“I got lost in the search for enlightenment
The blue rain
Covered my roots
And I forgot where I came from”

                                                    Pearls of Light, Within Temptation
                                                                                  for @kleiio


Just because I love Louis so much I decided to do a Louis Tomlinson awards!


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hello loves! laila (@chalmomile) and I are super excited to present to you our first ever awards together- the model awards! keep reading for the super simple rules of how to enter!


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best url: natalia vodianova
best icon: bella hadid
best theme: lily aldridge
best posts: gigi hadid
best new discovery: blanca padilla
best under 2k: mackinley hill
best overall: taylor hill
nicest blogger: cara delevingne
haneen’s fave: sara sampaio
laila’s fave: barbara palvin


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if you have any questions (or need to send proof of

good luck models! xxx

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Hey lovelies, Rein, Ivana and I decided to host an autumn favorites! (we are well aware autumn doesn’t start till mid sept but we decided to do it early anyways)


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  • We will be choosing 18-20 blogs total
  • We’ll choose sometime in September x
  • Message us if you have any inquiries!

Love, Rein, Ivana, Lena♥