enter the freljord


The Freljord; a frozen, desolate place.
War is coming to the Freljord.

The Avarosan, the largest and strongest of the tribes.
Led by Ashe, they seek peaceful unification.

The Winter’s Claw, the most warlike and brutal of the tribes.
Led by Sejuani, they think peace is another word for weakness.

Sejuani has sworn to purge this weakness.
Through war, the Freljord will purified.

Far in the north, the peaceful Frostguard protect Freljord’s ancient secrets.
Or so the world believes.
In truth, the Frostguard protect me, Lissandra.

While others bicker, we prepare.
When the time is right, we will strike.

They cannot withstand us. They are only human.
And when the war is over, the world – our world – will be reborn in ice.

Enter the Freljord

**Throwback Thursday**

flag-and-drag  asked:

Jarvan had requested permission to enter the Freljord of Ashe's domain in order to speak with her personally and potentially establish good relations between their nations. "It is good to finally meet you in person Queen Ashe." He would say with a deep bow to her.

Though Ashe had not been expecting it, she was more than happy to grant his request. 

She had them seated in a side room. It was cozy room with a fire going to combat the coldness of the Freljord. The cold did not bother Ashe much, the fire was more for her guest. She even had hot drinks at the ready. 

“It is a pleasure to meet you too” Ashe bowed back with a small smile on her face. 


  • Enter the Freljord


    Winter is Coming…..

League of Legends Trailers and Cinematics

// when you look at the very first trailer to the newest cinematic, it’s amazing to watch the progress. From what I’ve gathered, not everyone has seen all the videos…So I’d like to see how many people will watch through them.

thelegendofhoennawakens entered freljord.

Braum was downtown to sell some of his crafts, He had just gotten out of the store after selling as he bumped into her. “oh i am sorry.” he looked down at the purple-haired woman he had bumped over. Braum reached his hand for her. “let me help you up friend.