Wow! Much competition!

I know I am not the only gamedev baited by rpgmaker to enter their contest but wow, this is amazing. There are 673 games at last count after the deadline is over. You can easily deduce this from the image above, aided with the fact that a page can contain up to a maximum of ten games.

For the rest who is participating along with me, all I have to say is good luck!

May the best game wins!

Tales of Graces “Chibi” Deformed Illustrations
(Because you always look twice as silly fetching in someone else’s clothing.)

Source: Tales of 15th Anniversary: Tales of Encyclopedia 1995-2011 (Enterbrain)

(Please credit and/or link back if using my scans.)

El Manga ‘Red Thimble’ de Ebine Yamaji finalizará el 12 de mayo

La serie del autor del Manga yuri Love My Life fue lanzada en 2015

La edición de mayo de la revista Comic Beam de Kadokawa reveló el miercoles que el Manga  Red Thimble de Ebine Yamaji llegará a su fin en la siguiente edición de la revista, que se pondrá a la venta el 12 de mayo del 2017 en Japón. Enterbrain pondrá a la venta el tercero y final tomo recopilatorio del Manga el 25 de mayo.  

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I scanned this page in the hopes that there might be some tidbit of information that has escaped notice up until now. But either way, here are Aslan Frings (Athrun Frings) and Jozette Cecille (Josette Cecil) from Tales of the Abyss, and one of my favorite Tales couples ever.

Source: Tales of 15th Anniversary: Tales of Encyclopedia 1995-2011 (Enterbrain)

(Please credit and/or link back if using my scans.)

Oh hey, I just noticed that this book lists heights and weights for the Childhood Arc! Excellent. Since the scans didn’t turn out very well (the book literally looks like a bible or a dictionary and is just as thick, hence the name), I’ll list them below. I’m not sure if they’ve been posted elsewhere online, but I remember trying to look up bitty Asbel’s stats once for RP and not being able to find them.

Asbel Lhant
Age: 11
Height: 145 cm (approx. 4'9")
Weight: 38 kg (approx. 84 lbs)

Hubert Lhant
Age: 10
Height: 138 cm (approx. 4'6")
Weight: 34 kg (approx. 75 lbs)

Age: ???
Height: 148 cm (approx. 4'10")
Weight: 39 kg (approx. 86 lbs)

Cheria Barnes
Age: 11
Height: 146 cm (approx. 4'9")
Weight: 39 kg (aprox. 86 lbs)

Age: 12
Height: 152 cm (approx. 5'0")
Weight: 45 kg (approx. 99 lbs)

Source: Tales of 15th Anniversary: Tales of Encyclopedia 1995-2011 (Enterbrain)

If you weren’t around our Facebook or Twitter this weekend, you may have missed out on our next few announcements…but no worry, we’re bringing them to Tumblr too. Albeit a little late. Hope you all don’t mind. ;)

Our announcement from Saturday, our fourth license of October…


The debut manga from creator Nami Sano, comes this outrageous and over-the-top gag series from the pages of Enterbrain’s Fellows! magazine. This penultimate comedy begs to be read!

Gathering much acclaim from Japanese readers, booksellers and industry-folk alike, Sakamoto has taken Japan by storm, and now he’ll have his chance in the US!

Follow the perpetually cool Sakamoto, and his overwhelming charm next Summer! Attendance is mandatory!  

Volume 1 will be released in AUGUST 2015. 

Hey look, I made the princess’s home village with RPG Maker VX’s samurai graphic pack!

I don’t think I need to tell you to look for Hanzo and his body doubles. His blue clothes and hair are kinda glaringly obvious XD There’s also princess herself, standing by the well, and Musashi near the house behind her.

I don’t have the others yet, LOL. I’m just doing this for giggles so my RPG Maker mapping skills don’t get rusty. Sasuke is going to be very easy to make, so I might be able to get him done soon. Goemon, Saizo, and Kotaro are relatively simple, but Munenori and Rennoshin will need a lot of fiddling around to make. Bleh.

I’m not sure about Akechi and Oriku yet, but I think I can manage okay. There’s a default not-Nobunaga sprite that works well, but I’m having a hard time making the falling-apart kimono, pffft. Don’t get me started on his sons. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to make them, dammit! I have no patience for it!

I'm prepared to receive some flak on this, but I'm legitimately curious

It’s come to the point where I’m rather desperate for funds, for numerous things. Being an school-less, unemployed (though actively trying to find a job within range of my parents conditions  19 year old going on 20 in a month is not a fun thing to be, nor is it a good thing to be in today’s society. 

I honestly dislike having to do this, but I figure that there’s really no other means until I could get a job, and again, I’m rather desperate.

As the people who follow me known, i currently work on a Touhoumon game in RPG Maker XP, and an original game in RPG Maker VX Ace. I suppose I’ve become somewhat proficient enough that I guess I could bring this up to people…

If I was to open up commissions to make small video games in RPG Maker VX for people (When i say small, I don’t mean a fully intensive game. Something you can play for an hour, maybe two), would people be interested? If people were interested, If you could perhaps provide a reasonable price, maybe, that would help too.

Game making is my passion, it’s one of the things that actually keeps me going throughout the day - playing games, making games, brainstorming ideas and coming up with new ways to twist what I have into something better. This is how I spend my average day. I want to make games that I can enjoy, and that maybe other people can enjoy too. Opening up commissions sorta feels like I’m selling out, but I’m in a rough situation (maybe not as rough as some other people,) and I don’t want to be living at home till I’m 40 with no way to support myself or sustain myself in the outside world.

If you have any ideas, would you please mind sending them my way? I would really truly appreciate it.

- DerxwnaKapsyla