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woahrachelxo  asked:

could you imagine Harry singing "Hey Angel" to his little baby girl when she wouldn't fall asleep? I just got this inspiration from your "I Wanna Write You a Song." blurbs 💕😬

Darcy woke up and after realizing she was bathed in complete darkness the whining started. Harry was up before you even stirred. He was very much attuned to the sounds of his tiny little love through the baby monitor. Harry didn’t care if he ever slept. His baby was so much more important. Kissing your forehead, he started his short walk down the hall to the nursery to find his little girl standing in the crib, shaking the wooden bar and waiting for someone to come lift her out of the cage she was trapped in.

“Hello, little kitty,” he cooed as he entered the room. She was still sleepy—and she looked so much like you when she first woke up. She looked confused—and maybe even a bit grumpy. “Oh my sweet baby,” he frowned and lifted the tiny being into his arms. “What’s wrong, honey?” He asked and kissed the side of her face a few tens of times letting his lips slide over her soft little baby cheek.

He hated the way he had long crocodile tears running down her little face. She was too little, too pretty, and too loved to ever be sad. Even if she wasn’t truly sad.

The almost one year old snuggled against Harry’s neck and she whimpered a little as Harry gently ran his large hand up and down her back. “It’s sleepy time, baby girl,” he whispered to her softly.

Darcy didn’t really care because she liked to listen to Daddy’s voice it was really nice. Especially at night. Much like you, she found it was raspier—even if she didn’t totally knew what that meant. She just knew she liked hearing Harry’s slow voice soothe her back to sleep. Harry wasn’t wearing anything but boxers because he always slept in just boxers and somehow, despite the slight chill in your house, he was so warm and Darcy found herself curling closer to him and his warm tattooed body.

“Do you wanna song, little one?” He cooed to her as he let his lips touch her ear again. She pushed off of his shoulder to look up at him and he smirked at her. She smiled gently at him her little face blushing as Daddy paid attention to her. Shyly, she buried her face back against his chest causing him to chuckle low in his chest.

“You are your mother’s daughter,” he said softly as the flirty little girl looked back up at Harry. He kissed the tip of her nose and smiled sweetly at her. “Just one song, little one, but come here because I bet Mumma wants a song too,” he said and carried her along to your bedroom. She whimpered slightly reaching for her crib from his arms. He turned around and found the small little stuffed dog that she got the day she was born and had slept with ever since. “Did we forget, Puppy?” He whispered in her ear as he carried her back to your room. She cuddled the dog to her small body and she looked up at Harry.

“Mumma!” She said loudly when she got to your bedroom. You smiled sleepily.

“What are you doing up, kitty?” You whispered sleepily.

“M’gonna sing her a song,” Harry said softly.

You smiled and sat up holding your arms out to take your daughter.

He settled her against you, kissed both of his best girls’ foreheads and then smiled as he sat beside the two of you. Darcy clutched Puppy against her chest and Harry smirked as he started to sing the soft words to each of you.

Hey angel, do you know the reasons why we look up to the sky? Darcy’s eyes seemed to droop closed at the sound of Harry’s voice and you smiled and watched with awe as his sweet, warm voice sang your little girl back to sleep.

Hey angel, tell me do you ever try to come to the other side? You restrained yourself from moaning at his perfect voice while your baby drifted back to sleep. You sighed softly and kissed the top of her head and closed your eyes as you listened to Harry finish out the song.

Hey Angel…

Gently he kissed your forehead and stole the baby back and rested her in her crib. You listened to him whisper loving words to the tiny girl through the monitor before he shuffled back to bed.

He smiled down at you as he curled up beside you and he kissed you softly on the lips. “Hey angel,” he said softly.

And despite having an almost one year old, you would always blush when Harry was extra sweet to you, gave you that charming smirk that was so Harry Styles that it just about made your heart burst. You took a moment to admire his beautiful body and you smiled at him sweetly.

You giggled. “Angel, yeah?” You wondered.

“Always, kitten,” he whispered and nuzzled your neck as he started to fall back asleep. “Always.”