no, he just likes sleeping with his eyes open while sitting up

hello !! this is my first time doing something like this, we’ll see how it goes ♡


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  • this terrific “banner” was made by me
  • photo from tumblr
  • we will see how many i choose. like i said in the beginning, i’m new to this.
  • i’ll pick the “winners” when i feel like it. am i doing this right ? haha xx

please don’t let this flop thanks

April 7, 1997 ~ April 7, 2017

Today marks twenty years since Within Temptation’s debut studio album, Enter. Considered one of gothic metal’s most influential albums, Enter contains dark instrumentals and a heavy, somber mood. Unlike later albums, which centre around fantasy, love and nature themes, Enter focuses on ghosts, darkness and war.

rüyamda üniversitedeki felsefe hocamı ve enerji bakanını gördüm. merdivenden peşpeşe çıktılar. selamün aleyküm dedim. ve aleyküm selam dediler. bakan hemen geçti gitti. hocam durdu. “öğle yemeğini nerde yiyeceksin?” dedi. “eve geçicem hocam” dedim. “tamam” dedi. rüyada bile eve geçiyorum. eve göm beni ana.
öhm rüyamı hayra yoruyorum: Rabbimin bana bahşedeceği enerjiyle ilimde rusuh sahibi olmak yolunda mı koşturacağım ömrüm boyu galiba ay inşallah. evimde de kocaman bir kütüphanem varmış. o yüzden eve geçiyorum hemen. tabii.
oğlumun adını da râsih koyacağım.

Hello beautiful people! This is my very first FAVES reblog game, awards or just faves or whatever you wanna call it… I’m so happy at the moment so i felt like i had to. I hope you have as much fun as me (: Love you all and thanks so much for entering!! <3 


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  • You can ask for a promo (3 times a week tops).
  • A follow from me, if i’m not following already.
  • A new friend who you can talk to as much as you want.


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  • I will be choosing 5 - 10 blogs once i’m happy with the notes. 
  • Feel free to ask me anything about this.
  • I made the banner but i took the photo from Joanna Halpin’s blog.