arms and pulled me inside. He pushed me gently onto his bed and kneeled in front of me. I tried to calm myself down but I couldn’t seem to slow my breathing.

“Are you drunk?” He asked me in a deliberate way, as if he already very well that I was. I didn’t answer but just stared at the floor, my breaths uneven. He sighed, standing up and moving around the small room. He came back with a glass of water and put it in my hand, making sure my fingers were tightly grasped around it before he let go.

“Hey, what happened to your hand?” He caught my hand gently and brought it towards him, studying the cut and frowning. He looked up at me, but I just shrugged helplessly, unable to answer him. He pressed his lips together and shook his head. “I’ll get something for that, just… drink this.” He sounded disappointed, and I was reminded of how much he was supposed to hate me at that moment. I threw back the water, downing it in the hopes that it would stop how I was feeling. I set the empty glass down and put my head in my hands, feeling sick and dizzy all of a sudden.

I couldn’t stop thinking about how I had let Jughead down, and tears began to slip down my face again, my whole body shaking. I heard him exhale as he sat down next to me on the single bed.

“Y/N.” I screwed my eyes shut, trying to shut him, and everything else I was feeling out. “Y/N.” He said louder, and I looked up at him, sniffing. He held up what looked like a bandage. “Give me your hand.”

I held my arm towards him and he delicately took my hand in his own. I watched him as he cleaned it, but he didn’t look up at me once, keeping his eyes on what he was doing. I didn’t even wince as he poured alcohol on it, the burning sensation nothing compared to the pain in my head. He finished, gently pressing a bandage onto the cut and making sure it was stuck down properly before finally looking up at me. I left my hand in his as he stared at me, his light eyes studying my face before meeting mine. I took a deep breath, determined to make him hear me this time.

“Jughead.” I tried to force the whirlwind of thoughts in my head into coherent sentences. “I am so sorry.” My lip shook and tears built in my eyes again. “I let you down, and I have no excuse. You… you needed me and I wasn’t there.” A tear slipped from my eye and rolled down my cheek. “I can’t tell you how sorry I am.” I looked him in the eye, trying to get across how serious I was. There was quiet for a moment as he looked at me, nodding his head ever so slightly. He was still holding my injured hand, and started lightly rubbing my knuckles with his thumb as he smiled tenderly at me.

“It’s okay.” He whispered, and I took a sharp breath in. I briefly wondered if I had misheard him.

“Are you sure?” I asked unsurely, my eyes wide. He chuckled quietly.

“I’m sure.” An emotional smile spread across my face at his words, and I gripped his hand tightly as tears continued to run down my face. I desperately attempted to wipe them away with my other hand, but to no avail. He shook his head at me, smiling.

“Come here.” He murmured, moving his hand from mine to reach for me. He leaned in and pressed his lips against mine, his hand on the back of my neck. I put my hands on his chest and relished the feeling of being close to him. When we separated, I leant into him automatically and he put his arm around me. He shifted his body along the small bed, leaning back and bringing me with him so we were lying down, me against his chest. We lay silently as I listened to his heartbeat and tried to calm myself down. He began softly playing with my fingers, being careful to avoid my wound.

“What did you do to yourself, hm?” His lips ghosted my forehead as he whispered the question to himself. “I never wanted this.” I closed my eyes.

“I know. I’m sorry.” His chest vibrated underneath me slightly as he laughed softly, and it brought an instinctive sleepy smile to my face.

“I think you’ve said that enough for one night.” My face was pressed against his body in the quiet room, and I felt my senses numb as my head grew heavy and my breathing slowed. He might’ve said something else after that, but I wouldn’t have known, as I slipped into a drunken, emotionally-exhausted sleep. I knew I would feel like death in the morning, but it didn’t matter. I had him, and I wasn’t going to let him go again.

a sad drunk

aaaa this was fun to write (it’s really bad though sorry)

btw in this imagine Jughead is still living at the drive in, because I thought it worked better than Archie’s house 

Welp. Ended up doodling this little cinnamon roll instead of doing my overflowing mountain of HW
fuuuuuck me :’)
but anyway

a hint of Gramander because again, I’ve fallen into another fandom pit and I just can’t seem to claw my way out

but I thought I’d maybe write something for it
please don’t judge though, I’m pretty shit at writing and I’ve never done it before so here goes nothing
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

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Addewid (VII)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Kai (Jongin)

Rating: R

Warning: Forced kiss, mental torture

Word Count: 4,411

Summary: You cannot appeal to my better nature, for I have none. I am not human, little one.”

You’ve always known you were different. You’re able to see them, after all, able to see the Others. You’ve also always ignored them. Until the day comes where you’re forced to make a choice - one that throws your world into chaos. And sends you down a path you might never return from.

Originally posted by intokai

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Powerful Chakra Meditation

This is a meditation I made that I found to be extremely deep and powerful. Use it when you feel you need some balance or beneficial energy in your life, or just need to sit and meditate in general. It is also good for opening the third-eye. I find that this meditation gives many sensations which can be pretty intense, so don’t be alarmed if you feel things very strongly. Just relax, go with it, and you’ll be ok. You’ll need about a half-hour for this procedure.

1. Sit in a comfortable position (preferably cross-legged) and keep your back straight, with your chin tilted slightly downward. Put your hands in your lap with the palms facing up, with right over left for females, and left over right for males.

2. Take a few minutes to breathe deeply and relax your muscles. Gradually slow your heartbeat down, and begin to clear yor mind. Block out the surrounding world, and focus on your breathing. Focus on the present. Begin breathing more slowly and deeply, in through the nose, out through the mouth. Close your eyes.

3. Gently bring your attention to the root chakra, located near the privates. Visualize this chakra as a red, swirling point of energy or light. Try to breathe ‘into’  and ‘out of’ this point, directing your breath to the location. As you inhale, imagine clean, beneficial energy entering the chakra, making it brighter and more vivid. This should look something like when an ember from a fire is blown on and it glows. As you exhale, imagine any unhelpful or unclean energy leaving and dissipating, again making the chakra more bright and vivid. Feel this energy exchange as you do it. After repeating for as long as you feel is necessary, move to the next chakra.

4. Continue this process for each chakra, all the way up to the crown. As you move up, you may feel a sense of your conciousness ‘changing shape’. You may also feel vibrations in certain parts of the body (especially the crown), feel numbness and tingling in the face and limbs, see flashes or swirls of light, have a floating or disconnected sensation, or hear ringing in the ears.I find that these start to get very intense at throat chakra, and reach its peak at the crown. Remember that this is normal and will not harm you in any way.

5. When you finish the crown chakra, take a minute to just breathe and prepare for the next step. When ready, imagine a stream of white or pearly light going from the crown chakra all the way down to the root chakra. Feel and see this energy hit each point as it travels down.

6. When the stream of light reaches the bottom, imagine it climbing its way back up starting from the root chakra. Go slow this time, and really feel it work its way back up to the crown. Imagine it reaching and filling each chakra as it goes along. Tune into the vibrations it gives each chakra.

7. When you reach the crown, imagine that stream of light going up and out into the universe in rays. Feel it open up and spread out above you, connecting you to the universe and its knowledge, strengths and vibrations.

8. Take a couple minutes to just breathe deeply. Relax your muscles, and begin to regain awareness of the world around you. Ground yourself and start to move your fingers and toes. Seperate your hands, put them on your lap, then gently open your eyes. The meditation is now finished.

