entering eden

saturday night (harry’s pov) - a forever hold your peace drabble

here’s a little canon glimpse into the saturday night dinner between harry and molly prior to chapter 15! somehow i got carried away and this became almost 4K but hopefully you enjoy!

as usual, birdy’s texts are in italics, harry’s are in bold.

Harry couldn’t remember the last time he had been nervous enough for his palms to sweat.

It was somewhat repulsing and a clear indicator of how high-strung and skittish he’d been since he entered Garden of Eden thirty minutes earlier. Across from him was the girl he used to go to sleep and dream about for months on end, the one that had inhabited his mind and every thought inside of it. Molly was a vision even now, sipping on a virgin Shirley Temple as she went on about something highly environmental. Harry could remember when used to he hang off her every word, taking even the most uninteresting piece of information with grace all because the words had been spoken straight from her lips and her lips only.

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On her quest to search for her boyfriend Eden entered the room where one of her brothers was standing, “Ey Liam, seen my wolf anywhere?” She glanced over his shoulder, curious what he was actually reading with such a focus, “Bro? … Gosh, what’s that? Where does it come from?” Almost getting a heart attack Liam turned around. He huffed a few times, “sorry I didn’t hear you … you mean that? It ahm just appeared …” Baffled and confused both stare at each other, “hey is that one of your or Gillian’s prank? Such a strange book also was lying on my bed …”

Before he had the chance to answer, a deafening noise disturbed them accompanied with screaming and hammering sounds, “Liam! I know you did it! Open the door and fight! And while I’m at it  THAT MORTAL  will also meet his faith!” Both sibling were glancing around the door frames corner at Bran, Eden looked up to Liam and he looked back to her, “You know we should stop him before he does something stupid!”

But before they could act a door opened up and Gillian appeared, with a gesture of his hand Bran instantly went silent, “God, does mono man has again a problem with his low self-esteem?” Bran stared at them with pure blood lust, Gillian’s spell had muted and frozen him, Eden couldn’t help that a quite giggle escaped her lips, “perhaps the others have found such strange lecture, too? Anyway I wanted to talk to Adolf so, …” she left them with a shrug of her shoulders and knocked on her boyfriend’s door. She didn’t recognize that Liam had found the book that had driven Bran into anger and now was leaving through it with Gillian watching as well, which made both of them giggle and laughing in a mischievous way. Double trouble.