Gotham City Sirens Print Giveaway Contest!

Well this hit 2,000 notes in a pretty short amount of time, so to celebrate I’ve decided to hold a little contest!

1st place randomly chosen winner will receive all three prints in the large size (11x14), and I’ll pick a couple of runner up winners to receive the smaller prints–either the three small size (5x7) or the one medium one with all three in it (6x18), winner’s choice!  (Mostly because I was indecisive as to which one to print–like I like all three of them in the panoramic, but the cropped 5x7 ones came out nice too…)  Here are the official rules:

1. Reblog and/or Like this post as many times as you like, I don’t care–if you really want these prints feel free to reblob a million times

2. Must be following me to win!  This is a thanks to my followers who liked/reblogged the piece initially as well as to all the new followers I’ve gotten recently, so I would love for one of you guys to win and not some random non-follower

3. Deadline to enter is about three weeks from now on Sunday, April 2 at midnight Jersey time (ET) and the winner will be announced at some point after that

4. Participants must have their ask box/messenger thing open so that I can contact the randomly chosen winner for their mailing address

5. Doesn’t matter where you live, I’ll mail to anywhere—as long as you’ve got a legit mailing address somewhere and a mail person can reach you it’ll get there

I believe that covers everything!  Contest begins now, good luck everybody!

Bizarre Facebook People

 So, I made an artist page on Facebook about a year ago. Yes, I bit the bullet and did it since Deviantart has gone down the crapper, and Tumblr is a bit hard for me to follow sometimes. I kind of like how straight forward Facebook is, and I think it’s a good idea for artists to have one. But there are VERY STRANGE people on Facebook. There are strange people on all the social media sites.

  Let me break down the brand of odd private messages I get on each site, and you see how they compare to Facebook:

 Private Messages


 - Hi can you please draw *insert fan art/OC

 - Enter my contest

- look at my art and tell me your art secrets

 - Companies wanting me to make art instruction videos, where they will benevolently pay me up to 20% of the profits from my videos while they keep 80%.

- genuinely nice people/pleasant messages


- Hi can u draw *insert fan art/OC*

- What gender do you identify with?

- *make sure I know how they feel about Grell Sutcliff’s gender identity because I painted Grell once

- Genuine hilarity from nice people


- Man private messages me 7 photos of Middleastern women in burkas and niqabs ( no idea why. No text, just photos!)

- People wanting me to work for their company, for an exclusively opportunity where they get me “work, and I am lucky enough to get 10% of the profit while they get 90% (yeah, no).

 - Please draw my fandom and OC but I can’t pay you

- People randomly sending me pictures of their babies.

- People calling me a faggot and that my artwork sucks (some of the straight dudes on FB are scary)

- *What do you think of my selfie? *Sends selfie*. Do you think Im pretty?

 - People sending me sticker after sticker after sticker

- Nice people that are really nice.


 I’m beginning to think the “Nice” people are actually the same crop of sane ones from all 3 sites XD

(this also excludes individuals and real companies that offer jobs)

The Internet is Hell.

The end.

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True Or False?: One of the greatest travesties in cinema is how underrated Tomorrowland is.




Sick as Frick

Request: could u write one where you’re close with Josh and Tyler so you go on tour with them, helping out, etc, and you get really sick while on tour so they look after you xxxx

“You can just set that over there,” one of the other crew members told you as you started unpacking equipment from one of the gigantic boxes. You had been asked to join Josh and Tyler on tour. The official reasoning being that you would help set up and take down everything they needed for the shows, but you knew the boys just wanted to bring you along as their friend. However, as much as they begged you to just come hang out with them when you arrived at a venue, you always denied them. Fearing that the guilt would be overwhelming if you didn’t at least lend a hand to the rest of the crew.

So here you were, dragging bundles of cords across the stage and grabbing various tools for people. It wasn’t the most glamorous of jobs, but hey, somebody had to do it.

A headache started forming a little after lunchtime, constantly nagging you and refusing to let you think for more than 30 seconds straight.

“Hey, you okay?” Mark asked as he was setting up his camera equipment.

