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junhoe fluff // drabble

you grunted as you made your way to your seat, laying your head on top of your table.

you felt something light- probably a crumpled piece of paper -hit your head. you ignored it, knowing it was your best friend.

“woah there, what’s up with you?” a familiar voice said in amusement.

you grunt in response.

“ah, that time of the month?” he snickered.

“sHUT UP JUNHOE” you whined, clearly annoyed, head still buried in your arms.

and that, was how your day of grumbling about your cramps to junhoe started. after what felt like years, school ended and you met junhoe at the school gate.

“hey, is it okay if you walk home with just y/f/n today? i need to get something done.” he asked you as soon as you guys met.

“you do realise that even if i said no, you would probably still make me?”

his lips curved up into a cheeky smile, “great, so that’s settled! see you tomorrow y/n.” 

you rolled your eyes and laughed slightly, shaking your head as you started walking home.



you huffed in satisfaction, happy that you managed to finish up your homework early.

your phone vibrated, signalling a new text message.

hoe: i left the meds outside ur door

you: what meds

hoe: cramp meds u loser

You smiled, checking outside your door only to see a packet of pills labeled “To the #1 idiot” laying there.

you: oh

you: thanks hoe <3

you: being a girl sucks :(

hoe: being mine wouldn’t

you: what

hoe: what



hoe: peace out loser


ahaha just a short drabble 

idek i just suddenly thought of this and i needed it to get out so here it is hahaha