Image from Google image search.

so, soo pretty

Tags: Fluff, Kissing, Established Relationship


origin of the

“if you’re too hot why are you wearing a sweater?” if i prefer to just wear underwear and a hoodie it’s my choice and you should respect it.

plus a drunk dan kissing phil’s freckles.

Warnings: Alcohol Mention

Word Count: 1k

A/N: This is partly based on a post by @prettydan partly my own procrastination 

read on ao3 if you want!

Phil is lounging on the sofa when he enters the hall. It’s still disorienting to see the same sofa in such a different setting. The sofa is like Phil, he thinks. It’s a constant, no matter how circumstances change, Phil will always be there, just a touch away.

He only spots the wine and wine glasses on the coffee table when he’s sitting beside Phil, leaning into his side. He gestures towards the display, feeling amused and impressed.

“We’re adults Dan,” Phil states. There’s a glint of something in his eyes.

“On a Tuesday night.” Dan raises his eyebrows.

“A-d-u-l-t-s,” Phil mock enunciates and laughs.

Dan, shaking his head, leans forward to pour the wine (Tesco-bought) into the fancy glasses. He hands one glass to Phil who is grinning at him brightly. He settles into his crease, careful to not spill the wine. His legs are still touching Phil’s, it’s a nice, quiet moment. He faintly registers Phil’s video games music playing in the background. He feels warm.

“Also, I might be trying to get you naked.” Phil looks at him over his glass.

“PHIL-L!” Dan laughs. “It was a nice moment, why can’t you let me enjoy romantic things.”

Phil is smiling his lopsided smile. “What?!” His voice is laced with mischief. “You told me you were warm and now you’re wearing boxers and a sweater.”

Dan just giggles and sips his wine.

“Also I like your butt.”

“Phil Lester, you are the least romantic person I’ve met.” They are both grinning widely.

Phil signals to the wine and their intertwined legs. Dan chooses to ignore him and drinks more of the wine.

“What did I do in my past life to deserve this now.” Dan acts out dramatically.

Phil’s eyes are practically shining as he scoots towards Dan and presses a kiss to his nose. “Something wonderful I suppose.” He emphasizes with a hard kiss to his lips.

Dan shrieks. He puts his glass on the table and pulls Phil closer by his collar. He’s looked into Phil’s eyes every day for the past 7 years. They still manage to take his breath away. There are crinkles near them that were not there when they first met; yet another reassurance of their time spent together.


Dan removes his phone out of his pocket, opens Twitter and fumbles with words for a few minutes, chugging another glassful of wine in the process.

He hits the tweet button.

“if you’re too hot why are you wearing a sweater?” if i prefer to just wear underwear and a hoodie it’s my choice and you should respect it.

It’s a perfect ‘Daniel Howell’ tweet. Vague but teasing enough. It has become easier to be more open like this, wrap his everyday musings in edgy words and present to his audience. They lap it up, his tweets, his thoughts. But they also see through the edgy words, he’s lurked through tumblr enough to know that.

It’s okay. He’s not as scared as he used to be. Phil and him, they’re a thing. People see them as a unit, romantic or not. The comfort of being linked to someone has settled into him, he nurtures the secret of them carefully. He likes the way people say danandphil. It’s a secret comfort to know that they’ll be unit forever now.

Phil is staring at him, mouth open when he keeps the phone down.

“Did you just pause a make out session to what I presume, tweet?”

Dan just shrugs sheepishly.

“Come here, you weirdo.” Phil’s voice is soft and this time, Dan complies.

Kissing Phil is easily one of his favourite things to do. It’s electric every time. They know what the other likes by now, it’s easy and extremelyenjoyable.

Dan bites Phil’s lower lip, pulls at it for a second and runs his tongue over it, just how Phil likes, eliciting a breathy gasp. Their breaths smell like wine, fruity. Phil’s lips keep gliding over his in the most remarkable fashion. His hands are gripping Dan’s butt through his boxers, bringing him impossibly closer. Dan’s mouth lingers to Phil’s jaw, pressing closed-mouth kisses. There’s stubble there, it’s ridiculously sexy.

“Dan,” Phil whines.

He comes up to press a hard kiss on Phil’s mouth, his tongue briefly entering his mouth, making them moan loudly.

“I wanna kiss all your freckles,” Dan says, his mouth still on Phil’s.

‘Are you actually wine drunk?” Phil chuckles.

Dan just hums and presses a kiss at the tip of Phil’s nose. His mind is hazy and Phil is pretty. “One.” Another kiss near his left eye. “Two.” He slides his arms around Phil’s neck and kisses his cheekbones twice. “Three and four.”

Phil is laughing. The sound is pleasant, but Dan has to wait for Phil’s face to calm down. He pouts. “Hmmm Phill-”

The last of Phil’s laughs die down.

A kiss near the jaw. “Two.”

“I think that was five, Dan.”

Dan looks up at Phil, his eyes half lidded. “Noo-,”

“I’m sorry,” He gets a kiss on his hair in return.

Dan glares at Phil, “I was kissing you, that’s the rules.”

Phil giggles but allows Dan to nuzzle into him.

Dan kisses his mouth first and then his forehead, his cheeks, chin. “That was ten,”

“I think that was more than ten, Dan.” He sounds so fond, Dan wants to get angry but all he manages to do is knock their foreheads together.

Dan goes back to his crease, disappointed but weirdly sated. An unlikely mix of emotions.

“You can count the freckles on my arm if you want?” Phil offers.

“There is no face kissing like that, then what’s the point.” The words are foreign and heavy on his tongue. He closes his eyes. There’s Phil’s laughter again. It makes him feel he might burst with joy any moment.

“Heyy- you have to do a liveshow so sleep now.”

He burrows himself in the sofa. Liveshow. Audience. Talking. Freckles. Kissing. His thoughts are difficult to navigate so he decides not to.

Phil gets him some water and he naps for a while. He knows Phil is sitting beside him, playing with his hair as he reads.

If he mentions Phil more than necessary in the liveshow, it’s the wine; not the memory of lips on familiar skin and laughter so clear and ringing.

X-COM Gothic

- An eerily tall man stands behind your comrade. Something is wrong, the streets should be clear of civilians. He turns slowly to look at you. Why is he wearing sunglasses at night?

- You sit in front of the Memorial Wall. They say, “It’s not your fault.” They say, “There was nothing you could do.” They say, “It took control.” You know the truth. All it did was make you want to open fire.

- You hear a bellowing like the sound of a stuck pig. It’s quickly coming closer, even though you know there should be several walls between you and it.

-  Vahlen gives you a friendly smile as you pass her by in the hall. You avert your eyes and quicken your gait. The soldiers who returned from her laboratories never seemed the same.

- You thought nothing could be worse than hearing your friend screaming. Then you heard silence.

- You promised your wife that you would come back home in one piece. The Commander shakes your metal hand. You tell yourself that it weren’t for the aliens, you’d have a home to go back to.

- They tell you that she was already dead. They said her body was just a puppet. That she would have turned into another one of those, given a few more minutes. Still, you swear you heard her say “help” just before you pulled the trigger.

- The mangled bodies of civilians are splayed out in the rubble. Their wounds are distinctly non alien. The rocket launcher on your back feels significantly heavier.

