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This AU is gold ty <3~ Yuu, what happens when you do feed on lust? You grow stronger, yes, but what does it entail? Do you eventually 'consume' a human soul or their lust source? Or can you live with them? Do incubi age and die?


We incubi cannot die from age, but if our master happens to lose their humanity then we are susceptible to be killed by them. Such instances are extremely rare, though. I only know one incubus whose master became a demon. He had to devour her completely.


Waffle Cottage Chronicles - Meet the Cast



  • CEO of major company in Japan
  • Ridiculous portfolio; media giant, land properties, Mouse World and all that entails, consumer goods, technology, construction, manufacturing, you name it
  • Doesn’t sleep a lot
  • In part because he is determined to singlehandedly dominate not just his country’s economy, but to drive it to be a worldwide force, long-term
  • And sometimes that means doing short-term things that hurt people, like closing down plants abruptly, or selling off parts of the business, or acquiring companies and kicking out their leadership and replacing it with people who can Get Things Done
  • This has made him very unpopular in certain circles?
  • Cares More Than He Lets On About Everyone
  • Hires people on the spot
  • Fires people on the spot (but always for some greater purpose)
  • Still ridiculous as hell
  • Mitsuhide tries to present this to the media as he is eccentric
  • Literally no one buys that


  • Determined to be CEO successor to Oda, Inc.
  • Probably will be, tbh
  • Trust issues
  • Shitty childhood
  • Technically speaking, he’s in mergers and acquisitions, but being one of CEO Oda’s right-hand men means occasionally doing random shit to indulge his whims, like being the villain in one of his amusement park’s shows
  • Which he hates
  • But does anyway
  • At least he gets to burn things
  • Was probably a chemistry major in school
  • Fuck you, fuck this, fuck your cow
  • Strawberries are good though


  • Public Relations liaison for Oda, Inc.
  • Super calm about it though
  • Constantly tasked with damage control and/or promotional speaking (“Your CEO just announced he is going to build a spaceship that runs completely on fried chicken grease within two years, tell us more about his plan!” SIGH. DEEP BREATH. SMILE. “Well, as our esteemed CEO said…”)
  • Takes a lot of satisfaction in his job
  • Does not sleep much
  • Used to be a coffee addict, but he drank so much it gave him ulcers so now he sticks to tea and deep breathing
  • Super polite in public
  • Hollers like a banshee at Nobu behind closed doors
  • Never takes his vacation time


  • Head of risk management for Oda, Inc.
  • This means physical security, data security, safety, etc.
  • So he does everything from like, security algorithms to discourage hacking to conflict resolution at the parks
  • Graduated from a prestigious school, with degrees in political science and criminal justice and languages, went on to become a mediator for the police
  • I sort of imagine he got recruited to Oda, Inc. when Nobunaga got kidnapped and held for ransom and they brought in Hide to negotiate - like, Nobu beat up his kidnappers and walked out once he got the information he let himself be kidnapped for, but Hide’s got a smart mouth and he appreciated that so, hey, come work for me. I mean you’re obviously no good at this, I got myself out of it, because Nobu recruits using INSULTS but Hide is smarter than him okay he sees through it and can roll
  • Right there with Ieyasu in the running for successor, but a LOT more subtle about it
  • Gets to be involved in a lot of different things and enjoys this


  • One of the princesses at Mouse World
  • Statistician in the research and development arm of Oda, Inc.
  • Or he WOULD BE except Hideyoshi took a DANGEROUS JOB and he feels obligated to protect him
  • So as often as not he’s working in security or as de facto bodyguard
  • But he can’t turn his researchy brain off, so inevitably, even though he is out in the parks Making Sure People Follow The Rules he always comes back with a lot of valuable insights on consumer demand and interest
  • As a result his official job title on his name badge is constantly changing
  • He probably assumes this is Ieyasu’s doing and gets super pissed but honestly it’s probably Hideyoshi who thinks it’s hilarious (it’s not mean-spirited, it just strikes him as funny)