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18th May 1152 Eleanor of Aquitaine married Henry Plantagenet, Count of Anjou and Duke of Normandy, he was 11 years younger than she was. The marriage took place in Poitiers, but within two years the pair were crowned King and Queen of England at Westminster Abbey. The union of Henry’s Angevin territories in Britain and northern France with Eleanor’s dynastic lands in Aquitaine created an Anglo-French empire that stretched from Scotland to the Pyrenees.

Henry set about consolidating his domains with vigour, and so did Eleanor. She travelled inexhaustibly, shoring up loyalties and cementing the new political bloc, spending long periods on the road ensuring the monarchy was present and relevant across its many cultural divides. When Henry was away, she became intimately involved in directing the empire’s governmental and ecclesiastical administration. Famously, she also sponsored unparalleled artistic activities at her home court in Poitiers, making it a unique centre of troubadour poetry and music.

Over the next twelve years Eleanor bore Henry five sons and three daughters. Two of their sons, Richard and John, would be kings of England. Not surprisingly, her life with Henry was stormy. She may well have encouraged her sons to rebel against their father in 1173 and after that he kept her penned up as a prisoner in England until he died in 1189. Under both Richard and John she was active in matters of state and she died eventually in a nunnery at Fontrevault in Anjou in her early eighties in 1204, having been for much of a lifetime probably the most powerful woman in Europe.

Ocean Eyes

Based on this song.

Pairing: Remus Lupin x Reader

Word Count: 2.6k

Warnings: MAJOR ANGST!

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I’ve been watching you
For some time
Can’t stop staring at those ocean eyes

Infatuation was synonymous with stupidity for you, a girl who didn’t believe in the magic of fairy tales. Fate did not drive people to love, it drove them to greatness; a conduit for the ambitious to make sense of the talents guarded by self-doubt and reservation. You liked to think that no matter what happened, a higher power would be looking after you, centring you to the right course, sending winds to fill your sails along the correct path. If they were Gods, angelic creatures, or a simple act of nature, they did not bother themselves with the entangling of hearts. Love wasn’t as important as true purpose, and your purpose was to be great. You had set your sights high, expectations low. After all, the Gods were anything but fair.

You had excepted this understanding of the world, of what would come and how it was influenced. And then he had to come along, untangling every red string, unravelling the complex map until it was just a heap of yarn. He enticed you, enveloping your thoughts no matter how hard you tried to shut him out. Even in sleep, when darkness would encapsulate your mind, the oceans would burst through with ferocity, demanding to be felt, forcing you under the waves. You were drowning, and falling at the same time. A nightmare disguised as a dream.

You were the shadows, the eyes lurking from the back of the room. The steady thrum of an evening storm, the eventual fade of an echo. He had pulled you into the harsh light, holding your hands so you couldn’t cover your eyes. He had turned your thunder into lightning, your echo into a scream. And he had tugged you under, forcing you to paddle upwards, terrified and choking for air. Then once you’d break the surface, another wave would throw you back into the depths. He made you feel unpredictable and irrational, made you question everything you thought you were.

But the ocean could be calm too. For every wild storm, there were still days. Days where he’d send you a smile, or call your name softly, beckoning you to join him in the shallow, innocent waters.

That’s how he managed to always catch you in a riptide.

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Scribble-Doodle: Take on Eternity

For @lunardragonofdawest who wanted a story where Alec becomes immortal. Well, it’s not exactly a happy story, sorry! It’s rather… melancholy, but Alec and Magnus are happy!

Alec’s granted immortality by the Seelie Queen. It’s not meant to be a gift, though, but a curse, a punishment for killing the most loyal and most beautiful of her knights, Meliorn.

And it is a curse because Alec’s never wanted to be immortal. He’s never wanted to watch his loved ones grow old, wither and die. He’s always believed he had a certain number of days allotted to him on this earth and once his time was up, he would meet all the people who’ve moved on before him again.

Now… not anymore, it seems. 

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You don’t know how much i miss you
Because if you do
Here are things i miss about you….

I miss your smile, it creates a blackhole in my heart
that sucks all the sadness in me.
It pledges a rainbow and shining stars
that when i see your smile,
my heart jumps and all it can do is to beat faster and faster.

I miss your fragrance, it hypnotizes me well.

Believe me, your presence is the greatest shadow that i don’t want to lose.

I always look at your eyes, i want to draw my world in it. Letting you know that my world is you.

Your laughs are the lyrics to my love songs.
Believe me, when i hear you laugh i am the happiest person on this planet.

