The structure known as the burnt tower was once a beautiful place. When the tower caught fire, three Pokemon perished, engulfed by the flames. After the fire finally went out, a sparkling rainbow came down from the sky. They say it was the legendary Pokemon Ho-oh. Ho-oh used its power to restore the three Pokemon who perished in the fire. People later became to call these Pokemon, Suicune, Entei and Raikou. 

Zodiac Signs as Legendary Pokemon

Aries: Moltres

Taurus: Groudon

Gemini: Latias & Latios

Cancer: Palkia

Leo: Entei

Virgo: Lugia

Libra: Mew

Scorpio: Rayquaza

Sagittarius: Dialga

Capricorn: Mewtwo

Aquarius: Yvetal

Pisces: Suicune