Play With Me (Vernon/Hansol Smut)

Summary: It’s not your fault that he was just so pretty. And that he begged so prettily. And that he looked so damn pretty with a piece of leather wrapped around his throat. Why did being Seventeen’s stylist mean he was off limits? And to think, this all started on a boring night with a gifted bottle of wine a pile of jenga blocks. Smut.

(A/N: I must say that I got a little carried away. The original request from @ciels-parents did not entail anywhere near as much shit as this. But I’m pleased with the outcome. I guess the reason I added all the other stuff is because one of my favourite things about dom/sub relationships is all the pretty things, like the toys and the lingerie and shit. I could be a little just for that. But that’s waaay off topic. There’s so many warnings here; anal play, rimming mention, noona kink, sex toy(s), collaring, lingerie, subspace, praise kink, if that even counts as a warning?? but okay this is ten thousand words of impure filth so please back down if you’re not ready. I would also like to put forth now that I’m not responsible for any of the after effects of this fic, and happy valentine’s day, this is my present to you. -Tanisha<3)

You were, at best, a glorified babysitter. It was the only way to describe the current state of your job without leaving out any of the details. Somehow, you had started out as what you fully intended to be - a stylist. Straight out of high school you jumped head first into a fashion program, gaining all the sewing, finance, pattern making, fabric skills and whatever else you could have ever dreamed of.

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A Day Like Any Other (CSSV Gift)

Summary:  To avoid all of the cheesiness it entails, Emma decided not to inform Killian about Valentine’s Day but she may have forgotten that they live in a small town full of curious people.


A/N: Seeing that it’s officially Valentine’s in our time zone, Alessandra (@killianswench) I have decided to post your CSSV gift now (and also because I can’t wait any longer). I had a wonderful time talking with you and hope we can continue to do so. Here is your captain swan/captain cobra/swan believer valentine’s day fic filled with cuteness.

Celebrating normal festivities in a town like Storybrooke is impossible. Emma has experienced that first hand. There is always a villain lurking for a chance to take over town or to have their long awaited revenge on their person of choice.

(Most likely Gold, he has a tendency to screw people over. )

But right now life in Storybrooke is as picturesque as the postcards suggest. No town crisis, no need to save the day, no magic.


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anonymous asked:

Could you (or your followers) point me to any meta that's positive about MCU Steve&Tony relationship in the aftermath of CW/in IW 1&2?

we don’t know anything abt infinity wars yet so it’s kind of early to say… and also v. optimistic, but i like that. you’ll see it here first if / when there is any!

Prompt #77 - Valentine

@cometothedarkside-x: Owen finds out that Claire got a V-Day gift/flowers from a secret admirer (not him), and goes out of his way to make this day the most memorable to prove he’s the only admirer she’ll ever need.

This is up later than I expected. Sorry. 

So many of you have expressed an interest in this prompt and I really hope it lives up to the hype. I tried, but I’m stressed. 


He had run himself ragged on pure determination. Owen couldn’t stand by when someone else sent his girlfriend flowers for Valentine’s Day. He hadn’t done anything, nothing was organised, no gifts were wrapped in unnecessarily themed paper, and pink bows. Claire had very clearly stated in early January she didn’t want to do anything for Valentine’s Day. Owen, without fight, complied.

He thought his job was done. He thought all the day would entail was phone ordered pizza, and going to bed early. It was enough for the two of them. Neither needed over the top demonstrations of love, or plush animals holding love hearts. At the most, he splurged on heart shaped chocolates, but that was only because he shopped while hungry.

Owen had laid a gentle assault against her cheeks that morning, playfully pecking her face with kisses as she roused. She whispered a quiet ‘I love you’ before slipping back into his embrace. Their morning routine went undisrupted, the two of them leaving for work separately, blissful smiles on their faces.

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im so excited to start my art jobs the the adult disability center. 