- You want it to be dark, so you can’t see them. You want it to be light, so you can see them coming.

- Something at the back of your mind is screaming, you realize that it matches with the scream that is coming out of your mouth. The plasma eats away at your cover as you touch your head to your knees.

- A floater lobs a grenade at the car your soldiers are taking cover behind. The car is already on fire.

- As you look down at the body of yet another Grey, you wonder if the stories you read as a kid about alien abductions and experiments were true. Your fingers tighten around the grip and you make a mental note to keep one bullet for yourself.

- You enter the ship that survived an impossible crash intact. Light reflects unnaturally along the sleek surfaces, and it feels like a thousand eyes are watching you from just beyond the shadows. Somewhere inside, it waits. The sound coming from its mouth and echoing through the corridors was engineered to remind humans of the time when they were prey. Knowing this does not help.

- Your name is Eric, you tell yourself. Your name is Eric. You still remember who you were when it mind controlled you. When they say it mind controlled you. It seemed so real. It was real to you. How can reality be so easily bent? You turn the pistol over in your hands. Is your name Eric?  

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What about the ghosts​ of the previous Paladins gave the Lions souls that the Paladins can connect with, the other Paladins cross over eventually but the blue Paladin is trying so hard to keep Lance tethered to this reality, no one realizes​ that he died years ago until they ask blue why they haven't crossed yet

That sounds super cool!! Also i’m not sure if this is quite what you meant haha but i hope you like it!! 

**Send me a prompt and I’ll write the fic/head canon!!

Lance sighed as he roamed the castle halls. Dinner with the others had just ended and he was going through his nightly routine. He had discovered after a particularly hard mission that he didn’t need to sleep anymore. He didn’t have to eat either but he still did so as not to concern the others.
So he started roaming the halls every night. Exploring every new room he found and training so he could get stronger for his team. He chuckled at that, though it was a cold, sad and bitter sound, even to his own ears. His team. How long had it been since he had last seen his team. He had lost count of the years. Sure he had the new paladins of Voltron but they could never replace the others. They had been like a family.  And now they were gone and he was the only one left.
He still remembered when the first of them had passed. It was Keith, of course, he was always running right into fight…to keep the others safe. His plan had been terrible, the others had screamed at him not to do it, but he had anyway. Allura later explained to them that Keith wasn’t gone, not really.
She told them that when a paladin died, their soul was given to their lion to help them pass over.
“Keith will always be with us,” she had said. “we just wont be able to see or hear him. You will however feel him in your bonds with the lions. He will guid and encourage you in our path to defeat Zarkon.” They had mourned him. But then the time came for them to find a new red paladin.
They couldn’t feel Keith like the others. Supposedly because they didn’t do the mind meld with him. Then, slowly, the others began to pass as well. It was Hunk that left after Keith, then Pidge, and finally Shiro. Each of Lance’s friends replaced by another.
Lance shook his head, it was never good for him to think about the past, it always left him feeling…emptier than usual. He paused as he passed by a window. He could see his face in it, staring blankly back at him. How many years had it been since Keith and the others? He had lost count. How many explosions had he been in how many fights? How many new scars should he have?
He didn’t feel anything anymore. He didn’t age anymore. Deep down he knew why. He knew the  first time he had flown Blue after Shiro, only to hear his team, his family, all calling to him. Running his hand through his hair, he started to walk towards Blues hanger. As soon as he entered she opened her mouth for him.
My paladin…
She greeted him.
“Hey girl,” Lance spoke slowly, softly. “I have a question for you…” When he heard her purr in the back of he mind he continued. “why…haven’t I passed yet?” It suddenly got very quiet and lance held his breath. “C’mon blue. Give me some credit. I haven’t aged at all in the last, what, 6 years? I’ve been in far to many battles for me to take no damage and I…I can hear them calling to me. Every time I pilot you. So please,” He felt a tear run down his face a quickly rubbed it away. “Just answer my question.”
It was quiet once more before Lance heard Blue speak.
I would miss you. You have been the best paladin i have ever had and…I don’t want you to leave. I have waited to long for you to leave me so quickly.
Lance sighed and rubbed his eyes. “I’ll miss you too but—I’ll always be with you. So please, I want to see my family.”
Lance could’ve sworn he heard Blue crying. Very well my blue paladin. I will miss you. Farewell…
Lance smiled. “Goodbye…” There was a bright flash of light and suddenly he was surrounded by his friends. Hunk, Pidge, Shiro and Keith. He let out a gut wrenching sob and embraced them all. He was finally home.

I thought about my amnesia au (it’s langst *coughs shangst coughs* of course) and i wanted to write another mini fic for it

Lance and Shiro had grown close one he had woken up and was convinced to talk to everyone. For a while, only Shiro and Coran had been able to be near the teen, they had been the only ones allowed to have physical contact with him. It had taken him a long time to let the others close and he still was closer to Shiro and Coran.

As memories came, the closer he let himself get to everyone.

As memories came, the more he wanted to know about Shiro.

He didn’t have that many memories (he couldn’t remember much about the group in general just yet) that he could remember that included Shiro so he had started to ask him about himself. Question for question.

As time passed, the two had grown close, which was something Hunk and Pidge, whom Lance had warmed up to a lot over the past month or so, would tease the teen about.

Then that night happened.

Shiro had woken up to two arms wrapped firmly around him, a familiar voice whispering soft words of comfort to him. His hair was stuck to his forehead with sweat, his body shaking as he tried to even his breathing. He couldn’t quite remember what he had been dreaming about, but he knew it had apparently been bad enough for Lance to hear him when he was walking to the training room, a place the Blue Paladin took refuge in when he couldn’t sleep for some odd reason.

The teen had entered Shiro’s room and was quick to attempt to wake the older male, forgetting what Shiro had told him about being carefully if he was having a nightmare momentarily and focusing on helping the Black Paladin. He had swung in his sleep, landing a solid blow on Lance’s gut, having knocked the breath out of him. That’s what led to Lance holding him with his arms pinned to his sides.

Shiro had been quick to start apologizing for hitting him, which just pulled a laugh from the Blue Paladin, a sound that was more reserved than it had been before. He found himself staring at the nineteen year old as he sat back on his knees, smiling at the leader with a simple ‘it was my fault anyways’.

Neither knew what really happened next, they both just remembered the Black Paladin leaning forward and connecting their lips. Lance had froze, eyes wide and when he felt Shiro begin to pull away, he had quickly wrapped his arms around his neck and kissed him again.

After that, the two had found themselves in a relationship that the others had said they ‘saw coming’. It was hard at first, any relationship developed during a war would be hard, especially when you’re on the front lines constantly, but they had managed to make it work. At some point, they had both begun to sleep in each other’s rooms all the time. It was mostly Shiro’s room that was used seeing as it was the biggest of the two, but Shiro wasn’t picky when Lance roam off during dinner and end up in his own room. (They’ve all been working on that, trying to get Lance’s appetite back to normal, and so far, it seemed like it was working.)

Then the battle with Zarkon had come around not long after they met the Blade of Marmora and rescued Slav.

The battle had been hard but they won! They had defeated Zarkon! Everyone was happy!

Then Black didn’t move when they were called back to the castle so they could leave. Lance felt worry pooling in his gut as they tried to call out for their leader and got no reply.

