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Regimental “bed rug” by Sergeant Malcolm Macleod, India, c. 1865. Wool, mostly from military uniforms, with hand embroidery; 95 by 63 inches. In 1865 Sergeant Malcolm Macleod entered his quilt in the Glasgow Industrial Exhibition, where it won a medal—as a “bed rug”—attesting to his exceptional workmanship and embroidery of such motifs as a Royal Navy sailor, a navy ship on a blue sea, and native Scottish thistles and foliage.

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Firstly, I LOVE your Malcolm Tucker!Twelve/Rose fic. It's awesome. And hot. Secondly, as a consequence of these fics...I find myself not just wanting the smut but the whole relationship. Jealous Malcolm. Irritated because Ollie is flirting with Rose Malcolm. Rose angsting over the fobwatch situation. Malcolm/Rose hurt-comfort. I ship it hard. And it's all your fault. :P

After the sad demonstration of weak wills commonly called a meeting, Malcolm opened his office door to find Ollie loitering at Rose’s desk.

“You’re new here, right?” Ollie was asking, and Malcolm narrowed his eyes.  Neither of them had noticed him yet, so he waited, blatantly eavesdropping on his new PA.  "You started the same time as Tucker.“

"Yeah,” she said, looking up from her computer with a smile.  "Yeah, I did.“

"God, I dunno what I’d do as his PA,” Ollie said with feeling.

Get fired within four hours, Malcolm thought.  Or piss yourself.  Probably both.

“He’s not so bad,” Rose said.  Malcolm’s lips twitched, and he nearly smacked himself.

No shagging the PA.

“He’s fucking terrifying,” Ollie replied, and then Malcolm did smile, in a sort of predatory way.  "Anyway, I was wondering, since you’re…you know…new and all..if you’d…like to have lunch with me?“  He half sat on her desk, then straightened again, twitchy little ferret that he was.  "I could…show you around?”

The grin dropped from Malcolm’s face immediately.  He might not be able to fuck her–not that he wanted to, just a formality–but Ollie definitely wasn’t going to.

“Oh…Um…I should tell you, Ollie, I’m sort of seeing someone.”

“Oh.  Oh, right, yeah, no, of course,” Ollie stammered quickly, already backing up.  "Yeah, no, it was just as…you know…friends, but yeah–“

He stopped abruptly when he backed straight into Malcolm, then wheeled around and backed up again when he saw Malcolm’s glare.

"Ollie, are you hitting on my fucking PA?” he demanded.  "Badly?“

"Nuh-no, sir, of course not–”

“Of course you weren’t hitting on her?  Or of course you weren’t completely fucking cocking it up?”

“Suppose you could do better?” Rose asked, her tongue poking out a bit from her teeth as she smiled at him.  It was different from that friendly receptionist smile that she gave everyone else, and he tried to ignore the strange, alien things it did to him.

“In my sleep,” he assured her before turning back to Ollie.  "What even made you think she was remotely fucking interested?“

"Sh-well, she sort of…smiled at me.”

Malcolm stared at him.  "She smiled at you.  And that means her knickers must be soaked at the thought of you, yes?“

"Nuh-no, sir–”

“She smiles at trouser snake that enters this office,” Malcolm reminded him curtly.  "It’s because she’s fucking nice, not fucking desperate.“

"It’s fine,” Rose said.  "Honestly.“

"It’s not, but I can’t be arsed to do anything more,” Malcolm snapped.  "Because there’s actually work to be done that doesn’t involve your primary school attempts to get your dick wet.  Get the fuck out.“  Ollie sprinted off then, and Malcolm shook his head as he turned back to Rose.  "I need you in my office.”

“Yes, sir,” she said, picking up a steno book and following him.  "Out of curiosity, who’s getting their dick wet in primary school?“

"I said ‘attempts’.”


“Are you really seeing someone?” he asked as she closed the door.  "Or was that a brush off?“

"I–it’s sort of…complicated,” she said, avoiding his gaze as he stepped closer.

“Just so you’re aware,” he said quietly.  "If it ever becomes…uncomplicated…I’ll take you to dinner.  Because a woman as beautiful and as bright as you deserves better than complicated…and a fuckton better than Ollie.“

She grinned up at him, that tongue touched smile again.  "Was that you showing off your chat up skills?”

