So this really irked me today. First off, how childish is it to complain that another musician is being forgiven for reacting in self defense to being groped and harassed?! Rou’s pants were being taken off, he was being touched inappropriately, he gave them a verbal warning, and when they wouldnt stop, he acted in self defense.

Rou’s being forgiven because 1. sexual assault, in any context, is not okay and 2. because Rou has a reputation for being a nice, understanding human being. 

Anyone that’s a fan of Enter Shikari knows just how much Rou and the rest of the Shikari boys have given back to society. Rou’s done spare of the moment charity drives, he interacts with fans constantly, he participates in movements that aim to make the world a better place. 

I dont think the shikari fanbase has ever seen Rou react that way in any situation before (punching a groper), and he’s been in almost every crowd at every show they’ve ever played. He’s apology was sincere and it was addressed properly. 

Ronnie Radke, on the other hand, has a terrible reputation for being an asshole. Starting fights with members of the audience for juvenile things, calling out “haters”, and thinking of no one but himself. That is the reason he is  never given the benefit of the doubt. His actions have defined him. You cant just do bad things, and expect people to be on your side 100% of the time.

This entire string of tweets proved to be really stupid and adolescent, and me reacting to them is probably really stupid and  adolescent. But I’ve seen the great things Enter Shikari have done for their fans, and to see a whole bunch of Falling In Reverse fans attack them for something that was completely justified is disheartening. 

Side note: a lot of comments to the tweets were of fans saying they’ve touched Ronnie Radke inappropriately before, and most of them seemed super proud of it. YOU SHOULDNT BE! It’s a disgusting thing that should not be normalized. 


‘Torn Apart’ directed by Mike Tyler

Why aren't more people on Tumblr talking about Enter Shikari?

They’re a band that sings about real problems that are effecting people on  a daily basis. From war, collusion, racism, homophobia, to health care and poverty, the list goes on. 

They’ve been described as many genres, from rock, to elecrtonicore, to metal, dubstep and punk. They’re a hard band to describe, but the genres are unimportant, as it’s the things they sing about that define them.

Other than charity events, the band has spoken out about female genital mutilation, and aren’t afraid of making their voices heard. They ditched a supporting band after homophobic comments came from them. I think it’s cool that they flat-out don’t put up with people’s bullshit, and their lyrics reflect this.

Ghandi mate, Ghandi has a great rant by Rou at the start that pretty much sums up the band’s stance and should give you a good idea of what the band is about.

Enter Shikari has been around for over a decade now, and over the years they’ve transformed from a post-hardcore band with heavy punk inspiration, to a more unique band with more political messages.

To name a few songs with obvious messages, there’s Fanfare For The Conscious Man; a song about illegal wars. Arguing with Thermometers; one about climate change. 

Their newest album, The Mindsweep, features a song called Anaesthetist. The speech Rou Reynolds gave at Reading 2014 before the song says it all, really.

Two of their albums are on YouTube right now, for free to listen to. A Flash Foood Of Colour is their third album and is more subdued compared to their second, louder, less politically focused album, Take To The Skies.

I don’t know, I’d just rather listen to a musician with something to say, rather than someone blabbing about butts, money, or “bitches”.