She was carried back.

Everyone had entered her cockpit and were frozen in place.


Keith’s voice sounded muffled to Lance as he stared at the helmet laying on the ground, blue orbs wide. His hands were shaking at his sides, eyes burning as he watched the chaos ensue. He couldn’t make out his teammates’ voices as they spoke, the same words running through his mind quickly.

“Hey…I’m right here, Lance. I’ll always be right here.”

He felt a large hand grab his own and his reaction had been slow before he turned his blank gaze to his friend. Hunk’s eyes were worried as he squeezed Lance’s hand. His mouth was moving, but he couldn’t tell what he was saying.

“Promise me you won’t leave me..” 

He found himself quickly jerking his hand away from Hunk’s, barking out a surprisingly hostile “Don’t touch me”, his entire body trembling. Someone’s voice, he couldn’t quite tell who’s, had said his name and he looked around to see the others looking at him.

Keith’s expression was frustrated, most likely from the fact that he just lost his brother, his best friend, and now Lance was lashing out. If one looked passed the frustration in those violet eyes, they would see the panic that had settled, his hands twitching at his sides slightly.

Allura looked surprised, eyes wide as she stared at her Blue Paladin. She had never heard him speak like that before, never heard him yell at any of the others except for the time he had exited the cryopod.

Coran’s expression was a mixture of pity as well as concern for the boy he had grown to view as a son. During the time he could barely even remember any of them, he had been one of the few that could be near Lance and he could see the panic in those bright blue eyes he would often see back then when Lance would forget where he was.

Hunk looked almost hurt by the way Lance had jerked away from him and moved away, but the concern for not only his best friend, but also Shiro was quickly pushing the hurt away. He took a step towards the other and was stopped by Pidge’s hand on his arm. The youngest of the group was staring downwards, not meeting anyone else’s eyes as they simply made Hunk stay in place.

Lance quickly felt that shield he was easily able to put up when he didn’t want the others to know how he felt crumble, tears rolling down his cheeks.

“I promise you, Lance.”

Shiro’s voice promising he wouldn’t leave him slowly got louder and louder as it repeated and the Blue Paladin found himself barely even able to hear the others’ voices anymore. Tears began to fall at a quicker rate and he was quick to turn away and head for Blue’s hangar, just wanted to being with his lion. He heard one of their voice’s call out to him, but he ignored it and quickly ran off.

Blue attempted to overpower the memory with her own memories of her paladin, her words and purrs echoing through the teen’s mind. He could still hear Shiro’s voice, he could still hear the promise being whispered to him by his mind, and he found himself dropping to his knees as soon as he entered Blue’s cockpit, sobs shaking his body. Blue’s concerned purr echoed through his mind and he felt himself curl into himself.

The lion put her force field up in the end, refusing to let any of the other paladins nor the Alteans in to see her paladin.

He needed to cope and she was going to let him without the disruption of others.

❀ surprise

“Doctor Haruno, Shizune would like to see you,” the nurse spoke quietly through the entryway of her door.

Sakura’s head only popped up for a mere second before her eyes averted back to her notes. Not only had she been busy studying new vaccines and medicines for complicated poisons, but her rounds weren’t particularly easy that day.

“Yes, thank you,” Sakura replied with a gentle smile.

Upon exiting her office and making her way down the hall, she felt an odd sensation cross over her. She no longer felt the same exhaustion she had felt earlier that day, but like her skin crawled with anticipation.

Before she pressed the button to the elevator, she shook her head and began walking towards the stairs. Something felt off, and although she had an uneasy feeling, it was like the looming presence was in the building itself.

Hn, the word crossed through her mind, reminding her of Sasuke. With a small smile, and a quick nibble on her lip, she exited the stairwell and began her walk towards Shizune’s office.

Ever since Tsunade had departed from Konoha, the older medic was assigned to take over coordinating and arranging schedules for the medics that worked there – worked under Sakura, that is.

“Shizune?” Sakura began to speak, even before rounding the corner.

Once she entered the small space, her heart immediately stopped, her hands flying to her mouth and her throat clenched. Not only did her chest throb, but tears began to flow freely from emerald eyes.

“Sasuke,” his name fell from her quivering lips as her feet took her to him.

He stood alone in the medic’s office, his clothing dirty from his travels but his scent was as intoxicating as ever; familiar and comforting, just how she remembered the Uchiha.

With her weight being thrown against his body, he wrapped his single arm around her back, stabilizing her weight as he held her in place. His large cloak wrapped firmly around her petite stature, holding her in place as she wrapped her arms around him, her head pressed firmly into his chest.

Sakura could hardly think, hardly control herself as she stood in this small space, holding Sasuke in her arms as she soaked him up. He’d been gone for days, months, years; now that he was back, she refused to let go.

“I’m home,” he finally whispered, simple and quiet.

After The Lights Go Out

Summary: I’m trash. Ugh, I don’t know.  Negan finally acts on his stalkerish actions???  MAX AND NEGAN MERGED INTO ONE.
Request Summary: “Can you write something about a girl who negan saved when she was young/kid and now that she is growing up as a women they starting to love each other, smut or daddy dom” - Anon
POV: Negan
Characters: Kylie and Negan
Word Count: 5102
Warnings: Cursing, hella smut too
Authors note:  I’m complete trash for mixing Max and Negan together.  I totally stole some of Max’s quotes from the movie and some of his creepy nature.
Parts: 1/1 - Completed
Quote of the story: “Today was a productive ass day and it just started!”


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Next Time (Solangelo)

This is a smut fic filling the request of @bailci hope you like it!

Between 2,000 and 4,000 words. Rated M

Dark. Dark dark inky dark all around. Shadows hug my aching sides. The blackness tenderly touches my bleeding skin. God, even my eyes hurt, which makes no sense.

Well, I mean I guess it kind of does, when you consider that I’m traveling through basically a wormhole of darkness and trying not to pass out from exhaustion. I focus hard, squeezing my aching eyes closed.

‘You’re almost back, Nico.’ I think hard, trying to keep myself conscious. ‘Don’t you fucking quit now when you’re so close’ I scream in my head.

Now, I bet you’re wondering what in Hades happened to me. Well, let’s just say one teenager against a horde of monsters is not an easy fight, no matter how many undead soldiers you can conjure up.

My head is pounding, and my heart is beating so fast that I can feel it vibrating in my chest. I’m almost there…

With one final burst of energy, I pop (there really is no better word to describe my entrance) out of the deep shadow of the big house. I remain standing for a holy half second, before crumpling to the ground in a bloody heap.

My breathing is labored and shallow, and the agonizingly deep and long cuts in my skin throb angrily. If I’m completely honest, I’m not sure how I’m even still alive, let alone conscious.

I drop my head to the ground and close my eyes, trying to block out as much of the pain as I can. Gods, I don’t even have the energy to call for help!

I can hear the other campers walking around; the laughter of friend groups, the clash of swords in a tight spar, and the unmistakeable splash of Percy entertaining the younger campers with his water powers. But they’re too far.

And I’m bleeding out.

I almost summon an ironic laugh. After all I’ve been through in my 16 (normal) years of life, is this seriously how I’m going out? A solo battle and being too far away to call for help? I let out a breath, and I utter a small sound. Pretty much a pained moan. It’s all I can do.