Your touch that lingers to my skin, i want to hold your hand forever, entangle it to my heart so you won’t be able to escape. I apologize if i am that clingy, i just want you to caress me.

I miss everything about you,
so much that even now that you’re gone,
that you are not in my sight anymore,
you are still my memory.
Your voice that i always wanted to hear every night

Every single thought reminds me of you

—  Everything, is all about you.
milky way, part two.

we came
from the same
chain reaction

i swear i could feel you
an eternity ago

a long time before
the lapse in gravity
that led to such a
celestial seperation
ending our celebration

you may not remember
but once upon a time
before time ever existed
we were two parts, whole
and everything was holy

we were once a love
unlike any other

you may not remember
the birth of the universe
or how, on the very first day
something changed, you felt
like you just needed space

i remember
watching you
move further away

i felt your heart race
into unknown distance
and i just couldn’t wait
to start my endless chase
through the macrocosm
but i just couldn’t keep up
with your pace

we were once a love
unlike any other

i swear i could feel you
long before that day

and i’ll never rest
until you let me
prove my case

we are evidence
of quantum

we are two hearts
both the same
no matter how far
apart we are

i swear i still feel you
every single day

Five Reasons to Say “I Love You” (Chapter VI)

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You Are Most Definitely in Love, Peter Parker

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warning: Cursing

Summary: Peter and Y/n are best friends and have been ever since they were in kindergarten. Due to their close friendship, Peter has never said how he loved Y/n since they were children. But, as Y/n and Peter get older and Peter starts to have stronger feelings for Y/n, he can’t keep the words on the tip of his tongue.

Author: Dizzy

A/N: Holy shit! We’re at the end of this series. Let me know if you ever want any more series like this. This is the sixth and final part of my new Peter Parker series. Thank you guys so much for reading!

Masterlist Request a Prompt

Peter Parker was the kind of boy who would allow you to tear his knocking heart from his seated ribs, allow you to drown in the gold that flowed from his beating flesh, let it run down your arms as you ran your finger along the scars and torn heartstrings and he would still manage to apologize for the blood that stained your shoes. Peter Parker was the kind of boy to fall for his best friend and still manage to try and stand in the corner of the gym and sip juice while he watched her work the room.

But, Y/N L/N was the kind of girl to pull Peter Parker from the shadows that he befriended in that corner and lead him to his new reality on the dance floor. She was the kind of girl to laugh as she wrapped her arms around his neck and speak in her soft voice so that her breath was against his neck as she gripped his collar.

It was the way those two lovers were that caused them to find themselves in the arms of one another, the beats of their hearts entangled in that of the song.

“Thanks for dancing with me.” Y/N said softly as her breath tickled Peter’s ear. “There’s no one I’d rather be with.”

Peter could feel her body heat radiate off of her, her breath on his ear as his began to hitch. He knew those people who spoke of the city were right, dreams could happen, wishes could come true and even Y/N L/N could happen.

“I feel the same way.” Peter replied as the song grew as soft as Y/N’s voice.

Y/N tangled her fingers in Peter’s hair as they began to sway to the slower song. Y/N hummed along as her eyes fluttered closed for a second. She embraced the moment with open arms, every sensation, she memorized. And every perfect little thing about Peter, she was enchanted by.

“You’re a marvel, Peter Parker.” Y/N whispered as she opened her eyes and smiled.

The boy’s chocolate brown eyes grew fond of the beauty the young girl held as her words hung in the air.

“And you, an enchantment.” Peter smiled as he brushed the hair from her eyes.

In that moment, when the words fell from his chapped lips, Peter could see the two of them together in the early morning and it was a beautiful, lovely, tangible sight. Y/N’s hands on his as they listened to the sounds of the city passing them by, coffee warmed their hands as they sat together. And in the night, they would read and the beauty of the moonlight would cast shadows on Y/N’s sleepy face as her heart drifted to his and their eyes close- but it was merely a dream of Peter and Y/N and in that moment, he wanted to allow it to happen.

“What are you thinking about?” Y/N asked, her eyes fixated on Peter’s face.

“Nothing special.” Peter stated. “Just a daydream.”

“What were you dreaming about?”

“About you and me.”

“What about us?”

Peter took in a breath, knew he was a young boy just trying to be loved as he tried to find the right way to explain his tender feelings towards Y/N.

“Bug, I have to tell you something.”

“I have to tell you something, too.” Y/N replied because she knew that that moment was the best time to spill about how she felt. “But, you can go first.”