“Yeah, just a headache. I think I’m gonna go grab some Advil.” You made your way to the buses where your bags were stored and rifled through your medicines.

“Done early today?” you heard somebody say from behind you. You turned around and saw Josh grabbing something from his bunk.

“I wish,” you laughed, “but I’m just grabbing some medicine for my headache.”

“Dang it, I thought we might actually be able to hang out for once,” he laughed. “Well, I hope you feel better.”

“I certainly will try.” You popped a few pills in your mouth and swallowed them down with a sip of water. “I’ll talk to you later.” You headed back into the venue and continued helping out. That is, until you thought your head was going to explode.

“Y/n?” you heard somebody ask. You had managed to find a secluded corner to curl up in and try to ease the constant pain radiating from your head throughout your entire body. “Hey, you okay?” Tyler crouched down next to you, setting a hand lightly on your back.

“Head,” you mumbled, “hurts.” Every word you spoke made the pain increase. You winced as Tyler called Josh over. He must have noticed because once Josh joined the two of you he spoke in a hushed tone. And moments later you were being lifted up into Josh’s arms and hauled away to what you could only assume would be your bunk.

When you were finally set down something seemed off. It felt like a bunk, the slight discomfort of the thin mattress felt familiar on your hips. But it definitely wasn’t yours. The absence of your favorite blanket and the faint scent of spearmint gum confirmed your suspicions. You cracked your eyes open to see the boys quickly gathering things from different places on the bus and returning to you.

“Okay, so you need to take a nap. We’ll make sure nobody comes and bothers you, and feel free to text us if you need something. I’ll make sure Jenna has her phone on her at all times,” Tyler says, handing you your phone.

“Uh, here’s your blanket and a water bottle. You can use my laptop if you want to watch Netflix or something.” Josh draped the blanket over your now shivering form. “I’ll stop by before the show starts to make sure everything is okay.”

“Thanks guys,” you mumbled.

“Anytime,” Tyler smiled, “feel better.” They made one last check to make sure that you were comfortable and had everything you needed before exiting the bus and leaving you to fall into a deep sleep.


“y/n?” you felt somebody’s hand on your shoulder urging you to wake up.

“Hm?” you groaned, still stuck in a semi-unconscious state.

“You’ve been sleeping for five hours now, you okay?” you recognized Josh’s soothing voice. As you accepted the fact that you weren’t going to be going back to sleep, you opened your eyes and allowed the full affect of how sick you were to set in. Your stomach was churning, the dim lights seemed too bright for your eyes, your throat felt raw and scratchy. Josh brought his hand up to your forehead, “y/n, you’re burning up.”

“Really?” you asked, “it feels like its thirty below in here,” you added, trying to wrap the blanket tighter around you.

“Hey Ty! Do we have a thermometer?” Josh shouted over his shoulder towards the front of the bus. You winced at how loud he was and tried to bury your head further into his pillow. “Oh, sorry,” he now spoke in a hushed tone. Tyler soon appeared next to Josh and stuck the thermometer under your tongue.

“You don’t look so good y/n,” he said, brushing some hair out of your face. You all waited for the obnoxious beeping to sound, and once it did Tyler frowned. “Hundred and two. I’ll go grab some more medicine and make you some tea. How does that sound?” You let out a groan that hopefully indicated that you would love that.

“Here’s another blanket,” Josh said, wrapping a thicker blanket around your shivering body. “Do you need anything else?” You shook your head. The only thing you needed was to feel like you weren’t dying. Josh sat in your bunk which was directly across from his. As you waited for Tyler to return, your eyes fell shut and you were on the brink of sleep.

“One cup of earl grey and some disgusting cough syrup for a miss y/n.” You smiled and managed to get yourself into a semi sitting position so that you could drink without spilling on yourself.

“Thanks Ty,” you croaked, downing the shot of “grape” flavored syrup. The boys laughed as you scowled. “That was so gross.”

“Sorry. That’s all we had,” Tyler explained. You gulped down half of the tea that you had been handed, thankful to wash out the bitter aftertaste of the medicine.