“Did anyone else hear that?” A voice says. My eyes snap open. Someone is close by.

“I think so…” Another voice exclaims. Both are female and sound young… maybe twelve or thirteen.

I can hear their footsteps crunching softly on the gravel, being cautious, as every demigod should be.

I’m focusing on them. I’m focusing so hard on their nearing footsteps that I almost miss the taste of metal filling my mouth. But then, it starts building.

My mouth is filling with blood, and I’m panicking. I can’t breathe. I can’t fucking breathe. I try to bring my hands up to claw at my throat, and find myself unable to move them.

‘Oh Gods. Oh Gods-’ I think frantically as the red liquid spills over my lips and dribbles down my chin. ‘is this it?’ The thought has barely crossed my mind when a shrill scream permeates my ears.

I’m nearly choking on my own blood by the time I hear one of the girls yell-

“Get Chiron, now.” She says, before I slip into a complete daze, almost like my death trance. It’s cloudy and misted in my mind when I feel the vibrations in the ground of Chiron’s hooves galloping over to the back of the big house where I lay. My vision swims from hazy to clear as he lifts me gently into his arms.

“Get Will. Now. Hurry!” I hear him say, but it sounds far away, as if he’s speaking to me through a phone…

I can taste the savory flavor of ambrosia when we enter the infirmary. The familiar taste of a pomegranate tart is dulled by my senses.

After about ten minutes and a dangerous amount of ambrosia, my vision clears finally, and my mouth has stopped spilling blood. My wounds are still shedding crimson onto the sterile white sheets without holding back. I can’t move, but out of what is in my field of vision, I can make out the bustle of healers around me.

I look desperately for Will, but he’s nowhere in sight.

An IV is put into my arm once I reach my ambrosia and nectar limit to keep me alive, but I don’t know how much it’s going to help. I feel pretty beyond saving at this point.

“Where is he?” I hear a shout come from outside of the room, probably in the hallway. Everyone in the room stops moving, until the door is thrown open.

In the open doorway stands Will, his blonde hair messy, and his blue eyes sparkling with determination and fear. He looks around for just a moment, before his eyes lock on me and widen. “Nico-” he whispers, sprinting to my bedside and taking my hand. Just his presence is enough to help me through the pain. He looks at me with eyes full of seriousness and worry. “what the fuck did you do to yourself” he asks me, dead serious. I’m a surprised by his use of language; Will doesn’t curse much.

“A-a m-m-missio-n” I croak out in a jumble of stuttered syllables. His eyes harden.

“And you went without telling anyone…” He looks at me hard in my brown eyes, and I melt, right then and there, into his heartbreaking smolder. “not even me…” He grips my hand tighter, and I wince from not his grip, but from collective pain.

He sits straight up when I do so, startling me. He stands up, and over me.

“Guys, clear out for a few hours. Let me take care of him.” Will says to the other medics in the room. They all nod and head out, trusting Will completely with me, knowing that with him in charge, I will do more than just pull through.

As soon as the other people leave the room, and the door is shut, Will walks straight over to it. For a terrifying second, I think he’s going to leave me, before I notice that he’s just locked the door and is walking back to me.

Strange, but I’m in absolutely no place to question him seeing as I’m literally dying.

“W-why did you lock the d-door?” I ask him, some strength returning to my voice from the efforts of the ambrosia and nectar. He just walks over to me, and pushes my black hair out of my eyes.

“Because I don’t want anyone walking in-” he says, staring at me with a look so powerful it makes me almost have to look away. He takes some more steps towards me, and hovers over my bedside, a gentle, caring smile on his beautiful face. “Healing is personal. Especially with someone you love.” He says it casually, but my eyes widen at the words. He… loves me?

Before I have time to contemplate though, a sharp stab of pain rips through my body, and I reflexively arch my back, gritting my teeth and letting out a strangled gasp.

“F-fuck!” I stutter, and Will gets right to work.

I can see why he locked the door when he starts peeling off my bloodstained and slashed shirt, showing him the bone-deep gashes all over my chest, stomach, arms, and even… below my navel.

My face heats up for no reason when his eyes travel over my pale, exposed bloody skin.

‘He’s just doing his job-’ I find myself thinking.

“Okay. I’m going to put my hands on you, and heal you. You may have some scars or minor scabbing over left from the deepest wounds-” he cuts off taking a deep breath and looking at me, yet again, straight in the eye. “but I’ll do my best.” I nod to show that I understand, but my voice isn’t working.

He places his warm, steady hands on my chest and stomach; one over my heart, and the other over my belly-button. He presses down lightly, though I feel no pain from his touch. Suddenly, a soft golden light starts to emit from his hands, warming my whole body and numbing all pain.

I find myself having to hold back moans because of how amazing it feels to be healed by Will; I can feel my strength returning, and my skin regrowing. My wounds are scabbing, and some are even completely disappearing.

Way too soon, Will has taken his hands off my torso, panting and sweaty from the effort it took to heal me. He wipes his brow on the back of his hand, and looks upon me with a smile; I blush when his eyes seem to darken as they rake up and down my body.

“How ‘ya feeling?” He asks in his adorable Will-voice. I move my arms, testing them out, and cracking the joints.

“Good as new.” I say, looking up at him with a smile as I sit up in the red-stained sheets. He sighs in relief, before biting his lip.

“Uhh. I-I have to ask…” He looks down, suddenly nervous. Scratching the back of his neck, he continues the thought. “Aren’t those pants uncomfortable? All… you know… covered in blood?” He asks me sheepishly. A blush creeps its way onto my face.

“Uhh… yeah.” I say. He looks to me with a nervous smile.

“How would you like a different pair?” He asks cheekily, and despite my blush I giggle. Even after me nearly dying, this guy can bring out laughter from the deep depths of who-knows-where-my-sense-of-humor-is. Anyway, I shrug.

“Yeah, actually…” I say quietly, feeling self conscious about Will seeing… well, me. He smiles and reaches into a drawer, producing a pair of black sweats.

“They should fit-” he says, throwing the pants to me.

“Thanks.” I say, before absent-mindedly stripping off my bloody pants and leaving me just my ripped boxers. I look up to see Will staring at me, a bright blush covering his cheeks. He looks up when he notices that I caught him staring, and his blush darkens even more.

“S-sorry…” He stutters. I look him over. He’s still looking at me as if he’s under a trance, and it’s honestly pretty strange. Until I notice something.

His pants are… uh… tightening. A noticeable bulge has started to grow in his jeans, and I can’t believe it. Will Solace is getting turned on my me changing my pants. I throw the sweatpants away, the need to get dressed forgotten. I nervously twist the skull ring on my finger at I look at him.

And now I’m getting turned on my him biting his lip.

And him trying to discreetly crack his knuckles.

And his crazily messed up hair that I just want to run my finger through as he fucks me-

And now I’m walking towards him. And now we’re kissing. Gods, this is not just a kiss. It has to be some magic gift or something from Aphrodite.

His lips are so soft and warm, it’s like pressing my mouth to a cloud of steam. My tongue pushes tentatively into his mouth, not quite sure what to do, but apparently doing it right because Will sighs and pushes his hand into my black wavy hair. He pulls back just for a second, his eyes clouded with a list that makes my already impressive boner that much harder. His swollen lips may also be a contributing factor.