I’m very scared actually. but i want it to work out. 

it was the kindest environment I’ve ever been in. my job entails like teaching technical skills to ppl. and helping them with the art series they are already working on. 

im so ……………scared. 

a valentine's poem

I didn’t believe in
romantic love–
the kissing in the rain
standing outside with a boombox
pumping your fist in the air
type of love
–until I experienced it
in real life.

for years
I believed it was made up
a game children played
while dressing up
and wearing mommy’s makeup

I knew about crushes, sure
I believed in platonic love
the kind where you’d give up anything
for another
but that didn’t necessarily entail
everything else
it wasn’t the kind of love
people wrote songs about

and then I met him
and there was kissing in the rain
there was no boombox,
but there were late night serenades
and fist pumps
there were butterflies
there were fantasies of marriage
and I was so happy
to finally believe in love

so now,
I will stay single
until I find
that one romantic love
I will wait
because I need that
instead of the sham relationships
I’ve seen others experience

I need that delightful swooping feeling
when our lips collide
I need every brush of your fingers
on my bare skin
to send tidal waves of goosebumps
onto every inch of my flesh
I need to blush uncontrollably,
to look down and bite my lip
because you make me nervous,
and I’m never nervous.
I need to keep staring
because drinking in every little detail
is so important
I need to memorize your freckles,
to kiss every one of them,
to brush strands of hair from your face
to feel your body when you sleep
to love you until the end of time

I know that it’s hard
I believe in true love
true, romantic, stomach ache inducing
and I believe
i will find it again someday

Preference - Dating (Twilight)

Twilight - What Dating Them Would Entail

- Pt. 9 -

Embry Call

⦁ Dancing around each other at first because of the shyness both of you have until one day he blurts out how in love he is with you
⦁ Cute hand holding that makes the pack roll their eyes
⦁ Telling each other lame jokes to make the other laugh
⦁ Purposely trying not steer away from discussion of his father and the rumors
⦁ Being close to Jacob and Quil
⦁ Being on good terms with his mother
⦁ Him using you as an excuse as to why he isn’t home at night when he won’t tell her about phasing or the pack patrols
⦁ Kissing his dimpled chin
⦁ Comforting him during times of distress
⦁ Dates being staying in and cuddling
⦁ So many shyly sweet kisses
⦁ Spending a lot of time over his house
⦁ Quil and Jacob teasing him about his thoughts about you
⦁ Sam becoming almost like an older brother figure to you
⦁ Emily becoming almost like an older sister figure to you
⦁ Watching him cliff dive with the pack but refusing to get too close to the edge
⦁ Combing your hands through his hair while cuddling
⦁ Both of you sharing an interest in dirt bikes
⦁ Trying to convince him to tell his mother the truth
⦁ Poking his nose to make him smile

Paul Lahote

⦁ Not wanting to be with him at first because of his previous reputation
⦁ His endless attempts at wooing you finally makes you cave in
⦁ Being a good family friend of the Blacks, mainly the Black children
⦁ His father happily approving of you and finding you to be a good influence on him
⦁ Afraid of his volatile nature and angry outbursts
⦁ Him learning to restrain his anger
⦁ Becoming close to Sam and Emily
⦁ Him being really into PDA
⦁ Constantly cooking and feeding him because he’s like a vaccum sucking food into his orifice
⦁ Finding ways to help him stay calm
⦁ Massaging his neck when cuddling together
⦁ Him being possessive and glares at people who he thinks look at you in the wrong way
⦁ Not daring to mention his parents divorce
⦁ Him playfully throwing you over his shoulder and carrying you around
⦁ Complaining about him being a TV hog
⦁ Getting mad at him for leaving visible hickeys
⦁ Many neck kisses
⦁ Teasing him that he’ll go bald if he doesn’t get his temper under control
⦁ Playing soccer on the beach together
⦁ Hoping he’ll learn better control so the both of you can leave La Push someday

Jared Cameron

⦁ Having a massive crush on him before he imprinted on you
⦁ Skeptical of him genuinely returning your feelings suddenly one day
⦁ Coming to terms with the whole werewolf thing faster than expected
⦁ Becoming bestfriends with Sam and Emily
⦁ Him unable to keep his eyes off of you for long
⦁ His flirtatious comments to you being said infront of the pack making you blush
⦁ Him playfully biting you
⦁ Rolling your eyes at his gambling and betting with the pack
⦁ Being near inseparable
⦁ Hugs from behind
⦁ Making fun of his love for chicken
⦁ Telling him he’ll turn into a chicken one day for eating so much of it
⦁ The pack groaning over how much he thinks about you
⦁ His cheek kisses that end in a little lick because he likes making you laugh
⦁ Trying to read but he keeps distracting you with his chatter
⦁ Him giving you foot massages
⦁ Walking hand in hand along the beach
⦁ Sitting next to him in class every day
⦁ Him getting in trouble for staring at you during class
⦁ Him passing you little love notes in class and sometimes embarrassed when you’re caught by the teacher

marshtomphappy asked:

21, 35, and 48 owo/

21:Do you think people who have dated can stay friends?

