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i haven’t done one of these in a while, i changed my url, i’m out of hiatus, and i recently reached 5.5k, so here we are lmao!! 


  • mbf this bullet journal hoe
  • reblog this post, likes are bookmarks ! please don’t like unless you are genuinely going to enter it later!!
  • must reach 50 notes or this never happened
  • ends february 18, 2017, winners posted by the end of february
  • there will be 1 winner & 2-3 runners-up for each category, unless specified otherwise


  • fuchsia award: best url
  • burgundy award: best icon
  • chestnut award: best mobile theme
  • cerulean award: best theme
  • periwinkle award: best posts
  • indigo award: best aesthetic
  • chartreuse award: best creations* 
  • amethyst award: best overall
  • mauve award: personal favorites**
  • powder blue award: nicest blogger**
  • lavender award: best underappreciated***

* - put your creations tag in the tags when you reblog this !
** - no runners-up, just like 3 winners !
*** - send me a screenshot of your follower count here! only applicable if you have under 600 followers. yes, i am aware this is not to this blog. i am purposely doing this so that these do not get buried. please just go with this lol


  • follow from me!!
  • my eternal love & support, i will msg u and send u memes and ask u for advice lamo
  • promos (unlimited for winners, up to 5 for runners-up) until the end of march
  • u can request edits from me!! or icons!! or moodboards!! 
  • we can exchange snapchats and ill sned u rly lame snap moodboards or pics of my bujo or just boring snaps of my life!! idk!! we can b pals
blog rates!!

okay kiddos i’m honestly just really bored + i’m less than fifty followers away from 1k!!!! so i thought why not do some blog rates! 



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(changed my url but this is still going on!!) the banner is self explanatory but ty guys for sticking with me and helping me get to where i am!! ily guys!

➣ must be following me
➣ rb this post (likes are bookmarks)
➣ categories will be chosen later on
➣ jk this ends when i hit 1k so this will probably b up for a while!!

anyways ty guys again and happy holidays!


Alright y’all, here it is

Spyro Wine Night, episode 1: wherein I call everything cute and say “eat a dick” a lot

nocturnus (latin): belonging to the night

are you a night owl? do you love the stars and chasing galaxies in the night sky? do you love laughing with your best friends at 3am? if so, this is the network for you!

to enter:

  • must be following me
  • reblog this post (likes will be considered bookmarks)
  • no form!
  • needs to get at least 20 notes or i’ll die of shame
  • 10 to 15 ppl will be chosen
  • members will be announced september 1st

what you’ll get:

  • cool new friends !!
  • a group chat if ppl are interested
  • lots of positive vibes

if you become a member:

  • track the tag “nocturnusnet” where u can post all of your original creations + selfies and that kinda thing
  • lots of new friends + good vibes

due to the overwhelming response my last network received, applications will automatically close when (if) this post reaches 150 notes!


“So I tried to gently ease us all into it, but enough so that if by like the last quarter of the season, you went back and watched then maybe you would start to pick out some sneaky little tidbits you hadn’t caught onto before.” -Annie on playing Dean!Perry

“Rather than being eaten, I would like to be the one who eat”

This is for @tokyoghoulbook‘s contest!!
Please vote for me if you like my submission, thanks ❤

i’m currently really close to a huge follower goal so i decided to do tumblr awards!



  • best url
  • best icon
  • best theme
  • best mobile theme
  • best creations*
  • best writing*
  • best posts
  • best overall
  • nicest blogger
  • personal faves

*be sure to include your creations tag in the tags!


  • a follow from me (if not already)
  • my eternal love and friendship
  • a spot on my updates tab
  • winners: 3 promos upon request, any 2 edit requests
  • runners up: 1 promo upon request, any edit request
want a moodboard?

hey since i never do anything and i am but a baby blog i figured i’d do something
so i’m gonna make personalized moodboards based on your blog if u want it i need practice so it seems mutually beneficial


that’s it, it’s that easy. and the best part is that most people delete these if they flop but im so confident it will flop that im just gonna go ahead and embrace it, so basically this could get 0 notes and it’ll still be here collecting dust.

ill be tagging them #b-elladoesmoodboards so if you don’t want to see them (dunno why but whatever) blacklist that



hello friends, so i have ONE extra copy of harry’s another man magazine with the cover pictured above, so i’ve decided to do something i’ve never done before: a giveaway.


  1. must be following me
  2. reblogs only (likes don’t count). if you’re reblogging this just for other people and don’t want to be entered pls say so in the tags
  3. shipping worldwide from the united states (you’ll have to be comfortable giving me your name and address)
  4. giveaway ends on november 1
  5. i’ll be using one of those random generators to pick a winner