“You’re supposed to be healing-” he says as I start kissing his neck. I follow my instincts on what to do; biting softly and then harder at some places; eliciting animalistic moans from him that make me want to come right then and there. “Nico, you just almost died…” He protests weakly between moans.

“But I’m fine now, thanks to you.” I reply between kisses, my hands under his shirt and sliding it over his head.

His own are running over my already bare chest; they trace the indentations of my pecs and my light abs, (the beginnings of what I hope will turn into a fabulous six-pack.) down to my prominent 'V’ line.

I keep kissing his neck and collar bone, at one point biting and sucking so hard I’m sure it will leave a sizable hickey; not that I care. It just shows everyone that this man is mine.

“Fuck, Solace…” I breathe the words as he palms my erection through my boxers, the thin fabric not leaving much to the imagination.

“Okay, just wait a sec.” He says back sassily as I begin to undo his belt, eventually slipping it out of its’ loops and pulling off his jeans. My cock twitches when I see him almost completely bare.

Gods, he is perfect.

“Nico Di fucking Angelo.” He breathes. “How did I end up here?” He laughs, and I smile, his tented underwear calling me to pull it off and take what’s inside.

“Dunno, but I’m glad it happened.” I say, throwing all control out the window and pushing him up against the wall, pressing our hips together and a sharp moan escaping my lips. I recapture his swollen lips and use one hand to pin Will’s hands over his head on the wall, and use the other to pull off his underwear.

I look down for just a moment to admire the fucking gorgeous cock of Will Solace. It has to be at least eight inches…

eight inches of Apollo-bore heaven.

“You’re so beautiful” I say to him as I start touching him, electing little gasps and grunts from him with each flick of my wrist. I run my thumb slowly over the slit, catching beads of precum on it as it glides over. He breathes heavily and smirks, looking me in the eyes.

“You have no- ah! Fuck!-” he moans in the middle of his sentence, to my satisfaction, when I give him a hard pump. “i-idea how much I want to bend you over a table and fuck you until you can’t walk for days-” he says breathily, pushing my hand off his cock and flipping us so that my back is now against the wall, and I can feel his hot, aroused breath on my face.

Just the words coming out of his mouth make me want to moan, so when he licks and kisses all the way down to the tip of my dick, you can guess how I felt. He looks up at me for a moment, silently asking permission. I nod, and he puts my head in his mouth.

Just the feeling of it makes me moan his name.

“W-Will!” I pant, my hands buried in his hair as he bobs his head, and I thrust along with him. He takes all eight and a half inches at some points, and I have to resist thrusting my whole length down his throat. “fuck…” I moan again as he swirls his tongue around the shaft, before leaving me right on the edge when he lets me go with a string of spit connecting my cock with his lips.

“I want to finish with you.” He says, and I nod, hard as it is… then, I smile.

“Sorry, what do you want me to do?” I ask him, feigning ignorance. He raises an eyebrow.

“I think you know.” He says, running his hands down my body, causing me to shiver.

I shake my head.

“No, I think you need to tell me.” I say to him, and he smiles, catching on. He shoots me a dirty look that has precum leaking out of me, and a moan leaving my lips.

“I want to come together. I want to see you moan my name when you come because of me. I want to feel your body under me as you jack me off. I want to fuck you, but not yet. Next time, when we aren’t in a hospital-” he winks. “You are fucking mine.” He says, before taking my hand, trailing it down to his cock, before taking mine in his own hand.

Soon, both Will and I are balanced on the edge. I’m panting from the buildup, and then-

“Fuck… FUCK! WILL! Gods-” I say as I come all over Will’s fist, him doing the same soon after.

We collapse on the bed, both panting and in a euphoric post-orgasm bliss.

“So… next time we won’t be in a hospital, right?” Will asks me, and I can hear the smile in his voice.

“Nope.” I say. Oh man… I can’t wait for next time…


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Bones x reader

Warnings: Blood and scary aliens

Word count: 849

A/N: I just wanted to make you guys something to celebrate 1,169 FOLLOWERS!!! WHAT?? I LOVE YOU ALL, THANK YOU!!

P.S. My life has been a huge mess lately and I’m so sorry to everyone I haven’t answered! I’m trying to go through your requests now, I’m so sorry for the wait, I just want you to know it’s not a bother, I love helping you guys, my anxiety is just not letting me be creative at aaall these days. Sorry <3

Her breath came out in short bursts as she observed the scene. Strange figures roamed around the crash site, their overly large mouths snarling and growling to each other. There were dozens of them. She wasn’t too safe here hiding in the bushes, but she was reluctant to leave, knowing that people will come looking for her, unknowing of the dangers. Ripping some fabric off her pants, she tied it around her bleeding arm, thankful that she didn’t get more severely hurt.

Looking back up, she tried to calm her racing heart, but a blue figure to the right immediately made it go faster.


He was about 20 meters away, making his way out of the woods, oblivious to the creatures that would surely rip him to shreds if he was spotted. Silently cursing to herself, she raced through the trees, staying as low as she could. He was just about to enter the clearing when she all but tackled him into a bush, holding a hand to his mouth before he could yelp. Her eyes darted through the leaves to see if they noticed the debacle.

“Y/N!” His voice was muffled and he removed her hand from his face before continuing. “What happened to your arm? Are you okay?” His voice was frantic but she didn’t pay mind to it as she was too busy watching out for their lives.

“Keep quiet!” she hissed, leaning further into him as one of the figures glanced their way.

“Y/N.” She shushed him again, but he didn’t obey as he kept trying to get her attention.


“Shut your pretty mouth, Len, didn’t you see the freaking alien monsters-”


“I swear to god, I will kick yo-“

“I thought you were gone.” If it wasn’t for the voice crack at his last word she would’ve shushed him again. Confused, she spun her head only to see his teary eyes only inches from hers. The pain she found in them made her mind go blank and she became vividly aware of the lack of distance between them.

“Len…I, it was a small crash, nothing I couldn’t handle.” She stuttered, her heart leaping at the rare vulnerability the Doctor was showing.

“A small crash? Y/N, you…you jumped on a freaking enemy cargo ship and crashed it! Your comm broke, we thought you…” He trailed off, his hurt face suddenly converting into anger. “God, you just have to play the hero every damn time and pretend you’re not leaving anybody behind, huh?! Do you know what we- what I went through?! No, you only think about yourself, never others! You know,-“ His voice was raising with every word as she frenzied with trying to calm him down.

“Shut up, will you?!” She gave up and tried to put her hand on his mouth again but he pushed it away.

“-sometimes you are just so selfish and I-“

“Len!” She looked up to the site in a panic, hoping he would shut the hell up.

“-don’t understand how I even care for your immature ass-“

One glance at his blabbering mouth during her panicked state was enough for her to shut him up by grabbing his face and kissing him. Her lips tingled as they simply lay there with their lips pressed against each other before she pulled away, angrily fighting off a blush as she exploded.

“I was thinking of others when I took that risk but I see you’re fine with me getting killed by an armed alien-tribe, now will you close that damn mouth and let me try to get us out of here alive, ‘cause as much as I’d like to continue this, I also want to live a little longer!” He stared at her slack-jawed as she glanced back up, immediately panicking as she saw figures approaching.

“Why don’t we just go back to the ship” He suddenly inquired, pulling out his comm and speaking into it. “I found her.” Looking at him in confusion, she had just the time to search for something to defend herself with before they were surrounded by light and teleported away.