Yes of course. If they cared enough to be together in the first place with a healthy relationship, they have the power to treat each other civilly with mutual respect and be good friends for a life time. I know some adults who are like that or divorced but still good friendly people to each other.

35:Could you be in a relationship without sex?

I admit that I am a very sexual person privately. I do like a lot of what that sort of thing entails >w>. But I know its definitely not important for any long term relationship as its the domestic love and living together what matters. I can find my own outlets or other activities to satisfy myself. Loving an asexual is something that I think I can do. As long as cuddles remain I’m good!

48:What’s your favorite love song?

I love most if not all of Owl City’s love songs. I also love an old love song from the NiGHTS games “Dreams Dreams”  Its perfect for a duet!

anonymous asked:

Do you remember the moment you discovered/became interested in Role Play? WoW or otherwise? share it!

I honestly discovered RP on the SWTOR RP server. I saw that there was an RP server, jumped on, started levelling, and after about 30-40 hours of gameplay,  saw an RP guild that interested my bounty hunter. I joined it and started writing the plot for my Chiss bounty hunter. I really enjoyed the act of creating a character and backstory; things I had done as a kid but didn’t do much now.

Anyway, it was at that point that I realized I liked the kind of storytelling that RP entailed; the improvised characters and adventures, and the sense of community. It was the closest I could get to DnD/LARP-style play without a local group….and that excited me.

anonymous asked:

do you know if an au where max from life is strange is frisk exists? If not. This needs to be a thing. I'm not sure what it would entail specifically but there's lots of potential for something great there, I think atleast

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an au no :o

That would be p cool though


The Secret Life Behind Closed Doors - Paintings Of Privacy In The Big City

Born and bred in Los Angeles, California, Seth Armstrong is an American artist who understands life in an urban city. Behind the hustle and work-centric lives of people, resembling machines more than anything else, the artist has attempted to open a window into the secret lives these people hold.

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50 Shades of Butt

so to begin my story I should tell you that I work at a Medical Spa as front desk and my job entails mostly computer and customer service related tasks. however, I am also there to assist the on shift technician, obviously not with the lasers as I am not certified, but with well…helping shaving clients to prepare them for their treatment. so this particular Saturday I was asked to help shave a clients back, which was fine it’s part of my job and I just needed to be professional about it and it’s something I’ve unfortunately had to do before as well so no big deal right? wrong. so I do the usual I put on my gloves grab a razor and begin assisting the tech however much to my surprise (and displeasure) the tech suddenly pulls down the clients pants and underwear to which I am greeted with a hairy behind. It is all I can do in my power to keep from laughing from sheer shock. I’ll spare you the details but let’s just say it was not totally normal colored…trying to stay professional I then had to proceed and hold the clients butt cheek taunt to shave it. I finished as through and quick as I possibly could and booked it the hell out of the room. later when I had to book the clients next appointment neither of us could look the other in the eye because of that traumatizing encounter. I will probably never be able to live down the moment I looked at the multicolored butt right in the crack.

Preference - Dating (Teen Wolf)

Teen Wolf - What Dating Them Would Entail

Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4 | - Pt. 5 - | Pt. 6 | Pt. 7 | Pt. 8

Danny Mahealani

⦁ Having to pass Jackson’s inspections (“Fine, so you aren’t that bad. You can date him but one wrong move and this chat becomes a lot more violent the second time around.”)
⦁ Becoming good friends with Jackson
⦁ Becoming friends with Scott and Stiles inevitably
⦁ Study dates that are rewarded in the end with heavy make outs //wink wink
⦁ Cheering him on at lacrosse games
⦁ Good luck kisses before each game
⦁ Taking many photos together at his insistence (“So I can show you off to everyone.”)
⦁ Him being super proud of you & supportive
⦁ Incredibly sad after Jackson moves to London (“Send us postcards at the very least!”)
⦁ Becoming close to Lydia after Jackson leaves and offering comfort
⦁ Gossiping with Lydia
⦁ Hanging out with the twins, Ethan and Aiden
⦁ Being jealous of Ethan and his perfect muscles
⦁ Him reassuring you that you’re perfect
⦁ Dancing with him at the black light party
⦁ Ultimate power couple in highschool
⦁ Being very sad after Aiden’s death
⦁ Saying your goodbyes to Ethan tearfully
⦁ Both revealing to everyone that you both knew about the supernatural weirdness in Beacon Hills (“Dude, it’s Beacon Hills.”)
⦁ Graduating early with him in junior year