Peter took in a quick and deep breath before his shaking hands tangled themselves in Y/N’s hair. He closed his eyes for a moment and spoke softly.

“Bug, I am in love with you.”

“Oh, Peter, I love you too.” Y/N replied in a soft voice as tears threatened to spill from her eyes.

Peter felt his heart well in his chest as he let out a breath he hadn’t realized he held in before he pressed a kiss to Y/n’s temple with a smile on his face.

Peter Parker was the kind of boy to find five reasons to say “I love you” to his best friend and learn that his dreams were within his reach. Peter Parker was the kind of boy to fall enchanted by the sound of three little words that hung in the air because they were spoken by a girl who’s voice was laced with love and care. Peter Parker was the kind of boy who dove into love and never came out of it.

When You Take Me There

Genre: fluff af. like actual cotton candy i swear

Word Count: 1.2k

Summary: A very in-depth confession of love from Phil to Dan based on and inspired by the song ‘Durban Skies’ by Bastille. (Written in Phil’s POV)

Warnings: tiny mention of alcohol?? slight suggestion of sex? idk it is definitely 100% SFW

a/n: this is the first ever actual good thing i’ve written in my life I hope it’s enjoyable and ik the punctuation is probably horrendous but idk who needs rules of the english language lmao. hope u all enjoy (also if you find any typos or anything pls lmk as it’s currently 4:30am and i’m like half asleep)


You are all that I’ve got to be thankful for.

Well, technically there’s a lot of things I’m thankful for. But nothing as important as you.

You. Dan Howell. The love of my life. My hopes, dreams, aspirations; my everything.

I know I want to be with you forever.

Our love incomparable, our souls inseparable. Nothing could ever break our bond, our hearts perfectly entangled together, like our fingertips on a dreaded, rainy, mid-Sunday taxi drive to the grocery store. Like our legs on a lazy Tuesday as we swear at each other playing Mario Kart. Like our bodies the first time we met, both of us shaking with nervousness and sweating like dogs. I am in love with you.

You outweigh any form of negativity I have ever come across.

You are all I need. One look at you- a glance into your beautiful, dark coffee-stained eyes, and I am at peace with all in my life. All that isn’t you, anyways. I am always at peace with you.

You are my entire life, and always have been.

I fondly remember the beginning. Vivid memories of carelessness and the feeling of newly found love. The long train rides you took to close the gap between us. All the thoughtless walks around Manchester, the cheesy coffee and cinema dates, as well as the angsty nights at my house when I secretly gave you alcohol after promising my parents I wouldn’t- and getting a bit drunk. Sometimes too drunk perhaps, which led to some out of hand things. I don’t even want to know what we did, as all I remember is one time waking up to you asleep naked on my family’s dining room table. They luckily weren’t home that week. You cried over how bad you felt, and I cheered you up by ordering Indian food and wrapping us both up on the couch in a blanket as we watched our favorite childhood cartoons. You are really something else, and I couldn’t ask for any better.

Back then I could only imagine what we would experience together.

I had no idea we, as a duo, would become at all known to the world. I didn’t think about all the lives we would change and all the places we’d go and all the amazing friends we would make. All I knew for sure was that I wanted you in my arms till the day I’d die, and to this day that is still all I live by.

I am so thankful to have you next to me in my life.

Moving to London was a major risk for us. We went through some difficult hardships career-wise, but deep down I knew it would work out. Anything can work out as long as I’m with you. Our love can conquer any and all obstacles.

I understand how you work.

Your thought process, your creative sources, how your mind works. I can tell how you feel at anytime, in any situation. Parties, events, when you’re stressing about what to do for the next scene in a video. I know that the only way you can sleep most nights is if I softly play with your fingers, and if the comforter is tucked in between your knees because you hate when your bare legs are touching under the blanket as it’s too warm and it makes you feel gross. I know you better than anyone else.

You make me feel like I can live forever.

Nothing matters when our bodies are pressed together like the waves and the shore on a humid, sunny day at dusk. You know that feeling you get when you finally fit the last piece into a puzzle you’ve been working on for weeks? That feeling of completion and relief, the satisfaction and pleasure your body experiences fitting that puzzle piece perfectly into it’s place and seeing the whole picture? That’s how I feel laying next to you. When I cover your rosy face in gentle kisses every morning and when our arms embrace every time we see each other after being apart. Maybe not exactly like that, actually. Multiply that feeling by about… infinity. The way you make me feel is simply indescribable.

You’ve made me view things from a whole new perspective.