It only took her a second to realize she was in the teleporter room, and it took all but five to realize what just happened. Leonard gave her a sloppy grin as she glared at him.

“YOU HAD THAT ON YOU THE WHOLE TIME, WHY-?!” You stopped as you heard other people in the room and realized the exact position you and Leonard were in. Quickly getting up, you straightened your torn clothes and shot a withering glare at Leonard before you strode out of the room, ignoring the smirks of your crewmates. You got all but five feet from the door before a hand gently grabbed your uninjured arm. Turning around, you tried your hardest to be angry in spite of his adorable smile.

“You said something about continuing this?” he winked and this time either of them could hide their blush.

“Maybe if you fix my damn arm first.” She grumbled, trying and failing to fight off a smile.

6 Months - Night Pills

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Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1412

A/N: I made this blog as a secondary to my main so I could write and comfortably express my undying love for BTS/Park Jimin. I used to write a lot but I lost my inspiration. But then I was introduced to the wonderful world of Bangtan and I have a new muse. I’m a little rusty so I hope you like! Also I think I succeeded in making it gender neutral but I apologize if I missed some things 

Yoongi stumbled into the house, his entire body aching and his chest heavy. Slowly, he sat down on the bench in the hall to carefully take off his sneakers. His movements were sloppy and sluggish, his body in a trance-like state from exhaustion. Once his feet were free, he made his way to the kitchen swiftly downing three glasses of water and his night pills. He chose to keep the lights off - his eyes previously adjusting to the darkness - in hopes of soothing the pain the came along with his ‘medicine’. Pausing, he sat at the bar placing his warm forehead on the cool laminate for some relief as he waited for the pills to kick in. A sigh left his mouth as he closed his eyes and listened to the silence of the house. All that could be heard was the whirring of the fridge and the whooshing of the air flowing through the vents. This calmed Yoongi, brought his heart-rate to an almost lifeless pace and his breathing to wisps instead of breaths. After ten minutes of waiting Yoongi finally stood up; swinging his unnecessarily heavy bag over his shoulder caused a shock of pain to shoot up into his head. A low groan left his mouth as he twisted his neck around in hopes of relieving some of the tension.

His heavy feet began to trudge up the stairs and down the hall to the bedroom. The door was open and a small stream of light coming through the closed blinds cast his shadow onto the floor. I should invest in some black-out curtains he thought to himself as he began to remove his clothes. The silence of the night had been interrupted once he entered the room but Yoongi didn’t mind. The culprit was a sound that Yoongi enjoyed more than anything else in the world. Your light breaths brought him a comfort that he couldn’t explain; knowing that you were there waiting for him, curled up in a ball whilst settling to cuddle with the bear he won you on your first date until he returned to replace it, made all the ache in his muscles disappear. Once he was comfortable in nothing but his briefs, he slowly slid into the bed beside you. Normally he would take a quick shower before climbing in beside you but today he couldn’t seem to muster up the energy.

He smiled as he waited to hear your voice. Every night Yoongi practiced late you would still turn in at a regular time, but you found that your body chose to go into the lightest sleep possible before slowly awakening when you felt his body sink into the other side of your shared bed. At first you found it frustrating as the two of you were one in the same, putting sleep on the highest of pedestals, but you had grown to welcome it. With Yoongi’s busy and unpredictable schedule it had been hard to plan time to spend together but you stayed positive knowing that you always had this time together. You turned your body to face him once he settled in, his arm wrapping around you.

“Yoongi” you greeted quietly, keeping your eyes closed. He hummed in response nuzzling his nose against your own. You smiled, eyes still shut as he pressed small kisses around your face. The two of you were silent for a while, just enjoying each other’s presence “Yoongi,” you said again, “I’ve missed you.” You heard him swallow and sigh.

“It—it was hard today.” He whispered, his voice cracking slightly. That was when your eyes opened. He stared at you, the pain clear in his expression as water filled his eyes. You felt your heart break, the feeling unbearable as you stared at the love of your life so troubled. You couldn’t help the deep frown that made its way onto your face. Reaching your hand up, you held his cheek in your palm slowly rubbing your thumb against his skin.

“Don’t you start crying on me now” you said to him, attempting to sound stern but your voice failed you.

“Y/N” he replied simply, choking back a sob. He took a deep breath in, trying to calm himself. The tears had begun to fall from his eyes as his body trembled. “I don’t think I can d—” his sob interrupted his words as he began to break down. His ducked his head into your chest and you pulled him close. His grip on you tightened, nearly suffocating you but all you did was stroke his hair in response. You tried to calm him with your words but you knew nothing you said could fix the heart of this broken man. His entire body shook fiercely as he sobbed loudly, his throat burning from every sound that left it. You would let him cry. You would let him cry until his eyes shriveled up from dehydration. You would let him cry until he shook so hard he crumbled. You would let him cry until his voice disintegrated into nothing but a whisper. You would let him cry until his body forgot how to. You would let him cry, but you couldn’t. Your time was limited and you didn’t want to spend it like this. You pulled away from him, bringing his face to meet yours. You stared at him with a sad smile, wiping the rivers from his cheeks.

“You’ve cried so much your eyes are almost swollen shut. Can you even see me?” You joked, trying to release some of the tension that was crushing the atmosphere. But both you and Yoongi knew the answer to your question and it burned. You sighed loudly, knowing your time would be up soon. Yoongi was exhausted, sleep slowly but surely making its way into his brain. His eyes fluttered shut lightly, staying closed for longer than a blink. “I should go” You whispered, your eyes never leaving his face.

“No, please no, just a few more minutes” Yoongi begged, “I’m awake I promise. I’ll stay awake all night if I have to.” He cried as he opened his eyes as wide as he could. You couldn’t help but chuckle at his desperate attempt to have more time with you.

“You know sooner or later I have to leave.”

“Later, so much later. Y/N please I need you here tonight. I—I’m not sure what I’ll do if you…”

“Yoongi. This has to stop, it’s not healthy” You had tried having this talk with him many times before but he never listened. You knew he was hurting but this was no way to cope. He wasn’t letting go, he wasn’t moving on.

“Not having you with me is what’s not healthy. I can’t live without you. I just can’t. I can’t Y/N. Everything hurts all the time no matter what I do. Nothing can make it better, not the boys, not my music, not even sleep. I can’t even sleep without you. I’ve lost everything Y/N. You are my muse, my inspiration, my heart, my soul, my mind. You are my life and now…” Yoongi breathing was deep, his heart and head pounding. He could feel you slipping away again, your body turning cold, the outline of your face appearing less defined, your words sounding incoherent.

“Yoongi, I am always with you. You don’t need to do this. And you haven’t lost everything, your parents love you, you have six brothers who want to help you in any way possible, you have your fans, you have—”

“I DON’T WANT THOSE!” Yoongi shouted. His chest heaved in anger and frustration, how come you couldn’t understand? How come you didn’t feel the same? He knew the answer but he recoiled from it. You sighed for what felt like the millionth time that night.

“It’s time for you to sleep, my love” You said as you began to stroke his hair again.

“I don’t want to” Yoongi replied stubbornly. If he refused to stop taking the pills, he would at least have to sleep more than two hours a night.