“No,” he said, stepping away again.  "But you’ve got to admit…better than Ollie’s.“


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Five Times Tucker Was Almost Caught...and the time he made SURE he wasn't

fobbed!Twelve, Rose Tyler

Malcolm has a very…frustrating day.

Based on the prompt by natural–blues, who asked for “The five times Malcolm Tucker and Rose Tyler almost got caught having sex and the one time they did?”  It’s a little different from that, for reasons, but thank you for sending it!

beta’d by the ever-lovely thedoctordanceswithrose

Malcolm glances at his office door before making an irritated sound and returning to the memo he’s trying to skim, only to reread the same sentence he’s read at least fifteen times now.

“This is fucking ridiculous,” he mutters to himself, dropping the paper and running a hand over his face in frustration.

Rose had gone back to her flat early to change and keep up appearances, since it clearly wouldn’t do to show up together with her still in jeans and a t-shirt.  But after last night, all he sees when he tries to focus is her against his wall, or in his bed, face slack as she moans–

“Morning, Mister Tucker,” Rose chimes as she enters his office with a notebook and the media binder.

“Miss Tyler,” he says, leaning back in his chair, lacing his fingers over his stomach and attempting to ignore his half mast cock as she leans forward to place the binder on his desk.  “You’re looking particularly buoyant this morning.  Sleep well?”

“Not really,” she says with a grin, and he smiles as he stands, raising his hand toward her cheek and leaning in to kiss her.

“Right, seen the new bit on Abbot?” Jamie asks as he walks in, and Malcolm immediately straightens, dropping his hand and stepping away from his PA.  “That tosser is like a shite magnet.”

“That’s Social Affairs for you,” Malcolm says, dropping back into his chair with an irritated glance at his colleague and reaching for the media binder.

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Alexander Vlahos for Volt Mag - Enter Malcolm


Into The Dark: This Is Your Sword Arrow 3x22 Review

Sorry for the delay on the review. I was…a little drunk. No I am not kidding.  I thought it best to, ya know, sober up before thinkin’ my thoughts.

I feel like I’ve been in a game of chicken with Marc Guggenheim the last four weeks. I was determined not to swerve first, but after it was confirmed that Oliver & Nyssa get married…I swerved. I’ll admit it. I swerved right into a bar and drank my feelings all up. 

Well, first I let out a barrage of mildly humorous yet bitter tweets. Then I hit the bar. 

Anywho, I prepared myself for a necessary second viewing because I told my husband to make strong margaritas and he’s an over achiever. 

The only other episode I’ve watched twice before writing the review was The Canaries (shudder). I’ll admit…this was rough. But a rough Arrow episode is still 98% better than the other crap on television. I also realized during my second viewing there was no reason to swerve. All the spoilers, articles and Tiffany Vogt tweets (oh yeah Tiffany…you are so on my list)…were simply the very road signs I’d been warning against. 

Stephen Amell once commented that it’s always darkest before dawn. He was right. Arrow 3x22 was a difficult episode - painful, heart wrenching, devastating and downright enraging. We went into the dark in “This Is Your Sword”. So much dark it’s difficult to see what’s on the other side…

The dawn.

Let’s dig in…

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Arrow Death Theory

Alright, I’ve made little to no secret of my theory that LL will be the one to die come season’s end. I even posted at great length about my reasoning for that belief earlier this year. What I haven’t totally settled on is the how.

I’ve read the theories circling out there, and I love the theory that Anarky kills her. I would be perfectly happy with Laurel dying to protect Thea against Anarky. It makes sense. However, given recent events, I’ve come up with my own theory and thought I’d share.

The following is based on spoilers and teasers for upcoming episodes. If you do not want to read spoilers/teasers, don’t read under the cut!

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I Am Not Crying. I Have Allergies.

After a hellatus that seemed never ending, especially with panicky shippers and so many conspiracy theories that had fans falling off their own cliffs, Arrow returned last night with an episode that just ripped my heart from my chest and tossed it aside like so much trash.  I refuse to admit I cried (I cried. Okay? Okay.) or that every single time Felicity said he’s alive, I had to take a drink in order to fortify myself for her inevitable reaction when she is told that Oliver is “dead.”

For those of you who started following me during hellatus, I’m not one for episode reviews.  What I like to do is take a moment from the episode that spoke to me and share why that particular moment captured my attention.  It should come as no surprise that my favorite moment involves Felicity Smoak.  Shocker, I know.