I think back to when we first walked through town together and our hair wouldn’t stop going nuts in the wind and I kept complaining and got frustrated. Your hands reached down to mine and held on just tight enough and everything was instantly calm in my mind. You taught me how to be the best person I can be and told me everything I needed to hear and more. I am forever grateful for your impact on my life.

You are the only person I want to spend my life with.

I personally don’t think weddings are the most important part of a relationship, but I know how much you look forward to ours. I often imagine seeing your gravity-defying smile and glistening eyes of endearment as we exchange I do’s and an everlasting kiss to seal everything we’ve shared since way back when. Seeing you happy is what’s most important to me.

It’s a miracle this ever worked out and I am forever grateful.

The slightest of changes in one of our paths could’ve caused everything to be different. It’s insane to think that if I hadn’t bought that exact box of cereal that one day, I would’ve never experimented with the camera I won and started uploading to youtube when I did. Every single specific decision each of us made somehow lead to this and it’s honestly terrifying to think about how easily we could’ve never even acknowledged each other, and none of this would be happening right now. I have no words for how thankful I am that things happened the way they did.

I was always told that it wouldn’t work, but look at where we are now.

I was told not to trust you. That you were just some stranger. That you were too young and naïve, and that it wasn’t really love and that it was all just excitement. I hope they realize how wrong they were whenever they see our faces in magazines and our names in headlines. I hope they’re constantly reminded that we were different and that we made it. We made it together.

All those four am skype call sessions to the four am sunrises we’d watch from outside your family’s house to the four am netflix show binges in bed that became the only normality we know of today.

The countless amount of train rides to see each other, to the countless amount of plane rides to travel the world together. Everything is more beautiful when you’re by my side.

The hundreds of days and nights spent embraced in your arms and the hundreds and hundreds more I look forward to. You are my definition of warmth and my meaning of home and you are everything I could ever want and everything I don’t deserve and everything else that is good in the world.

You are the best person in the world. I love you so much, Dan, and I know I will love you as long as we both shall live. You complete me in every way, and you are all I’ve got to be thankful for. 


So I read a thing earlier about how the seven deadly sins are often anthropomorphized and represented.  It was interesting, but more importantly I started thinking about how I would maybe represent them, sans many of the human features.  I mean sure, you can draw/write an envious person, but what doe Envy the concept look like?


Wrath- A creature of smoke and fire.  The fires of Wrath stoke and consume the soul, whilst its smoke obscures the consequences of your deeds until it departs.  They hide within the heart until stoked by the world.

Lust- A shapeless, slithering thing, made solely of flesh and the parts that feel.  It desires only to consume and touch and have the object of its desires, leaving only when it tires of its plaything or there is nothing left to have.  They ensnare humanity by entangling the heart and mind in a haze of desire and want.

Envy- An androgynous figure.  Their eyes are cut emerald,seeing in all the world only that which others possess.  Envy has many arms, all of which reach for the possessions of others.  They think only of ownership and taking that which is not theirs but care little for what they have; they are blind to such things.  Envy is born within one’s corrupted desires.

Sloth- A pillar of stone.  Carved into it is a single closed eye- an eye because it exists; closed because it refuses to act in the world.  Its weight can be felt upon one’s body and soul, pressuring them to inaction.  It is ever-present, forever exerting its weight upon the world.

Greed- The flesh of Greed is made from gold and all that is valuable in this world.  It seeks to acquire more and more wealth, even though it may bring about its own or other’s destruction.  This fortune it stores within its own body, for Greed is loathe to part with it.  Greed infects the mind with delusions of wealth and power.

Pride- A mighty creature, blind to its own inadequacies.  With its many mouths it proclaims its greatness, and with its many eyes it judges all inferior.  It thinks itself great, and it may be; that is to be decided by the world.  It lives within the masks we wear to deceive ourselves.

Gluttony-  An empty, hollow thing.  Gluttony seeks only to consume in an attempt to fill the cavern within.  It cares little for the world save in how it can attempt to be made whole as it devours unceasingly.  Their maw is forever open, forever seeking more material to fill the void.  It lives within the empty, unfilled places of the heart.

Let Go

Remember to let her into your heart, then you can start to make it better

She has always grown up wearing her heart on her sleeve but gradually, Callie had learnt not to. She’d become cold almost, distant, impossible to reach unless you looked hard enough. She’d been soft, vulnerable and in turn, destroyed. So she became untouchable. Except, maybe to Arizona. Who could always, even now if she really wanted to, if she tried, reach her.

