Also known as “hell-pigs”, though they were related more closely to hippos and whales than to pigs, Entelodonts were huge pig-like animals that lived during the Eocene-Miocene and appeared to have been one of the largest and most formidable land predators and/or scavengers alive at the time. They were omnivores, mostly, but judging by the massive design of their jaws it’s fairly obvious that they would have tackled large prey as well as plant matter. It is thought that they would have preyed on animals as large as Eporeodon, which grew to the size of a cow. And apparently some Entelodonts, such as Archaeotherium, have been discovered to have hoarded or cached their food- with the discovery of a cache of several early camels. They were so successful that they existed on this planet for approximately 21 million years.

The largest was horse-sized Daeodon, which could have weighed up to 930lbs and stood at around 6.9 feet tall.

(top photo)

Exactly how far out do the nobbish things on the cherubs go?

Because I know Entelodonts had nubs, albeit larger on their face, and while it wasn’t a primary method of fighting if the nub hit say a hyaenodon it could break the bone or at least leave a nice sized gash. Now I know Cherubs nubs aren’t as large but I keep thinking of the cherubs ramming their nubs into each other and it makes me laugh.

(That’s and Entelodont, it’s an extinct species of pig/hippo, depends on what you read)