Emily Bett Rickards carried this episode from start to finish.  From Felicity’s unwavering faith that Oliver was still alive to the slow realization that perhaps he wasn’t coming back, that perhaps the unthinkable had occurred.  Every scene captured Felicity’s struggle.  The tense way she held her body, the tiny breaks in her voice when talking about Oliver, to the way her speech was even more rapid-fire than usual – a sure sign of Felicity’s emotional state.  If you know this character, if you have lived and breathed her since she debuted on Arrow, then you know that Felicity was struggling emotionally for the entire episode.  There are so many scenes to choose from…but for me, it was that moment with Malcolm Merlyn that just captured me, held me, and ultimately broke me (side note, I finished the my third glass of wine during this scene).

The moment Malcolm enters the Foundry, Felicity tenses.  Malcolm is never the bearer of good news so why should his appearance be something to rejoice in?  Felicity holds back, listening and as Malcolm speaks, you can see Felicity start to breathe faster.  Her left hand moves ever so slightly, fingers curling in, and her body is strung so tight.  When Malcolm says that Oliver Queen is dead, Felicity does not hesitate.  Her eyes drop for a second (I think she is glancing at the sword) and then rise up and fix steadily on Malcolm.  When she speaks, her voice is heavy with emotion.  Her voice shakes in grief and in anger.  As she stalks closer to Malcolm, Felicity’s voice rises as her emotions start to take over.  Her speech becomes faster as she accuses Malcolm.  She takes a breath, she will not let this man that brings such sorrow to her life, see her cry.  She swallows and finishes, “You killed him” said so softly, hard with anger, shaking in grief, her eyes narrowing as they bore into Malcom’s.   Felicity does not flinch as she glares in hatred at Malcolm.  It does not matter what Malcolm says next.  It does not matter that Malcolm shows his own grief at Oliver’s death.  Malcolm is the instrument of Oliver’s death.  Felicity’s hard response of “Good” is whispered, yet is so coldly delivered that I shivered.  There is a threat in there and it was perfectly delivered.


When Malcolm turns to leave, we get a long shot and you can just see the deep, shaky breath that Felicity takes and her shoulders curl in so, so slightly.  Her hand trembles as she reaches out to the weapon, her fingers slightly bent and we flash to Oliver’s hand….I swear to God these writers were cackling in glee and Glen Winter was rubbing his hands together in anticipation of our reaction. I’m crying as I write this…dammit.

Once again, EBR delivered a stunningly beautiful performance.  Perfectly written and beautifully acted, this episode was Felicity at one of her strongest yet most vulnerable moments.  

Additional thoughts:

Can we all take a moment to appreciate the camera angles of this particular scene?  In particular, how Felicity was framed by both Diggle and the Arrow suit as she verbally attacked Malcolm.  And then the long shot when Malcolm walks away – Diggle in the center, with the Arrow suite immediately next to him, highlighting his leadership.

Speaking of framing a scene, did anyone else notice how almost every scene with Diggle, Felicity and Roy, either Diggle or Felicity was positioned in the center?  Take a look at the clips on Olicity Queen’s YouTube channel.  Especially the scene while they are waiting for the DNA results.  Look at where Diggle is positioned - by the Arrow suit, Felicity is at her desk and Roy at the arrow case.  They form a triangle with Diggle at the point, a sure sign of who is leading this team right now.



Arrow Review – 3x10 – Left Behind

Going into this episode many of us were weary of the appeal of watching a show in which the protagonist of the series had just fallen after a battle with one of the deadliest villains in DC history. Ra’s al Ghul.

For weeks we’ve seen the hardiest push in Arrow history since its premiere back in 2012 from the showrunners, actors, and network. Basically the message was varied & promising a good show for all involved. This ranged from, the beginning of a Black Canary trilogy, to no no no, it’s really not - where on earth did you hear that, to it’s a Brick trilogy, to Diggle’s most emotional scenes ever, to team arrow deals with the fallout, to Felicity and Emily Bett being promoted in the clips as if to say, “Look, see….she’s got some rocking material and there’s Olicity too!”

I think its common knowledge that I’ve been one of the loudest detractors of this arc. That hasn’t changed. Up until the day of the airing of this episode, I changed my mind several times about tuning in as each spoiler and interview unfolded. After finally caving in and watching, I have to admit, I’m glad I did. I rather enjoyed this episode. I felt it may possibly be one of the most solid episodes of the season. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t have its issues. Overall, I enjoyed it.

So let’s get to it.

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