Eventually, Callie forced herself away from the woman in her arms, watching as Arizona wrapped her own arms around herself instead, protecting herself, keeping Callie out. It feels like a physical blow of pain.

“It doesn’t have to be this way.” Callie breathes out, finally, stumbling over her words as though she can’t get them out quick enough, letting them tumble into the open and hang there between them both.

The silence between them speaks far louder than any words ever could.

“Arizona.” Callie says her name as though they’ve never been apart. The same way she always whispered it. Between bed sheets, in the dark, when no one else was around. As though her lips were made to repeat the name over and over in the same way her soul does. Like a secret. Like it belonged.

“Stop it!” Arizona’s shout startles even herself, she can’t bare it any longer, can’t hold it inside. “Stop. Stop trying to go back in time, Calliope.”

“You know,” Callie ignores her, “every time you say my name like that, I remember how it sounded the first time. Not the first time you said it but the first time I heard it. You didn’t scream it, you didn’t even moan it, as such. You just whispered it, begged it. As though it was the only thing you would ever possibly need. You were sweaty and I’d traced every inch of your body. It glowed. Your hair stuck to your face, your hips were desperately moving from the bed and I couldn’t make you keep still. You were like a map. I had to follow you to find my way back, find my way home. I knew then, that first time, that you were home. That no other home would ever feel as right, as safe. I knew I would love you then. And I knew, somehow, that I’d never stop.”

“But you did.”

When Callie looks up at her ex-wife she sees the tears streaming down Arizona’s face, years’ worth of devastation she no longer has to pretend she doesn’t feel.  

“Arizona, no. No. I never did. I never stopped loving you, even for a second. Even when I hated you, I loved you.”

“Just… Not enough.”

Reaching out to clasp a trembling hand, Callie shakes her head, desperately, “don’t you get it? Enough. So much more than enough, my love.”

Arizona lets her eyes fall to their entangled hands and her heart does something uncontrollable in her chest. She knows all too well though, that it is hope, in the end, that kills you.

“You walked away, Callio- Callie. Nothing will ever, nothing can ever be the same again. I gave you the best of me, I’m not about to give you what’s left as well.”

“If you don’t stop me, Arizona, I’m going to walk away. I’m going to leave Seattle without you. And you’re going to look for pieces of me in everybody you see. You’ll look for someone whose smile makes you lose your breath. Someone who infuriates you and irritates you in the most wonderfully miraculous ways. You’ll get a text and hope, every single time, that I’m the one that sent it. That I’m somewhere thinking of you as much as you’re thinking of me. You’ll keep jewellery that shouldn’t have any meaning to you anymore and yet it does. I’ll haunt you. And you’ll never get over it.”

“How do you know?” she can’t help but ask. She wants to know. She wants to know everything.

“Because that’s how I’ve felt every single day since we’ve been apart.”

She’s learnt not to wear her heart on her sleeve anymore. She wishes she’d remembered that tonight. Because the way her heart crumbles in her chest when she receives no response, when Arizona’s eyes remain glued to anywhere except her own, she knows not even the best surgeon in the world could fix.

So she does the only thing she can, the only thing she has left. She picks up her bag, silently, and she leaves. Knowing she’ll probably never come back. Not when the only reason she has to stay has already given up. Too much time has past, too much has been said and yet not enough at all.

It feels like hours but it’s mere seconds since she stepped out into the night, leaving the best part of herself behind.

“Callie!” Arizona screeches into the dark, her hair sticking to her face, breathing heavy in the pouring rain, “wait. Please, I- you have to wait.”

Callie stays with her back to her but anyway, in the rain it’s impossible to tell that her cheeks are covered in tears, “What!” She spins around quickly, “you think I want this, Arizona? I don’t want to want you. God, I’d do anything to let go. Penny is everything you aren’t. And that’s exactly the problem. I hate you! I hate you and I love you and you broke my freakin’ heart. So either love me back or let me the hell go, right now.

“You can’t just leave! Don’t, don’t leave. Calliope. Calliope. Please.

Callie needs to speak. She needs to find words and form them with her lips, they both do. But they’re crying too hard and hurting too much and all they can do is pour everything into each other. So they do. Years of loving, desperation, anger, need, it’s melted onto lips as they soften into one, it’s thrown from tongues as they clash together. It shows in the way they grip each other in a vice like hold, it’s mirrored in the way neither care as the rain pours and thunder crashes somewhere in the distance.