The longer you continued to sit up, the worse your headache became. It soon became unbearable so you handed your mug back to Tyler and slid back down so that you were laying in the cramped bunk.

“Head still hurting?” Josh asked. You nodded slowly, not wanting to cause anymore pain. You heard him climb out of the bunk and return a few seconds later. “Here,” he said softly, placing a cold washcloth on your forehead, “does that feel better?”

“Yeah, much better,” you sighed, happy that some of the pain was subsiding.

“Well try to get some more sleep. We’ll be here if you need anything,” he said, leaving a light kiss on the top of your head. Your cheeks heated up slightly and a small grin broke out across your lips.

“Feel better,” Ty said, closing the curtain next to you, plunging the bunk into darkness. You started feeling the affects of what must have been the nighttime cough syrup and within minutes you were out.


“Be quiet! You’re gonna wake her up!” You heard two voices arguing with each other from the other side of the curtain.

“Josh, it’s 3 in the afternoon. It’s not healthy to sleep for this long!” You deciphered this voice as being Tyler’s. Wait. It is not 3 already. Is it? You clicked the home button on your phone only to find that it was in fact afternoon already. You hastily pulled back the curtain and both of the boy’s heads snapped to where you laid.

“Good morning.”

“It’s not really morning anymore,” Josh laughed, “how are you feeling?”

Right, you were sick. As soon as he reminded you of your illness you feel a wave of nausea hit you.

“You look a little green,” Tyler commented. You quickly kicked off the many layers that you had been buried under and darted for the doors of the bus. You made it off and to a row of bushes just quick enough to empty whatever had been in your stomach in a violent fashion.

The boys were quick behind you, Josh pulled back your hair and Tyler rubbed soothing circles on your back. Once your puking episode subsided, you slowly sat down on the concrete and brought your head in between your legs.

“I’ll grab you some water, don’t move.” Tyler jogged back to the bus, leaving Josh to comfort you. He ran his hand up and down your back, trying to sooth your now shaking body.

“Take some deep breaths,” he encouraged, “I know it feels like somebody just shot adrenaline into your heart, but you’ll be okay.”

Tyler returned and crouched down in front of you. “Can we do anything?”

“No, just,” you took in a large breath, “I’m sorry.”

“Are you seriously trying to apologize for being sick right now?” Tyler laughed.

“I’m ruining the tour for you guys,” you explained.

“You are not ruining tour. People get sick, you couldn’t help this.”

“I could’ve if I hadn’t come with. I’m not even really helping with anything when I wasn’t sick.” You looked up and met Tyler’s soft gaze.

“Nobody asked you to help out, and you are anyways,” Josh chimed in. “You can go ask anybody on the crew and they’d tell you how valuable you are to them.”

“Yeah I’m pretty sure they said they’ve been cutting down on the time it takes to set up because you’re always running around helping everybody.”

“I guess it always just felt like I was getting in the way,” you sighed, looking back down at the ground.

“Well stop beating yourself up. It’s probably part of the reason you’re so sick. You worked yourself ragged,” Josh said, wrapping his arm around your shoulders and pulling you into his chest. “Now, do you feel like you have to puke again? Or can I go wrap you up like a mummy in my bunk again?”

“I suppose I can go back to my sarcophagus,” you laughed. Josh picked you up and carried you back to his bunk, gently setting you back down in the small nest of blankets you had made. Once you got comfortable again, Josh handed you another dose of medicine.

“Alright, I’ve got a show to do. Try not to sleep an ungodly amount of hours again, yeah?” He laughed.

“No promises.”

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Ti’s 300+ Follower give away

Gee where are you guys coming from? I really appreciate it! I mentioned it before, but now I’m doing it. Give away for Chapter 2 of Bendy and the Ink Machine when it comes out next month!

You MUST be following me! NO PERSONALS. RP blogs only!
RELBOGS COUNT AS ONE ENTRY. THAT’S IT. I do this so it’s fair to side blogs.
Please do not follow me and then unfollow me when the contest is over. It’s not cool and you’ll never be able to enter for any of my contests again.
You can reblog as much as you want. Just don’t spam your followers.