Isaac Lahey

⦁ Being good friends before he took the bite
⦁ Being the first person he’s ever dated but he only has the courage and confidence to ask you out after the bite
⦁ Endearing height difference (“Anything you say, shorty.”)
⦁ Not liking his newly adopted cocky attitude and missing how he used to be
⦁ Him happily showing himself off to you by constantly taking off his shirt
⦁ Stealing his scarves which are soft to the touch
⦁ Becoming close friends with Erica and Boyd
⦁ Distrustful and annoyed at Derek at first
⦁ At first being really fearful of the whole werewolf thing but stays for him
⦁ Wearing his jershey although its super big on you and cheering at his games
⦁ Snarking at each other all the time
⦁ Becoming close to Scott and Stiles
⦁ Melissa acts as a second mother to you (“I promise to be careful, mom.”)
⦁ Bitterness and blame at Derek for Erica and Boyd’s deaths
⦁ Quiet jealousy and hurt in his interest in Allison
⦁ His extreme jealousy from a guy even looking at you (“Seriously, Isaac? He glanced at me…”)
⦁ Him being overprotective (“I can’t lose you, I just can’t…”)
⦁ Shy kisses
⦁ Feeling terrible after Allison’s death
⦁ Comforting Isaac and agreeing to go to France with him (“You don’t have to beg. Wherever you go, I go.”)

Vernon Boyd

⦁ Having flirted with him at the ice rink before the bite
⦁ Him asking you out rather boldly after the bite
⦁ Dates at the ice rink
⦁ Loving kisses pressed to your hands
⦁ Playfully scolding him by using his first name (“Be nice, Vernon!”)
⦁ Becoming good friends with Erica and Isaac
⦁ Showing displeasure over Derek’s poor leadership skills
⦁ Accepting the whole werewolf thing without too much fear
⦁ Erica and you gossiping
⦁ Him trying to keep you out of danger
⦁ Him calling you sweet petnames (“Where’s my babe?”)
⦁ Comforting him about his self blame for the disappearance of his sister
⦁ Warm happy hugs after long stressful days
⦁ Deep conversations in the middle of the night
⦁ Him admitting he is fearful of losing you
⦁ Him telling you openly what he finds attractive about you (“It drives me crazy when you bite your lip.”)
⦁ Losing your bestfriend Erica to the alpha pack
⦁ Comforting him and Isaac after Erica’s death
⦁ Promising him to stay away from the Alpha Twins Ethan and Aiden
⦁ Your heart breaking when he also dies

Erica Reyes

⦁ Secretly dating before the bite because you both are too shy to be open about it
⦁ Her announcing your relationship boldly after the bite by kissing you in the school hallway
⦁ Telling her she was always strong and beautiful to you (“Nothing has really changed, Erica. You’re still just as amazing now as you’ve always been to me.”)
⦁ Becoming good friends with Boyd and Isaac
⦁ Terrified of Derek (“Um, he is kind of scary…”)
⦁ Wary of Allison after learning about werewolves and hunters
⦁ Erica trying to convince you to take the bite also
⦁ Assigned cuddle times (“It’s cuddle o'clock!”)
⦁ Playing with her hair
⦁ Watching horror movies and laughing at the bad quality
⦁ Making mixtapes for each other
⦁ Being known as the very cheesy lovey dovey couple of the pack
⦁ Worrying about her control during the full moon
⦁ Her asking you to go with her after leaving Derek’s pack
⦁ Agreeing but nearly killed by the Alpha pack
⦁ Desperately trying to rescue her and Boyd
⦁ Blaming Derek for her death
⦁ Visiting her grave every day
⦁ Finding comfort in Boyd and Isaac
⦁ Leaving the pack after Boyd’s death

anonymous asked:

How would Bucky treat you after a bad day?

Bucky always wants you to be happy, so he picks up on your foul mood instants after he lays eyes on you. The way you don’t smile as easily, the way you slightly scoff as he smiles widely at you, though he knows you’re not angry at him. “What’s wrong?” he’d ask as you shrug. He pulls you into a tight hug that only seems to make you angrier. “I love you,” he whispers happily in your ear. “Whatever made you angry I can go kill it.” A small laugh escapes your lips as you hug him back. 

[send me some headcanons/how would they react prompts]


The Librarians + Hamilton song lyrics

Ezekiel’s inspired by this