“Please don’t run.” Arizona whispers somewhere into Callie’s mouth, letting it get lost in-between them.

“I’ll only run to you.”

Jack Maynard - Gym’s Aren’t That Bad Part 3

A/N: Hi loves! Here’s the third and final part to this imagine. Let me know what you think. Send in requests if you’re into that shit and all. Or just hmu ;) Happy reading, enjoy the Jack feels

Word Count: 1677

You and Nick were becoming closer each day, and you began spending more time together, now you often even stayed over at his place after your dates. Most of your nights started with a date, and you would somehow end up nearly naked at Nick’s place. But you still didn’t feel comfortable going all the way with him, although you didn’t mind a little bit of fun.

You were currently at the Maynard-Pieters household again. You seemed to spend almost every free minute you had there. The boys were preparing to film a triple collab, while you sat behind the camera keeping score. “We’ve literally run out of everything! There’s nothing in here to use as forfeit”, Jack shouted as he rummaged through the kitchen.

“Well we’ve got one can of tuna and that’s about it”, he announced, walking back to the living room. They decided on Conor and Jack going out to the shops to restock their ingredients and take away some dinner. You and Josh watched your friend’s videos while waiting for them to return.

“About bloody time!” Josh called as the Maynards walked back in almost two hours later. Jack stormed right in, with Conor carrying the majority of the shopping behind him. Red-faced, Jack stood in front of you, breathing heavily, his fists clenched tightly at his sides.

“I think there’s something you should know”, there was a slight air of mightiness in his voice laced behind the fury.

“Jack”, Conor called warningly from behind him.

“What? What’s going?” you looked between the two of them.

“Your boyfriend is right dick that’s what!”

“Jack! We talked about this”, the annoyance was well detected in your voice.

“Oh don’t you dare defend him. We saw him (Y/N). He was off fucking around behind your back!”

You gasped as he said this. “Jack don’t. Please.” You looked to Conor for a clearer sign, but all you got was a sad smile in response. “I think I need to talk to him”, you walked to the door to put your shoes on.

“Your joking. You’re not actually going back to him?” Jack’s face was one of disbelief.

You shook your head, “He wouldn’t. He’s not like that.”

“No way. I don’t believe this. Your fucking stupid you know that. You think I would lie to you? You think Conor would.”

You held back the tears that threaten to spill over. “I just need to…I need to see…” you mumbled as you walked out the door. You got in your car and drove over to Nick’ house, knocking on his door. The door opened to reveal a shirtless Nick. “Hey, uh you mind if I come in?”

“Yeah ‘course not”, he stepped aside to let you in. “So what’s up? Not that I don’t love having you around though.”

“Uh, I don’t know how to say this. Err, Jack thinks he saw you, well I mean he and Conor were out and, uh”, you stumbled, unsure how to get it out. “Jack thinks you’re seeing someone else?”

At this Nick burst out laughing. “No, love, I would never.” The way he said it so easily already calmed your beating heart down by a mile. “But I think I know what he means. He must have seen me with my sister. She’s visiting from Oxford.” You remembered him telling you that he grew up in Northampton though.

“Oh thank god. I’m sorry. I just didn’t know what to believe. He seemed so sure when he told me”, you smiled up at him. “I didn’t know she moved to Oxford?”

“Oh yeah, it was very recent. She just bought a house up there. Change of atmosphere and all you know”, he said getting up. “She’s actually in my room right now, we were just having a chat. I’ll go get her and introduce you yeah?”

“Sure”, you agreed. He kissed you lightly and went to get his sister. Something didn’t settle right with you. You heard hushed voices coming from his room, so you quietly made your way to the back, listening at the door.

“I know, I know, it sounds crazy. But she really is. She threw a bloody tantrum the other time. Just please do me this one favour baby?” The voice you recognised to be Nick’s said. “I’ll make it up to you later.”

Your heartbeat increased as you heard this. It could not be true. It was too absurd. This only happened in movies, you thought. You quietly pushed the door open when all that could be heard was silence. Your heart fell out of your chest as you looked at the scene in front of you. Nick was stood with his hands on a girl’s bum as his lips attacked hers. A mixture between a sob and gasp escaped your lips when you heard a moan come from one of the two in front of you. As they broke apart, Nick’s gaze fell on you. “Shit!”

