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So what exactly is up with Andromeda? Like how did this happen.

Long story short: it’s their first game.

That’s why there are so many steps taken backwards with the UI, so many amateur storyboarding mistakes, the clunky and soulless appeals to a social justice veneer. The Bioware name is meaningless because of the number of different Bioware studios.

Bioware Montreal has only ever worked on DLC before. After Mass Effect 3, EA put Bioware Edmonton (the studio who had produced all the previous Mass Effect games) on a new IP and kicked the now-stained Mass Effect name over to the inexperienced team.

If you want my slightly conspiracy theory thoughts, EA was no longer willing to invest top talent in Mass Effect after the ME3 debacle. Enter Montreal, the fall guys. If noob Montreal pulls off a Hail Mary and makes a great game, EA profits from the redemption of the Mass Effect name for little personnel investment. If they don’t, EA has a shield ready in “it’s just their first game!” (have you noticed how many positive reviews are using that as a defense?) and anyway they’ve got their real talent working on a new IP so it’s fine if Mass Effect ends up in the trash.

Between pre-order culture​ and brand loyalty (just look at the number of tumblr/Reddit posts claiming that if you criticize this game you’re not a real Mass Effect fan), they have almost certainly made back their initial investment already, if not more.

So. It worked, I guess.

I decimated this village days ago! Just for you…


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Okay, so, according to the SNK wiki, in the KOF universe:

-A 16 year old girl can be a combat officer in a world class military squadron.

-The most feared and unpredictable member of said squadron is an 18 year old girl.

-Said military squadron employs the combat assistance of a 14 year old girl and a 16 year old boy.

-A mad science corporation hires a 19 year old girl and a 16 year old boy to assassinate said 14 year old.

-A 19 year old girl is a pirate captain of a crew of mostly middle aged men.

-A 14 year old boy and a 16 year old boy, on separate occasions, were killed after being possessed or engulfed by an evil entity as a result of entering the fighting tournament.

-The guy who has historically dominated this tournament is 20 years old, below the American drinking age.  If we are intended to believe the tournament is annual (considering Antonov mentions there’s been a long interval between tournaments in KOF14), this means he started competing at age 10.

Why is this game full of children?  Why are these kids fighting each other?  Where are their parents?  Do any of them know that this incredibly dangerous tournament has a history of blood, death, and battles against actual hell spawn?  Antonov also mentions that 2.5 billion people watch the tournament, so does that mean that many people in this universe are oblivious or sadistic enough to want to watch children duel to the death? Dear god, why is any of this legal?  

royalswan’s christmas awards!

it was a lot of fun doing this last year - so here i am again!


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winners will be announced on the 24th december! :)


MICHONNE AWARD // best icon
LESLIE KNOPE AWARD // best theme
DAENERYS TARGARYEN AWARD // best edits (gifs/graphics) *
HERMIONE GRANGER AWARD // best fanfiction *
BELLAMY BLAKE AWARD // best overall
HINATA SHOUYOU AWARD // nicest blogger
EMMA SWAN AWARD // personal favourite

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My gift to you all is the chance to be in a joke JJBA visual novel! The visual novel will be a jojo version of The Dating Game. The Dating Game is a TV show that started in the 60s where one contestant asks three other contestants random questions and at the end of the game the one contestant chooses one out of the three to date. The twist is that the one contestant cannot see the three until they have chosen who to date.

The JJBA version will feature canon jojo characters, ocs, reset au and stand swap characters depending on what you guys want. (Characters must be over 18, if its an oc it must be your own oc and willing to date someone of any gender.)

How will these characters be chosen? A raffle! Because those are fun!

Just reblog or like this to enter! You also must be following me! This must be done between 13th-16th of November, 2016. On the 17th I will put all of the entries in a randomizer and pick 3 or 6 or 9 depending on the amount of people who enter. (More people = more winners)

Please like or reblog with a main blog or daily/bd/ect blog. I will contact the winners on that blog. Only like or reblog once, you’ll only get one name in the raffle even if you like and reblog. Please don’t like with one account and reblog with another, that’ll confuse me.

I will send those lucky blogs a forum so they can give me the information I need to make the game. You must be willing to fill out a 20+ question forum if you are going to enter. Only winners fill out the forum.The forum is mostly just the winner giving me dialogue for their character. (This is because you’ll know the character better than I do and I don’t wanna make a fool out of myself by trying to accurately depict characters.) It’s only 20 lines of dialogue and additional info. It’s not that bad I swear, haha.

This is not limited to Daily/BD/Ect blogs. If you don’t have one, you should have a JJBA character/oc/ect in mind that you know well enough to rp with. You don’t have don’t use your blog character if you have one.

tldr: Like or reblog this if you wanna be put in a raffle to pick out a character and write text for a game

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Okay, but like CAN WE TALK about how protective Gladio gets over his Iggy in the later chapters?

Example one:
Noctis: *“accidentally” swings sword at Gladio*
Gladio: Haven’t you hurt Iggy enough already???
Noct: right. Sorry.
Me: 😢😢😢

Example two:
The guys enter into battle.
Gladio: keep an eye on Iggy, alright?
Prompto: I’ll keep both eyes on him!😊
Gladio: GOOD.
Me: 😢😢😢

Once upon a time, there was a girl with stars. And yes, we often talk about lovers who placed stars into our veins, but this girl? She was made from them. She didn’t need someone to put it inside of her, she had it. A smile so pure, you wanted to be her friend. If you met her once, you would’ve known, there are angels on this earth. Some without halos, some without wings– Icarus’s memoir. She was a reminder that even humans can get dipped in gold, she was a reminder that even humans could be like daylight. And then enters, some guy. A stranger, unbeknownst to him– they’d fall in love. It starts with a hello, how are you? Some days he still wonders if it’s real, some days her absence feels fake. Some days, the coffee just makes him bend. Some days, the moon just makes him cry, she loved midnight walks, especially if his arms meant home. Some stories don’t have a prequel or a sequel– in this love story, they only needed each other in that moment, forever and ever. There is no the end. In this poem. There is no ending. They live in the mouth of this wordsmith. They live in my inkwell. They live in my forever. Sickness doesn’t take her away and he never reads the letter that goes “It’s not your fault, and i’m sorry for not telling you how hard i was trying to stay alive for you.” In this world, they fall in love forever because once you’re inside of poetry, once you’re embedded into a writer’s mind, in an alternate universe; you guys never had to bury her, you never had to mourn her, you never had to leave her, she kissed you goodnight every fucking night. And you know, there’s something beautiful about literature, I know you didn’t ask for this, but it’s happening. In this once upon a time, it was forever. In this once upon a time, you got lost in those twinkling eyes forever and she just smiles with that loose strand of hair over her lips, and you? You’re just glad to hold her whenever she needed comfort. And the wind will always blow her hair just right, it’s almost like a scene from every damn Hollywood movie, he falls for her and she catches him. They never fall out of love, because in this scene? You two are my cliffhangers. You two are my superstars. You two are my new favorite definition of always and forever.
—  You two