01/15/17 excuse us while we sing to the sky


My enteries for the yandere simulator anual fan art contest. I entered the nemesis contest.
First picture is the most “canon” showing nemesis chan after succeding in killing Ayano.
Second one, they went on a date instead. Why? Because i like drawing gay stuff thats why.
Just look at them, sharing a milkshake and discussing assassination methods.

archive moodboards

i’ve seen so many people doing these lately n they look like fun so :

  • mbf me (pls) ✧ reblog this post to enter
  • i’ll go through and do moodboards for as many blogs as i can !! if you like you can put some things related to your aesthetic in the tags & i’ll use that as a guide
  • this will be an ongoing thing for a few weeks :) 
  • have a wonderful day ♡

And even if we don’t make it to the finish line together, I will always be thankful for our part of the journey we will spend together.

Some couples just can’t go the distance.

But I pray that we do.

—  and that’s love; it might be the biggest mistake of your life, but it’s worth making || t.d.