“Yoongi, please. For me?” You begged him. He stared at you, his eyes searching for something. Then, without a word, he closed his eyes. You smiled leaning in to place a kiss on his lips that you knew he wouldn’t feel and to whisper three words that you knew he wouldn’t hear before you disappeared.

Prequel: Heart Palpitations

Dawning In Dust: Part 1

Claire awoke abruptly, gasping for air. The sky was still dark and the air around her small hiding place in a niche of the little hill was still and silent. Her skin was cold and clammy and she raised a trembling hand to wipe the sweat from her forehead. No explosions. No screams. No suffocating weight or bone deep chill. The smell of blood was replaced by the smell of dry earth.

A dream. It had only been a dream. Breathe in. Out. Slower. In…. out…. in…. out.

She rolled onto her side, curling in on herself under the solar blanket that was her saving grace on cold nights like these. It had slipped off while she slept, which may have explained the nightmare. Claire never could sleep well when chilled, especially after her parents died in that car crash when she was small. It had been a cold night that night too. Almost as cold as her parent’s had been when she said goodbye for the last time before the funeral…

“Stop it, Beauchamp,” Claire whispered firmly, trying to relax her shaking muscles. She closed her eyes, trying to focus her mind on something to hang on to until she could relax into sleep again. Warm things. Warmth. Frank’s lips against hers…

Claire flinched involuntarily. No, too painful. Something else. Anything else. Campfires. The sun in Egypt, high and hot as a furnace over one of her Uncle Lamb’s archeological dig sites. Fresh tea. Hot baths.

Claire almost groaned at the thought. Yes, that would do. She breathed out slowly, imagining how the warmth of the water used to seep into her muscles. The steam would have coated her face like her sweat did now and she breathed in and out again, imagining the scents of candles and soap. There would have been nothing to worry over, no shifts to get to at the hospital, no dinner parties with Frank’s colleagues. Just time and space for her mind and body to go blissfully blank for a bit. Claire vaguely registered that the solar blanket was warming her again before her muddled mind gave in to sleep once more.


Claire Beauchamp Randall was never a woman to panic. Being raised by her eccentric archeologist uncle and therefore being voluntarily toted around the world from a young and impressionable age did much to dispel emotions of this type from entering her mind. Joining the British army and becoming a nurse when the Last World War was declared only solidified her ability to emotionally detach as needed. She was, however, realistic.

She bent at the edge of the stream, wanting nothing more than to drink greedily and damn the consequences. It had been almost two days without water and the mere sound of it lapping against the bank made her swallow. Claire sighed, pacifying her thirst by swishing a handful of water inside her mouth and spitting it out again before gathering small sticks for a fire. She ran her damp fingers through the curly mass of her hair, tying it back and out of her way.

If her unusual upbringing taught her anything it was that ill prepared food,drink, and medical supplies could kill just as well as a wild animal or person could, albeit much slower and sometimes more painfully. She thought the stream might be safe enough, but couldn’t take the risk. At one point, most water sources around the world had been destroyed or filled with chemicals as a weapon.

While Claire didn’t think Scotland had fallen prey to those tactics, being so far removed from the centralized sources of conflict, she had to proceed as she would anywhere else. After all, rumors still circulated of continued conflict and uses of force, despite the fallout of technological civilization. Groups of wanderers coming together to make their own new civilization and social structure of sorts. Claire avoided what appeared to be large encampments of people for that very reason.

The only person or thing she could trust was herself and, for all she felt safe in this quiet forest of trees, Claire allowed herself a rare moment to let that reality sink in. She’d come to terms with her parents’ deaths quite readily, being young and thrust into new worlds unknown. The vague memories she had of them were pleasant ones and she kept them locked safe away in what she pictured as a small, ornamental box in her mind.

Uncle Lamb had been killed in a bombing raid toward the end of the Last War while he was lecturing at University. At this point, any thought for civilian lives was shot to hell in the attacks on schools, libraries, cinemas, and any other manner of public gathering place. British military had been evacuating mainland Europe when it happened. Claire didn’t find out until she went to Uncle Lamb’s flat and found it dusty and vacant, all belongings looted. He’d died two weeks before.

Frank. The thought of her husband brought her right hand automatically to her left, fingers caressing the simple gold band on her ring finger. Claire had made it home during the evacuation. Frank had not. They’d had little contact throughout the War, partially due to the need for secrecy and partially due to the breakdown in communication technology after the data viruses were set loose. Uncle Lamb always joked that technology would be the end of man.

He was right, Claire thought. She bent to her studiously arranged pile of twigs and dry sticks, pulling the flint and small knife out of her cargo pants pocket. She was about to strike the first spark when a shot rang out, echoing through the trees overhead and all but making her heart stop.

“Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ,” she gasped, ducking low and gathering up her pack. Too loud to be a pistol. Not automatic though… Another shot, this one closer and accompanied by yelling from two different directions. The last thing she needed was to get caught in the middle of territory dispute.

Claire ran, keeping as low as she could while trying not to slip down the bank and into the water. She grabbed her canteen to keep it from making noise as it thumped against her side. Another shot, this one even closer….


She’d ran smack into a man hiding in the trees. He grabbed her and wrapped his arms around her to keep her from falling. Or perhaps more, as Claire discovered, to keep her from escaping. She thrashed in his arms.

“Let GO of me you bloody..”

Claire turned, ready to slash at his face, but ceased fighting abruptly. Her first thought was that he was Frank, but that thought vanished as quickly as it took him to shove her to the ground. She felt her palm scrape on a rock of some sort and her pack fell off her shoulder. She sat gaping at him like a landed trout. Seeing him now, she knew it wasn’t Frank. Still, the resemblance…. lean body, brown hair, handsome, and his eyes…

“Who are you?” Claire asked, hoping her voice sounded steady.

“I might ask you the same question and with considerably more justification,” the man replied, moving to stand menacingly over her.

“Just what do you think..?” Claire began, trying to stand up. The stranger put a hard hand on her shoulder, forcing her back down again.

“I am Captain Jonathan Randall, British Army. And you, madam, will stay put.”

Claire had to repress the urge to stand and salute. Instead, she kicked him hard in the shins and whirled to make another run for it. All the air left her lungs as he tackled her to the ground.

“Oh, like that is it? Well…” Captain Randall turned her over, gasping, onto her back and pinned her arms above her head in a viselike grip. Black dots clouded her vision as he put his face within an inch of hers. “Who are you and what are you..”

Whatever he’d been going to ask got cut short as a figure stepped out from behind the nearest tree and clocked Captain Randall in the back of the head, sending him toppling to the side. Claire gasped for breath, the dark spots overcoming her. The last thing she remembered before she gave into them was looking up and seeing a pair of slanted blue cat-like eyes.


Day five of @kiribakuweek2k17 and I was in a fluffy mood today.  I was hoping to do more than one prompt today, but school got in the way.  Hopefully tomorrow I can do more!

“So you’ve really never kissed anyone before?”  Kirishima tossed the tennis ball casually.  It bounced once before Bakugou swiped it out of the air with a practiced ease.

“What does it matter?”  Bakugou passed the ball back to Kirishima before slumping against the wall behind him.

“I guess it doesn’t,” replied Kirishima as he caught the tennis ball.  He rolled it a couple times in his hand, focused on the feeling of soft felt against his calloused palm, before returning it to Bakugou.  “Just curious.”

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