There’s no reason for this.

Bridge Crew:

Rachel ⋆ Nichole ⋆ Colleen ⋆ Heather Maddy Lauren Akai Dani Jordan Galey Logan Kayla Chloe Lindsey Beth ⋆ Gabby ⋆ 

I would take a bullet for all of you. And I’d buy you pizza. You guys mean more to me than you will ever know. If you ever need anything, just ask and I’ll see what I can do~♥

Starfleet Command (Senpais):

Chauncey ★ Shimmy spodiddly Goldy ★ Rhos science-officer-spock ★Dani ★ Teresa ★ Marnie ★ hanars ★

Your blogs blow my mind. Not to mention you’re all a+ people. I don’t understand how you are possible, but I’m not going to make any protestations against your existence~♥


perfectoppositedeepspacesexual hannstagraham ☁ fargut ☁ faeriefountain ☁ nyiota ☁ fascillogical fon-parr ☁ vulcantastic ☁ sscagnetti ☁ phantomfacesphantomshadows ☁ glitteringknight ☁ startrektastic ☁ leonardnimmoy ☁ lecter-starling ☁ hannigramstiel ☁ arishokshorns ☁ ohmymckirk ☁ spockedscully vulcanfingerkisses ivulcant jimmtibkirk ☁ gymkirk ☁ mckirkings ☁ amoktiming willgrahamstears vulcass ☁ lucifers-glory-hole ☁ myrnawilliams spaaaaaaaaaahk betyourvulcanears ☁ vulcanpies ☁ ensign-vining ☁ criminologic ☁ thatsassyvulcan ☁ spockprise ☁ avulcan ☁ gl4dos ☁ xspock ☁ licensetocannibalize ☁ kirkinpanties ☁ ani-reonhato ☁ charliespencerchaplin ☁ and many others 

You are all wonderful people with lovely blogs and I’m really, really grateful to have found you~♥ ;v;

stargrls asked:

What's GISHWHES? :)

I’m terrible at explaining things, so I’ll do my best. But if you want a more detailed explanation go here.

Basically, GISHWHES stands for The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. It’s a scavenger hunt which was created by Misha Collins and is basically just a fun, silly scavenger way to have fun. You have to pay an entrance fee ranging from $10 for simple memebership to $269 for a digital pack made by Misha for you. During the week of the scavenger hunt you must collect as many items on the list as possible, these things will range from  "Take a picture of you hugging a war veteran" to "a fully dressed storm trooper cleaning a pool next to a sunbather". The items are uploaded digitally. You may either join a team of 15 people [coughs] my team has 2 openings [coughs] or enter individually and be put in a global team. Whoever gets the most items off the list gets to travel to Canada to be joined by Misha to then go to a trip on an island off the coast of Vancouver where they’ll spend 3 days I believe. So yeah, it’s just a silly fun way to keep active and meet new people.

So seeing as I hit my goal ages ago, I’ve been meaning to do a follow forever! 

My special tribbles:

Sophie ✿ Roisin ✿ Lauren ✿ Chloe ✿ Joyce Iris Bailey ✿  Becca ✿ 

Chris Pines eyes:

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Zachary Quinto’s brows:

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Thanks for being awesome and stuff, and if you think I forgot you, just message me!