The contest will end when BATIM Ch. 2 comes out. Or when I learn it comes out.

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Your tags give me LIFE omg the one about seb + harry potter had me rolling

i have a lot of feelings about sebastian stan and harry potter. it’s just mind boggling to me that there are grown ass people out there who haven’t ever seen harry potter. or read the books. if i’d known when i’d met him, things would’ve been COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. i would’ve made him act out a scene from the movie with me, or i would’ve spent the 15 seconds i had with him getting him sorted. my life would be completely different right now. 

i just want everyone to love harry potter as much as i do. as much as tom felton does.


I just reached over 600 followers! And to celebrate I’m going to randomly select a few of you, my lovely followers, to get some free specialized art requests !!

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when he comes to you, it leaves trails of blood
across the white snow,
across the frozen forest;
you always thought you’d be the last one fighting,
but it will be he who finds you,
he who runs from his foxhole without thinking,
hooks his arms under yours,
and does not know that his own blood
will create a trail to follow.

come on. come on.
dragging the blood across the clean white snow,
washed out with that other man’s blood, and his, and his.
the medics will wonder what is his
and what belongs to you,
but it ceases belonging to you
the moment he lifts you up.

there is no grave prepared for you,
not yet;
he doesn’t hear the explosions rocking the forest,
only your cries for help.
he came here with you and he’s going to leave with you,
even if all that’s left is packages sent home
to your mothers.

you remember him always near you:
arm hooked around yours as you stumbled up the mountain;
head on the bunk opposite yours as the atlantic
stretched itself between home and your waiting triumph,
when the only thing you left unsaid but understood
was that not even the world consumed by smoke and fire
could be enough to keep you from finding each other.

now, still clinging to his shoulders
as the shrapnel lands around you,
this is the closest you will ever be to any human,
the point at which the glory of brothers in arms
ceases as quickly as the exploding shells
and all you’re left with is the quiet, bloody heartache
of the open mouths that no crying can escape from.

he knew the pain before he ran to you
not what it was but that it was,
and it is with you like a third body
as he carries you through the white snow
and the red snow where the trail is still wet,
and he holds onto you when the trees
come crashing down,
and then he understands it.

—  lay us side by side, © caroline k (please don’t repost/use without permission)
contest entry

Ok, I just entered my first contest and I’m terrified.  I used the scary story I shared on here a few months ago.  Please keep your fingers crossed and send out some positive vibes.  The grand prize is $5000, I get something else in Writers Digest, and published in a compilation of the winning stories.


Oh Man, I didn’t think I would be able to finish this in time… But I really wanted to enter haha… ^^’

So here’s my contest entry, I thought it would be cool to see all the guys living in the same house, chillin’ on the back porch in the summer time.


Hi all! Did you remember I’m holding a summer fanart contest for fabulous Mighty Mega EXE prizes? Well, as of tomorrow, there is merely one month to go before the deadline! I have already received one entry (which is probably the earliest I’ve ever gotten one), and would be glad to receive more. You have until July 18th to submit, so get-a-drawin’!

Stlll chuggin’ along with new Beast stuff, and today I’ve got some much anticipated Zero.EXE scans! A Zero with a tupperware bowl head full of virus goo for a brain. He’s a good example for those thinking about entering Category 1 of my contest, which focuses on designing a Navi/Net Op that has never appeared in the series. His design really doesn’t deviate too much from his original X body, but still has enough unique tweaks to differentiate this EXE counterpart. You see it and it still screams Zero.


Along with Zero, there’s the Professor (sorry, no Ginger or Mary Anne), a suave dad Yuuichirou set, Machine Gunnin’ Rockman, Cross Fusion Netto, Link PET flexin’ Netto showing off his bicep holster (welcome to the Rock Buster show, ladies), and wrapping up with the less complete and detailed, outline Ditto-like version of those same poses for him.

Scanned from: My Settei/Production Art Stash