enter galactic (love connection

Enter Galactic (Love Connection Part I)
Kid Cudi
Enter Galactic (Love Connection Part I)

I once dreamt of peace until I found you, once upon a time baby. I once had a dream so sweet until I had a taste of you, once upon a time baby. Reaching out to outer space dancing to awesome sounds. This all new to you? Reaching out to hold your clothes so I don’t slip away, explore a new approach, a whole new free I say….

“Soon after falling into a deep but psychedelic state to escape the prison of our reality
a hero becomes trapped in his own peaceful place which immediately becomes his sanctuary,
a place filled with his wildest dreams, this is his new home.”

Kid Cudi, Enter Galactic


anonymous asked:

Heyyyyy! I wanted to tell you that you're super fucking talented! I really really love reading your smuts! Pls never stop writing cuz you're freaking amazing at it! Also, your playlist is sooo goood can you recommend me more songs like these? xoxo

Oh my gosh!! Thank you so freaking much, honestly this is what keeps me writing :) I’m really glad you enjoy reading my stories :) And for sure, I’ll throw some more songs out there!

Talk - November Lights

Cabaret - Azizi Gibson

Eventually - Tame Impala

Fingers Crossed - COIN

Malibu 1992 - COIN

Overtime - Seafret

Everybody - Logic

Emmylou - Vance Joy

Pups - Moose Blood (My favorite punk band, def check them out)

Shimmer - Moose Blood

Enter Galactic (Love and Connection Part l) - Kid Cudi

New Flesh - Current Joys

If you guys want any more songs or suggestions definitely hit me up! My style reflects the songs above so if you’re interested, shoot me a message or hit my ask box :)

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