entangled roots

What do we mean when we say nature?
The untamable wilds?
The many furry creatures, or ones with scales, or no cover at all,
The entangling roots, the vines
Leaves, bark, obscuring branches,
Upathable places,
Where humans can’t phantom to live?

Or is it the tiny grey mouse also,
Foraging for breadcrumbs
In the hollows of the concrete trees.
The tall chestnuts,
Holding their watch over
The fields of grass.
The cats and racoons scavenging
In the darkness of back alleys.
And the noise
That cars make
Sound of rushing metal, burning oil.
The rave of thousand little apes,
In their grayish jungle.
For are these not part of nature,
Don’t they inhabit the planet earth?


Love, Lust, Dirt

Part 3

Part 1 Part 2

You couldn’t recall the last time you had had to run so fast in your life. All your joints ached. The once warm air had now become frigid causing an intense sting on your skin. No matter what you or Kirk tried you couldn’t shake the beast. Its massive hammerhead flung down trees like they were twigs. Dense roots entangled the forest floor making it a miracle neither of you had fallen yet.

“What do we do?” You called out desperately. No ideas came as to how to stop this thing or lose it for that matter.

“We need to split up! It’s the only way to try and confuse it,” Kirk yelled back after a moment.

“What! Jim no way! That’s not gonna do anything we’ll – AHH!” A thick root had caught the tip of your boot. With the speed, you were running, it was a hard fall to the ground. Instinct called for the fall to be broken with your hands. As soon as you hit, a sharp crack broke out and you knew your wrist was broken. Your whole arm twinged at the slightest movement. Though the main pain wasn’t from the fracture, but several thorns embedded deep into the palm of your hand. A dark purple vine was sprawled out in front of you. It was a marvel only your hand struck it and you didn’t fall in face first.    

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So jazzed on this! Entangled Roots!

“I don’t care who the fuck you are!

You don’t have any right to be an asshole,

a sexual predator,




thief –

a poser fronting as a partner in the cause –

you sack of limp balls and groping claws swaggering around young flesh.

we will

exterminate the infestation.”

Jill Aguado, Anida Ali, Kay Barrett, Sarwat Rumi, of Mango Tribe 
From, “The Revolution Starts At Home.