You stopped the tears from falling as best as you could. You did not want Nick to know how much it affected you. “Please. Don’t even try to defend yourself. It’s not worth it”, you kept strong, wanting nothing more than to get out. He didn’t say a word, he didn’t stop you. Getting back in your car, you sat in the driver’s seat as you finally let the tears fall. You felt stupid, cheated. How could you have been so blind. At this moment all you wanted was to be with Jack. You needed his comforting presence. Once you had wiped your eyes dry and calmed down, you decided you were in a decent condition to drive back. You did your best to control your breathing and not think about what just happened for fear of breaking down in the middle of busy London.

As soon as you reach you pulled your car into park and ran up to their flat, knocking on the door, your face already holding tears once more. Conor’s face fell as he opened the door, and you fell straight into his arms. “Jack!”

Jack took you into his arms as soon as he saw you crying into his brother’s shoulder. He wrapped his arms protectively around you as he hugged you to his chest, hushing you and trying to calm you down. “What happened love?”

You pulled away to look at him, but before you could get a word out, your lips trembled further, causing the tears to flow even more. “Oh god tell me it wasn’t that asshole”, Jack mumbled. Despite your hysterical state, you managed a guilty look.

“I’m sorry. I know you wouldn’t lie to me. I should’ve believed you”, you whimpered.

Jack’s hold on you tightened, you could feel his body tense up. “So I was right?” he seethed. You nodded, still in his arms. “I’m actually going to kill him. Like I don’t really give a shit right now, I’m actually going to murder that bastard.” His voice was tense, shaky even. His breathing was coming out rather ragged. You had never seen Jack look this angry. Not even when he thought he had been robbed.

“No. Just leave it. I mean I just don’t want anything to do with him anymore”, you told him. “That includes you. Please stay away from him” The thought of any of your friends, especially Jack being around someone who broke your heart did not settle well with you. He led you towards the sofa where he sat the both of you down, with you leaning into him. “To think I was thinking of finally going all the way with him”, you added.

“You have no idea how glad I am that you didn’t!” The relief in Jack’s voice was very clear. His thumb dragged across your cheeks, wiping away the tears that had fallen. You already felt so much more at peace despite the incident happening only just.

That night, you stayed over at their place. You had all gone off to bed, and of course, you stayed in Jack’s bed. Jack switched off the lights and got into bed with you, pulling the covers to cover you both. “(Y/N)?”

You turned to face him in response, nodding your head as a go ahead. “I don’t know how to say this really. But…”

“Go on. It’s just me.”

“That’s the thing though isn’t it. It’s you.”

“How’d you mean?” You were a little confused but at the same time pretty anxious.

He ran his hands through his hair, before fiddling them around unsurely, finally settling to reach out for your hand. He gently took your hand in his, subconsciously almost as he played with your fingers. “(Y/N). I know you’re my best girl friend and all, but you’re than just that. I mean, when you and started spending less time with me, and more with, you know who, I guess that’s when it really hit me”, he said, with distaste upon mentioning your ex.

Your heart sped up as he said this. Could this mean what you thought? Were things finally going to change for the better between you. You saw him visibly breathe in deeply, as you unconsciously held your own breath. “I think I might be in love with you (Y/N).” You stared at him in shock, while he nervously searched for an answer across your face. Without thinking, you leaned forward, closing the minimal space between you with your lips.

“I think I love you too”, you whispered as you drew back. “You know what, I actually know for a fact that I love you!”

A mix between a squeal and a giggle came from Jack, which caused you burst out laughing as he kissed you. This time, the kiss was definitely not as shy, neither of you holding back anymore. You soon fell asleep, both of you entangled. Your heart was more content than ever. You never thought you’d get over a break up this fast, but regardless, you thanked your lucky stars you had Jack.


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♫The One- Kodaline// Marauders Era: James x Reader

Request(s):  Could you do a young James one shot based on the song The One by Kodaline? Thanks, deary!

Can you write something where James is playing with the reader’s hair? Feel free to combine it with another request, if you like

Y/N felt like her eyes rolled all the way back in her head as she saw Lily Evans throw her head back in laughter at James’ unheard words. Unintentionally, she allowed a groan to escape her lips, flinching a little at the realisation that it was absolutely audible.

“Alright there, Y/L/N?” Sirius’ words reached her through her vexed daze and she looks at him, a grimace on her face as she nods towards the redhead.

“I get you,” he nods, light bouncing off his hair as he flicked the lighter in his right hand on, bringing the flame to the cigarette hanging from his mouth.

“Do you? Do you really?” sarcasm clings to her voice as she narrows her eyes at him, and a chuckle follows the smoke coming out of his mouth.

“Couldn’t be more simple love. You love him, she can’t keep it in her pants around him, and you’re ticked off,” a content grin lingers on his face as she sighs, nodding lightly.

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Waves crash down
From the beach
Grains of sand flow
That i’ll be here with you
Forever more, forever more, I crow
My heart beats fast In this moment, time has collapsed
Your eyes, like sunsets, rise and pass
Vines entangle my heart
Grasping, stretching, reaching
For my inner treasure, at once, I know
Forevermore, forevermore, I crow
Solemnly swearing, I can’t wait
To be one at last
Entwined, together, yet apart
The crow doth still lark
Forevermore, forevermore, I crow
How do rainbows taste
That which we do not know
Logical it may be, water is wet
And yet, and yet The Lark cries, for it does not know
Forevermore, forevermore, I crow
Dusty ash fills my lungs,
The spark has caught ablaze
And all at once, I am in flame
The phoenix rises, a Lark no more
Forever more, foremore, I crow
 Ti amo, Ti amo
Nothing saves me now
Your eyes ablaze, like fireflies
Softly I feel their glow
And I know, that you and I Forevermore, forevermore, we crow


A lot of people misunderstand Cowboys and therefore misunderstand my love for them.

They think cowboys are some obnoxious American figure who say “howdy ma’am” and walk awkwardly with spurs, tipping their hat drastically then ordering a whusky.

than just that.

Realistically, a cowboy is just a boy who takes care of cows in the old west,
but the real IMAGE of an american hero cowboy is not just a dumb ox.

A cowboy is a a free spirit, a poet, someone who rides the beautiful mountains and rugged plains of an untamed land. They watch the stars, they dream, they take risks, they fall in love, they wander. Sometimes they are good, sometimes they are bad, but they are always straight forward about who they are.
They are the outcasts, the lost ones, the crazy ones, the troubled ones, the dirty, unacceptable ones. The ones that grin too big, that love too much, that are too loyal. The ones that punch each other instead of gossip about each other. The misfits. The ones who see everything black and white. Right and wrong. Good and evil.
The ones that do what needs to be done, even if it’s not pretty.

They are stories, folk tails, legends, fairytails. They are pure, and fantasy, but in the most real of ways.

This is why I love cowboys.
I don’t love modern shiney pop cowboys, or cowboys who dont see the world as black and white, because those arent the cowboy legend.

My heart is entangled with cowboys, and it bothers me that people so easily over look them and snobbishly write them off as cheesy and inferior without thinking about it.

No. 12

A sound.
Severed lips to my skin–I kissed her for the last time.
Two hearts entangled
Entwined, we loved passionately
An embrace is the arm’s apology
Youth was a shroud to me–I confused
I loved, but did not reveal it
Hush, torment is near
Endearing, she loves me harder as I get older
Insomnia, the weight of my youth growing older
Age does not confuse, it brings like a storm
Wisdom; there’s no age for mistakes
Consequence is a sound rushing in silently, I do not retaliate
It does not confuse…

…I loved you but I didn’t know how to
I held you but I didn’t hold you
I spoke, but I never told you
I laughed, and you cried, and it all went away
I love you still, but we went our way
I love you still, but we went our way

Ground is heavy beneath, there’s a sigh at my feet
I am sure that Death is the heaviest consequence
Dying, you went silent–I only heard when you died

Rush of the past, she says it is alright
“You were loved, and have grown to see it
Believe it.”

A sound.
I will grow still.
Believed what you said, all becomes clear
Her laughter rings through.
I love you. I know how to say it.
She will be whole.


My main man’s a hubby
The whole package
Sweet to my heart
Sweet to my ears
He’s the sound an ocean makes when waves crash
Love calls from my soul
You know that call
A whisper you can only hear from within?
I’d rather my soul connect with yours and love yours forever and when I see you they’ll entangle in a heart tugging hug and mingle with one another like love should
I love you
Like my breath leaves my lips when I hear you utter those sacred words
I love you
The time I felt alive in a heaven of pure happiness
Angels singing while a halo hovered over my head
That love that sent chills down my spine love in my chest I mean love in my heart
I’m found
I’m found with a body I call my own
I’m found with a mouth that has this speech
That speech that tells me I’m worthy
Worthy to be in your presence
To smell the same air as you
To love you the way I need to be loved
You need to be loved
We need to love together
I love you
Feelings of a far distant place that became near once you crossed my steps
You followed me until my mind was ready until my heart was ready until I figured out how to walk and step in motion with yours
I’m ready
I’m ready for a life of unconditional love with you in it
I love you